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Exercise 1

The sciences

Here are the two key questions that can guide us through this exploration of the world of Intention:

What if our thoughts could influence the things around us?

And what if just a thought could heal the whole world?

Quantic Intrication

Quantic Intricaion is also called ‘non locality’. It refers to the discovery that the particles of the universe do not behave in an isolated fashion but as if they are part of ONE SINGLE ATOM. Exactly like two identical twins that have been separated after their birth. They will have the same likings and dislikings, they will choose similar professions, have similar wives, even fall sick and have accidents at the same time…

The phenomenon of Intrication is the natural condition of our universe – all matter within the universe is intricated in one vast field of universal energy.

In this system the subatomic particles (protons, electron, neutrons or the Plasma) exist only in a state of potentiality, as a possibility. They can collapse into the material state when they interact with other matter or by the influence of an observer.

If our intention is very coherent, it will be able to transform the molecular composition of a given material as well as its chemical composition. The discipline to acquire a coherent, or single-pointed mind is part of the curriculum of the Geshe schools for Tibetan monks for example.

In the living world there is a constant exchange of informations; all living beings are always in a state of harmony with the environment: the plants are able to determine their environment, they can read the thoughts and intentions of a woodcutter entering their environment, the forest.

The intention is always there

Even if you are not conscious of it, your actual mind set always carries an intention and will thus have a definite effect on the live around you. The mind continually creates the environment around us – if we are conscious of it or not. The simple fact of thinking creates effects. If you take a look at your environment and the stream of events objectively, you can deduct conclusions on your (unconscious) intentions. This means our environment is the mirror or our intentions: bad intentions create obstacles, conflicts and ‘bad things’ and our good intentions show up as peaceful and pleasant appearances.

Your intention is the real Master of your life!

Intention is like learning to play the piano

As we have seen, the machanism of intention is inborn, automatic, cannot be stopped; we don’t have a choice to have an intention or not – but we do have the choice what kind of intention we would like to give the control of our life to. We have to learn to control our intentions.

When one person focusses her intention towards another, their brains seem to fall into synchronicity. And synchronous entities emit much stronger signals than they are able to individually. The participants of experimental groups who had the highest degree of cohesion, will influence the minds of the other participants.

The attention, the belief, the motivation and the compassion are the main factors that enable us to attain what we want. The calm and attentive persons succeed better; and if the person receiving the intentions is in a state of real need, the effect is most pronounced.
The best conditions in the sender correspond to the most elevated brain waves: the gamma waves appear when we are profoundly captivated by something. The total brain is in a ‘synchronized state’ then.
Regular meditation gives you a more coherent mind; it even increases on the long run the physical volume of the cortex and it facilitates the access to our intuition. It also helps to disable the ego so we can feel as ‘one’ , not separated and surrounded by unconditional love.

Experiments have shown, that the receiver will even anticipate the transmitted information before it has ‘left’ the mind of the sender. And it is the heart that first receives before any other faculty.

The intention follows the law of attraction

The two sides of the same coin – our ‘consciousness’ and what happens in the real world

In order to help us expand our consciousness and to be able to control a little bit more the ‘conscious’ part of our reality, the Tibetan Buddhism has developed a technique called ‘TRACKING’ (you find the worksheet for Tracking in the Annex1).

The intention works like the Ho’oponopono
Ho’opônopono is born out of the experiences of Dr. Len in a psychiatric ward of a high security prison.

Les expériences du Dr. Len dans l’hopital de maladie mentales dans la prison à haute sécurité. You can read more about it in this article.

Unless you become like children again…


The fear in the balloons

During a camp for children, each kid received some balloons with the instruction to inflate the first balloon with their biggest fear. Then they had to write with a feltpen the name of their fear on the balloon. Then they move on to the next important fear, blow it into the balloon, write the name on it; and so on until they had passed through all.

Then they had to tie all their balloons together and walk through the room. Walking they could look and read the fears on the other kid’s balloons and see whether they had the same or different ones.

For the next step, each of the kids received a needle with the instruction, that they should use the needle to burst the balloon of another kid if they were asked to: “Would you please blow up my fear of… (she/he names the fear)?”

Once a particular fear-balloon has been burst, the fear was gone as well! None of the kids had any doubt about it.

Unfortunately the power of belief/trust gets crushed in many skeptical adults…

The mental shield.

One of these techniques could be the thought “returning to the refuge”; this is a thought that can surmount any type of negative influence. Every time a dark intention assaults us, our most efficient protection could be to take hold of to a thought that remembers the best we have ever accomplished or for what we have been born to accomplish.

To neutralize our own negative thoughts, we can create an imaginary shield of light or a luminous dome surrounding us.

All the strategies developed are efficient to bloc off adverse influences from the outside.


We multiply our forces in groups

This is also called the Maharishi effect: if only 1% of a population engage in general meditation, there will be positive and measurable effects on the society where the group lives. If the square root of the 1% practices a more stringent and disciplined meditation, conflicts, criminality, drug abuse and even accidents will diminish. This percentage represents 1,730 individuals in the US; or 8,084 for the whole world! Remember that the number of group members is not as important as the their intention or single pointedness.


Model for healing: the copy and the original

Our body can be seen as the material copy of the invisible original (our plasmatic self) which resides in the morphogenetic universe or ‘in God’. This original cannot be altered and is eternal, it cannot be sick neither can it have an accident. The difference between the original and the copy is called disease.

Consequently the reestablishment of the copy in relation to the original is called ‘healing’. Between the original and the copy there is an invisible channel which links the two and enables the ‘communication’ between the two. To enable the healing, the channel needs to be recognized, open and without any obstructions.

s long as we are convinced that our physical body is the original and the part in the morphogenetic universe does not exist, do we block the channel and thus hinder the healing process. When, on the other hand, we believe firmly in the existing of our plasmatic self and thus reinforce the channel, the healing can occur instantaneously.

