Who is the Police of the Universe?

In space, in the Universe, there is no police, no judges, no prison. The Universe works according to the Universal Principle: We are here to serve. All our actions are for the best of All. There is not outer authority but that doesn’t mean there is no authority at all.

The police is the emotional mind of Man who always has to balance with the Soul. And if you understand this – you police yourself – then nothing can go wrong.

But if you take what is not given to you, you’ll find out that life will be very short. Try one thing: Don’t think “I am going to be correct”, but live “I am correct”. And everything will work out just fine!

The problem is that we have a very bad habit: there is a most beautiful picture with a little young black girl sitting with the most beautiful blonde, blue-eye girl on a branch of a tree. She says, “Can I lick you? Do you taste like chocolate?”

Why do we need to lick to taste, while we can do everything with the Soul? That tasting, is the biggest problem for mankind. Why do we barbecue animals? We love the taste… What would an animal from Planet Zeus taste like? Or what would you say if someone from planet Zeus grabs your baby because he thinks she looks tempting and smells delicious. And that will start the whole cycle of killing – only to be able to taste.

But you can also ask “Can I have your fields of emotion to know how they interact with me? That I can manifest myself, my Emotion, in respect to what you give me.” Then you find out, you don’t need to consume. It’s like you can enjoy the view of a beautiful woman or man without needing to posses him or her – just watching how the beauty you see elevates your soul!

For mankind to pass this point, will be the biggest test for Man: Do we need to eat everything or can we rely on the emotion that it giving to us? Do we even have to see it or can we feel with our Soul the emotion of the entity?

To access and process the emotion, from the fields we receive from the Soul, is the biggest dilemma for mankind. And many shall fail. And those who fail to understand it, will stay confined to this Planet.

There is no examination, it’s the Man who tests himself. According to the strength of his Soul and the conversion of the emotion to physicality according to his position. You got to realize in this process that the strength of the Emotion is a filter.