The Good News for all of us

You are all free, you can teach freely, you can learn freely and invest in our future of the planet and beyond freely.” M.Keshe


​November 19, 2020

We, the united Humanity, are giving freely from our Souls to the Souls of all the leaders in the world. Please take what you need. We are present.

Aviram for the UC french

​Assisted Death

It has become legal in many countries for medical professions to assist terminally ill people in ending their life. What’s the ethics around this?

First of all these are governmental regulations and they exist only on earth and only for one reason, because people accept them. This is the context of abuse of power which essentially has no reality.

If we want to explore the ethical side of this, we first look at what is assisted death? It’s a situation where the mind wants to end the physical life because there is too much perceived suffering? Plasma Science offers the understanding that every disease is actually our Soul calling us back because we have gone astray.Our soul uses negative emotions and disease to tell us that the way we move in our life hurts us and Her. So when a disease becomes chronic or terminal, it simply means that, already for a long time, we refuse to listen to our Soul and we insist that our ego remains in control of our life. We don’t want to surrender to our Soul or the Creator.

An illness can only become chronic by our refusal to change.

And it is important to remember that our very existence in the body has been initiated by the Soul; she wanted to come onto this marvellous planet and she decided to create a body to be able to enjoy life in this 3D world. So not listing to her must already be frustrating; and then at the end us wanting to terminate the life, She so longed for – this is top!

The Soul came here to learn, to mature and to expand, to be co-creator – so ending the physical life deprives her to reach Her full maturity. “That is why euthanasia is forbidden and suicide is forbidden in the Universe, because in doing that you deprive the Creator of the totality.” M. Keshe

Then our compassion can have different appearances: yes, we can feel compassionate with the suffering of the person and help her stop it. But, if the reason for the suffering is the person’s resistance to her Soul, then doesn’t our compassion reinforce the attitude to suppress the Soul? We actually have more possibilities to be compassionate: We could help the person to understand the psychosomatic conditions, help her understand her Soul. We could also elevate the Soul of the person, so he can his own way out!

This last possibility seems to be the most efficient and respectful. Elevation of the Soul means structuring mind and consciousness. Everybody on this path will end up being able to modify, suspend or change the physical body. At this point, there can be no more terminal illnesses and such. Naturally prior to reaching that point we have to hear, to listen to, to understand and follow our Soul – so there is no need for her anymore to correct our ways. A structured mind is permanently in perfect balance with the Soul and consequently the physicality will be perfectly balanced as well – no illness, no aging, no death!

If we really understand the last paragraph, we are aware that we can not use the technique to elevate our Soul as a means to escape a situation we don’t like. In other words, we cannot elevate our Soul and remain the same PERSON at the same time – that is impossible. You cannot walk out of a room and keep sitting in it at the same time… unless we have elevated our Soul!

November 12, 2020

Implants 2

Drinking 200ml LP-CO2 and LP-ZnO will not allow the chip to communicate.

November 5, 2020


Due to regulations of the Austrian Government, all public gathering places are to be closed until the end of November. Thus the Expo is closed to public visitors as well. However, private visitors – booked via the KF store – can enter and enjoy the expo.

New Technology

In the coming days the KF will show the new technology that will enable us to live without any worry on this planet and anywhere in the Universe. The head of the KF has made the decision to show the working technology without any teaching of how it works. After that these new enhancement units will be made available worldwide.

The teachings in regards to this new technology, however, has already been started by M. Keshe in the last KSW. He made it very clear: it is necessary for us to understand the technology and not just copy it as “monkey sees, monkey do”. The new Enhancement units will give you what you need and what you longed for; all you wishes will be fulfilled. But remember that you may not be able to get all the benefits of the Units by using it without any understanding; we want you to understand how the Universe and the Soul works.M. Keshe

Vaccines with implants

It is possible that the agents of the NWO (Gates Foundation) may use the Covid-19 vaccines to implant micro chips to control human beings.

As it has been shown in a previous KSW, the vaccine against the Covid-19 must have the same signature as the virus. Therefore the 1Cup1Life technology is well adapted to neutralize this sort of vaccines. In other words, using the prevention protocols will also protect us against harmful substances in the vaccine.

