Good News of 24 September 2020

​Dome of Peace reminder

​Rejuvenation of the Keshe Family

During his frequent travels around the world, M. Keshe sees firsthand what is happening in many of the local groups. One of his most important observations is related to a very “human” effect of age: he saw that groups where the average age is around 25 to 30, are very dynamic, progressive and efficient. Whereas in other groups, the “natural” dynamism is missing; the groups are not growing and the elder members have the tendency to keep the control and use the younger as helpers or servants.

M. Keshe changed that in the core group of the KF, where he himself (62) stepped down to leave the position of CEO to Ella. The same happened in China, in Iran and in Brazil – all of these groups are thriving as shown by the Brazilian group in the last 1Nation1Planet program. “Any business or organization who is lead by the people who started it, is bound to fail.” M. Keshe

The senior members are not meant to lead the group; they should be in the background, teaching and advising the younger ones who are in charge. Advising without any tendency for domination and control.

​Expo to continue for 1 year

The KF has extended the expo for 1 whole year. Thus the expo will become a permanent institution along with a development and research center.

​Universal Material Enhancement Unit

On the image we see the UMEU with the central sun and the background of it reactors generating the conditions of the environment. We know that the environment dictates the range of materials that can be created by the unit. In varying the background reactors we dictate the environment; in this way we can create the condition of the moon, mars, zeus or any other place in the universe.

Conversely we can choose any space in the Universe to explore it; as the UEU is able to give us a true representation ‘’in front of our eyes’’.

The body enhancement unit works in the same way: here the Soul is the sun and the organs of the person in the unit are the planets. The system will simply create the original prototype of the human body on the fundamental, plasma level and physical body entering the unit will simply be balanced, if he can manage to position himself as the weaker plasma.

With these systems we have created the replication of the workings of the Universe as well as the human body.” M. Keshe

The KF places fluorescent tubes around the unit. They will light as soon as the magnetic fields produced by the unit appear in the matter state.

​UEU 3rd version for Space Travel

This is the flight version of the UEUs; made for 1 captain and 4 passengers. This vessel will take the passengers in 5-10 minutes from Linz to Washington and 15 minutes to Beijing. The system has already been developed and is now undergoing testing. The KF will demonstrate it as soon as they can get it to the expo center. The unit is like an aircraft, if you want to fly, you don’t have to buy the airplane, just the ticket.

The new flight system will not have any propulsion system nor does it need fuel. It of course will supply everything what human beings need.

This new unit contains technology that is even new even to the Universal Community: before the space flight system have been designed on the base of connecting different coordinates in space (start point and destination); the new system is operating solely on the Soul level of the universe. “In a way the new flight system has been turning everything inside-out, and this makes is much more efficient. The new system elevates the Soul and uses the elevated Soul to control the flight.” M. Keshe

The price will be 10M; in comparison to a Boeing 737-700 which sells at 80M.

With this new Universal Flight Enhancement Unit (UFEU) we take man into space – but the bigger question now is: Is man ready to be taken into space?

The new flight system will take man where he really wants to be – which is not necessarily the destination he was thinking off to!” M. Keshe

Good News of September 17, 2020

We will meet again for sure

The Keshefoundation is currently proving that it is possible to organize events with international audiences even under restrictions by exhibiting their innovative products at the gallery in the Design Center Linz. 🤩 After decades of research and development in the field of GANS plasma technology, solutions developed for space travel are now being used in many areas of life as well. For more information visit:

KSW life from Linz

This KSW has been broadcast life from the exhibition hall in Linz; unfortunately the sound was so bad that half of the discourse of M. Keshe has been inaudible.

Public sessions

Only around 10 people per day are accepted into the exhibition. So the staff with M. Keshe has the time to really accompany everybody through the whole setup to help them individually understand the different components.
At he same time every visitor is a guinea pig, showing M. Keshe by their behaviour how they react to the different fields created throughout the expo space.

