Understanding Cancer

By Lisa Mac Donald edited by aviram, Plasma-Laurentides

We generally have two types of cancers: caused by the environmental or emotionally caused; there is no clear-cut separation between the two. In most cases they are together responsible: the emotional cause is the ‘why’ you get the disease and the environmental cause tells us ‘how’ and in which form you get it.

Environmental cancers are usually non-malignant at the first stage. Generally, the environment in that situation has changed in a negative way and the environmental damage causes the body tries to adapt itself to the new situation by the growth of cells. The same thing happens when we change the conditions in our GaNS-CO2 production box, we create different GaNS.

Emotional cancers are always malignant already in the first stage. As we know our blood is the carrier of our emotions and our blood circulates through the entire body, therefore the cancers are going to go everywhere. These cancers are very much psycho-somatic, they originate in the emotions and subsequently produce physical symptoms.

95% of our body is made of only 4 elements: carbon (C), oxygen (O), nitrogn (N) and hydrogen H); the combination of them creates the amino acids (COHN) which act as a plasma. Each element as a plasma will have its own magnetic and gravitational (MaGrav) properties. They all create their own magnetosphere of a particular strength. You can imagine them as tiny round magnets of different forces.

When they combine to form an amino acid, they create a new plasmatic entity with new magnetic and gravitational properties.

As the amino acids are made of the 4 elements, the strength of it is the sum of the strength of each one of them: Carbon 12 + Oxygen 16 + Nitrogen 14 + Hydrogen 1 = 43. This new plasma amino acid has a new MaGrav Field strength of 43.

Each element has its own magnetosphere. When two plasmatic elements interact, a new magnetosphere is created. The heavier magnetosphere can lock the energies of the smaller ones.

The current physics looks at the bonding of these elements as single bonds, double bonds etc. This does not apply for biological entities, because they are in a plasmatic condition and made up of GaNS.

In plasmatic conditions we only look at how the plasmas connect as an atomic plasma (individual elements) or molecular plasma (amino acids). This connection is through the magnetic and gravitational fields of the plasma. In other words, the plasmas are attracted to each other just like two round magnets.

Let’s look now at the role of NaCl in our blood from a plasma perspective.

Sodium (Na) 22 + Chlorine (Cl) 35 = 57.

So, we have NaCl of 57 and our amino acid of 43 with a difference of 14 (like 14C or GaNS-CH3). NaCl and amino acids interact so strongly that they not allow anything else to connect. These two entities now link up and create a new larger MaGrav field, a larger magnetosphere.

NaCl has a bigger dimension, magnetosphere plasma than the amino acids. It creates a bigger plasma around both entities. A bigger field means stronger repulsion. The NaCl has a bigger attraction and does not allow any of the fields inside of the plasma of the amino acid to link up with something else – in a healthy state.

Environmental cause

In the situation of a disease, the presence of a still heavier element (like calcium (Ca), copper (Cu) or zinc (Zn) takes the role of the NaCl, links up and does not allow any other connection. Now all the energy of the cell is locked up to this plasma of a heavier element. At the same time, due to the larger magnetosphere of the heavy metal, it also feeds the amino acids, cell, with MaGrav fields as well and so it also becomes a supplier because of the larger potential difference between the two plasmas.

If a normal cell has a 40-day life cycle, now it may have one of 80-days because it is receiving free energy from the heavy metal plasma. This results in the body having to bring in more energy to these cells as they have a double life span. This is when we see a cancer growth. This is why you make a Red Blood Cell Metal Test to find the metal that is feeding the amino acid to live longer.

In a way Cancer is a mutation of the body into the cells living longer. The new elements, that we are not used to, are feeding the protein for a longer time cycle, so the life cycle of the cell extends longer. Our DNA is changing to compensate for these conditions in which we are living with so much heavy metal pollution.

Emotional cause

Besides the environmental pollution on our body we also need to consider our emotional well being. As our emotional MaGrav fields are stronger than those of our physical body; they control our well-being; they decide whether we are healthy or are developing a disease. Thus the emotional mind is at the root of most cancers.

This also explains why two people exposed to the same environmental pollution, only one might get cancer. It is the environmental conditions together with our state of emotion that will trigger the conditions for cancer to develop.

This concept is giving us a wonderful new understanding, that, if we can feed the amino acid plasma without the use of the heavy metals, we can live a longer life. In this case there is no metal to create the exclusive bond, but our emotion, our soul. Whereas when you develop a cancer, you disturb the normal MaGrav operation of the cells. The emotional mind is telling the autonomous body functions to use a certain metal, introduce it into certain cells, replacing the NaCl bond and creating sort of a plasmatic dependence.

