Your Enlightenment is your passage to the Universal Community.


UC message from Azar (UC Farsi) and Sylviane (UCs French)

Azar, Universal Council member for the Farsi language informed that “The Universal Council did not decide on a meeting like the first one on last Wednesday. From now on we will meet at the soul level”.

She likened our present situation to a baby in the birth canal – we feel that collectively and of course individually. And as in any other situation, depending on our attitude, we can live this situation the hard way or the easy way. The passage through the birth canal is irreversible and not negotiable; that means, we cannot stop it, neither can we change anything about it – except our attitude.

So there is nothing special that we have to do – everything is already following its natural course. The only thing could be that we are trying to be more conscious in our daily activities, be more in the present moment.

Out of pleasure, we can just take a few minutes to elevate the Soul of the 5+1 negotiators. The conditions are set by the UC that these negotiations will end with the proclamation of Peace on December 21, the birthday of Mitra. So it’s very appropriate to already enjoy what is coming in anticipation – like the little girl before Christmas.

She added: “The Iranians have chosen the time of 12 PM (midnight) every day and they collectively raise the souls of people in the Vienna peace talks. And that is until December 21, the date of birth of Mithra.” 12pm midnight corresponds to 21:30 CET Paris, 15:30 Québec and14:30 Guatemala.

The call to action of the Universal Council

This practice will be happening every Wednesday at 6:00 pm CET – and of course you can do it more often according to your convenience.

When the Universal Council announces that he has “established the conditions”, it means that these are functional structures that we can and should use as often as possible in our daily lives. But it also means that the necessary events that are paving the path to the realization of these goals are already triggered, so we don’t have to do anything more! We only have to expand our Soul, connect with the Souls of all beings and celebrate our new reality – Peace, Comprehension, Harmony and Love for the whole world. Here’s how we can do it :

  1. Put yourself in the condition suitable to control reality.

    1. Breathe through your heart and Soul.

    2. Feel your body as one entity

    3. Feel your divine consciousness like a diving suit of bright golden light all around your skin, expand the divine consciousness to become one with all other Souls.

  2. Enjoy the feeling to be one with all other humans, then all other lifeforms of the Unicos. Be grateful that Truth, Peace, Comprehension, Harmony and Love prevail in the all the universes. Enjoy the feeling of love that unites us all.

Feel free to modify the practice according to what feels best for you.

M Keshe explained more about our power to influence our reality during the teaching part of this workshop:

The KF technology is now public

Keshe Foundation Global (KF Global) is now officially in the US stock market!
Mr Keshe announced on September 19th, 2019 (19.09.19), in the 294th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, that Keshe Foundation Global has merged with the stock market company Markray Corporation (OTC Pink: RVBR). Those with questions can look through the new website for KF Global
Listen to Mr Keshe’s statement about this, starting here in the 294th KSW.
Here is a Marketwatch press release published on 19.09.19, regarding Keshe Foundation Global merging with the stock market company Markray Corporation (OTC Pink: RVBR).



Appeal of the KF to the European Court of Human Rights

 A few days ago the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has received the appeal of M. Keshe against the courts and government of Belgium. The charges: misuse of power, paedophilia, suppression of knowledge, unlawful behaviour of the police in Belgian courts, blackmailing, attempted murder… the list is long

You can read the confirmation of reception following this link.

Gratitude of the KF to supporters worldwide

M.Keshe announced that the KF will give out shares of the new global company on the stock market to all people and organizations that have supported the work of the Foundation in any shape or form – a beautiful sign of Gratitude.

KF store Italy will be closed but orders honoured

This concerns all of you who have ordered from the KF Italy and have not received anything yet even though your orders have been paid. In the last days irregularities in the Manufacture and store of the KF Italy have been discovered to the effect that this branch will be closed. It seems that the management has abused the KF to satisfy their personal interests…

It was also seen how many orders have not been fulfilled. KF offers to all the people who ordered and have not received the goods, 2 options: to either be reimbursed or to convert the volume of their order into shares of the new KF Plasma Company.

According to their ethos, the KF does not ignore wrong doings and just close down the business, they will keep the Italian operations open until all issues are settled so nobody looses. The KF and M.Keshe are fully conscious that it is the reputation of the whole of the KF which is at stake here.

