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Breathing through a Cup of Life (CO2) raises the pH from 5 to 9; the same effect takes place if one puts 6 drops of PL-CO2 in water to drink or by using the water of a Bottle Via Sano


By M.Keshe in 191st KSW @2:42:00

Since birth, we are all addicts to our sexuality/procreation for example, and to material food. Each addiction involves a physical action followed by an emotional reward. This means that to treat an addiction, it is necessary to correct the link between the physical aspect and the emotional aspect; it is necessary to raise the emotional aspect: ZnO+CO2. More Mg to treat the emotional-physical connection. It is necessary to pass the message to the brain that’I don’t need this physical action to satisfy my emotion: K plus CH3.

Here is the production diagram (each square is a different bin):

























Do PL (GaNS) with homeopathic preparations or plants; do not use metal.

A headband with 2 GaNS-specific patches (PL-CO2+ZnO) of different concentration inserted inside.

Generally PL-80%ZnO+20%CO2 is given. To exactly target the specific addiction, only a drop of GaNS of the substance that is the object of the addiction is added; for example a drop of PL-tabac, PL-food, PL-alcohol…


… is a reaction to painful situations of the recent past.

The Alzheimer Protocol is applied for 21 days:

3x/day 30ml PL-CO2
2x/day 30ml PL-ZnO + 60ml PL-ZnO before bedtime
Condition drinking water with a Patch-ZnO + CH3 for 4 hours before drinking it
Inhale plasma fields of the same mixture through a Respiratory Tube
Wash the entire body and hair with PL-CO2+ZnO 3x/day.
Use large PL-80%ZnO+20%CO2 (30% concentration) patches for the head, placed inside the pillow during the night. Place a small bottle with the same 100% LP at the head of the bed or on the bedside table.
To evoke sweet and joyful memories; to arrange meetings with people with whom the patient feels confident; to stimulate all that can be positive for them, which could stimulate their senses.
If you want to use coils, use only zinc wire. Copper wire should not be used for psychological illnesses.
Mr.Keshe (KSW174@1:10 :00)

The universal helmet can also be used with patches (PL-Ca+K+Mg+folic acid); in the helmet tubes there is PL-CO2+ZnO.

The helmet is used in addition to the Respir-Ô-Plasma and the PL-à boire.

see also: Vaccines


Make a patch that is large enough to wrap the entire stump and about 15cm from the limb at the top of the stump. Coverage on the part of the other limb intact is important, as the PL will transfer information from that area into the amputation area to grow the limb. These specific GaNS-patches consist of PL-CO2+CH3+CuO+Ca+Mg+Cohn.


Today, replacing the upper femur with a titanium prosthesis is a frequent operation to repair a hip degenerated by arthrosis, for example. Generally people feel very well after such an operation. But this operation has after-effects that are not well known.

Cutting the femur head to add the prosthesis is like, by analogy, destroying a factory canteen… workers can no longer feed themselves and therefore no longer work. In a normal state, the bone structure and marrow absorb what they need from the lymph to convert it into amino acids. Then these generic amino acids are transformed into specific amino acids and proteins (red and white blood cells, etc.) by the interaction of the femur structure with minerals. When the head of the femur is cut, the bone marrow remains intact – and this is precisely what causes the production of generic amino acids to continue, but not their transformation into non-specific proteins; these cannot remain in the bone marrow and must absolutely be deposited somewhere. Then they are transported and deposited in different organs; which causes death by renal or – cardiac failure, etc..

Once part of the femur is planed, doctors may find, perhaps several years later, huge protein deposits in different parts of the body and the patient dying. Medicine calls this condition Amylose (amyloidosis). It is a rare disease characterized by the presence of insoluble protein deposits in tissues. The main organs affected are the kidney, heart, digestive tract, liver, skin, peripheral nerve and eye, but amyloidosis can affect all organs, as well as the central nervous system. Amyloidosis is a severe disease that can progress to the destruction of affected organs.


Anemia is a situation where the bone marrow does not produce enough red blood cells.