In order to protect us against micro chip implants administered with the said vaccine, we can use the GaNS-patch technology already well proven for processing various pains inside the body.

It is expected that the micro chip will remain in a fixed position in the place of the injection. It’s purpose is to communicate with the brain to control emotions (fear mostly). We know that all communications inside our system are CO2 based and our emotions are ZnO based; we also know that electrical circuits are copper based (CuO) and finally that amino acids are the bridge to our physical body.

Thus this knowledge needs to be used to disable the chip permanently. The patches should be applied in 3 concentrations so they will create dynamic field interactions between their plasma field differentials. The schematic shows three different concentrations with on right on the spot where the chip has been implanted, one above and one below.

The doctor who will administer the vaccine is required by law to tell us the composition of the vaccine – so we should ask him and then communicate with the KF to have them issue the proper GaNS mix. It is possible that titanium is used, so our GaNS should contain the GaNS of Ti as well.

The GaNS can be applied as GaNS-patches, GaNS-rings or even small, thoroughly soaked towels in zip-locks. You can wear the 3 technologies as arm bands for Peace.

Install them in 3 different concentrations, the rings and the patches. Wear them like an arm band. Or use small wet towels in different concentrations wrapped in a zip-lock in two positions.

We remember that people who have a pace maker should not have direct body contact with plasma devices because they could make the pace maker malfunction or disable it entirely. This is because the plasma fields will nano-coat the contacts inside the device disabling the contacts and render the pace maker useless. There is no difference between a pace maker and a micro chip.

October 29, 2020

Countdown of our membership in the Universal Community

We will be part of the Universal Community in the next five months. That means everything will change in the next 140 days.

UC wish concerning the Rothschild family

We, the Universal Council welcome the Rothschild family and all other organizations who are committed to Peace. And we support through our Soul every Soul who is here to serve. We, the Universal Council, wish the Rothschild family to sign the World Peace Treaty and to act in Peace. We, the Universal Council, invite the Rothschild family to elevate the Universal Council’s Soul.

We are present.

The UC, October 29, 2020

October 22, 2020

UC, Universal Community and Humanity

The new technologies will enable the Universal Community and Humanity to communicate directly. The interactions and relationships between the two parts of  the community of living beings will be coordinated by the UC. The KF will establish channels so the worlds nations can enter this communication. The UC has the mandate to establish the rules by which the Keshe family as well as all nations will abide.

Additionally a One Nation leadership will be established inside the Universal Council, which will serve as the hub for interactions and communications between the Universal Community and us.

As an internal regulation mechanism, the two heads of the KF will automatically remove any member from the council who shows pride instead of humbleness.

1 City 1 System

Now everybody can contribute to make the UEU happen in a city near you. You can find the details and the donation button following this link.

Security Feature of the UEU

As we all know the UEU and all other units produced by the KF have the embedded wish/command for Peace of the head of the KF. This wish does not work on the negative level in the sense that it will punish persons who wants to abuse the system; neither does it simply stop working when a bad intention is presented.

The security mechanism is much better: the Units elevate the Soul of any person interacting with it to the level of full acceptance of the ethos of Peace. So even if someone would go in with a bad intention, the person would not be able to pursue his intention; maybe by simply not being able to remember their intention anymore?

KSW teachings in the language groups

In order to propagate the goal of the KSW teachings: the knowledge of Peace shall be propagated regardless of culture, race and language to the One Humanity, the different language groups will meet and work more together in the future.

For example the Hebrew, Palestinian and Arabic groups shall work together to speed up the peace process in the middle east.

Keshe Coin

The KesheCoin has been accepted by the world bank as an exchangeable currency. And everybody can make his donation for a local UEU by exchanging their KF Bit Coins.


Collaboration with Rothschild family

An agreement between the KF and the Rothschild family has been reached: the only platform agreed to is concerned with the propagation of the UEU worldwide; of course under the Ethics of Peace of the Keshe family. Once this collaboration shows that the Soul of the Rothschild family has changed to a peaceful one, the collaboration may be opened to new avenues. During the process, the KF will not accept any donation from the Rothschild family in order to stay entirely independent.