Not many cancers attaining our extremities and skin are environmentally induced. And even these melanomas on the skin of our arms and legs are basically emotional.

Anyay, most of the cancers we see are in the central portion of the body. All these different cancers are all emotional because the functioning of these organs has an emotional part to them. The cancers in the organs, after the order by the emotional centre, follow different physical pathways. Once the body has absorbed the metal, he has to store it. The body views it as a new material that I might need it one day, so it stores it in the liver – liver cancer.

All that he has stored, he now needs to process it. At the same time the body needs to protect is overall structure, so he is circulating it; thus exposing it to various plasmatic interactions – lymph cancer.

At the emotionally connected conversion points, the body can also convert the elements to something else which the body is not ready for; or it can store it in the wrong place. For example it used to collect calcium to maintain the bone structures, now it may deposit it inside the joints, producing arthrosis and osteoporosis at the same time. This is the interplay between our emotional mind and our physical body. In another example concerning cancer:

Elessa, a leo, grew up in a single parent family with a dominating mother. In her 30ies she developed a breast cancer of which she later died. Her emotional mind decided one day that “I can never become a queen in my own rights, i will always be under the dominance of the queen in power – my mother… so i will give the last sacrifice: i will present her the insignia of my womanhood, my queenhood on a silver platter… and i will go!”

So her emotional mind decided to develop a breast cancer (right breast linked to the lover). It forced the body to absorb Ca and store it in the breast and not, like under normal conditions, in the bones. In the breast tissue cells the Ca bound up with the cellular amino acids. This new hermetic magnetosphere Ca-COHN immediately began to attract more and more energy from it’s surrounding, growing and multiplying on the expense of the other cells. This incessant grow, feed, destroy cycle was tried to be stopped by an breast amputation… but then the cells had already spread in other body regions, like the sternum, the brain, the lower back… the whole process ended up in the demise of the body.

Help with the Plasma technolgy would have consisted in making a GaNS-Ca to extract the life energy of the tumours and make them collapse into simple amino acids. At the same time it would have been a good idea for Elessa to work on her relationship with her mother – for example doing the ‘Work’ with Byron Katie… 😉

New understanding of viruses

Cause of infectious diseases

The so called infectious diseases are caused by either bacteria or viruses. Bacterial infections are treated by conventional medicine with anti-biotics. In the new Plasma Science these diseases are treated with GaNS waters of CO2, CuO and Nitrogen.

The difference between bacteria and viruses

  • Bacteria have ribosomes; whereas viruses do not.
    Ribosomes a complex molecular machines, found within all living cells; they link amino acids together in the order specified by messenger RNA.

  • Bacteria are unicellular but viruses are not.
    Viruses are not considered living beings but energy packages.

  • Bacteria has DNA and RNA floating freely in cytoplasm, it has a cell wall and a cell membrane, whereas a virus is simply DNA or RNA enclosed within a coat of protein.

A virus is an energy package. Energy packages are gravitational-magnetic fields; they do not need a physicality to interact. That means viruses can exists in the universe as plasmatic energy packages without any material component. A virus can have the strength or structure of the human DNA and it will consequently interact with the human body. But they can also have the strength of the soul of the man and will then interact with the soul. The structure or strength of the virus decides with what it will interact. On the plasma level only entities with similar structure but different strength will interact. Viruses need hosts to feed on, they become leaches on our system, physical or energetic. Viruses need to attach themselves to amino acids, deplete them of their energy to sustain it’s energy level.

The herpes virus

Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 are two members of the herpes virus family, Herpes viridae, that infect humans. Both HSV-1 and HSV-2 are very common and contagious. There is currently no cure for this virus. Treatment focuses on getting rid of sores and limiting outbreaks. People who become infected with HSV will have the virus for the rest of their lives. Even if it does not manifest symptoms, the virus will continue to live in an infected person’s nerve cells. The epidemiology of herpes simplex is of substantial epidemiological and public health interest. Worldwide, the rate of infection with herpes simplex virus—counting both HSV-1 and HSV-2—is around 90%.

All our organs and body part are covered with skin; all skins are structures in 3 layers. The herpes is a virus that lives in the middle layer of the skin.

