Jesus’ Reason for Coming and how it relates to you

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Here is your story :

A very long time ago, very far from here a very small baby was born under adverse conditions in a stable. He said things that the world was not ready to hear and they tortured and killed him for that.

The story has been told in as many ways as there different ears to hear it; but most of the ears don’t hear it in it’s purity or clarity at all. Because most of them have mist a very basic point. We actually come forth to offer a continuation of that story.

Now here is the story that we want you to hear and to impart to all those who are ready for it:

As physical beings sharing this Earth plane, we are blessed; which means we are worthy and revered as good. And we have chosen this glorious place at this time in order to express our beingness.

Because it feels very good to be physical.

Because we can see things more clearly through physical eyes.

We are here on this Earth in this time because it is our wanting to be. We are not being tested and we are not here to prove – we are here to be.

And it is our desire to be joyful. In all the Universe there is that which feels good and that which does not. And each of us have the choice and the absolute freedom to look for that which is about elevating Nature and that which is the opposite. And there is no one in the whole universe who has the power to do for us that choice. We are making that choice hundreds of times every day. And the combination of these choices makes the life experience that we live.

As we experience that together, we are more than that which any of us could experience individually; and that’s why we have chosen this glorious time of interacting together.

This time that surrounds the celebration of the birth of the one who understood all of these things way before the world was ready for it, is a time of celebrating life, a time of celebrating our eternalness, a time of recognizing that our value and our power is always right here in our here and now.

There is no value to look back to yesterday, so we give our full attention to where we are and who we are right now. We give our full attention to everything that is uplifting us.

The one you know as Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven or that place of pure positive ecstasy is within and not outside of us. It comes from within as we look for that which we are wanting to see.

The world does not have to understand, to believe of to live that in order for it to be our experience. But if we don’t allow it to be our experience, then they do not have an example. An example that can stimulate their wanting or believing.

There are two motivators that motivate all of us:

  1. Being so focused upon what is wanted that you become passionate about it; and in your passion it seems that you can move heaven and earth as you move toward it.
  2. The sting or the pain of lack which tends to motivate most of us.

We have decided to leave the pain of lack behind and give our full attention to the positive aspects of what we are living, that which is most uplifting to us. So we give our greatest emphasis on this:

There was a baby coming unto this glorious land, a baby that came forth into physical experience saying “Yes i am wanting to go forth and through the clarity of my example i will uplift others to the understanding that life is not just the way they think it is, that there are other ways of looking at it.”

So this little baby was born in a glorious stable surrounded by all the life of the Earth, the animals and a mother that embraced and nourished him and adored him. And as he was born into this perfect environment, he loved the Earth and he remembered why he was here and he said: “I am here to make a difference. I am here that others may understand as a result of my being here that which they have not understood before.”

He gathered around him others who understood; not in large numbers but intense. And then one day when all that could be received from him, had been received, he said: “Now i will re-emerge into the non-physical and i will come back again and again and again through those physical beings who are as i am lovers of life, seekers of growth, freedom and joy”

So as we celebrate this glorious time of the year let us not celebrate this baby but the essence that is within us as it was within that one. Let us feel the power and the value and the joy and the love of life. What we want is a first hand experience, not regurgitating, not something read in a book written long ago and rewritten so many times after…

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