Physiology of the heart and the origin of the mind

In the heart we have a blood stream of what is conventionally called “oxygenated blood” and another of one of “de-oxygenated blood”. The first one brings the fields of the environment into the heart while the second one sends the fields back into the environment. All this happens on the GaNS level, and we can feel this as emotions.

The Science of Eden teaches us that our heart normalizes the incoming fields before it sends them back out again. Now we see that the heart like the lungs, is a constantly working normalizing device.

All the fields going through the heart interact and the two halves of the heart interact, too. Out of this interaction of feelings and emotions, the soul of physicality or mind is created; which interacts with the Soul on the emotional level as well. So under this point of view the heart is a place to interchange emotions.

The brain in this process is the place where the informations received from both sides of the heart are translated into feelings and emotions as we know them and they are put away into different boxes to be stored. The brain also transforms the feelings and emotions into physicality – thoughts, words and actions. And this transformation can also have a reinforcing or solidifying effect; it means the emotional information becomes more static.

Which goes in what box is determined by our consciousness, collective and individual. They interpret the incoming information in relation to the information already stored in the boxes, the internal memory bank – so any emotional information which is somehow reminding of a previous negative or positive experience, will end up in the “negative experience” box or in the positive one. And each of the stored away information will of course reinforce the label on the box.

Our identity is made of feelings and emotions and when we overuse the rational mind, disregarding the emotional body, it is as if we never look at who we are, we maintain a state of unconsciousness.