Plasma Treatment

  • Cover the knees and the hips with patches of LP-CO2+CH3+small amount of amino acids

  • Cover the femurs with patches of LP-CO2+ZnO

Psychosomatic Infos

Blood represents joy in living, Love and emotions. This condition is related to a lack of joy, strength and depth in the Love I feel for myself and for others. I depreciate myself in what makes me live, what carries me in my life, especially my hopes and aspirations. I live my life in a “Yes, but…” mode, therefore with little or no interest, feeling myself restricted by everything. I feel that I am not strong enough to achieve my deepest desires. I have the impression of being drained of energy that I turn pale – as if someone was ‘sucking’ my blood. I have no motivation because I don’t know, deep down, what truly pleases me. I am not in contact with my inner self.


It is a psychological disorder in which the patient does not eat or sleep properly, usually related to an excessive need to control a life that seems uncontrollable. The most direct thing we can control is the way we feed our bodies, and so it becomes obsessive. Give plenty of magnesium to help anorexia.


Drink 30ml of PL-CO2+ZnO until the emotional deficiency is filled (14 days)
Then drink 30ml of PL-5%CuO+50%CH3+20%CO2+12.5%ZnO (made with Mg salt – epsom)+12.5%ZnO (made with potassium-free salt=K)


Drink, wash with a mixture of PL-CO2+ZnO+CH3+Mg in equal parts.

Arthrosis & Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is a disease of joint wear of the bones of mechanical and non-inflammatory origin such as arthritis, a deep worsening of the bone structure, localized or usually generalized to the whole body. The pain it causes usually appears after a sustained effort and disappears at rest. When I suffer from osteoarthritis, it is as if I amplify my attitudes and rigid thoughts more. This illness is related to a mental hardening, to an absence of heat in my thoughts often in relation to authority. Cold and humidity accelerate the onset of osteoarthritis. It is the exaggerated motivation to perform an action without seeking rest or balance (I go to the end of my limits without stopping to wonder if I am asking too much), an impression of suffering a person or a situation that has now become intolerable, or a strong repressed reaction to any form of authority. I am very uncompromising and rigid towards myself. My body is talking to me and I’d better listen to it right now! I can integrate this illness by consciously beginning to accept that I am experiencing anger and that my thoughts are rigid. The energy that flows through me can become more fluid, harmonious, in motion. By being open at the heart to this energy and recognizing that I have something to change, I can reverse the process and improve my health! I become more flexible and accept others as they are, without wanting to change them. The flexibility in my physical body will then reappear. (after Jacques Martel)

Knee support and walking exercises

If you rebuild the cartilage with GaNS, you should avoid any load on the knee; you can do this with a knee support for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Be very careful to walk on the heels first and then roll the foot. The channels in the bones function like piano strings; if they are not in resonance with the Ca available in the lymph, the Ca will not be absorbed but rather led to the ends of the bones where it deposits, i.e. in the joint. This is how arthritis (and osteoporosis) is created. Walking on the heels (or tapping them) can restore the correct frequency for Ca absorption.

PL Bath and Arthritis/Arthrosis Lotion

Soak hands and feet in warm water with 1/2 cup PL-CO2; after massaging feet and hands with Arthritis/Arthrosis Lotion

Often a hip destroyed by arthrosis is operated and the replacement of the upper femur by a titanium prosthesis; this operation can cause Amylose (see above).


The Asthma Protocol includes:

1x Respir-Ô-plasma specific (50%PL-CO2+50%PL-ZnO)
1x PLavec-GaNS-CO2
1x PLavec-GaNS-ZnO
2x Specific Double Patch-de-GaNS

Breathe plasma air slowly through the Respir-Ô-plasma up to 3hrs/day as well as in crisis situations
Drink 3x/day 30ml of the 50%PL-CO2+50%PL-ZnO mixture
Wear both patches at night: the weak (-) in front of the lungs; the strong (+) in back
PL-plantain lanceolate;


Protocol #1 to Treat Autism :

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid is an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid found in cold water fish) is a miracle cure. The effect settles quickly but it must be applied for many years. The application of EPA can be amplified if combined with dynamic meditation according to Osho.