Spaceship Blueprint teachings

The concept of how the new spaceship technology wants to be shared has already changed. Last week it sounded like open source blueprint days and today the wind had changed to teaching a relatively small group of scientists and knowledge seekers. We understand that some of us might feel disappointed.

To be able to understand the change, you have to remember that the first and only motive to share knowledge by the KF along with M.Keshe is to bring Peace and unite us all into One Humanity. It is not about free energy, free transport, free health etc for anyone who only cares for his or her own advantage and well being; this is a step on the way towards the well being of the whole of Humanity! Anyway we are all advancing collectively not individually – therefore it doesn’t really matter by which way the knowledge will be taught to Humanity, does it?

In another aspect, not a single iota of the teaching which will be presented can be used to harm any living being on this planet or in any other part of the Universe.

It may be difficult for you to accept, because you have been waiting for the release of the blueprints so badly. But put your self interest aside and read on ;)

The KF will create a series of 12 hands-on workshops to be held within the next 8 months form all locations around the world. The first will be held in Austria, the next one in Mexico, then Brazil…

Independent scientists and scientists from space agencies are invited to attend with the exception of Belgium and the European Space Agency – all under the banner of Technology in exchange for Peace. With this event the KF is taking the route of dissipating the war-disruptive technology through the worldwide community of scientists; knowing that scientist are advisers to governments. From there onwards the governments will have to figure out whom to consult: the lobby of armament industry who want to squeeze the last dollar before all is gone or the scientists… let’s keep on elevating their souls!

A limited number of Knowledge Seekers will also be allowed; you can register following this link. No communication devices (cellphones, tablets etc will be allowed during the workshops). Nothing from the workshops can be published publicly; all participants have to sign that they will only share what they learned with their respective governments and space agencies. However there will be a moment when all participants will be asked to share publicly what they have learned.

The workshops are addressed mainly to scientist; they will be shown flight systems, they will learn how to make them and then they will have time until the next session to show what they have understood, build and developed.

By the way, M.Keshe maintained, that if governments create mayhem or anything else goes wrong, he is always prepared to release the blueprints publicly very fast!

Message from Carolina

This is the condition of humanity: Many souls have gone through worse but we are strong we are still standing! Right now we need to mobilize the strength and confidence to achieve world peace. We are tested – if we don’t stand now we will face endless more wars and destruction and bloodshed. We are at the crossroads to stand up and bring the change for the innocent souls that are manipulated by the few. It would be such a joyful journey when we could bring this change for ALL TO BE AT PEACE!

The Keshe Foundation can’t really serve if it doesn’t put the world Peace before anything else; it would just be another money making machine, unable to serve the totality. The Peace for all souls is something we have to achieve, nothing less then that because it includes All and equality is what we have been teaching all along.

We as Humanity have already achieved this new condition. We have united as One Human Soul; all nations are already signed into the peace treaty… we just need to create more awareness that this is our new reality.

Carolina Keshe UC Nederlands


Message from M.T.Keshe

This is the moment where the first real chance for World Peace is up on Humanity. It is the responsibility of each one of us to make sure that this precious chance is not missed!

My fellow men, I have done what has been possible to share knowledge for Peace amongst our human race. Now I call on all your Souls to join the Soul of the Creator, to encourage your leaders to sign their nation in to Peace as the final act to bring about a splendid new era for Humanity and the whole Universe.




Spaceship Blueprints on World Peace Day August 2nd ?

M.Keshe made a very interesting announcement in the last third of the program – he announced that he may perhaps share the blueprint of the space ship on august 2nd, which is the KF’s day of presenting a gift to Humanity. The date will be announced in the KSW287 next Thursday, August 1st.

The KF will show a full working system in the beginning of this blueprint teaching and then the session will go on until one of us has achieved the same functional prototype . He said that many of us will get there. Ps: all governments who wish to listen and participate are welcome ;).

It is important to understand that ‘Spaceship’ means transportation across any borders for everyone, creation of energy and matter, all that we care about. If I understood correctly the technology shared in the blueprints will not be the ‘Matter-to-Nano-to-GaNS-to-Matter Technology’ (MNGMT) but ‘Beyond GaNS Technologies’ (BGT)? He adds: “It is the simplicity of it that will shock…”

The reason? You might guess it: Since their beginning th KF works for World Peace; more precisely for Technology in exchange for Worldpeace. Especially since the publication of the Peace Treaty in 2nd of August 2017, M.Keshe has tried to get governments on board of this process. Now it seems that particularly some ‘powers’ (US, GB, Vatican, Illuminati, Kaballa…?) did not only not respond to the invitation but are always doing some mischief. Now the patience of M.Keshe has reached it’s limit, after having given it much much thought, he wants to take measures to ‘enforce’ Peace ;)

This message is actually an ultimatum to all governments, what will happen if they do not give the KF what they demand – Peace within the next 7 days.