It will happen tomorrow..

M. Keshe lives on the fundamental level; and he talks from this position. So when he says that “… this or that will happen tomorrow”; it means that the process is laid out on the fundamental level, the level of the Soul. The process is started and it will materialize – according to the perfect timing of the whole Universe. The materialization will happen in it’s own time.

New Technologies

Nuclear disarmament technology

The nuclear disarmament technology is developed to prevent any use of nuclear power for aggression and war. All nations in possession of nuclear weapons will be invited to Tehran to establish and initiate the disarmament procedures in their respective nations.

If a nation does not agree to participate, the KF will put sanctions: no nuclear warhead will be able to leave the silo; no nuclear scientist involved in the development of such weaponry will remember anything of his work. After the disarmament process all the knowledge of nuclear technology of aggression will anyway be erased from the collective human consciousness.

As integral part of this process all nations are asked to sign together with the Iranian nation the World Peace Treaty.

Covid-19 Technology

The KF will launch a technology that is able to eradicate the corona virus worldwide, on the whole surface of the planet. This technology will first be applied to the Linz Expo Centre: everyone entering the expo will automatically be cleaned of any form of the corona virus.

After the Expo, the technology will be extended, with the collaboration of the Austrian government, to cover the whole territory of the city of Linz and the territory of Austria. The process will be followed by the European nations and finally the whole world.

A new approach to tackle the Corona virus is now possible as the Corona virus has mutated into an environmental entity which can therefore be treated at an environmental scale.

October 15, 2020

UEU: 1 City 1 System

The KF will match up to 95% of the local investments.

The pledged funds will be collected per country (for example 1000$ from New York and 1500$ from Los Angeles); and then the UC will decide the best location for the UEU and use the funds contributed to install it there.


Carolina de Roose, ex wife of M. Keshe, tries to corrode the KF and her work by spreading rumours as if the Cup of Earth would be dangerous and tells people to immediately dismantle them. Their fear mongering strategy will only work of course if they reach people who are easily made afraid – so they will walk away from the KF.

If you receive a message of this kind, you are asked to forward it to the KF, who is preparing a court case against her and her satanic group.

Remember, we have a super efficient tool at hand to counteract her menace and manipulation – THE WISH: We give freely from our Soul to the Soul of Carolina to take what she needs; we are present.

October 8, 2020

Environmental Balancer

Here one possible recipe for the filling of the reactor ball:

  • Amino Acids from the Soul Cup of the Cup of Earth/Man
  • Amino Acids from the Soul Cup of the Cup of Earth/Plants
  • CO2
  • ZnO
  • CH3


The KF supported by wealthy knowledge seekers have launched a new program called 1 CITY 1 SYSTEM. The program aims at supplying each city on the planet with a UEU. The distribution is organized by groups of 100 at a time.

M. Keshe, the developer of the UEUs has pledged 1 B of his private fortune to back the production by KF Austria.

This program is meant to co-finance the units, which will be ordered by local knowledge seeker groups. Each euro invested by a knowledge seeker will be matched with at least the same amount by M. Keshe.

The KF has attached a company (coop) to each unit. Each participating investor will become member, regardless of the pledged amount. The UC and EC will have to approve the group to start the process. Nothing is given free of charge; experience shows that when people invest, they take responsibility and ownership. They first invest money and then, more importantly: love and care.

October 1, 2020

M. Keshe announced this KSW as a Q&A session; while the Expo was closed for this day.



As a first step next Thursday the announcement will be made  the enhancement units will be made available for a price to wealthy people and free of charge for those who could not afford it.



M. Keshe announces that the teaching will accelerate to a much faster pace. These Universal Teachings would normally take hundreds of years to be imparted; but he is willing to multiply them not only on Thursdays (KSW) but also on Tuesdays (1Nation1Planet), on Sundays (telegram english) as well as in the Farsi and Portuguese teachings. If you cannot follow all these programs, don’t worry because…

… there is another level to it: the more we, the students, are able to structure our mind, to come close to our Soul and the Creator, we will be able to catch his teachings on the Soul level as well. On the matter level, the transmission of data via words is very slow. On the Soul level, however, huge amounts of information are transmitted by images and emotions. You can see the difference if you want to explain an image or emotion to another person – how many words/time will you need?!