Protocol #2 to Treat Autism :


Drink 30ml, 3x/day PL mixture 30% CH3+PL 20% CO2+50% ZnO
Breathe plasma air from Respir-Ô-plasma up to 3hrs/day with PL-70% ZnO+20% CO2+10%CH3 mixture.
Wash with the same mixture you drink – body, laundry and home
Add CH3 to the food and massage the scalp
It is often the mercury in the body that is responsible for autism. Mercury in reaction with CH3 changes into plasma gold, whose energy can be used to repair the body and/or feed itself… Also useful for dentists regarding amalgams in fillings. With CH3 the mercury will change into GaNS-gold; this interaction will bring the plasma force that can be used for healing.

Auto-immune disorders

The body’s immune system is controlled by the bone marrow.

Plasma Treatment

Put patches of LP-CO2 adding a few drops of LP-CuO, ZnO on both the femurs.

Psychosomatic Infos

The immune system is directly related to my emotional states, and a deep pain in my existence can dramatically reduce the strength of the immune system. The immune system takes care of my reference system and therefore of who I am, my individuality or my personality. It guards my fortress (physical and emotional) and deploys its resistance when it must combat an enemy. Do I have concepts of animosity + need for control or friendliness + trust towards the world in which I live?

The immune system responds to my feelings and to all my thoughts, whether positive or negative. Thus, all thoughts of anger, bitterness, hate, resentment and self-destruction will tend to weaken my immune system. On the other hand, all thoughts of Love, harmony, beauty and inner peace will tend to reinforce my immune system.

This system can become weakened if am doubting the place and respect towards myself. This may originate from the uncertainty I experienced in my childhood toward my parents.


It is not an illness; it is a condition when at the level of the soul, the person cannot manage the different facets of his psychology at the same time (=multi-tasking); then he transfers this incapacity on the physical plane. The symptoms we observe are called bipolarity.

This condition is treated with 100ml 20%PL-CO2+80%PL-ZnO 3x/day for a long period (6 months +).


  • Submerge the burned limb in PL-CO2+ZnO or immediately spray the burn with PL-CO2. For burns in the mouth, take PL-CO2 in the mouth, stir and leave to work for 3 minutes then swallow.
  • Place the burn between two coplanar coils; one is connected to a plasma battery and also by a nano-plated wire to the second coil. Put a patch between the skin and the coils. Leave on for 2-3 hours. The skin will heal in 2-3 days.
  • Patches of GaNS-CO2 on the wound; use the antenna through the patch. GaNS-shungite powder is very helpful.
  • Use Plasma Transfer Cup: copy the structure of an intact skin area into an amount of distilled water; then patch or spray this water onto the affected areas. You can also add to this action by spraying the burned skin with PL-ZnO+CuO+CH3+ amino acids several times a day.


GaNS-shungite powder


Par Luis Reyes

An ointment with LP for Mary (33 ans with dermatitis since childhood).

  1. Melt 500 cc of olive oil + 60 gr of bee wax

  2. Add slowly while stirring 1 liter of the GaNS-water mix : Co2+ZnO+Cannabis Sativa.

  3. Add much love

After 10 days of treatment the symptons have gone.



Diabetes is a chronic disease associated with abnormally high levels of blood sugar (glucose). Insulin produced by the pancreas lowers blood sugar levels. The absence or insufficient production of insulin, or an inability of the body to use insulin properly, causes diabetes.

Psychosomatic information

Since sugar is related to love, tenderness and affection, diabetes reflects various feelings of inner sadness. It is the love gone bad: I fell a certain lack of love because I need to control the environment and the people around me. The sweetness has disappeared in favour of a continuous pain. I then start eating sugar in all possible forms: pasta, bread, sweets, etc., to compensate.