To illustrate his point he showed a short video, which you can see following this link. You see a big model of a aircraft carrier flying off in the sky like a balloon or a kite. This means that from now on ‘We’ – that is the Keshe Foundation and associated organizations – rule, we decide and we execute.

Then M.Keshe showed another picture with the remark that ‘this picture has a lot of meaning’…

Spaceship blueprint teachings

Following the announcement of the public blueprint teaching which will presumably be broadcast on Friday, August 2nd 2019, (in 8 days ;), here are a few details:

Open Source Technology

In concordance with the ethos of the KF that knowledge cannot and should not be proprietary, the blueprint teachings will be broadcast as open source technology worldwide. Regarding the assimilation of the teachings and it’s translation into a functional prototype, all knowledge seekers are encouraged to link up with their closest (language) group to learn and build together. The KF will establish chat rooms probable on a platform like Zoom to enable this.

The teachings will start with M.Keshe setting the rules and telling us what we need.

However, the intention is not to present the plans for the spaceship for everybody to copy – monkey sees, monkey does – but M.Keshe and other knowledge seekers will guide through the process of understanding, so many people become receptacles of the knowledge on their own.

Most of all you have to know that you are not the only one trying to achieve something – we are in it as a collective and united Humanity!

Ethics and Technology

Of course these teachings will enable all of us to produce any amount of energy that we want.

Of course we will be able to travel freely anywhere we want. And so we have to learn how to orient ourselves, so we don’t end up in a underground cave that has no opening to the surface of the Earth for example.

This new technology has a tremendous power and, right now, unforeseeable possibilities. In this context M.Keshe alerts us to NEVER USE THIS TECHNOLOGY TO INTERFERE WITH NATURAL PROCESSES – ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE ! Trying to influence the weather for example is irresponsible because we don’t understand the complex structure of how our Planet Mother Earth works. To make rain for example where and when Mother Nature has planned sunshine, is like living in an apartment and turning on all the faucets thereby inundating the people living below you… so our option is NOT to change outside situations so they suite us, but to change our situation so that we can be comfortable under any circumstance. In the event of a hurricane for example, we can either create an Oasis, a Plasma shelter like Tom Salas did; or we could suspend our physicality or be somewhere else until the storm is over.

And when suddenly we have this powerful new technology in our hands, it is important that we keep our calm and meditativeness, that we remain detached and centered on what we are here for: World Peace by serving and not to be served. So we should not be getting drunk on the new technology and do whatever we want without consideration; like space-hooligans! We want to be aware of our feelings and our mind: no revenge, no power over others, no harming, no interfering and so on… It’s not about doing what we like – it’s about doing what is correct in the Universal Principle, what is Good for All.

We should not interfere either will (still existing) governmental rules – like “don’t forget your passport when traveling”.

And that applies also to the ‘skeletons in our closets’, there will be no way to hide anything anymore. A few years ago M.Keshe talked about other races in the Universal Community who monitored what we did and do on our Planet since centuries. They, so to say, make videos of our actions but these videos contain also what our intentions have been. So they are a total exposure. And in this sense we are entering the era of the emperor’s new cloths. All will be visible to all, all the time!

Celebrate: Worldpeace has been reached!

… the rest is just formalities…

The promise of Peace is that Mankind will meet his Creator.

Earth, July 18th 2019




The change is here

M.Keshe announced a magnificent effect of the recent changes with the Keshe Foundation: before their going public, institutions, governments and people displayed a rather jaded attitude like: “OK, show me what you and your technology can do.” This attitude has changed to “How can we help, how can we be part of your work?”

The KF is now bringing together the operations in the US (KF Arizona) with the one in China; a third nation to join this global effort is about to join.

Financially the KF will open many large scale factories around the world with the money already raised already. These operations will finance the most important goals set by the KF: global Peace, global food security and clean drinking water. In this way the KF will be able to finance everything without the help of other organizations or governments – so they maintain their independence.

