Oasis Provence

Ursula is member of the Universal Council. She started to create a Plasma Oasis near the city of Orange in the South of France. A wonderful place that soon will be the centre of Plasma Science and the One World Peace movement in France.

You can already visit Ursula in her Oasis; you find the details following this link.

If you want to support this project, contact Ursula by email and join the facebook group

I wish in starting the Oasis condition, we are receiving support of Knowledge seekers from all language communities and in applying their expertise and resources, we establish worldwide ONE OASIS. I am present.

Ursula UC Spanish, April 2 2019

Oasis Plasma Experience Live

Now you can experience Plasma Science, the doorstep to paradise, for yourself. Come and join us in the beautiful Provence in France: 5min from the City of Orange, 30 min from Avignon. We have a 7200 square meters of chemical free, zero waste Oasis and we invite you to join us. Right now we have 3 rooms for rent:

  • 1x night 30€
  • 1x week 150€
  • 1x month 400€

* add 30€ annual membership to be part of our association

Low budget rates:

  • Place for a camping car is 10€ per night
  • Place to mount your tent is 5€ per night
    *tens space is free in exchange for work (wwoofing)
    We offer Plasmatic meals – better than Bio Vegan; we share ingredients and learn healthy, nutritious preparations. We are welcoming donations in money and materials like copper, zinc, drills, test tubes, plastic containers, furniture etc. – and of course your immaterial contributions.

All hosts are invited to learn about plasma culture before arriving; you can do that following this link. You are equally welcomed to participate in the maintenance of the site without any chemicals and zero garbage!