Herpes generally appears around the mouth. To enter the body it needs a weak point. The skin of the face and the skin of the inside of the mouth (mucous) are very different. Their difference makes that they cannot fuse together; there is always a gap between them. And this space gap is the point where the virus enters. Consequently the herpes virus appears most often in and around the corners of the mouth.

Furthermore the herpes virus has a strength equal to the amino acids of both the inside and the outside layer of the skin of the mouth. Once it has successfully entered the middle layer of the skin, the virus is linked in a dynamic interaction with its new environment. That’s how it feeds on the energy of it’s new environment.

The interaction of the virus and the skin changes the salt content of the skin. The mucous inside is too liquid, and can re-balance salt content changes quickly; while the ‘dry’ outer skin cannot counteract and blisters are forming on the skin.

For the herpes virus to be able to migrate towards the mucous inside of the mouth it has to become stronger – it transforms into herpes type 2 virus.

The herpes virus does not stay in the region of infection but migrates through the nerve cells and their connections to the brain. Most of the nerve cells are to be found in the middle layer of the skin; so we can say that the middle skin is connected to the brain. Once arrived in the brain, the virus finds another strength similar to itself in the memory part of the brain – causing Alzheimer’s in it’s wake.

But it can also go the other way, down the intestines. Intestines are also structured in 3 layers where the middle layer is the channel for the movement of the virus. It ends up in the same weak points – the interface between intestines and outer skin (anus) and between reproductive organs and outer skin (genitals). There it creates genital herpes. Let’s not forget that the virus grows in strength all the time while traveling.

Conventional medicine has already found that the herpes virus does not necessarily evolve into visible outbreaks – like blisters. It can remain inside the body – not seen, not detected. It can do that in all the interfaces between two types of different skins, for example at the entry and the exit of the stomach or at the junction of the small with the big intestine. In a way that suggests that the herpes virus could actually responsible for almost all diseases because all of our body organs and parts are enveloped in skins. And the preferred entry points, the junction points where different skin types interface are literally everywhere in the body.

Viral diseases in general

Please read this article about the transmission of viral diseases before continuing with this article.

Plasma treatment of viral diseases

Generally we have to find the strength or structure of a given virus and then develop, based on this knowledge, a reactor which is capable to drain the virus of it’s energy. Once the virus is depleted of energy, it’s structure collapses – an undifferentiated heap of amino acids is what remains.

The reactor creates a dynamic plasma field wherein the stronger (virus) feeds the weaker (patch), depleting itself. To do this we can use patches with a strength gradient of 4:1 or 20:1. So for the herpes it is really simple: to get the GaNS of the corresponding strength, you make a GaNS of the secretion of the herpes blisters in the CO2 and ZnO procedure. Then apply the personal double patches to the infected regions.

But, as we have learn before, the herpes migrates through the whole body (specially hip and brain); so the patches will have to cover the whole body in fact with something like the whole body plasma blanket.

The psychosomatic view of herpes

Where does the herpes come from? Herpes is linked to repressed feelings. When we have had a traumatic experience that we do not want to remember anymore, we create a field around it to hide it from our waking consciousness. This field prevents the feelings connected to the traumatic experience to bubble up into our waking consciousness. Sometimes the shielding doesn’t work; for example while we are sleeping and the repressed content can come up though a dream, a nightmare. Often the herpes flares up after a very horrible dream. Any repressed content cannot be spoken of… that’s why herpes appears around the mouth…

Herpes indicates something that is ‘poisoning my existence’, a link between the skin (touching or to be touched) and the nervous system (my reactions) that is hurting. The regions where herpes develops are usually the lips and the genital parts, the basic places for verbal or affective personal communication with other persons. The virus puts on the table all the issues of shame, guilt, compromise and self-denial related to sexuality. Genital herpes, following popular belief, derives from sexual guilt and the unconscious desire to punish oneself.

Causes of diseases

by V.Megré : The Ringing Cedars of Russia, Book2, p.28ff

There are several major causes that cause illness, including negative emotions, an artificial diet, artificial foods, lack of goals in your life, misunderstanding of your essence or life goals.

On the other hand, positive emotions, a variety of plants in your environment and the re-evaluation of your objectives – all this is capable of not only counteracting diseases, but also greatly improving your physical, mental, and emotional state…

Pure and positive emotions appear when people around you treat you with genuine love. You can bring out pure and positive emotions when you treat people around you with the same unconditional love.

The origin of diseases

Let us recognize the 3 components involved in everything that happens on the physical plane: the soul (which is divine and radiates eternally with splendour); the emotional center (the mind which often interferes with concepts resulting from trauma or misunderstandings) and the physical body (the last link in the chain which is in fact the terrain where the conflict of the soul (God’s will) with the emotional center (mental will, egotic) develops.