Dome of Light

The first tests with the reactors of the UEU for material productions have been successfully conducted to create a dome of light over the exhibition hall in Linz – thus the metaphorical position of the KF will become visible: we are a lighthouse to guide people with love and care through this phase of turmoil and change in the world. The reactors change the magnetic field inside the constant gravitational and inertia fields of the earth. We know that light has two phases a material phase as photons and a wave phase; in this sense we could see light as the transition phase between Plasma and matter.

How is the UEU controlled?

The system are controlled by thought only. At the moment there are 6 mozhians at various places around the world are trained. With this the KF is 200 years ahead of commons science.

UEU and Covid19

The Universal units will be used throughout the expo to convert Covid19 positive people into Covid negative in a matter of seconds.

UEU and mentally handicapped people

The KF is conducting an experiment on large scale with mentally handicapped children in Linz; after a few weeks they already show signs of leaving their handicap and turning into “normal people”.

Sharing our abundance

Last Sunday we went with the local Covid Help Group of Eligio, where Barsha and myself are volunteering, to a mountain village and helped distributing 50 packs of basic food to families in need. It has been a joyous and heart warming experience to feel the gratefulness of the people there.

Good News from September 10, 2020


Universal Material Enhancement Spaceship unit. Video introduction by M. Keshe

Universal Body Enhancement Spaceship Unit. Video intro by M. Keshe

Feeling GaNS

If you hold GaNS in your hand and you feel something specific for each GaNS, then you know that your Soul is connected to your physicality, because she feels what it is but not on the physical level – on the field level. As she has no matter level, she translates the knowledge on the physical level for the body to feel. Then we can feel with our body what this GaNS is trying to give to us.

In fact it is the same as hugging a tree, we can understand his emotion. When he is in pain, we can give to him: with a hug we transfer the whole energy of the Soul to him; the love and peace with which he can alleviate his pain and heal. It is clear that our gesture will be immensely more powerful, when it is coupled with a clear intention.

When we kiss someone on the spot where he has pain, we give energy to that point and we elevate the Soul so that the pain does not exist.

Here are some examples how GaNS may feel

  • CH3 high strength – it will give a taste of sweetness
  • PbO is bitter, you want to spit it out
  • ZnO gives you an emotion of love and care

Good News from September 3, 2020


In the exhibition in Linz, opening today, September 3, 2020, the two versions of the UEU will be displayed: the Universal Body Enhancement Unit and the Enhancement Unit for Productions of Materials.

By his official announcement of the opening of the UEU show in Linz, Austria, the Universal Council specially invited the representatives of all governments to attend and test the Universal Enhancement Unit themselves. So they can get acquainted and turned on by the new technology.

They extended also an offer to all nations that the KF is ready to install at their own expenses, industrial manufacturing units to produce the technologies developed by the KF; in order to assure natural abundance, health and wellbeing of all people. A clever move considering all the jobs lost in the pandemic!

Once the new industrial Plasma plants are established, schools will be invited on a regular bases in order to familiarize children and students with the new science and technology.

How does the UEU process diseases?

Many of you think, that when you have a cancer, you just have to go into the unit and you’ll be cured. No. When you go into the system your Soul of the physicality (mind) decides in balance with the system, that “I want to change, I want the elevation”. If, however, say the conflict with your son is so big, that you prefer to die than to live with that son, the system does not interfere. It’s you who have to go with the right emotion into the system.

As the Keshe Foundation, we have embedded the ethics of Peace and freedom into the system. So the system will not extract a cancer; it will rather offer the condition of a balanced situation inside the person, which down the line, will eradicate the cancer if the mind can agree and accept the help.

You have to go into the system with love and care; and the system will give you what you ask. It’s you who’ll have to make up your mind.M. Keshe

What’s next?

M. Keshe has already developed the next version of the UEU as a personal unit (individual space travel) and another one for mass applications in disaster zones etc (feeding, medication, etc.).

Sneak Preview life in Linz

The second part of the KSW344 features a life video from the exhibition hall in Linz. The video starts at 2:50:00 or just the clip on facebook. M. Keshe himself gives you a personal tour through the exhibition – enjoy!


Yesterday, august 31st, the official security of Iran together with the office of the presidency declared the KF-Iran a legitimate Iranian enterprise. This will open a lot of new doors to the Keshe Foundation.

