Salt in the Body

The salts in the body enable the conversion of energy or plasma  into the matter state; they represent the force of inertia. They work very precisely:

In the schematic you see the 3 layers of the skin with the atmosphere on top and the muscle and other tissues below. Each layer is composed of different cells which fulfill different functions. For example the cell#11 does a certain job at a certain place in the top layer of the skin. It has a particular field strength and consequently a particular matching salt content. If this cell is lost by an accident, the body will replace the cell with exactly the same salt content, so it will have the same function and matches the field strength of the surrounding cells. The body can do that because the salt content is registered in the brain. The brain is shared by the Soul and the soul of the physicality (mind). As the mind has its own say in the process, he has the power to change the salt content in order to block the replacement or impede the cell’s functionality.


When you breath in, the air passes close to the seat of the Soul before it goes down the trachea into the lungs; and passing close to the Soul, she takes the best part of the air. The same happens with each out breath the Soul again takes the best of what has been created inside the body of the man. Especially the CO2 (in plasma state, remember), which the brain needs to make and maintain the connection between the Soul and the body.

In this sense, breathing out is more important than breathing in, because when the breathing line is interrupted, the brain doesn’t get what it needs to keep the connection between the Soul and body. With the inbreath we take from the material plane, whereas on the outbreath the energy comes straight from the Universal Soul.

On the other hand, when you let people in shock or coma breath through their nose, they recover very fast. that’s also why urine therapy works so well, because all the body produces is naturally matching it, it is exactly what it needs and how it needs it.

How the body creates matter

We have learned that the food we take in – be it in a plasmatic form, be it in matter state – is transferred through the walls of the intestines into the lymph system as plasma fields only – no matter.

At the point of inception, where the body needs to convert the plasma fields back into matter, he does it by the interaction of the blood system, which is the carrier of emotions, and the nerve system/brain, which is the physical component, inside the environment of the lymph. Both of the active components change the salinity of the lymph at the point of inception. This change is the decisive factor for what will be manifested at this given point.

This is also the way how diseases are manifested in the body: if the mind determines that there is an emotional problem with the mother and the problem is so big, that is doesn’t support the will to live anymore, the emotional field changes and this leads to the formation of cancer.

To remove a cancer, we can make a change to either the emotional or the physical side; both will result in the change of the lymphatic environment, which will not permit anymore the manifestation of calcium for example as the seed of the cancer.

In this way the seed is eliminated and the tumor collapses. The seed has a very high gravitational force which constantly pulls in much energy from around it. Once the seed is removed, the tumor cells have nothing more to hold onto and they also collapse into unspecific amino acids that can be either absorbed by the body or rejected.

Our neural system (physical) works on DC while our blood flow (emotion) works on AC and where the two find the common denominator in their field strength results in matter. In the same way as all the elements on this planet are created in the upper layers of the atmosphere in the interaction between the fields of the sun and the earth, in the same way the interaction between the nerve current and the flow of the blood creates any conversion to any matter needed in a given environment of the body. The environment is the inertia of the lymph in this case.

If a nerve is cut, the body part will be paralyzed but still the wound heals; if the blood vessel is cut the finger will rot because the AC of the blood flow is missing; it is needed to convert plasma energy in the lymph to the GaNS of the matter and subsequently to matter itself.

Temperature limit of our body

Our body is made of amino acids linked to certain minerals: COHN+Ca, K, Mg… if you look at the atomic weight of the unspecific amino acids, you find: COHN = 12+16+1+14 = 43. And doctors tell us that as soon as the body temperature exceeds 42-43ºC, the brain cells die, because the amino acids disintegrate. The most crucial element for amino acids is Ca, which has the atomic weight of 40. While COHN and Ca are in perpetual interaction, they remain linked and the physical life goes on. When the environmental temperature reaches 40+ the fields between the amino acids and Ca balance, their interaction ceases and they separate; and the physical continuum is interrupted.

If we can transfer the energy component of 40ºC elsewhere, the interaction between COHN and Ca is not interrupted and goes on – then we have made the physical system independent on temperature. And there are animals who are able to negotiate very high temperature, for example Tardigrades – they are able to deviate the excess temperature via nano materials in the skin which act like deviating shields.

As every aspect of the physicality of the man is created by the interaction between the Soul and the body-mind system (emotions, blood circulation), we can adapt to any environment if we let the Soul take over and do the job, because the only aim of the Soul is to have a fulfilling fun experience. The schema to the right wants to illustrate this: the interaction between the Soul (sun) and the physicality can be on different emotional levels (circles A to C). On the weakest level (A) we feel the emotion of anger or fear; on the level (B) we feel pleasure and the more closer we get to the Soul (C) we may feel something like joy for no reason or unconditional love.


