Who is Grigori Grabovoï?

About Grigori Grabovoï

The Scientist

Today, more and more researchers, scientists, quantum physicists understand that we can no longer rely on the discoveries of orthodox science, that the body is definitely connected to the mind and permanently connected to its environment. The whole world is discovering that we live in an interconnected world and that each discipline has a piece of the puzzle of our reality in its hands – the picture of the whole puzzle remains to be seen for the moment.

Grigori Grabovoï, like Meheran Keshe, is working in this very direction to connect science once again with spirituality. Since his birth he has been directly connected to the informational field that contains all universal knowledge.

Grigori Grabovoï has performed thousands of clairvoyant diagnoses in his life. This process consists of connecting to the element to be diagnosed only with the spiritual vision, and then saying what one perceives, such as a technical problem on an airplane, a pathology if the diagnosis is of a medical nature, or an event that will occur in the future, such as an accident in a nuclear power plant, etc…

In all cases, during his thousands of diagnoses, Grigori Grabovoï has always obtained 100% success. In Russia, he is called “The X-ray man”.

And what he says is always true.

Grigori Grabovoï did not need to study long, since he already had the science, but he did it to obtain a certain scientific legitimacy, since the world today only believes in science. During his studies, the students who accompanied him said that he already had the answers even before he was asked the questions, without having to prove anything.

As a result, he holds several doctorates, in mathematics, physics and technical sciences.

The subject of his physics thesis was the demonstration of the Universal Reality Formula: E=V*S, which proves that our capacity to materialize and harmonize our reality is directly proportional to the structuring of our consciousness, i.e. to the volume of information that it can process in a given time.

The 140 eminent scientists present at the defense of his thesis, granted it unanimously, and even declared that his formula was more general than the formula of relativity of Einstein E=mc2 which is in fact a particular case of his.

He was awarded many scientific and honorary distinctions for his unprecedented discoveries.

Grigori Grabovoï is disturbing because he is always extremely ahead of other scientists, but the gap tends to narrow as more and more of their representatives open up to something bigger and to their intuition. It is becoming more and more difficult for the orthodox science to deny the influence of man’s thinking on his environment, and on himself, his development and his health.

In accordance with the international treaty of Lisbon, Grigori Grabovoï can transmit his teachings in any country of the world thanks to his doctorate in physics and mathematics.

Here is the list of his published scientific works:

  • The system of unified knowledge
  • Applied structures of the creative field of information, Research and analysis of definitions of fundamental optical systems in disaster prevention and micro-process control prognosis
  • Irrational methods of prevention of global disaster processes.

All works of Grigori Grabovoï are registered in the Library of Congress of the United States.

In the book “System of Unified Knowledge“, Grigori Grabovoï explains why and how global salvation (i.e. realization of all human beings) will be achieved through man’s awareness of the fundamental laws of the universe.

The methods proposed in this book and the associated technologies have been tested many times, and concrete results, confirmed by objective methods of control, have been obtained following their use.

These methods allow people, through their consciousness, to harmonize the events of their lives so that they become constructive, including those concerning their own health.

Grigori Grabovoï, “Unified Knowledge System”

The success of these methods depends solely on the creativity of the aspirations and the systemic and coherent mastery of the knowledge offered in the practice.

Grigori Grabovoï, “Unified Knowledge System”

The Inventor Researcher

But he is also an outstanding researcher and inventor.

These methods have all been tested and proven scientifically. For that, he created technical devices which allowed him to apply his demonstrations and to prove by indisputable results the truth of his theses. Theses that no scientist has ever succeeded in refuting at the present time.

He proves what he advances in the matter. He wants tangible results and he always asks his students to send him the results they have obtained thanks to the application of this teaching. He has collected thousands of testimonials. The best known collection of testimonies is a six-volume work entitled: Control Practice, the Way to Salvation. In it, there are documented facts about the author’s work, reporting on his clairvoyant experiences and his abilities to prognosticate control and diagnose remote equipment on technological processes, on airplanes, on helicopters, on the Mir orbital station and on the American space shuttle Atlantis. Also experiments on computer equipment. These proofs, certified by bailiffs and notaries, confirm his 100% success rate in his predictions, his control prognoses.