Good News from August 27, 2020


Next Thursday the UEU show in Linz is set to be opened at 2pm. Friday and Saturday the unit will be shown to the groups interested in spreading this technology.

Thursday, September 24 teaching will move from 9am to 2pm CET.

The exhibition will also display the works of knowledge seekers after review.

Salt GaNS

Very often salt crystallizes on the cups for the production of various GaNSes. These salts can be used to make the salt water for other cups and it can also be used as a booster for GaNS. For example if you add this salt to a ZnO GaNS , it will make the field strength of the GaNS much more powerful.


The Scientific Document of the KF-Iran sums up very clearly the mutations of the Corona virus and gives to each section the corresponding 1Cup1Life protocol.

Meanwhile there are more and more reports from China and Iran of people who got infected the second or even third time – that shows us the efficiency of immunization. The Corona has already mutated 9 times; that means immunization must include each of the 9 mutations – otherwise a person who caught mutation 1 with his first infection will not be immune against all the other mutations. This shows that immunization is practically impossible because a person would have to go through all the 9 different infections and decalcification at the same time – “mission impossible” for conventional medicine.

With the Plasma Science, however, we don’t need to attain immunization because with the 1Cup1Life we can prevent any possibility to get infected by the Corona virus!

Present Situation

Mankind, right now, seems to be acting like a stubborn child and if it continues like this it will hit it’s head against the wall. Mankind is in for a rough ride, a very rough ride. And there are the ones who remain silent; sometimes there is a solution coming out of the silence.” M. Keshe

This view of M. Keshe looks like a correct assessment. If we look at humanity like an outsider, some alien from another universe, what will we see?

On this planet, all species of plants and animals act as one in perfect harmony. At the moment when conditions became favourable for a certain species to thrive on the planet, they pop into existence; and when these conditions change again, they collectively leave – without a word of protest or complaint. And the time in between these two events, the whole species works as one to do their best for the Totality to thrive. Every single individual of every single species participates wholeheartedly and responsibly, without a single idea of resistance, protest or complaint. All go with the flow.

All did and do well – except one species, us We couldn’t manage so far to assemble ourselves into a single species, into One Humanity, One Nation, One Race. All we could come up with is a potpourri of diverging, personal interests; which in most cases do not even consider the Universal Principle, let alone follow it! We spent the last 8k years in having a blind eye to the whole of Creation and the Source we all come from. But all our longings to live in harmony and Peace, accumulated and gathered momentum until our unconscious collective wish materialized in the Corona. But far from being perceived as a “Messiah”, the Corona pandemic became a pandora’s box. And still our “blind eye” prevents us from seeing any way out of the pandemic.

Let’s look now at the different actors inside this (pandora’s-) box:

First there is the Bill Gate’s gang (Caballa, Illuminati, Banksters, etc.) who’s agenda is called “New World Order”: spreading the virus and the various vaccines to diminish humanity to a small fraction of it’s present population and enslave them all.

Then there is the opposite side, who wants to fight this gloomy perspective and to liberate humanity from the yoke of the “Illuminati”. What we hear from them is rage against the law to wear masks, against the confinement and against the forced vaccination because they are afraid to loose their individuality, dignity and personal freedom.

In between the two is this huge population buffer who have no other opinion than what they are told by their governments and their mass media – or the other side.

The most remarkable thing is that really NOBODY cares about saving human lives!

To say “nobody” is of course not totally right, because there is a very small, Gallic village where the entire population truly cares about the one thing that matters most in a pandemic – saving human lives.

… called Keshe Foundation with AsteRICKs and the village druid Mehran Tavacoli Panoramix and of course the one who fell as a baby into a pot of 1Cup1Life.

Good News from August 20, 2020

Corona Team in Iran

Here you see volunteers who have come from anywhere in Iran to one of the biggest hospitals to take care of Corona patients. They live and sleep in the hospital and dedicate their lives to save the lives of the infected people. They wear protective suits made by other knowledge seekers as a gift – and they wear no masks.

