Nanocoating- the easy way

By Carolina De Roose

The advice is to nano coat your copper in a bath of coustic fully submerged for at least one week and then remove the caustic solution not all of it just a little moisture and then just place your copper back in the same position and let the process carry on for another 2 to 4 weeks EASY so they can build up their layers naturally. You will have beautiful Results

Nanocoating update

By Carolina

The safe way for the nano coating process is the caustic method. The use of a pressure cooker may destroy the layers and fire is not good because it separates the nano layers from the matter layer. The teachings from Mr Keshe always suggest to use the caustic soda nano coating process .
On the other hand he never stops people walking their own path and try news things. But I always try to bring people back to the basic teaching of Mr Keshe because that is the correct way.
having the hot caustic soda process going on for 24 hours you remove some of the water; leave a few cm of caustic soda water to allow the growing of the layers to take place and give it time. Patience is of the essence. Don’t forget to drain the current to align the layers.
You need to understand what and why nano layers are build and pay attention to the details.