The more our minds are structured, the more we will be able to receive them; anyway our Soul not only receives them but knows them already – the close we get to Her, the more we will be able to partake into these informations.

New Technologies

To understand the new technology (healing, material creation and teleportation) you have to fall in love with the Universe” M. Keshe

The new technologies to be introduced by the KF will greatly facilitate our life and at the same time eliminate pollution completely. But they will also have effects on the social, political and economic level worldwide: by satisfying the basic needs of everybody, they will “enforce” justice and equality and they will liberate the individual human being from the daily chores and worries – so we all have time and leisure to devote ourselves to do for what we originally came here for: participate in the splendid co-creation with the Creator – once we have come up to speed with Him!

The introduction of the new technologies will of course be accompanied by the teachings necessary to understand, use and control the technologies.


The first Universal Enhancement Units for flight will be shown in January in Linz.
At the same time the KF will show the “flying car” which they wanted already to display in 2011 in Eindhoven, but the Belgian government stole the equipment to prevent the show. The flying car works with 4 half litre bottle sized reactors installed in the place of 4 shock absorbers in the 4 wheels with the fourth one in the centre of the car. The dynamic field interaction between the 4 will give lift and movement to the car.

Here’s what we have do to install the flight equipment into our cars: we have to take the motor and the fuel tank out, then take the differential and the gearbox out, take 4 shock absorbers out and install the reactors in their place; put the 4th reactor in the center of the car – and we are ready to go – pardon: fly!

This technology changes the fuel driven propulsion to the magnetic positioning of the car in respect to the gravitational fields of the Earth.

Power Generators

A new generation of power generators will be brought to the market by the KF. They will have a capacity of 10kW and will be available for 10,000.00



Plasma Building Construction Technology

This technology will enable us to build and modify houses and other structures using reactors at the flick of a finger. This technology uses emotions to control as well.

This technology can create domes of life in any environment of the universe.

Plasma Computing: The Ball of Life

A new computer technology is on the horizon; the KF will present it in the coming weeks.

These computers are based on 3D-Reactors, which are able to condense all the information of the whole universe “in the palm of your hand”. They will be called “Ball of Life”; you can carry it at all times in your pocket all the time. The have an infinite information bank, they are super fast, maintenance free and they are a 3D communication device.

How they work? They treat the data on the emotional level; so one information packet would contain: the content in words, the information who generated the information when, how and why, to what purpose to which destination; it also contains all the emotions of the sender, as well as the intensity of his wish/purpose – you will be able to feel what the sender felt. Now you can imagine the quantity of information!?

There is a wonderful game changing side effect of the new communication technology: When all the connected data are transmitted, the receiver will know all the collateral information as well, so he gets the complete picture – that means that the sender cannot lie, cheat or manipulate!

Socio-economic-political changes

M.Keshe announced that, introducing all these revolutionary technologies, they will have definite effects on the social, the economic and the political level. As the Kf does not want to leave anything to chance, they will collaborate via the Universal Council to control the implementation of these changes for the benefit of ALL.

The projected changes will directly affect the governance of our societies. No more presidents and leaders but basic democracy in a system that reflects the unity of science and spirituality.

The new systems will be built on the system of Iran. In this country politics and religion go already and in hand; once the ethics of the “leaders” will be established, this configuration can be used. No need to change and replace, just adding knowledge to the existing system will revolutionize it: the change will come via the new technologies mentioned above. In the wake the societies will be based on science and technology of the Soul under the Universal Principle and World Peace.

Afterwards the same structures could be exported by the KF Arizona into the US, KF China, KF Russia… until the whole world has changed to the perfect paradise.

We also can help the process as M. Keshe pointed out: “The Peace and Liberation process is in your hands, the hands of the knowledge seekers: you have made thousands of Magravs and Cup Assemblies – now is the time to link them up nationally and internationally to elevate the Souls of the political actors.
(and if the corrupt governments go so far as to imprison people) Yes, use your knowledge to set them free”. M. Keshe