Eeman’s bio balancing circuit upgraded with plasma technologie

from Plasma Times December 2018 issue

by Jakub Olszewski, Przemyslaw Woznowski, Marcin Zylik

The Eeman’s circuit has been invented more than 100 years ago and is now upgraded by the Plasma Science replacing original parts with nano-coated elements. Eeman used simple copper circuits to balance the energy in the body between the polarized hemispheres. The polarity of the human body is along 3 axis:

  • back-front;
  • top-down
  • left-right

On a deeper level the polarization is also found in the left side of the brain controlling the right side of the body and vice versa. Unconscious movements like crossing arms or legs can signify a need of the body to balance these energies.


A balancing session should last 30 minutes per day. After the session the patient will feel deep relaxation, more vitality and disappearance of fatigue. Here are the different possibilities to connect the balancing unit:

  • One person, right-handed
    The copper probe in the left hand (crystal) is connected to the neck pad; the right hand probe (amethyst) is connected to the copper pad at the base of the spine.
  • Multiple persons
    The copper probe in the left hand of person 1 is connected to the neck pad of the other person; and vice versa. The right hand probe of person 1 is connected to the copper pad at the base of the spine of the other person; and vice versa.
    If you connect more than 2 persons, you use the same connection pattern with the last person connecting back to the first.
  • Forced left-handers
    The ‘normal’ polarity in the human body can be reversed, if a person has been forced from left handedness to right handedness. A wrong connection of the biocircuits makes the person feel restless or nervous. If these symptoms are experienced, we have to reverse the connections.
  • Transmission of GaNS
  • It is also possible to introduce the quality of drugs or supplements into the process without the need of taking them in their material form. In this way you prevent side effects and dosage issues. The substances are administered dissolved in water; the water container is connected by electrodes into the circuit.

Benefits of the circuit

Common ailments treated by this system are psycho-motoric disorders, cardiovascular problems, severe chronic headaches, high blood pressure, rheumatism, sciatica, stress, insomnia, and many others. You can find out more in the book “Co-Operative Healing” (Eeman, 1947)

It is possible to make the eeman circuit much more efficient by the introduction of plasma tools since they emit much higher magnetic-gravitational fields. Additionally the Plasma tools enable the eeman system to be specifically geared to treat particular conditions.


  1. Soft Extract fields out of the body-mind system.
    This configuration can work in two ways: the container with the salt water solution can be used to make GaNS with the fields (DNA) of the person or it can be used to drain excess energies (cancer tumours for example).
  2. Transfer fields into the system
    The left hand to neck pad circuit where a nano-coated substance adaptor is integrated which can feed the person with the fields of different GaNS.
  3. Fast extract fields out of the system
    The circuit has 2 different nano-coated substance adaptors integrated. Typically these two have a plasma potential difference (different concentrations) that create a dynamic plasma field or what we call a plasma wind: urine, herpes, cancer, excess of certain elements, chemical compounds. Additionally a drain is connected to drain the energies out of the system.

It is optional to attach an additional wire to connect to the ground (standard wall outlet)

Building the bio-plasma balancing circuit

In order to fabricate a bio-plasma balancing circuit, you need the following parts :

  1. Base pads
    1. the neck pad made of Cu plate or Cu mesh
      nano coated with NaOH+KOH, using LP-CO2+ZnO instead of distilled water for 1 week
      then wrapped in thick leather to protect the nano layers
    2. the sacrum pad made of Cu plate or Cu mesh
      nano coated with KOH only for 1 week
      then wrapped in thick leather to protect the nano layers
  2. Substance adapter
  1. two connected 2D coils (see image) for each adapter
    1. nano coated with NaOH+KOH, using LP-CO2+ZnO instead of distilled water
    2. glue the coils on the substance container in glass
    3. protect the coils with tape from touch
  2. Drainage vessel
    1. 1x 3D coil nano coated with NaOH+KOH, using LP-CO2+ZnO instead of distilled water
    2. drainage container (bottle) that contains 20% salt water solution
  3. Connecting wires
    1. made of insulated copper wire
    2. to connect use insulted nano-coated pigtail connectors (Armen)
  4. Left Handle connected to the neck pad
    One of interesting tool ancient Egyptians has used was KA cylinders. The cylinder for the right hand was made from copper and associated with the sun (Yang). The cylinder for the left hand was made from zinc and associated with the moon (Yin). The minerals were placed inside the cylinder for self-development of physicality and spirituality. 
    1. 1/2’’ non insulated copper pipe
    2. nano-coated only on the inside with NaOH+KOH, using LP-CO2+ZnO instead of distilled wate
    3. Install a natural crystal and 5ml PL+GaNS-CO2+ZnO in a hermetic container into the open end of the handle
  5. Right Handle connected to the sacrum pad
    1. nano-coated with KOH only (with LP-CuO instead of water) for 1 week
    2. put a semi precious stone with an atomic weight greater than crystal (amethyst) and a little container with PL+GaNS-CuO+ Si, Au, and GaNS made of seashells, limestone skeletons of marine corals, and marine limestone (Ca, F, Mg, I, …).
  6. In the last step you assemble the system ready to be used.





For most users the use of the balancing circuit creates spontaneous relaxation of the body within 0-15 minutes of lying down. Other reactions are :


  • calming of the emotions,
  • calming of the ‘monkey brain’,
  • sensations of heat/tingling in their hands,
  • lowered pitch of the voice,
  • falling asleep and waking up when the session ends without knowing the time of the session,
  • sensation of significant energization.




  1. Female, 91-year-old: The day before the trip (350 km) for the wedding of her daughter, the old lady felt very strong pain in her lower back and legs. The pain was so strong that it prevented all normal movements.
    After a 20minutes session with the grounding wire but no salt water drain, the pain was completely gone; it didn’t come back even after returning from the wedding.
  2. Male, 81-year-old: Diagnosed with hypertension; cardiac bypass since infarctus 12 years ago; significant loss of hearing that makes communication difficult, and many other burdens originating mainly from the side effects of his medications.
    He used the system to strengthen his immune system having a bad cold.
    Immediately he felt warmth in hands and feet. After several days of using the system, his hearing came back, blood pressure dropped and varicose veines came back to normal


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