Nano coating Iron

One of the ways to nano coat Fe is to cover the bottom of a sealable container with caustic (NaOH+KOH), place the iron piece you want to coat; and cover the piece with more caustic. Then pour hot water over it and quickly close the lid.

You can also use fire or use the plasmic nano coating process.


The official opening of the show for the Universal Enhancement Unit will be inaugurated by the Iranian Ambassador in Austria, in the Exhibition Center in Linz. It will be open to the public from September 3rd to 30th.

During the exhibition, the KF will no only display the UEU but all the technologies they have already developed.

After the exhibition, the KF Space travel development department will permanently and officially be relocated to Iran. From then on the KF will work closely together with Iranian Universities. The technologies developed there will remain property of the KF; however, the decision to publish will be given to the Iranian government, giving them a 6 month advantage to other countries.

Good News from August 13, 2020

New Products of the KF

Keshe GANS Environment Balancer

The product generates a large range of ultrasonic waves that repel mosquito, rats and cockroaches. The GANS releases magnetic plasma fields by the ignition of ultrasonic waves. Simply install it in your living room, bedroom, or office and you could enjoy the balanced environment.

Keshe GANS Household Reactor

Keshe GANS Household Reactor is made from a fan with a reactor that can be filled in with GANS materials. It has three levels of rotating speed, 1700 rpm for Level 1, 2400 rpm for Level 2, and 3100 rpm for Level 3. It is a perfect GANS reactor that can be used at home or anywhere you wish to enhance the environmental fields.

Keshe GANS Solar Lamp

The LED outdoor solar lights provides an amazing star pattern effect on the ground. A perfect landscape lighting. No electricity needed.

KF operations

In the coming months the KF will launch about 10 research and development programs in conjunction with Iranian Universities, especially the National Defence University.


The tickets to experience the Universal Enhancement Unit in Linz, Austria are now for sale on the Keshe Foundation web store. Follow this link to reserve your place. You can only book one session per person in order to allow as many people as possible to experience this new technology.

In the same exhibition the KF will show the new magrav-based off-grid energy supply unit. This is a plasma current unit; in the future the extension to translate the plasma current in electrical current on the matter level will be shown.

The UEU will be sold at 1M ; the revenues of the sales will be used to support the efforts of the Universal Council to achieve Permanent Peace on the planet.

Testimony Magravs and pace makers

By Luc Galarneau

Hello, Aviram,

On July 17th Marthe, my beloved wife, went to the cardiology center in Quebec City for the semi-annual check-up of her pacemaker. The result was very surprising because her battery remained exactly as it was 6 months ago; no loss of power. We have never seen something like it! The cardiologist explained that this happens very, very rarely… We were very happy with the good news. A few weeks ago Marthe made the link that it may have been the MAGRAVs that powered the battery in her pacemaker. In any case, for us it’s a synchronicity and we think that it’s really the MAGRAV that feeds the pacemaker.

What do you think about it?

The News from the 6th of August, 2020

Scientific Publications

Peer Review is defined by wikipedia as follows: Peer review is the evaluation of work by one or more people with similar competencies as the producers of the work. It functions as a form of self-regulation by qualified members of a profession within the relevant field.

The KF has introduced a different way to “peer review” their publications; their goal is not to control knowledge but to use peer review to make knowledge available to the grassroots. Often scientific works are impossible to understand by laymen and the relevance of a particular publication is never questioned. Scientific publications have a tendency to be used to create an “insider reputation” for scientists; so they may be eligible for more funding form private corporations…

Now everyone can peer review – from a housewife to a street sweeper to a PhD; anybody is encouraged to contribute their testimonials and their understanding. So this creates an open sharing in a language understandable by the common man. In this way we hope that knowledge can truly be shared and can become part of the progress of the whole of human family.

Universal Council


It has been announced lately that only people below the age of 60 can become members of the Universal Council. There are people who are members but don’t fall into this age category – like Dr. Gatua or Ursula. The KF/UC does care about the members. So they will not just be liberated. These senior members will be “up-cycled” into a council of elders who have advisory functions for the whole of the Keshe Family, like the UC, the Earth Council and the Universal Community.


