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KSW311 – 2019-01-16

Soul Talk

Link towards the pdf

    1. Apéritif 311: Message aux chefs religieux, La Communauté Universelle devient visible, UEU, Concernant la technologie 5G
    2. Plat Principal: Voir les Âmes, Méditation de Rick sur l’UAU, Quitter le niveau matériel, Soul Talk

    3. Dessert: Pousses CO2, Virus, Grippe, Ebola et Malaria, VIH

    4. Vidéo: Soar

KSW310 – 2019-01-09

The Easy and Meditative Way towards Your Soul

Lien vers la pdf

    1. Aperitif 310: World Peace for Ever at last!, UEU, New Systems, Teheran Conference, Call for Projects
    2. Main Course: The Meditative Walk towards Your Soul
    3. Dessert: Bump on the throat, Ample GaNS-CO2 production, Bath in 4 GaNS, Natural structure for Magravs
    4. Video: Eating Twinkies with God

KSW309 – 2019-01-02

Where have all the Prophets gone?

Link towards the pdf

    1. Aperitif 309: UEU, GaNS Reactor Set, Teheran Conference, Project Knowledge Platform
    2. Main Course: Correcting Physics, We are not alone, Where have all the Prophets gone?, Get your Mind up to Speed, Who is the Police of the Universe?
    3. Dessert: Nano-coated copper and Magnets, a Magrav is what you want him to be
    4. Video: Thursday Appointment