New era of sharing knowledge

The breakthrough into mainstream has begun with these wonderful news from Mr Keshe today.

The first hurdle has been passed. Funding has been secured for a springboard company called Keshe GANS Technology to begin the task of bringing plasma to the world. 100 million euro with loan capacity of 1 billion. This will jump start the R&D and manufacturing of the technology with the full support of the Chinese Government; it will also support the Belt and Road Initiative of China and the BRICS. Fully open source throughout all KFM companies worldwide means all countries will receive the technology on a totally equal basis – no country will be left behind. All this is happening under the umbrella of the Keshe Foundation who will be responsible for all the financial and other decisions.

The Chinese government is very conscious of the fact that the Plasma technology is much much more valuable than the promise of money that it makes. Remember that all this happens within the Universal Principle: We are here to serve and not to be served.

Of course, all discoveries will be published in the public domain thus preventing the creation of patents. This gives all of us who would like to contribute and have developed a plasma tool that is promising, the opportunity to use the new structure to test, validate and certify the new invention. The KF together with it’s new partners will finance all of that.

We thank Mr Keshe for all the work in bringing us the PLASMA (R)EVOLUTION. The real work has just begun, bringing Peace and prosperity to all on this planet.

Keshe Foundation goes public

The Keshe Foundation is getting out of the ‘kitchen operation’ mode to become an international organization. As of July this year the Keshe Foundation goes public on the stock exchange market in the US. The value of the shares will be announced in time. The KF owns more than 99% of the shares. This move has many important consequences:

  • It is a important step to raise the capital needed to spread manufacturing, research and teaching all over the planet and build a stock of supplies of GaNS etc to be able to help efficiently in disaster relief.

  • It is also a major step for the KF to spread it’s influence across the globe – first and foremost inside the movement for World Peace. This brings us one step closer to the One World Government (Earth Council).
    In this context KF US/Arizona will join KF China in heading space technology together with Iran and Russia. The movement towards unification in a One World Government will NOT allow one nation leading all the others; through the facilitation of communication between all nations on the basis of equality the path towards One World is opening up.

  • It will be easier for the KF to share the development of new technologies for all sectors of our lives. As a consequence of the open and transparent sharing, the power of patents – the abuse of power by knowledge – will be broken. Knowledge is shared freely and nobody will be able to buy patents and block the knowledge from being used and developed. Along this line of thought, the various national KF will share their knowledge amongst themselves, with their respective nations and all of us, thus bringing the world together.

  • The certification processes will be simplified in the sense that if we get the certification of a product in any country, it will become valid worldwide – no need to apply for different certifications in every nation where you want to introduce a new product.

  • The KF International headquarters will remain in Malta. The structural and operational decisions of KF Int. will be made by the KF Core Team, the Universal Council and the Earth Council together.

Message for Humanity

Why are humans fighting to be the closest to Him?
Why humans use different names for who is One?
Why humans don’t use the same path to reach the same Creator?

Because if they do so, then all humans will be equal on all levels; equal in their belief, equal as a race. They would be One, understanding that all denominations count for nothing.

Is it not that Man has lost his path in trying to be like Him, which is to be kind, forgiving, generous, correct, compassionate, and so many other things that the man calls God – man has only forgotten that all these qualities are his own attributes, too.

Man is all that God is, because Man is made in His image, because Man and God are the two sides of the same coin. When man understands this, he reaches the level of the Creator.

Man has chosen different names for the same Creator wanting to be ‘higher than though’; this has brought division by religion, colour and race and fighting and killing in the name of the creator.

You can call yourselves, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and what so ever; when your heart is not one with the Creator, your lives will have lost their meaning.

The message of all the prophets has been to love, to share, and live in peace. The purpose of religions and prophets always was to elevate the soul of the man and not to erect physical statues.

People nowadays are running away from the conventional religions because they have realized that God is the essence of their own perfection and there is not need whatsoever for a middle-man.

Now the times has come that all paths unite under the banner of peace and servitude of One Human race. Man will be mature when he realizes that equality and servitude are not commandments to obey but come from the true richness of his Soul. Men are equal, not according to their physical and financial capabilities, but through the maturity of their Soul to truly serve others.

We are looking at the religious leaders of all denominations to see who only calls himself servant of God and who is really serving Humanity.