This conflict scenario is a war that takes place within us, which often ends in the demise of the body: disharmony, disagreements have become so monstrous that the poor body can no longer continue.

If you have signed the Peace Treaty, you have promised not to use weapons to fulfil your desires and no longer support war in all its forms. Now we have a great working field right under our noses, inside us: the commitment to stop the war of the mind/ego against the soul/God. Our interior is an excellent laboratory to test how committed we really are to Peace – the evaluation criterion? By establishing a true Peace in us, there will no longer be any conflict between our mind and soul, and therefore all our discomforts and diseases should disappear!

Immune system

The role of calcium in the immune response has long been recognized, but not understood. Each element, once incorporated into the body, is in the state of GaNS. The GaNS of the element is like a small sun, releasing and receiving fields of its own power. A solar emanation does not only project away from the sun, but also returns in a curve towards it. The field that is projected is equal to the one that must REVENUE.

Mr. Keshe reminds us that there is not just ONE calcium, but several, due to isotopes. But only a certain number of them are taken by the immune cells B and T. These specific calcium isotopes, share the same plasma power as some infections. It is as if it were said that both, calcium and infection, share the same radio wavelength, where one can interfere with the other.

Fundamental understanding of plasma fields: fields of the same structure (sharing the same radio wavelength) feed each other, the stronger feeds the weaker to balance the difference – the stronger tries to raise the weaker to its level. The “weaker” one will have a weaker magnetic field and a stronger gravitational field, while the “stronger” one will have a stronger magnetic field and a weaker gravitational field force, so that a reciprocal exchange of field forces takes place immediately.

Bacterial infections

When calcium comes into contact with an infection in an immune cell, an interaction occurs, which eventually stops the infection as follows:

The calcium isotope field is weaker than the infection. Thus the infection “nourishes” the calcium, and thus loses its own structural strength, and deteriorates.
Subsequently, the Calcium isotope decomposes very quickly into Potassium (K). For example, 35 Calcium takes 25.7 milliseconds to convert to 35 Potassium, and in doing so, releases (nuclear) Beta radiation.

It is this release of radioactivity (in GaNS state) that destroys the infection.

The full range of plasma power (think of wavelengths or variety of isotopes) of Calcium ranges from 34 to 57. Silver isotopes ranging from 93 to 130, on the contrary, deliver twice the power of Calcium, breaking and releasing a much higher radioactivity that will destroy the infection.

This is completely new to science.

Viral infections

As far as viruses are concerned, this is done more directly.

A virus is an extremely large packet of energy that gives its strength (radio wavelength) to the lower energy of GaNS-CO2 and its plasma field.

As the strongest feeds the weakest, the virus gives its field of strength, and thus loses its grip on the structure of the protein to which it is linked.
The weakened virus simply becomes an energy source for the body.

A viral infection does not occur because a virus is transmitted from one organism to another. It is rather a plasma transfer: the person who has a virus, emits a plasma field with the signature of the virus. If another person in the same environment has a similar field – hop! he gets sick too. It is the plasma ray (signature) of the virus that must be assimilated by the other person. And this transfer is only possible if the fields of the two people are similar. If this is the case, the plasma ray that is transmitted creates the virus that spreads.

This is also the reason why doctors and nurses caring for people in epidemic areas do not necessarily catch the virus, because their field is different: they are in help mode (magnetic mode) and very busy (magnetic mode). Other people may be slowed down and afraid to catch the virus (gravitational mode); their energy becomes as low as that of the transmitter and the link with the virus will happen naturally. The virus signature is transmitted by the interaction of similar fields and then these fields manifest the physical virus.

The most effective way to treat a virus is to absorb its energy by positioning yourself on a higher energy level. The highest energy level is that of the joy of the soul. The energy of the virus is absorbed by withdrawing into the soul; in doing so, the physical aspect of the soul is filtered backwards and this process simply allows the soul to assimilate the energy of the virus.


Cancers are also mainly a one-step process. According to research confirmed by the University of Tokyo, cancer cells have an extremely powerful gravitational field, which means that they attract more and more mass, stealing energy around them.

Producing a field strength equal to and opposite to their force allows the required threshold to be reached: gravitational and magnetic fields rebalance, which immediately resolves cancer, and excess energy gives the impetus to create healthy tissues instead of malignant ones.