So I limit myself to many areas. I become “bitter” about life, which is why I compensate with more sugar. So I have a great need for love and affection, but I have difficulty receiving love from others and life is without pleasure for me. It’s hard to let go and express true love. I have a lot of resistance to an event that I want to avoid but feel obliged to undergo (separation, moving, exam).

I need to take charge of myself now. I need to change the situations that affect me by starting to see love and joy in all things. Diabetes and hypoglycemia (not enough blood sugar) are both related to lack of joy. Am I really aware of the love that people have for me? People love me and I need to see it from now on. I accept the past in a detached way, for what it is. It is by opening my heart that miracles happen!

Plasma treatment

The first plasma treatment was performed using a specific Health Antenna based on GaNS-iboga. The antenna, placed in a glass of water, conditions the water the patient drinks.

In the teachings “solutions for cancer (21:55:00)“, the following protocol has been published:

Side effects such as diabetes foot syndrome or motoric ocular nerve palsy etc. are treated by the same protocol; additionally the affected areas are sprayed with PL-CO2.


Information on the energy plan

The swelling of the feet attracts our attention and the attention of everyone else to our feet. Our feet are the base on which we stay and the means by which we move. Through this illness our soul asks us to look closely at the basis of our life.

My feet give me stability in my movements towards a goal, a desire or a direction. They help me feel safe in my relationship with the universe. It is through my feet that I move on the path of life. When my feet hurt, I have to slow down. Is it out of boredom or discouragement with all my responsibilities and all the things I have to do that seem impossible to do? Or on the contrary, don’t I go at 300 kilometres an hour and my body tells me to slow down before “making an accident”?

A restraint of my emotions in front of the direction to take in my life will result in swollen feet.

Plasmatic treatment

Experiments in Ghana have shown good results with Elephantiasis (lymphatic filariasis). Conventional medicine has no solution for this; it is a parasite (worm). By using PL-CuO treatments, a little PL-CO2 and PL-ZnO that brought the foot back to normal.

  1. Multiply the PL+GaNS-CuO, PL+GaNAS-CO2 and PL+GaNS-ZnO (see here)
  2. Mix the Liquid Plasmas (clear liquid from the multiplication) as follows: 5p PL-CuO + 1p PL-CO2 + 1p PL-ZnO
  3. Drink 3x/day 30ml of this mixture
  4. Wash your feet as often as you like with the same mixture. This washing is also a ritual – remember that Jesus washed everyone’s feet before the last supper?

You see on the image to the right that the skin opens and the worms leave the body; each point we see is a verse.


Use LP-C02 + ZnO + MgO made from potassium salts. Recovery is expected in 90days.


Place large specific GaNS-patches (Plasmic Nectar) on the stomach area in the back and a single GaNS-patch (CO2) in the same area in front.


Hemorrhoids are dilated veins that form in the anus or rectum. It is normal for the veins in the anal area to swell slightly during defecation. But unlike normal veins, hemorrhoids remain permanently dilated.

Psychosomatic Info

Hemorrhoids indicate to me an inner desire to force elimination; at the same time, there is the need to retain. This creates a conflict between pushing and holding at the same time, the flow wants to go in two opposite directions at the same time. For example, this conflict may arise in children who feel emotionally abused by their parents who reject them on the one hand and who still love them and want them to stay with them. It can also be an intense feeling of guilt or an old, poorly expressed or unspoken tension, which I often prefer to keep to myself and live with a person or situation that “splits me up behind”.

The body gives me a warning signal. Something in my life needs to be “evacuated”. I probably experience stress that is often accompanied by a sense of guilt. I may have deadlines to meet and I have a lot of difficulty trusting that I will meet them; and I may feel compelled to fulfill my obligations and responsibilities even if what I want is to express my needs in order to rectify or adjust certain situations. In addition, I carry this burden alone because the pride I experience will make me not ask anyone for help. I may also experience a sense of submission to a person or situation where I feel diminished, as if I were an “asshole”. When I find the psychosomatic cause of my discomfort, I become aware of it and accept this temporary situation that will help me find help to free myself from it. My thoughts and actions are supported by love. Everything harmonizes in me and the hemorrhoids disappear.