If the religious leaders would actually follow the rules of God, then there would be no temples and churches and no wealth accumulated in the name of God. Anyway the house of God is not in the heart and the body of the man, but in his Soul and this is what the mankind is about to realize.

All religious leaders should meet as followers of the Creator, equal amongst themselves; and through this example the people will follow their leaders in understanding that all are serving the same God. All are pursuing the development of their individual and collective Soul as one race.

Therefore, it is time to call upon the religious leaders to come to the house of peace and knowledge and to use the new knowledge to make a fresh start towards World Peace. If you read this message, and you want to share it, feel free to send a copy to the religious leader near you to call him/her for the meeting.

They all should make their appearance in ordinary clothes, all equal. In the face of God, all men are equal to serve humanity, to achieve peace and to enjoy the closeness to the Creator.

Blessed are those Souls who understand the language of the time.M T Keshe


In certain regions of South Africa, when someone does something wrong, he is taken to the centre of the village and surrounded by his tribe for two days while hey speak of all the good he has done. They believe each person is good, yet sometimes we make mistakes, which is really a cry for help. They unite in this ritual to encourage the person to reconnect with his true nature. The belief is that unity and affirmation have more power to change behaviour than shame and punishment. This is known as Ubuntu = I am because we are.

We can use this story also for ourselves, when we have to deal with a person we don’t like – instead of brooding over and over what we don’t like of that person, we can make a list of the good qualities of him/her; this will change our vibration and we will have more her good qualities and less of her bad qualities in our perception.

On another occasion, an anthropologist propose a game to the kids in an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told them that whoever got here first won the sweet fruits. When he gave them the signal to run, they all took each others hands and ran together. Then sat in a circle enjoying their treats. When he asked them why they chose to run as a group, when they could have had more fruit individually, one child spoke up and said: “UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad?”.

Transforming activism

The following statement of the Dakota activist Winona Leduke, is a simple observation of a paradox in our society, where politicians and media discriminate simple people who want to preserve Nature as terrorists while allowing corporations do violate Nature…

We know that giving our attention to what we don’t like or want, keeps the same in our reality. So it is important to formulate what we want and not stay in the vibration of what we don’t want. In this context Carolina has proposed an interesting experiment: to transform any negative, activist phrase into a positive wish – remembering that the wish, the moment we formulate it, is already fulfilled!

Please feel free to do the exercise yourself of transforming this (negative) observation into a wish. We came up with this: We are present in the transparent ethics of Humanity which encourages the restoration and preservation of Mother Nature.

Peace Movement

Following the announcements of M.Keshe last week, Iran has confirmed in an official communique that it has access to completely new technologies. Furthermore Iran has announced to abolish passports – a clear indication that the new technology pertains to space transportation as well, which makes national borders oblivious.

At the same time, the American government has asked Japan to intervene into the tensions with Iran and to convey the message that the US are not interested in armed conflicts with Iran! Yippee!

On another note, the KF is about to finish the preparations for the commercialization of a new transport system, which will enable anybody to ship for example a container of goods from China to New York in less than one hour.

And within the next 6 months 12 new factories will be opened in different countries around the globe – how about Canada?.

All these activities will start in and by selected nations; but that does not mean the promotion of nationalsm… all the Keshe Foundation does is in line towards the World Peace and the One World Movement.

Persian Golf Menace

The Pentagon has dispatched additional ships and bombers to the Middle East to threaten Iran; Trump tweeted: “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran.” Yet the US did not say anything about their reason to deploy more military assets in the region?!

Here’s some background knowledge to understand the issue: there are two nations in the world who have extensive technology to defend peace even on a ‘star wars’ level: Russia and Iran. In 2011 Iran has extended his space defence system including all nations thanks to the transfer of knowledge from the Keshe Foundation. Now the peaceful nation of Iran has a technology that is some 200 years ahead of the US; and Iran is ready to share the technology for Peace with Humanity with everyone who signs the Peace Treaty. Russia has done the same after Iran.

With this info it becomes clear, that the US wants to get this technology and somehow through their history the Americans have forgotten how to ask and collaborate – the only way they seem to be able to see is stealing and robbing.

And this attitude, however, may become a huge thread for the population of the US: there is a story of Buddha, when he went to a village where he was not welcomed but threatened and expelled, his disciples ask him what to do. He said there is nothing to do; it’s like when someone comes to your house with a gift and you don’t want the gift, what the person can do? He can only take it back to his home.