He filed two patents for his inventions, the first one is entitled Methods of disaster prevention and device for its realization. It deals with the method of generation by man of a bio-signal during the process of thinking, concentration and use of the works of Grigori Grabovoï. This method of disaster prevention is based on the principle that an operator broadcasts a Biosignal and receives in return a creative result of normalization of himself and all objects of reality.

In simpler terms, man’s thought is a luminous Biosignal that has the capacity to harmonize or materialize any event in reality, on the sole condition that it is beneficial to all. To do this, man only needs to be in a certain state that allows him to control reality with his thoughts. Grigori Grabovoï used this and succeeded in amplifying this ability with a device that allows the normalization of a future event, in this case for example, an earthquake. Technical tests were conducted on scheduled nuclear tests and they proved that the device allows a significant decrease in the magnitude of shocks.

Scientists concluded that his inventions and works could be effectively used in disaster prevention, preventive prognosis and safe stabilization of development.

The second patent of Grigori Grabovoï is entitled System of information transmission. It protects the system of transformation of thought into light radiation, which allows the transfer of information for the purpose of normalizing control.

The light radiation, the Biosignal, is generated during the process of thinking and concentration and during the use and reading of Grigori Grabovoï’s works.

The transfer of data by thought to any system has been patented.

This means that thought contains information and that this information can influence any element of reality in a positive sense.

And therefore the human being, by creating in his consciousness this normalizing Biosignal, is able to act constructively on his environment, in any field, by his thought.

Grigori Grabovoï has created other devices, for example, a device that detects thoughts, allowing to recognize the intentions of possible terrorists in airports and which could avoid systematic searches.

An organ regeneration device is currently being experimentally tested to meet draconian compliance standards.

And of course, he also created the PRK-1U, the first device for developing eternal life concentrations and a formidable evolutionary gas pedal.

In Zagreb, Croatia, the director of the university approached him because he admired his work and understood how the use of such devices could enable students to develop their consciousness much more quickly.

So he equipped his library with all of Grigori Grabovoï’s books and asked his students to work with them.

He offered them remote connections and placed physical devices in several rooms to teach them to control reality.

A doctoral student is writing her doctoral thesis in economics on the development of consciousness through the PRK-1U device.

All these students use Grigori Grabovoï’s methods for the development of their consciousness. The research also focuses on the influence of these methods on entrepreneurial abilities.

Indeed, entrepreneurs who change society for the better are almost always intuitive, happy people with a well-structured consciousness. The PRK-1U device, by allowing the structuring of the consciousness, allows the human being to regain his full potential and thus gives him all the cards in hand to be able to transform the world afterwards. The experiment is ongoing but students are already reporting extraordinary results.

The Healer

Grigori Grabovoï has helped heal thousands of people suffering from so-called incurable diseases, such as AIDS or fourth-stage cancers. He has also regenerated organs such as uteruses or parts of bladders under live medical supervision, within minutes. These instantaneous or almost instantaneous healings have been certified again by notarized acts and are presented in collections of evidence. Once this was done, he told people that they could all do it, that they were all within the same distance of God and that we all had these abilities within us, to heal ourselves and others. His mission here on earth is not to be a healer but to teach us that we are all healers.

Moreover, we never heal anyone, we only transmit information to the other person’s consciousness and it is the other person who chooses whether to use it or not.

To help us structure our consciousness more quickly, he has transmitted methods, notably numerical sequences, which can help us until our consciousness is well developed again.

The awakened one

Do you know what the word Christ means? The word Christ refers to a person with a very high level of consciousness. Jesus Christ was named this way because he had this extraordinary level of consciousness. But the seed is in all of us because we can all reach the level of consciousness of the Creator – we are created in his image.

When we talk about the second coming of Christ, what are we really talking about?

It is about the global elevation of the collective consciousness and the updating of all this fundamental knowledge in everyone’s heart. What Grigori Grabovoï calls Global Salvation.

And this is what will happen in the not so distant future.

In the Bible, which has been misinterpreted many times, the kingdom of God is mentioned. It has been wrongly located in a paradise outside of humans when in fact it is simply in our hearts, when we raise our vibration and it becomes unconditional love.