In order to make the practical goals of the UC-Vision a reality, the UC has to link up with the EC; the latter having the mandate to introduce a new “governance” to our social and political life following a three-fold path: collaborate, negotiate and share new paths to serve Humanity. This path will lead in the new future the abolishment of the current monetary systems, of borders between nations, of any form of superiority (kingship etc).

Celebrating the 3rd anniversary

Today is the 3rd anniversary of the signing of the World Peace Treaty by the UC (2nd and 3rd of August 2017). In the memory of this day when the UC members signed the Peace Treaty on behalf of the “official leaders” of all the nations; they offered a presentation explaining their vision for all that is important in our life: agriculture & food, education, ecology, manufacturing & distribution, support of the communities, employment, justice & equality, health, communication, peace & freedom, technologies & resources, culture, space technology.

As a united Humanity, we give freely from our Soul to all the Souls in the Universal Council on their third birthday. Please take what you need. We are present.”

aviram, UCs german
San Juan la Laguna


Next Thursday the details for the public presentation of the UEU in Austria will be announced. The opening will be Thursday, the 3rd of September. The Kf tries to broadcast the opening life in the KSW.

The UEU units will not only show the possibilities in eradicating 90% of the known diseases in the world but also space travel, material production at the point of need and – most importantly – the Elevation of the Soul. All this knowledge never before released in the past 8,000 years is to be openly available and shared for the benefit of ALL beings – true to the Universal Principle. Due to the fact that knowledge and understanding begets responsibility, we are aware that: “Who ever tries to abuse this knowledge will loose his Soul. That means his Soul will separate from the body, resulting in physical death; but also the Soul will disintegrate into diverse energies which will be spreading like dust across the universe. It’s a shame when such a thing happens to a Soul that has taken such a long time to develop! M. Keshe

KF operations

  • The temporary headquarters of the KF are moved to Austria until the permanent relocation to Malta happens.
  • A 4th company has been added to the KF productions network in China.
  • The KF Ghana moves to Nigeria with Alekz to create factories to supply plasma tools to West Africa.

News from July, 30, 2020

Corona watch Iran

Breakthrough of the Plasma 1Cup1Life technology in Iran: two major hospitals and 3 major universities have adopted the Plasma technology of the KF.

It seems that the Iranian Parliament is considering requesting the Prime Minister and the Health Minister to appear before the parliament to answer questions on why they are not supporting but blocking a technology that has already been officially adopted by Iranian universities and hospitals.

Plasma Times has published the Scientific Paper

After such a long waiting period, the KF has decided that the team managing the Plasma Times asks for an ISBN number, so they become an official publisher. Now the Plasma Times is out and you can find it following this link.

The KF is transfering all the publishing of the books of M. Keshe from Belgium to Iran; the first book is now published in Iran. Upon the request of the editors a page has been added which shows many parallels of the knowledge shared in the book and the Baháʼu’lláh ; other knowledge seekers have found similar parallels in the Bible, The Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Anastasia – the ringing cedars of Russia and others.

This corroborates the fact that the KF is not bringing anything “new” but is helping us to remember what we knew in our pristine origins.


The Universal Enhancement Unit will be shown to the public in Linz, Austria probably in the month of August. Anybody interested to experience the unit will have to make an appointment with KF-Austria (the tickets will be made available in the KF online shop). All the Corona Help Devices are developed, produced and sold by the KF under the flag of Iran for the patronage, Austria for the scientific development and China for the production.

After that the UEU will be operational in the KF centre in Arizona, US; on a remote island near Thailand and to Iran. Further venues are planned for Canada and Brazil.

Space technology

Keeping her promise the KF will develop the new Plasma Space Technology together with the biggest university in Iran. The first launch of a space ship is planned for March 2021.

The research and development projects of the KF will be managed totally independent from any governments; however governments will be invited to participate as One Nation, One World.

5G Transformation

The 5G networks which are already deployed cause big headaches to many people right now. The KF has developed an efficient and inexpensive technology, the infinity loops to protect us against the disturbing effect on our health. And in the very near future the plasma technology may make good use of this network to deploy the 1Drop1Life technology in order to feed humanity. We will not even be drinking GaNS water but much more simple and easy: the energy we use will be replaced immediately by Universal energies.