You can read the same ‘defence strategy’ in the ‘Life and Teachings of the Masters from the Far East’ (by Baird Spalding): the Masters, when they were attacked by som3000 bandits, only stood still and held their hand palm facing the aggressors. They reflected the aggressive energy of the bandits back on them with their own energy added. What happened then was that the bandits suddenly were in such a fight rage that they couldn’t discern friend and foe anymore – and killed each other.

The Plasma Technology in the hands of Iran and Russia enables the defenders to do the same. What could happen from that is that the bombs destined to destroy Teheran, may annihilate Washington, New York… From the Iranian side there is no point in using destructive forces; the Plasma technology can simply take down the electrical grid of the US with the flip of a finger; and that will paralyse communication and economy…


I call on the American to withdraw their military presence from the Persian Golf. We are friends and we are the same as you. This is my last warning to the US: if you hit someone in the face, you cannot expect a kiss!”

I call on the Saudi Arabian leadership: you purchased the ‘most advanced space defence technology’ from Israel and the Us – and they did not tell you, that their technologies are already outdated and useless.”

Consequences when America falls? A lot of anarchy, because so many countries are under the rule of the US and then suddenly they are without leadership… remember that when we talk about the US we include the Cabal, the Illuminati, the vatican and the banksters like Rothchild…

Keshe Foundation Agriculture Brochure April 2019

This brochure is in form of a video; you can view it following this link.

Letter to Governments template

Name of the Agriculture Minister
Country or Region

Dear Name of the Agriculture Minister

The Universal Council with the support of the Keshe Foundation Agriculture Team is proud to announce a new developmental milestone in the world of agriculture. We offer cooperation and support to governments and their agriculture ministries that allow them to realize national and global food security through newly discovered GaNS (Gases in a Nano Solid State) Plasma Technology. This technology introduces farming and agricultural practices that improve yields, nutritive value and incomes without the need for costly inputs.

Plasma Science Agriculture Achievements:

  • The use of newly discovered natural state of matter products, known as GaNS Plasma Water allows non GMO processes, proven by governmental tests.

  • It allows farming without pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics as well as the reduction of groundwater use in agricultural systems; in addition to progressive reduction of nitrates and other chemical soil contaminants.

  • It increases incomes for farmers by raising crop yields by 30%+ in addition to reductions in growth and harvesting time and raise in protein content.

  • The crops show an increased tolerance to temperature variations as well as a longer shelf life.

  • All this improves the health for people and environment and increase the national as well as the global food security.

We invite you for a productive talk and look forward to meeting with you soon.

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours, Your name

Pia’s vision

Dear, Dear Caroline and Mr.Keshe,

I just have to share this with you, after the wishes today’s workshop.

I wanna share an experience I had after the Tuesday workshop 3 weeks ago, that Carolina mentioned in the end of today’s workshop: it’s about a wish to withdraw the american military from conflict areas and bring them home, to have them co-create peaceful projects and actions.

Jalal he came up with a beautiful wish for Iraqu, and we also had a wish for new worldwide education systems and programs for children, youngsters, teachers, educators and parents, with new subjects to learn more about how to balance your self and the awareness your Soul.

One day about 3 weeks ago, was just one of the days filled with positive, strong and deep wishes, we worked with and expressed together, wrote down and then sent out, – to let them work on the plasma level as both you Carolina and Mr. Keshe have guided us to do so many times.

3 days after this Tuesday workshop about 3 weeks ago, I had such a strong and very surprising experience.

I saw a sight I never have seen before. It was daytime and I was totally awake, when it suddenly popped up. It is not very often I get such experiences, and when they come to me like that, I know it is coming deep from my soul.

I saw the most beautiful sight I ever have seen…

I saw our planet Earth during the nigh or from the dark outer space; I looked at our planet as if seeing it from outer space…

Suddenly there came strong glowing, living and vibrating soft pillars from outer space, shooting towards the Earth. The pillars had a colour like a blending of gold and copper. The energy from the pillars, was so strong and full of power and light that I can not even describe it. The pillars suddenly came through from space and they went straight through the Earth itself.

It was so strong and beautiful and I knew when I saw this sight, – it was given for me to see, because we have reached a point off a breakthrough. That Tuesday with those 3 wishes, and all the work during the years in The Keshe Foundation, with You Caroline and Mr. Keshe, The Core Team, The knowledge Seekers, The Councils, we all have reached a tipping point, a crescendo for a break through. Since those pillars have not been able to come through a very very long time, due to what have been going on on planet Earth for so many thousands of years, preventing us to be in contact with our natural power, our soul and our evolution.