Skeleton 1

By Lisa Mac Donald

The bone structure is a plasma conversion factory. The physical structure of our bones shows a multitude of indentations, cracks, holes all over the structure of the bone. This is not a result of random growth.

The bone structure is connected with the rest of the body by a very complex and dense network of blood vessels; without those vessels the immune and lymph systems would not work.

If the body gets attacked by germs or viruses, where is the defence technology? It is safely protected within the centre of your bones, your bone marrow; especially in the femurs. This is where the red and white blood cells are produced. Without them, the heart, the physical and the emotional part cannot operate.

To understand the function of the bones, you have to understand the structure of the nano-materials. You have to understand the function of the gravitational magnetic field within the nano-material.

The nano layers created on the copper plate are exactly of the same structure as the nano layers inside the bones of your body : the magnetic and gravitational field positioning creates the gaps between the nano particles on the copper plate; the gaps inside the bone structure work in just the same way.

The structure of the gaps acts as a filter, which can for example extract particular amino acids out of the lymph in order to create the T-cells and B-cells of your immune system inside the bone marrow.

The conversion is done by the different indents and holes in the nano structure as well as the overall structure of the bone.

Another example is the use of phosphor in building of the bone structure. There is no material phosphor transfer through the lymph into the bone marrow. Only the phosphor in it’s plasmatic form is transferred through the walls of the intestine into the lymph and then into the bones. When the plasma energy of phosphor matches the gravitational magnetic filed within the structure of the bone, it will be converted into material phosphor.

When we look at the structure of the bone, the centre is tuned to absorb mainly minerals, while the outer layers attract more complex materials.

The highly complex structure of the bones is totally tuned to the gravitational magnetic field of the planet earth in respect to all the elements that exist on the planet.

If you mess with the bones, if change any part of the nano structure of the bone for example, or if you fill the holes, you will find the whole operation of the bone in the long term compromised.

On the other hand if you break a bone today and you look at the same bone again after it has healed again, you’ll find the same holes in the same position, the same structure able to create the same kind of gravitational magnetic filed to absorb the right lymph strength into the bone for what is needed.

The whole nano-structure of the bone is connected to the central part of the brain and, at the same time also connected to all the body cells and organs, so that what is needed can be extracted from the lymph and be converted. According to the needs of the body, the brain sends the information directly to the bone structure so that the necessary materials are extracted from the food, converted into plasma and then sent out into the blood and the lymph to wherever it is need in the body.

Skeleton 2

By Lisa Mac Donald

There is a connection between our bone structure and our emotions. We are a soul in a physical body (purple dot). The interaction of our soul and body creates our emotions (brown circle). The green circle comprises the representation of the physical body in the brain. Our emotions are our GPS; it tells us in real time if we are aligned with the Soul or not.

Our soul needs a physical structure to be able to make this exiting experience in the physical world. We also have our emotional part, our mind, which needs to be housed. Between the Soul and our emotional part (mind) a compromise was needed on how to protect both of them in the physical body.

Basically our soul does not need a physical structure to exist in the universe. However to exist on earth, under these conditions, we need to create a physical structure which will house and protect our soul.

This physical body has to be able to receive and process energy to support the emotional part and the Soul part during our life cycle.

Our whole body and all ti’s organs and functions are housed in this body, protected in some way by the hard skeleton structure.

Example : we need the lungs to support life, so we have to protect them; we do this with the rib cage. We also have our heart right next to our lungs, protected by the same rib cage. Why is our bone marrow protected in the centre of our bones? Why do we have a skull protecting our brain?

The structure of the bone is determined by the emotional part of the brain, to guarantee the survival of the physical part which in turn can guarantee the survival of the emotional part and the soul.

In every part of the human body we have different glands, which control the operation of different organs. The central functions are managed by the brain and the glands located next to it; the auxiliary functions have been allocated in the different parts throughout the body.

The bone structure our our body is so important that the brain takes full responsibility of the operation of our bones. The bone structures throughout your body are controlled by the emotional part of your brain. It is so vital to the continuous existence of the soul that it does not allow any other part the of the body to control the bones.

If the current health system could understand this situation, they would understand how easily they can control the diseases through the emotional part (mind), the bones and the structure of the bones, the marrow, red blood cells and white blood cells.

After the brain, the bone structure is one of the most complicated and one of the most sophisticated systems in the body. Every point, every piece, every position of the bone is specifically created in respect to the gravitational magnetic fields of all the minerals, vitamins and metals which exist on this planet.