News from July, 23, 2020

Summer break

During the summer vacations, only the public teachings (KSW and the 1N1P1R4W) will continue; all other teachings will be suspended until September.

UC member conditions

To be a member of the Universal Council, one must be below 60 years of age. If you have a mandate you should not serve more than 20 years at the most. “We don’t want an old pension club – we need new Souls so the UC can be very open and flexible in order to accommodate new teachings and development.” M. Keshe

Thread to the KF

The Illuminati try different techniques to inflict a big enough damage to the KF in order to force it’s shut-down. These efforts are watched by the Foundation since 4 years already; that’s why their latest attack could be shut down immediately before any damage could occur.

The last attack on a personal level sends this message which is a troyan horse causing immense damage, to the one who opens the message: delete the message and block the sender.

Corona Watch

The death rates that are published officially do not show the real situation; there are much more deaths than avowed by the nations. We can see that when we look into big surface shops for food, hardware and electronic for example; we begin to see growing shortages of goods: food, hardware and most of all electronics. As the advancement of the Corona Pandemic is most advanced in China, the shortage of goods is caused by a supply that is not happening – because factories close when their workers die away.

Scientific Article in the KF Times

This is the front page of the new edition containing the Scientific Paper released as a joined venture of the Iranian government and the Keshe Foundation.

It will be followed in the near future by another report on space travel; again published as the same joined venture.

In response to the American refusal to talk about the offer of “Technology in exchange for Peace”, Iran is addressing the same offer now to every nation on this planet.

Press communiqué of the Iranian Government

The world is in a very difficult situation as the citizens of all races, ethnicities and religions suffer infections from the Covid-19 virus. We all imagine bad days for the future.

Relying on advanced knowledge based on virus control and energy reduction theory, we are able to offer rapid recovery of patients, infected with Covid-19 virus. This new technology allows us to make hydrogels based on the new Plasma-GaNS. With it we can successfully threat patients infected by the Corona virus at various levels.
In collaboration with dedicated institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its people, we have also been able to provide a solution for the coronary heart disease, a secondary disease following Corona infections. This is not a mere claim as the recoveries have been documented.

It has been more than a week now that the scientific research article containing all this information has been delivered to the US Ambassador to Austria on behalf of the peace-loving nation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to be passed on to President Trump.

This detailed research paper is a life-saving gift from the great nation of Iran to all of humanity to alleviate the pains in the face of Covid-19. The Iranian nation has its roots deep in the history of humanity; it is a nation that has always been peaceful and supporting of the weak and oppressed in the face of difficulties.

We are aware of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, is trying with all his might to rid humanity of this disease, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation. He, together with the people of his country, is striving for world peace. A world free of violence, free fo oppression and bloodshed.
What is offered is a great gift from the nation and the Islamic Republic of Iran to all human beings. We wish this gift to be the prelude to peace among mankind and the transformation of humanity.

It remains to be seen how the world’s governments will react to this proposal. Will they embrace our proposal wholeheartedly? Or will they put their foot in the wrong direction following the calculating habits of the past? For the acceptance of universal Peace in the world, it is necessary to think of peace with our hearts and not with our calculating intellect.

We are following the light of God that is showing us the way and we respect the Ethics. We take only what is given to us and we don’t envy property; this is the only way to the excellence of mankind.”

The Book of Soul

Right now M. Keshe has begun writing the “BOOK OF SOUL”; the last book within the horizon of the life on this planet. It will be the pinnacle and the final work of all the teachings up to now.
But that doesn’t mean the end of learning and teaching. It is only the earthly cycle culminating in the understanding of our Soul, which is about to be completed; after that the first book of the Soul of the Universal Community and the Soul of the Creator will follow.

The first chapters are written right now by a woman; it is about how parents can and should teach their children about their origin and the workings of the Soul.

The fundamental question that this book is trying to answer: “How come that the love between human beings on this planet don’t share the Love of the Creator? Why is love on earth so limited and how can we correct this?” In other words: why is it that our love relationships are not based on Unconditional Love? What are we missing? The Book of Soul will shed a light on this; thus opening the way to the expansion of human love into divine or Unconditional Love.

