Worried about Donald Trump

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Those of you who push against President Trump actually help him get elected. There is no such thing as ‘NO’ in this all inclusive Universe. Any attention you give to a subject is attention to a subject- no matter if it is for applause or criticism. You give your attention, you cast a vibrational vote!

You decide about your personal reality by which vibration you offer individually; but you also create your collective reality in the same way. As a mass-consciousness you have created something that now a lot of you are complaining about; and we don’t think that that is too different from what’s going on in your individual lives… you create things and then you complain about them! Now it’s time for you to stop creating them.

You cannot undo manifestations but you can know where you are on the continuum of thoughts turning into things. Are you standing in the spot where sifting and sorting happens? Who is right and who and what is wrong? Or are you standing with your Soul and all that you have ever wanted. Are you fuelling the desire for cooperation, equality, ethics and so on; or are you desiring to stop the lack of cooperation, equality, ethics?

What your president does or doesn’t do has nothing to do whatsoever with what happens to you – unless you get all tangled up with him. If you understand this you could write him a letter:

Dear Mr. President,

I have decided not to think about you anymore. Because when I think about you, I block my own well-being, I do not see you as the path to my well-being no matter what you say. You are not the path to my well-being. You are in fact a prohibitor of my well-being these days.

You can put much better things into your vortex: Your desire for individual freedom, your desire to choose the way you feel, to choose the thoughts you think, the ability to choose and decide about who you are; the recognition that no one holds the power or the key to your vortex – only you do; the recognition that no one can possibly lead your life – only you can.

But all goes wrong when you get focused on the negative aspects of something and it prevents you from ever seeing the positive aspects even though they are right in front of your eyes!

You can make the same experiment as Esther did: she sat herself in front of her TV to watch political discussions and watch if she could get past her own prejudices to see if she could give anyone the benefit of the doubt enough to receive wisdom from someone that she had decided was not wise…

Just imagine:

A room full of talented wise beings who are aware of and interested in whatever they might do for the good of the whole. Who are individually in such an alignment with who they really are, that they are in the receiving mode, dancing together, inspired together, thinking together, cooperating together, finding harmony of one another because it can be that way.

You can imagine it and make it happen!

Are Crop Circles real?

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They are there because they are looking for some consciousness that is well intentioned and able to intertwine with humanity on a physical level in an effort to clean up humanity’s mess. There are people who don’t believe in the crop circles at all. However they are manifest reality – hard to deny.

The fundamental question is: how does a crop circle differ from any other manifestation on your planet? that’s the context in which we would like to discuss this.

There is no way that man can separate the non-physical from anything that’s happening on a physical way. But for some reason, man wants to leave himself out of the equation of creation.

They will say:

Let there be something divinely inspired that is zapping the field and it has nothing to do with any of us. We don’t want to be instruments, or proponents, or participants, or co-creators – we want someone else to create on our behalf. So we can complain after.

And we say to you:

None of that is happening. Everything that’s happening of a creative nature in this physical realm included you!

We want to be right here and stay with you a little bit longer on the most important point that we ever discussed; ever, ever, ever…!

Are you or are you not extensions of Source-energy?

Do you or do you not have a role to play here in this creative arena?

Aren’t you happy to play it? So why would you ever want to leave your role out of the equation?

How do you explain your electricity? How do you explain your earth moving in it’s orbit? Is it possible for someone to actually move something with the power of thought?

And we say YES. Explore it further if you want and don’t take anybody’s word for anything. Find a way to utilize the energy that creates worlds that pours through you. But the most significant thing is understanding that you are an extension of Source energy and you’re under-utilizing your connection dramatically.

And crop circles are an indication that someone is using the connection in a more focused way.

Are the crop-circles man made?

Yes, definitely.

Do Aliens exist?

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Question :

Do aliens exist? Some people have had sightings of space ships and beings?

Abraham :

Oh they are not making things up.

Question :

Is there life on other planets?

Abraham :

Yes, the Universe is abundant with life. And to assume, as some terrestrial beings seem to be fond of, that you humans are the furthest extension of thought, is not correct. Because everybody translates different vibrations into different manifestations. There is no way of proving this to anyone because everyone can receive the vibration and translate it into something visual but not everyone does. So in relation to UFOs there are people who receive energy and they are able to translate it into something that has shape and form.

