Intro to Plasma

By Plasma In Nature

Plasmatic Magnetic Fields, the building blocks of the Universe. The new Science of Plasma taught by M.Keshe.

Everything in creation is made up of magnetic fields. From the strongest central sun of the Universe to the smallest hydrogen atom, all are made of fields of differing strengths. The weakest of these – the ones visible to our eyes – are in the matter state, the strongest are in the plasma state. Plasma is invisible to our bodily eyes, so we only see a tiny fraction of the energies of the Universe.

Mastering the understanding of even these matter state energies brings us the stepping stones to get from the matter state to the plasma state. The new technologies which are doing that are Nano materials and GaNS.

Nano materials have a looser bonding than matter particles, they are super conductive to plasmatic energy while being an insulator to electrical current at the same time.

GaNS are miniature suns hat radiate MaGrav fields (=Magnetic Gravitational).

The MaGrav fields give and take energy when they interact with creatures like plants, animals or humans or any other elements. These plasmatic fields come together to create a new dynamic entity, a new Plasma. Everything is Plasma. Each Plasma has a specific strength. The environment around them dictates the manifestation of these Plasmas in the matter state. The fields given off are termed magnetic fields, while the ones attracted back are called gravitational fields.

All parts of our body, organs, cells and elements are plasma fields appearing on the matter state. Our thoughts, emotions and even our soul are MaGrav fields beyond the matter state. The strongest point of each plasma is at it’s centre. We call this point Principal, it is the soul of everything existing in the universe.

The Plasma Science combines physics, chemistry, biology, psychology and spirituality; it is brought to us with a new understanding and opens new dimensions. It is also the Science of the Soul. A new phase in the evolution of Humanity has begun; through a new understanding of our essence and origin. We begin to get to know ourselves as Plasma Beings, as vibrational Souls, all connected to the Creator through every field within us, which came from the Creator. The power of the Creator radiating from our Soul makes us the Creator.

Connected to all, our potential is unlimited.

Plasma – where Science meets the Soul.

Technology for a Peaceful World

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