But that Tuesday something happened, and this was just the one drop to make the barrel overflow, with so many people adding their “I Am Present” to the good wishes and solutions presented.

I also remember that Tuesday in the middle of that workshop, there was a point where I felt like there was some resistance, to let us work the wish with education, to finish the wish. There was a french gentleman who talked a lot and he would not stop; this was leading us away and distracted us to finish this specific wish. Finally Rick had to stop him. Also another guy was very confronting and it was a bit hard to just get the wish finished even, it was standing very clear – the new positive solution.

But suddenly the energy changed, the wish got through and we all were relieved. At least I experienced it that way.

So this experience with seeing the planet and the pillars, was so deep, and such a big conformation that the work on Tuesdays we are doing, really matters and is really working and manifesting deeply.

I just wanna thank you, and it is right what both of you say, we see the proof that we are enough people now to manifest those wishes and solutions. So I just wanna say thank you again and I love you both so much and I really have the trust that the work we are doing, really works.

So many hugs and so much love and peace to both of you 🦋💕

Pia April 2018

The End of Kingdom

Last Friday, the KF and especially M.Keshe have got very good news: The way is open now for him to drag the king of Belgium in front of the European Court of Justice for attempted murder on himself, on Fabio and many other scientists… M.Keshe has this wish for many many years to put an end to kingship and this court decision is opening the way!

The next step towards the establishment of a non-partisan, interest- and corruption-free judicial system will be the establishment of a One World Court. The latter may be installed via the Universal and the Earth Council. And this court will finally mark any and every kingship as being illegal, unlawful and unjust. You may have noticed already that there is no kingship anywhere else in the universe – only we did consent to it neglecting the consciousness of our natural power, invested in us by our creator, our Soul!

In fact kingship – like any other version of ‘I am better than you – so I have power over you’ needs to be abandoned on our way to peace because you know exactly why… !


Universal Council news

To facilitate people to approach their governments in regards to the agricultural technologies, the Universal Council will provide:

  1. Information package including cover letter with general outlines and easy explanations of the Plasma Technology approach in the field of agriculture

  2. Support media like power points and videos

“We, the Universal Council, give through our soul and receive cooperation from governments across the world to collaborate with us to bring about national and global food security through Plasma Technology that improve yields, nutrition and incomes without the need for costly external inputs. In this regard we call on all willing governments across the world to contact the Universal Council through email.”

Dr. Gatua, UC member

Keshe Foundation’s Gift to Humanity

By Carolina Keshe edited by aviram

It is difficult for a lot of people to see and understand the beautiful gift that the Keshe Foundation and the Keshe family offer: Humanity has now the chance to step out of a world of material constrain and bondage into one of freedom beyond imagination. None of the so called world religions was able to give this to Humanity. We have all received the gift of Life.
Just 4 GaNS, which can be made easily by anybody, are able to feed, to heal, to create energy, to reverse illness, to decontaminate water and air, to increase crops of healthy food. This takes away stress off humans , animals and plants. And all of these goodies are given freely in exchange for Peace.
These are the first steps that may lead man away from killing other living beings for his sustenance; that means a very profound Peace.

1 Nation 1 Planet 1 Race 4 World Peace

This platform has been created for the Universal Council members to decide together for the future of humanity… According to M.Keshe it has a degraded to a chit-chat forum. It should be the forum where Universal Council members come forward to share and discuss with the public (us) how they feel and how to restructure the future of the human race. Inversely this also the platform where the Universal council members have to answer the public (us). So it is a very important base for the transparency of the new One World Community (not to say ‘government’).

At the same time the UC has to be the interface with national governments offering their help and actual helping with food crises, water crises and health – just to name the major topics. Many governments are opening their doors to the Keshe Foundation through agriculture and farming – the UC members have to act as the interface.