And if you ask, it that is real? We say it’s as real as anything. For example right now there are millions of signals flying through this room where you are sitting right now – radio signals, WIFi signals, Tv signals, Microwave signals, cosmic waves and telluric frequencies. But unless you have a vibrational translator that lets you translate them into something more physical, you won’t perceive them.

The dog hears things that you don’t hear and you say: “Oh you stupid mug, you’re making it up; I know you’re making it up because I don’t hear it”.

And the dog says:

“…there is a lot of things that I hear that you don’t hear… and a lot of things that i feel that you don’t… and a lot of things that you don’t smell and wouldn’t want to, that I do…”

Everything is in the first place originating in the vibrational Universe; invisible and non-local. Let me explain what non-local means: only things in the material realm have dimensions (length, width, weight etc.); so they occupy a certain amount of space and they appear for a period in the continuum of time. Consequently all ‘things’ that are in the non-material, in the vibrational Universe do not occupy space neither are they appearing in time. We cannot say where they are; they are nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

What Esther calls ‘Abraham’ are vibrational beings, they are placeless and faceless, they are focused energy. And Esther has the ability to translate this energy into the words that she allows to come through her to be spoken. In this sense it does not matter, if we, Abraham, are from another planet or universal consciousness – we are a signal that you can receive and we are not the only one.

Our mind has the ability to translate vibrational experienced into visual things. Everything you turn to completely, you have the opportunity to see it. What you see with your eyes is a vibrational interpretation, what you smell is a vibrational interpretation. Everything about your physical senses are interpretations of vibration. So everything that you put into your vortex, everything you want, the universal forces have the ability to gather the cooperative components in order to give you the real, physical experience of it in a way that is meaningful for you. You have to tune into the frequency that you want to align with; and if you’re tuned in, the universal Law of Attractions will gradually provide you with the physical experience.

Child abuse and the Holocaust

To your questions about child sexual abuse, the Holocaust or other disasters, you think we never give a satisfactory answer: that is, we don’t give you the answers you would like to hear. We repeat to you that everyone creates their own reality. Period! Period!

“But how is it possible that there is so much horror towards some people? »

We answer you: they create their own reality.

“And why do they have the idea of creating events that make them suffer?”

We answer: they don’t know what they’re doing; they don’t pay attention to the vibrations they offer. Their vibrations directly and inevitably create the reality in which they live. Reality can only be what is offered by your vibrations.


Jesus’ Reason for Coming and how it relates to you


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Here is your story :

A very long time ago, very far from here a very small baby was born under adverse conditions in a stable. He said things that the world was not ready to hear and they tortured and killed him for that.


The story has been told in as many ways as there different ears to hear it; but most of the ears don’t hear it in it’s purity or clarity at all. Because most of them have mist a very basic point. We actually come forth to offer a continuation of that story.


Now here is the story that we want you to hear and to impart to all those who are ready for it:


As physical beings sharing this Earth plane, we are blessed; which means we are worthy and revered as good. And we have chosen this glorious place at this time in order to express our beingness.


Because it feels very good to be physical.


Because we can see things more clearly through physical eyes.


We are here on this Earth in this time because it is our wanting to be. We are not being tested and we are not here to prove – we are here to be.


And it is our desire to be joyful. In all the Universe there is that which feels good and that which does not. And each of us have the choice and the absolute freedom to look for that which is about elevating Nature and that which is the opposite. And there is no one in the whole universe who has the power to do for us that choice. We are making that choice hundreds of times every day. And the combination of these choices makes the life experience that we live.


As we experience that together, we are more than that which any of us could experience individually; and that’s why we have chosen this glorious time of interacting together.


This time that surrounds the celebration of the birth of the one who understood all of these things way before the world was ready for it, is a time of celebrating life, a time of celebrating our eternalness, a time of recognizing that our value and our power is always right here in our here and now.


There is no value to look back to yesterday, so we give our full attention to where we are and who we are right now. We give our full attention to everything that is uplifting us.


The one you know as Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven or that place of pure positive ecstasy is within and not outside of us. It comes from within as we look for that which we are wanting to see.


