Oasis Provence

Ursula is member of the Universal Council. She started to create a Plasma Oasis near the city of Orange in the South of France. A wonderful place that soon will be the centre of Plasma Science and the One World Peace movement in France.

You can already visit Ursula in her Oasis; you find the details following this link.

If you want to support this project, contact Ursula by email and join the facebook group

I wish in starting the Oasis condition, we are receiving support of Knowledge seekers from all language communities and in applying their expertise and resources, we establish worldwide ONE OASIS. I am present.

Ursula UC Spanish, April 2 2019

Oasis Plasma Experience Live

Now you can experience Plasma Science, the doorstep to paradise, for yourself. Come and join us in the beautiful Provence in France: 5min from the City of Orange, 30 min from Avignon. We have a 7200 square meters of chemical free, zero waste Oasis and we invite you to join us. Right now we have 3 rooms for rent:

  • 1x night 30€
  • 1x week 150€
  • 1x month 400€

* add 30€ annual membership to be part of our association

Low budget rates:

  • Place for a camping car is 10€ per night
  • Place to mount your tent is 5€ per night
    *tens space is free in exchange for work (wwoofing)
    We offer Plasmatic meals – better than Bio Vegan; we share ingredients and learn healthy, nutritious preparations. We are welcoming donations in money and materials like copper, zinc, drills, test tubes, plastic containers, furniture etc. – and of course your immaterial contributions.

All hosts are invited to learn about plasma culture before arriving; you can do that following this link. You are equally welcomed to participate in the maintenance of the site without any chemicals and zero garbage!

Plasma Oasis Provence

Read the original text in the Plasma Times, July 2019