The UC has to take up the task of putting all the technologies and their opportunities into the public, so they can be used and help to bring Peace to the world: Technology in exchange for peace. The Tuesday morning platform is the opportunity for the UC to coordinate the work that up to now has been done only by M.Keshe alone. Agriculture is the most important thing right now because there still is a lot of hunger in the world and most of the people do not have food security and thus are prone to suffer from power-hungry nations like the US. The other technologies will follow. Here is a short list of the major advances of the Plasma Technology in Agriculture:

  • No need for fertilizers

  • independence from GMO

  • bigger yields

  • longer shelf life of harvested crops

  • higher quality of crops

  • draft prevention and remediation; reduction of use of water in agriculture

  • decontamination of natural water bodies

  • fast production of cooking oil covering global demands

  • short term attainment of national food security and walking farmers out of poverty

in the past M.Keshe has established structures and technologies that can immediately be used and monitored by national governments. Now is the time to establish solid links with governments to transfer the knowledge, simultaneously all over the world. This of course is not a job that one person can do – it needs the commitment of many; and it is precisely that what M.Keshe asks from the UC members: they establish links with their government representatives; then theses links will be used by managers of the Keshe Foundation to transfer the knowledge. Once the collaboration is initiated, the factories, test sites etc will be build by the national governments under supervision of the UC which works on a One World Level. The Tuesday session will be the platform to network, discuss and advance this movement.

One World Space agency


Three nations have already confirmed their presence for the conference in march during which the One World Space Agency will be founded – a peaceful initiation of the Keshe Foundation.


Just as a coincidence: the Chinese have launched a rocket with landing gear to reach the dark side of the moon on December 8th.


The Keshe Foundation has sent a letter to the american president D.T.:


We as a space group are not concerned with financial boycotts, political colours and embargoes on other nations and individuals by one or the other nation. And we will not tolerate these in the new agency to be formed. As we are a scientific organization and our only concern is to take man – as One Race and One Family – safely to space. We as the Keshe Foundation and all nations in this organization collectively work as one team to change the course of space travel as well as the course of humanity.


In the development of the new Plasma Science we will face quite some difficulties if we cling to our conditioning and prejuces. The best way to face these challenges is to have an open mind and an open heart – to value truth more than prejudice and belief systems.


This of course may be even more of a challenge for scientists and politicians as they may see their reputation in danger…


Space program & Peace


The KF has invited Iran and the US into the development of the space technology with China. Russia, Brazil and India will follow. This whole integration will be operational before the end of 2019. The first physical meeting is planned around the 8th of march 2019 in Beijing.


4 out of the 6 countries are part of the so called Bric-countries. In economics, BRIC is a grouping acronym that refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are all deemed to be at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development. (wikipedia)


All theses countries will merge their national space agencies into one ‘Earth Space Agency’.


Each of the 6 nations will also bring in the major religions so they too, can collaborate in the development of One Religion ;)


Malta is chosen as the headquarters of the Universal Council, because it is geologically and politically stable and it is small enough for communication to flow easily and swiftly. This small country has also access to land, air and see – without international/US control.

Arizona Spaceship program will get financing from the US government and NASA. The financing of the Austrian KF research will be taken on by the nations that form the Earth Space Agencey. The research and the commercialization developed by the KF up to now will slowly be shifted into the hands of the One World Nations. This process will be guided by the Universal Council. He makes sure that the interests of the collaboration are the interests of Humanity and not those of any particular nation.



All results from research will always be kept in the public domain – no more secrecy, no more greed.


Recent history (8k years) shows that man has given up his personal involvement to take care of his life and the life on the planet. He has delegated his powers into the hands of whoever king or president. From that follows that what nations do and how they behave and how they follow ethics depends solely on the leadership of the nations… That is the reason that the KF now moves up to work on the level of the leadership of nations to shape the One World One Nation.


Like among the members of the Universal Council, the members of the 6 One World Nations, will not primarily communicate on the level of physical language; instead the communications will be based on the soul. You can understand it like this: humanity will be moving and behaving as a flock of birds or a school of fish. We will be tuned into one soul, we will share one soul. Consequently our desires, hopes, motivations will be the same – following the Universal Principle that states that Whatever we do, we do it for the benefit of the whole Universe. As we are part of it, all will be in our benefit as well! Anyway, whatever you want – your soul in the background sees to it that it is in the benefit for everyone.


And not to forget the ethos of the KF: “We are here to serve and not to be served”. Share knowledge and teach freely. Share liquid plasma and share also how to do it.


In this context the concept of “Leadership” will change from “one who has power over others” to “one who is a good example to others”.


All this entails an immense amount of changes for each of us, for us as a community, our political and economical structures and organizations.