Nano layers and electricity

Electricity flowing in a conventional wire is propelled by the vibration of electrons and as the electrons are tightly packed inside the wire, the flow meets a lot of resistance (dotted arrow).

Inside the nano-layers the plasma current flows without any material resistance through the gaps in between the nano particles (solid arrow). that’s why the nano-layers perform as super conductors. That’s why also nano-layers that are crushed loose their capacity of super conductors because the gaps have disappeared.

Fire coating disconnects the layers from the base material, the copper wire. You have to handle them like babies, with love and care. However, it is also possible to have a MaGrav with crushed nano-layers repair itself: The plasmatic power that is created when the MaGrav is connected, charge the damaged nano-particles. The greater the charge the more they repel themselves from the others, thus creating a greater distance.

The pointed arrow transmits AC at the same time as the nano-layers transmit plasma current along the solid arrow in the opposite direction.

So when you connect a MaGrav into the grid, it takes the power via the phase wire (electron vibration, pointed arrow) and it discharges at the same time a plasma current in the opposite direction through the neutral wire. If you take 1W of material current, you release 4W of plasma current. Furthermore the MaGrav uses the plasmatic current to nano-coat the wires of the house in a plasmatic way. That’s why you may not see a reduction in your electrical consumption right away but maybe after 3 months or a year (purple arrow).

Now wherever the wires are nano-coated, they create a plasma current which is stronger than the electrical current: that is a situation of current differential where the stronger wants to feed the weaker > that’s why the plasma will feed itself into the electrical lines combining with the current already flowing > thus reducing the electricity bill.

In the matter state you have to push the energy (electricity)


in the plasma state you pull

You can even nano-coat the wires without a MaGrav physically connected to it.

If, however, you don’t see the reduction in the meters, it is because you haven’t understood the setup. The plasma never pushes, it always gets sucked, it always works in a differential, where the stronger feeds the weaker. That’s why you cannot charge batteries… you cannot push the current in. You have to create a suction that pulls the current into the battery.

In a battery the current flows from – to + ; so in order to charge a battery you have to create a weak element at the end point of the flow (+) and a strong element at the start (-). You need to create a bigger sink, a bigger drain; and a bigger drain is a weaker GaNS or LP, or a capacitor which feeds back into the battery.

But there is also another reason why we don’t see savings in electricity: the MaGrav system discharges via the neutral, which is the back flow line. So it discharges towards the transformer, because the liquid of the transformer acts like a sink; if the usage is measured there, you’d see the savings! It follows that, if you create a sink next to your meter, you’ll have the savings!

The capacitor(s) in a MaGrav unit works as a suction point; that’s the reason why the capacitors need to be installed at the exit of the MaGrav, at the charge side. Because capacitors suck. In order to create more of a suction, you can build the capacitor of a lighter material than copper or you use wires of different materials. Alex in Africa used for his beads and capacitors Cu (64) surrounded by Al (27) surrounded by Zn (65) coils. Fe would be (56).

If, for example you use very cheap and impure copper wire your MaGrav will be more efficient as one made with 99.8% pure copper! Also the difference between a capacitor and a battery is the direction of winding, if the winding is in the direction of the flow of the current (turning ccw), it pushes, if the coils are wound in the opposite direction of the flow (turning cw), it sucks.

Our (Plasma-Laurentides) capacitor – we call him CapSuck – is built in the following way:

  1. Multi-strand heavy, nano-coated aluminum wire as the centre pin, which is the OUT

  2. Absorbing paper with LP-GaNS-all diluted to 10%

  3. Nano-coated Al foil

  4. Nano-coated copper coil , which is the IN

  5. Nano-coated Fe coil which is the feedback coil

The behaviour of the plasma can be compared to filling up a water tank. It is easier to fill a tank by a vacuum than to push the water in. The same when we look at our digestion: the magnetic field of the banana you eat is stronger than the banana field of the lymph, so the lymph sucks the banana field through the wall of the intestines until it ts saturated – that is until the banana plasma field in the lymph is equal to the banana field in the intestines.

The same happens with the plasmatic amino acids in the air, that fill the lungs: their oxygen field is stronger than the oxygen field in the blood, so the plasmatic oxygen part of the amino acids in the air get transferred into the blood.

Our solar system works in the same way: it’s not the sun which pushes it’s energy into the solar system, making planets move and create heat on the Earth. The solar system moves and is nourished by the sun because the remote parts are weaker and the sun will nourish them.

Now you can apply this knowledge to get into contact with your soul: it’s no use pushing, aggressively searching for the soul – rather we should create a sink, a passive desire, a longing for the soul and just let it come, let it overwhelm you!
Anyway we are not outside of our soul, we are inside it. So there is no searching, there is no path to reach the soul; there is not even a distance between you and the soul… the only thing we can ‘do’ is to relax and let the consciousness of us being inside our soul take us over.