This is a crucial turning point for humanity. All the damages we perpetrated on our planet, the universe and ourselves were only possible because almost all that we did develop, be it technological, scientific but also philosophical, economical, social and spiritual, was based on our lack of understanding – Love has been excluded from all the realms of human ingenuity as well as from the creation of all human institutions. Therefore the sane and solid foundation, the underlying ethics, is still missing today.

Now within the global peace movement, all aspects of human life will go through a deep transformation as the Universal Principle and Unconditional Love are introduced as the basis of all human efforts. This new streamlining will create for the first time a durable, stable, firm and solid base for our actions and behaviour on an individual as well as on a community, society and race level.

We make the Human Race shine.” M. Keshe

The News from 16 July 2020

Peace Process

After the Iranian Government has extended the hand of peace to the American Government, it now has extended his invitation to all the nations. This is the beginning of the last round to establish World Peace.

The KF also has included the peace process with Israel/Palestine/Iran as a crucial condition to the discussions with the white house. The goal is the formation of an independent Palestinian state, where jews, Palestinians and all others will live as one nation.

As Donald has refused to discuss any matters with M. Keshe, the KF puts publicly pressure on the white house on an international level, spreading the fact that Donald is refusing to serve his nation and safe the lives of his citizens out of his personal prejudices:The peace efforts of the KF are not an option, we are a must!” M.Keshe

It’s not only the US, creating problems to solve the Corona pandemic on a global level, but also other nations, like Iran. In his native country, the minister of the health is delaying the signing of the report for publishing, because the are trying to extort baksheesh from the KF. The latter is of course categorically refusing.

In the same context the KF is finally agreeing to meet with the directors of the Rothchild family in Austria or Germany – but only under the KF’s terms and under the clear condition to completely dismantle the family’s operation. If agreed to, all members can henceforth work with the KF to spread knowledge for universal peace.


1Cup1Life and PMS

Shared by Hilda Resch, San Pedro, Guatemala

Four month ago I started to experiment with GaNS and plasma and I´m drinking the 1Cup1Life daily for 3 month now. I´m also using other liquid plasmas to spray my house and property and I´m using it for the plants in my garden.

I´m in my 40ies and never in my life had to keep track of my period days or write them down, because I have a grumpy day 5 days before it starts. That´s my announcement and I know 5 days later I´ll get my period. This is commonly known as Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS).

Now since I´m drinking the plasma I don´t have this grumpy day anymore and I got surprised with my period without being forewarned. Now for the first time in my life I have to write down my period days in order to know when they are due. Interesting new experience for me…

So if the plasma is an energy balancer and in that case a hormone balancer, that might be very helpful for the time of the menopause. I will find out within a few years…

News, July 12, 2020

Trump refuses the Offer of the KF-Iran

The White House has reacted to the offer of the Keshe Foundation; here is his answer in M. Keshe’s own words: “We would not like to discuss any matters with M. T. Keshe in respect to anything which is connected to Iran.” Thus Donald has put his personal interest above the service to his nation.

The KF has started to publish the scientific paper openly via Veterans Today and other media. The KF believes that the American people have a right to life – despite being led (astray) by their elected “leader”.

The more or less same reaction is expected from the European “leaders”. In the wake of these reactions, the Iranian government will probably allow the open publication of the paper to all of us.

Offer to government representativs and medical teams

The not-yet published Scientific paper is already available to government officials interested after they have communicated directly with M. Keshe; the officials have to agree not to leak informations out to the public as well.

Meanwhile the KF-Iran and the Defense University as well as the Covid-19 department of the Iranian Health Services officially invite representativs of foreign nations that accept the Corona Solution of the Keshe Foundation, to come to Iran for 3 to 5 days to test and see the solution for themselves. They can bring their medical team, too. All expenses are covered by the Iranian government.

If you are interested, please contact me by email and I will arrange a call with M. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation; you can contact me via


Aviram Müller, UCs german

I have sent this invitation to Dr. Diego Hernandez, head of the medical Covid-19 team in San Juan, as well as General Edmer Vargaz, who tries since many weeks to get me a meeting with the President of Guatemala Dr. Giammatei.