The world does not have to understand, to believe of to live that in order for it to be our experience. But if we don’t allow it to be our experience, then they do not have an example. An example that can stimulate their wanting or believing.


There are two motivators that motivate all of us:


  1. Being so focused upon what is wanted that you become passionate about it; and in your passion it seems that you can move heaven and earth as you move toward it.
  2. The sting or the pain of lack which tends to motivate most of us.


We have decided to leave the pain of lack behind and give our full attention to the positive aspects of what we are living, that which is most uplifting to us. So we give our greatest emphasis on this:

There was a baby coming unto this glorious land, a baby that came forth into physical experience saying “Yes i am wanting to go forth and through the clarity of my example i will uplift others to the understanding that life is not just the way they think it is, that there are other ways of looking at it.”

So this little baby was born in a glorious stable surrounded by all the life of the Earth, the animals and a mother that embraced and nourished him and adored him. And as he was born into this perfect environment, he loved the Earth and he remembered why he was here and he said: “I am here to make a difference. I am here that others may understand as a result of my being here that which they have not understood before.”

He gathered around him others who understood; not in large numbers but intense. And then one day when all that could be received from him, had been received, he said: “Now i will re-emerge into the non-physical and i will come back again and again and again through those physical beings who are as i am lovers of life, seekers of growth, freedom and joy”


So as we celebrate this glorious time of the year let us not celebrate this baby but the essence that is within us as it was within that one. Let us feel the power and the value and the joy and the love of life. What we want is a first hand experience, not regurgitating, not something read in a book written long ago and rewritten so many times after…

Let 2019 be your year!

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You have to tell the story the way you want it to be!

There is an outrageous abundance that has been summoned by you and it is held by your soul within you.

Then you say : « Well, where’s my stuff? »

And we say: Listen to the story you’re telling – you want to start telling the story:

I am abundant in nature and well-being and well-being is always coming to me.

I am often understood by the people that I’m interacting with

I am loving this life that I’m living and it’s fun to expand and grow

More and more I get the sense of who I am

I love the contrast of my environment which helps me to continue to identify new things that I want

Often i am not a vibrational match to everything that I want, but I can feel the difference

I know how to lean in the direction of what i want and my live is just getting better and better

I’m surrounded by people that are like me learning about life

Often, when I’m not really paying attention, I can feel my soul wrapping those non-physical arms around me, so i get this non-physical hug from the inside out.

Sometimes i can just feel the well-being of my being and I’m really enjoying how my life is beginning to unfold.

I am noticing how the people around me are more and more enjoying their life also.

I am feeling a freedom from detaching myself from what they’re thinking or from what they are wanting from me

As you are practising the story that resonates with who you really are > you start offering the vibration of that. As you are beginning to feel the predominant vibration of abundance, abundance must seek it’s level with you! Just like water flows downstream, abundance flows to someone who’s in vibrational alignment with abundance.

As you say: “I have to work so hard for what comes to me” – then you have to work so hard for what comes to you!

As you’re beginning to say, things are coming easier and easier and I’m beginning to understand how the universe flows, and I’m beginning to understand the vibrational world; I am lining up more, I’m not reacting to so many things, I’m more sensitive to the energy. And even my negative emotions are getting much stronger, but that is a good thing, because that means that something’s out of sync with what I’m wanting. And I’m getting more intuitive with people, I can feel when they’re levelling with me and when they are not.

I love the variety of people that are around me, and i realize what a wonderful team that we are working together; I love the cooperative nature that we are all about.

I love knowing that there is no injustice; I love knowing that everybody gets exactly what they are offering vibrationally. I love knowing that i get exactly what I’m offering vibrationally. I love knowing that I don’t have to hold anybody responsible for my life’s unfolding.

I am wanting everybody to have the fun that I’m having in this life experience and I’m not bothered by those who aren’t having fun. I love being the clear example that I am; I love offering my vibration deliberately; and I love watching all of the universal factors lingin things up, I love how circumstances and events come into alignment to give me the confirmation of how I am vibrationally doing. I love knowing that the co-operative universe will keep matching my better and better story.

I love even more the stability of the eternal nature that is me.