Plasma tool proposals

  • specific patches of LP-ZnO (80%) and LP-CO2 (20%) in a concentration of 100% and 30%

  • a specific Health Antenna with the same mixture as the patches to be introduced into the colon with the 30% patch outside the body so that the hemorrhoids are between the antenna and the patch

Hip and femur, regeneration

To prevent eventual hip replacement surgery. Recommendation of Dr Rodrigo hip and bone problem; make double patches of the following mixture : 30%PL-CO2 + 30%PL-Ca + 10%PL-ZnO + 10%PL-CH3 + 10%PL-hemoglobine + 10% PL-Mg

Kidney, stones

make a GaNS from the urine adding LP-CO2+ZnO+CH3 into the patches and after 2 days the stones are gone. Actually to make the GaNS of the urine will deliver the information of the right salts in the right proportion from the body to the GaNS. For heavy cases you use a ratio of 3 to 4:1; for very intrusive cancers you can use 10 to 20 : 1 ratios.

Lung infections

  1. Drink a glass of LP-CO2+ZnO
  2. Put wet paper towel on the chest with LP-Co2 + ZnO and sleep with it.


Energetic infos

Skin covers my entire body and delimits what is ‘inside’ from what is ‘outside’, namely my individuality. By its surface size, my skin is the most salient organ of my body. It is a protective layer that precisely defines my vital space and faithfully and unconsciously allows my inner state to show through: it is therefore a link in my relation with my entourage (I in my relation to others). My skin is the extension of my felt experience, of my inner sensitivity. It is the mirror of my inner life, my calling card. It analyzes all contact information. If I am a gentle person, so will my skin. If I am very highly sensitive, my skin will also be very sensitive. On the contrary, if I am rather hard with myself or with others, my skin too will be hard and thick. If my skin is irritated, then someone or something in my life is irritating me. Great insecurity makes my skin sweaty, whereas skin that perspires a lot evacuates the emotions that I hold back and that I need to release. A disease that ‘touches’ my skin indicates that I am experiencing difficulties in communicating with my entourage. I feel a loss in my soundness of health. The state of my skin indicates the state of my relations with others. My individuality is called into question, my intimacy and my vulnerability may be threatened. What are my limits? What are my zones of intolerance? My skin reacts when I need to touch and be touched, and I experience a deprivation in that respect. That is why I may develop eczema or psoriasis at the time of a separation, for instance: my skin is experiencing stress; it is in a state of need and becomes red with anger, not understanding why it is not receiving affection and tenderness. I am feeling an immense affective coldness and having difficulty in acclimatizing to my new life or my new situation. The quality of my relations with the outside world will thus be represented by the state of my skin.


Mr.Keshe KSW174@1:10 :00

The LCA Protocol is used for 21 days.

Drink 100ml PL-CO2 (made with K salt)+ 100ml PL-Mg 3x/day

Drink 200ml PL-ZnO 2x/day + up to 500ml PL-ZnO before bedtime

wash hair with PL-CO2+ZnO just before bedtime; this creates the equivalent of a weak GaNS patch compared to a strong drinking PL.

The symptoms or areas in which a stroke has occurred vary with age; the person’s concerns at that time are related to the age group to which they belong.

18-25 years: Stroke is often found at the junction between the brain and spinal cord. Stroke is related to the fact that the person has received too much information created in the brain that cannot be received by the body; then the brain blocks. The consequences are often severe paralysis.

35-45 years: stroke results in emotional paralysis, an explanation often not recognized by medicine because there are few physical symptoms: a lot of anger at not being understood, especially by the younger generation; also anger at not having enough time.

50-65 years: at this stage, the personality thinks that she has already lived most of her life and therefore the paralyses are more serious. Especially on the left side (= right side of the brain), which is also the direction of the emotions of the heart. There is little physical damage if the person is at peace with the idea of decline through age.

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