Universal Justice: the Truth Inside Of You

Nelson Mandela recalls an incident: “After I  became president, I asked one day some members of my close protection to stroll with me in the city, have lunch at one of its restaurants. We sat in one of the downtown restaurants and all of us ordered some food.

After a while, the waiter brought us our requests, I noticed that there is someone sitting alone in front of my table also waiting for food.

I asked one of the soldiers to go and ask that person to join us with his food and eat with us. The soldier went and asked the man. The man brought up his food and sat by my side and began to eat. His hands were trembling constantly while he was eating. When everyone had finished his food, the man went. The soldier said to me: “The man was apparently quite sick. His hands trembled as he ate!”

“No, not at all,” said Mandela. “This man was the guard of the prison where I was jailed. Often, after the torture I was subjected to, I used to scream and ask for a little water. The very same man used to come every time and urinate on my head instead. So I found him scared, trembling, expecting me to reciprocate now, at least in the same way, either by torturing him or imprisoning him as I am now the president of the state of South Africa.

But this is not my character nor part of my ethics; the mentality of retaliation destroys states, while the mentality of tolerance builds nations.”

News, July 5, 2020

Scientific Paper

 The Conclusive Data Report on the Corona Pandemic has been released to the heads of state of the USA, European Union, Russia, and China on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

“Successful application of the newly discovered GANS plasma and GANS water technology for detection, cure, prevention, and environmental disinfection of the COVID family of viruses in trials in Iran 2020 pandemic.”

The report covers all 9 mutations of the virus and covers the details of the respective protocols including the recovery reports of all the documented cases of various stages of infection. The 1Cup1Life technology has shown an overall success rate of 95%. It mentions as well the impending wave of genetic deformations that are about to take place towards the end of this year. These are secondary diseases comparable to the Corona Cancer; while they can be quite harmful for humanity if not treated by the GaNS technology; everybody using 1Cup1Life will remain unharmed. The technology expounded in the scientific paper shows the processing of these conditions as well.

The document is written on the behalf of the Iranian nation (government and universities) and it has already been sent to the ambassadors and governments of the US, Russia, China and the European nations. They all have been granted 3 days to give their official response. The KF team will release the document in the Plasma Times in the coming days. After the 3-days the document will be released to every other nation on the planet. The Iranian government has asked for this delay, because they want to establish the official procedures with the governments and universities of the afore mentioned nations (especially the US) before it goes worldwide. In the event that these nations refuse to acknowledge the report, Iran will publish it worldwide and it will be accessible to everyone.

It is to be noted that charges for genocide will be pressed against anybody who knows about a technology that can save lives, and blocks it’s application – like the Iranian president and all the so called leaders who have received the documentation and do not facilitate the implementation.

The Iranian government has created a special department headed by the Keshe Foundation (M. Keshe, Ella and two others) who will lead and bring the negotiations quickly to their practical conclusion. This structure guarantees that the negotiations will remain free of special national interests and entirely transparent; as the goal of this whole movement is the establishment of Everlasting World Peace. The Universal Council will make sure that the new technology will not be taken over by one nation but remains available to all – true to the motto of the UC: 1Nation1Planet1Race for WorldPeace.

So there has to be the guarantee of permanent Peace. If one nation goes to play games, I promise you one thing: I’ll make sure that this nation will never move anywhere. Don’t forget, I haven’t shown you all the cards in my pocket yet. You play games, I lock you down. I can make America a land-locked nation where nobody can move in or out. By nothing else – just by your emotions. You believe in America, you stay in your place, you don’t move. You see the beauty and the joy of other nations moving towards their new future, and you stay imprisoned by the conduct of your leaders. Play games with me and I make a statue out of you. I get what I want; I want Peace and I get Peace” M. Keshe

At the same time these negotiation structure will make sure that the sharing of the Post-Corona technologies (space travel, energy, health in general, agriculture, etc) will be available to all nations at the same time without any possibility to create patents etc.