The word “Christ” can also be related to “crystal” and crystal is totally pure, that is to say that it is like an optic that lets the light pass through. There is no impurity left. The consciousness, when it is perfectly structured, becomes transparent like a crystal. It lets the light pass through completely, it is totally connected to the soul and we then have access to the entire informational field, the field of universal knowledge. Like Grigori Grabovoï who has had this purity of consciousness since birth. We are all God personified. All the knowledge has always been there, in each of us, just hidden from us by the veils of illusion that obscure our consciousness.

The Clairvoyant

Clairvoyance is the ability to connect to the information field and to perceive information in it. In this informational field, all space-time is visible.

For ease of representation, man has classified them in linear time, that is to say in past, present and future. As if they followed each other chronologically.

The reality is rather that all these events are superimposed and at a certain level, already realized. What our consciousness does, thanks to its free will, is to choose an event and to perceive it as being in the process of being realized. This is what we define as the present moment. And future events, those which in a linear time have not yet occurred, are already visible by clairvoyance.

It is possible to see all the events of our lives, even those that have not yet happened, by clairvoyance, as if we were to take a step up and see them all from above.

Grigori Grabovoï uses this ability and is therefore able to predict any event, simply by observing what is going to happen.

He has predicted political events in this way, made medical diagnoses, and detected technical problems in a large number of industrial devices, and he always has a 100% success rate, as we said before.

He can’t be wrong because he sees what is going to happen clearly.

In 1998, he predicted an accident in a nuclear power plant in Bulgaria, which was avoided thanks to him.

This accident could have been dramatic, because under the plant there were telluric layers with a very high electrical conductivity. In case of an explosion, it would have caused such a strong suction that it would have retracted the atmosphere of the Earth. It would not have been possible to stop this drainage with the existing technical means and according to the calculations of the physicists made during the year 2000, this event would have transformed the planet into a cloud of dust. As a result, Grigori Grabovoï became very well known in Russia, because this action was recognized at the highest level and published in all newspapers.

In my practice I use clairvoyance. It is an irrational technology in the true sense of the word. With the help of clairvoyance, I have already prevented multiple catastrophes of a global nature. No other method could be used to prevent these disasters. It was not possible to prevent them by the methods and means of orthodox science. Therefore, and based on facts, irrational technologies such as clairvoyance, materialization or dematerialization of matter, teleportation and other techniques, and of course resurrection as the first of all, are proven scientific technologies. Including the resurrection of people and the total restoration of any object. These technologies are perfectly scientific. This is the reality.

Introductory course to the teachings of Grigori Grabovoï

And then, I can’t resist the pleasure of telling you this anecdote which was told to us by a person close to Grigori Grabovoï who works in his educational center in Belgrade and who is one of his oldest students.

She told us that Grigori Grabovoï, a few years ago, had asked all his students to check the reality to prevent an asteroid from crashing on Earth on a specific date. It is possible to check on the NASA website the forecasts concerning this kind of accident because they predict them in advance, detecting the presence of dangerous celestial bodies near the Earth.

So the student checked the NASA website, when Grigori Grabovoï asked them to check the reality for this and there was nothing mentioned on the site.

She found it amazing but of course, checked the reality with the other students and with Grigori Grabovoï, as he had asked them to.

A few days later, on the NASA website, it was noted that an asteroid had just passed within a hair’s breadth of the Earth, that it could have caused absolutely terrible damage and that what was most astonishing was that no detection of this body had been made by the devices designed for this purpose.

So some people ask why Grigori Grabovoï does not prevent all serious accidents like Superman. Well, simply because it is up to every human being to learn to do so and to take responsibility by actively participating in the safety of all. It is part of our earthly experience to learn to prevent, and normalize any potentially non-constructive event.

The Politician

After having expressed the intention to run for the Russian presidential elections, at the same time as Dmitri Medvedev, supported by Putin, Grigori Grabovoï was put in prison after a false trial. He will stay there for 2 years.

The European Court of Human Rights will condemn Russia in 2015, to pay him damages.

Like so many men who have an extraordinary intelligence and visionary abilities, he is disturbing.

He is currently continuing his research in Serbia, in Belgrade, where he has created an educational center where many seminars are held.

And as the level of collective consciousness rises every day, more and more people finally understand the fundamental scope of his teaching and the current need for man to regain control of his reality, in joy and love.