The Good News for all of us

You are all free, you can teach freely, you can learn freely and invest in our future of the planet and beyond freely.” M.Keshe

​January 14, 2021

UEU training of medical doctors

The KF issued a call for doctors and nurses wishing to to be trained to operate and use the UEU medical units. The trainees will be grouped locally and the training will be on-line. Applications are rece ived by email to the Keshe Foundation:

Note that this training is strictly for medical personnel.

​New products

  1. Cycle of Life Cups
    Keshe GANS Cycle of Life Cups, are called “Cups of Earth” in the KF teachings; they create the GANS plasma of life cycle for the vertical life, horizontal life and matter state. For the utilization of the Cycle of Life Cups please follow the Knowledge Seekers Workshops at

  2. 1Cup1Life Home System
    After years of research and months of perfecting the innovation in the Keshe GANS development, we are introducing to you now the latest Keshe GANS products. Easy to use and highly effective, our new Keshe GANS One Cup One Life Home System helps to create the Cup of Life 1 and Cup of Life 2 GANS with the intention to be used in your projects. It uses a power systems and a specifically designed in-flow / out-flow process.

  3. Natural GaNS drying and Liquid Plasma extraction
    Gentle GANS drying through water steam extraction at low temperature, with no release of moisture into the room. Closed drying circuit, therefore no influence through the area around. Everything is preserved, not only the GANS in dry form but also the GANS Plasma Water can be collected and used for further projects.

For further information and ordering, follow this link

​Scientific Paper

The KF scientific paper made in collaboration with medical doctors from Iranian universities, has finally been approved and authorized for print by the Iranian government as official paper pertaining the Corona Pandemic. It is now published as a book.

​March 21, 2021

What will happen on this date?

The answer is relative to our state of mind: depending on the degree of structure of our consciousness, we will be able to see a new door opening – or not. It is as usual the question if we are free from the shackles of the collective belief systems or not. If we are firmly on the track to develop our consciousness so it will be more powerful than “what the others think and say”, we will see the new door opening – in fact the door is already open and maybe you are already on the other side?

It is a new beginning for Humanity, where the Human race can leave doctrines and mysticism and start to understand the truth about the creation, the Creator and our role in the universal evolution. It is the process to get closer to our Soul and to the Creator at the same time. And to “getting closer to the Soul and the Creator” is not being lazy and arrogant, waiting for a messiah to “save our soul!”

We are living in the era of Corona, we living a transition as individuals and as the whole race, to put the Crown (corona is a latin word, meaning: Crown) ourselves on our head. This is the moment when we will be reclaiming our birthright as beings created in the image of the Creator: to be at his side, to offer him our body and mind so we can together embark on this splendid co-creation, the whole Unicos is waiting for since eternity.

And of course there will be secondary effects: we will be invulnerable, even untouchable by any self-declared so-called powers; this will be the end of religions, president- and king-ships, the end of the so-called new world order, which isn’t new at all.

Then we can make ourselves invisible in the face of aggression and disasters, invisible on the matter level. To be physically invisible requires that we can shift our identification from the matter level to the fundamental level; that we identify ourselves with our Soul and not with our body or personality. This shift will open our eyes very much to the fundamental level, where our Soul lives and where the Universal Principle, the Good for All reigns. Then we and everybody else will see our responsibility here and we will understand that we cannot hide anything, we will be transparent!

From this moment onwards, we, each of us, will be carrying the whole responsibility for ourselves and the world around us! As responsibility and freedom are two sides of the same coin, we will be able to take our rightful place at the side of the Creator. This will change everything, a quantum leap for Humanity.

The moment we take the full responsibility for ourselves and all around us, we cannot accept any middlemen – priests, presidents, etc. – anymore. The end of religions, kingships, presidentships also comes because the so called leaders will be as transparent as us and there will be no more possibility for cheating, lies and corruption. The task of current leaders can only be now that they facilitate their citizens to reach their Soul, embrace their total responsibility and reclaim their powers.

But in fact this quantum leap of Humanity needs only one Soul – if one Soul gets it, all the other Souls in the Universe will flip, too.

This is what Einstein described as a “funny thing”: when one electron changes its polarity, all the other flip over, too. He he couldn’t explain this phenomenon because he didn’t understand that everything in the Universe is connected and interacts; so no individual entity can change without affecting all the others.

Therefore the same will affect all the races of the Universe; as the human race will finally become one Humanity, all other races will meet the same fate.

January 7, 2021


The test trials and first applications of the new vaccines show a lot of allergic reactions – both on the physical  and the psychological level. So the first advice of the Kf is that people having already allergy dispositions should not take the vaccines; they should work with their doctors and governments to find a solution which does not expose them to the risk of having their allergies aggravated by the vaccines.

Meanwhile the KF also prepares a new intervention system in regards to the corona pandemic; they will be published as scientific papers backed up by trials under the surveillance of medical doctors. As the new technology works fast, the medical trials of a few hundred people should be completed within the next 3 weeks.

These systems are not vaccines but environmental systems, taking in account that the Corona virus since more than 6 months has already become an environmental virus, which consequently needs to be treated on this level. The systems are able to clean the environment from the virus at the same time treating all the life forms inside that same environment. And this technology will be able to treat all kinds of viruses in the future, thus giving a permanent virus protection to the whole planet.

This new system will of course tackle the Corona pandemic on Earth but will also be able to be used for space travel. As we know viruses are energy packs, they can travel freely in space and for us to travel safely, we need to be able to negotiate them as environmental components. The new system is built into the new Universal Enhancement Units.