The bone structure constitutes a total gravitational magnetic filed on the nano level, exactly like the copper plates we’ve shown in the GaNS production. When you put different energies, different gravitational magnetic fields together and have them interact in a specific way, which the brain and the emotional part decides, then you can create any material the body needs. This is exactly the function of the bones.

This goes back to the observation that man uses only 5% to 15% of the brain. Why is it so big then? Why did the body didn’t get rid of the other 85% if we didn’t use them?

All these parts of the brain which we think are not used, are continuously monitoring the production, operation and maintenance of the bone structure. The major part of the brain, the physical part, is allocated for the development of the different magnetic and gravitational fields strengths in this bone. Without the bone, the emotional part would not exist.

Every bone structure corresponds a certain material that the body needs. So, the brain knows what is needed and when. And as it has to guarantee its own survival, a major part of the operation of the brain runs every second in maintaining, changing, allocating, converting, extracting, supplying the material to the bone and the material from the bone for the rest of the body.

Every structure of the bone throughout our entire body, every shape of the finger of the bone, is directly connected to the need and demand of the emotional part.

If the world of science understands this today, then one will understand why in old age we become frail an we have problems with our bones. This happens because the body doesn’t want to exist after a point. The emotional part controls the physical body through the bone, through the red cells, through the white cells, through the immune system. A lot of reasons why man dies or man chooses to die, or the body chooses to finish with the physical part, is that the emotional part doesn’t see any reason to be connected, to live; and the physical part, which is controlled through the bone marrow, does the job, trying to end it, one way or another.

In Plasma technology we work with the bones in a totally different way. When we process the body, we learn how to create or change gravitational magnetic fields within the bone, which can lead to the production of what is needed.

The emotion dictates the structure of the bone which has an impact on the whole body.

The immune system

The role of Calcium in the immune system

Calcium’s involvement in the immune response has long been acknowledged, but not understood. ​Every element, once incorporated in the body, is in a GaNS-state. The GaNS of the element is like a little sun, giving off and receiving fields of its own strength. A solar flair doesn’t just project away from the sun, it bends back and returns also. The field that projects OUT is matched by the field that must RETURN.

​Mr Keshe reminds us here, that there is not just ONE calcium but – due to the isotopes – there are many. But only a certain number of these are taken up by the immune system’s B-cells and T- cells. These specific calcium isotopes, share the same plasma-strength as certain infections. This is like saying that both the calcium and the infections share the same radio wavelength, where one can interfere with the other.

A fundamental understanding of field plasma is, that fields of the same strength (sharing the same radio wavelength) feed one another, the stronger feeds the weaker to balance the difference. The ‘weaker’ will have a weaker magnetical field and stronger gravitational field, while the ‘stronger’ will have a stronger magnetical and weaker gravitational force. So a reciprocal exchange of field forces immediately takes place.

​Bacterial infections

When calcium in an immune cell comes within range of an infection, they interact and finally stop the infection in the following steps:

  1. The calcium isotopes’ field forces are ‘weaker’ than the infection. So the infection ‘feeds’ the calcium, thereby loosing from its own structural force and deteriorating.
  2. Subsequently Calcium isotope breaks down or decays very rapidly to Potassium (K). For example, 35Calcium takes 25.7 milliseconds to convert to 35Potassium and in doing so, it releases Beta (nuclear) radiation.
  3. It is this blast of radioactivity (in a GaNS-state) that destroys the infection.

The full range of plasma-strength (think of the radio wavelength or the range of isotopes) of Calcium is from 34 to 57. Silver isotopes on the other hand, span from 93 to 130, so delivers twice the power of Calcium, as it breaks down to release a far stronger radioactivity to destroy the infection.

This is completely new to science.

Viral infections

In viruses, it is actually more straightforward.

  1. A virus is an excessively strong energy packet that shares a similar strength (radio wavelength) with the weaker energy of the GaNS-CO2 and its plasma fields.

  2. As the stronger feeds the weaker, the virus is giving away some of its field strength, thereby losing its grip on the protein structure to which it is bound.

  3. The down-graded virus then simply becomes an energy source for the body.


Cancers too, are predominantly a one step process. According to the research now confirmed by Tokyo University, cancer cells possess an excessively strong gravitational field force, meaning that they attract more and more mass, stealing the energy from around them.

By providing equal and opposite field forces in the correct strength, that attain the required threshold, the magnetic and gravitational field forces are brought back into balance, whereby the cancer is immediately resolved, and the excess energy is used as impetus to create healthy tissue in place of the malignancy.


Each part of the lung is responsible for certain energies.