If we cannot actively promote the channel, at least should we not obstruct the process of healing. The most common obstructions is called ‘ME’; we believe that it’s ME who does the healing. To minimize the impact of ‘ME’, we could formulate our intention as a prayer –

May this body be healed”;

and then we should take a step back in order to let the ‘bigger than us’ pass unhindred.

The transmission of an intention needs first an initial focussing on what we want to be acomplished. This needs to be followed by a kind of detachment from our side in regards to the result. We could say that “We express and intention and God will respond”.

Desire and Intention

The desire is an effort to reduce a perceived tension which comes from a feeling of missing something. The desire wants the tension to go away on one hand but on the other it perpetuates what it wants to get rid off as it stays focused on what is missing. A desire does not require any action to change a situation, it does not liberate tension.

The intention is a deliberate plan to complete an action designed to relieve a perceived tension and fill in what’s missing.

The desire is a will without a plan of action.


The process of Intention

The preliminaries

First you have to sit down and think about a reasonable delay in which you want to achieve your goal – for example to heal a disease. This time represents the period during which you will to the ‘work of the intention’ – for example the time during which you want to apply the Cup of Life.

Then you decide the frequency in which you will do the ritual with your intention. This could be between 3 or 1 times per day. You need to commit yourself to strictly follow your decision – no matter what happens. In this sense it is important that you find a frequency with which you are at ease, for it is much better to not skip as making a huge effort.


In case you don’t have it yet, choose a space in your house where you can retreat and meditate. This place should fulfill the following criteria:

  • no source of distraction (radio, tv, computer, phone)
  • full of negative ions (fresh air, sunshine, no EMFs, Wifi, microwaves)
  • quiet and inviting
  • with a small furniture that is convenient to you for meditation (comfortable but not making you fall asleep)

In this space you will store the Plasma Tool, which you want to use, together with other things that can help your intention (an image for instance that depicts clearly the goal of your intention – an image of a healthy organ) and your written Intention.


State your intention

It is preferable to write your intention in the present tense.

Remember that the belief in the power of intention constitutes THE vital part. Spontaneous healing occurs because of the unwavering belief: 12.5% of skin cancers, 20% of genital and urinary cancers are healed this way over night; but also diabetes, sklerosis or the reestablishment of damaged vital organs.

In the healing process, the most efficient approach is not to directed to the destruction of the sickness and its causes but to the reestablishment of health. You give permission to the intelligence of life (God) to reestablish the natural order of things. When thoughts appear that suggest the possibility of failure: do not repress them – receive them with detachment, do not buy into them, do not invest your energy and just let them pass…

If your goal seems to be very big and complex, you can break it down into smaller steps, which are easier to attain for you. Employ the discipline of the small steps (Abhyasaat).

State your whole intention and include what you would like to change, for whom, when and where. Be precise; the more details you put in the better the result. Enrich your visualization with a maximum of sensorial and emotional details.

The best way to specify an intention is by visualizing the desired result while implicating your 5 senses in the present tense. Imagine how you are when your pain is gone, when the healing has already happened – how does it change your ability to move, your habits, your life? Feel what you imagine!

The most successful athletes visualize their performances in the tiniest details – their perfect performance! They engage all their senses in the mental rehearsal; especially how it physically feels, the kinetic sensations that they feel inside their body.

It’s a little bit like our brain would be a muscle which we could exercise; the mental rehearsals constitute a true cerebral training which is sure to facilitate the movements that the athlete will go through during her/his performances.

Scientific studies show that the chances of healing of any disease can be predicted up to 93% in looking at the degree of determination and the details of their visualizations: a good result requires to be able to visualize the goal in a vivid manner integrating inspiring images and powerful symbols. Only the anticipation of the healing had been enough to mobilize the mechanisms of the body’s healing powers.

Your Intention needs to be clear, pricese, simple, easy to remember and irresistible!

State your intention clearly, then detach from the ‘doing it’ as well as the result. Your mind frame after the statement needs to be one of let-go, of trusting that the force bigger than you will do what needs to be done. Remember that the force manifesting your desire does not reside in you, but that you are only the channel through which the force will operate. See your intention as a demand or prayer addressed to the Universe or God.

The people who succeed best are the ones who can imagine themselves as well as the person they want to help as being one with the Universe, or one in God.

The intentions generated in groups show by far the best results, if a certain percentage of the members are experienced meditators.


Your Karmic Partner

The adoption of a Karmic Partner multiplies the force and efficiency of your intention. A karmic partner is a person who suffers of the same problem than you. Choose this person in your environment or imagine a person and give her/him a name.

Create a positive link to this person; it does not matter at all whether or not the person knows that you ‘work with her’ – make it a secret mission! Keep the same person all along your work with the same intention.

This tool has been developed by the Tibetean Buddhism; it is called Tonglen and it works like this:

  • Sit down in your meditation space
  • Feel a white light emanating from your heart and make your voice heard: “I express the desire to feel good and to be free from all suffering. I appreciate the goodness and love that emanates form my heart.”
  • Now visualize the suffering of the other in detail. Imagine this suffering as a black cloud surrounding her.
  • Breath this black cloud into your heart – the cloud will burn up totally having come into contact with the white light
  • Now contemplate how the other person is liberated from her suffering and enjoy this experience.

Healing someone else also heals the healer”


The Ritual

Prepare your plasmatic Tool (Self-healing drops, Cup of life, etc) the night before your start. Do it following the user manual. Put the prepared tool in your meditation space.



It is a good idea to use a journal and a calendar to note down the changes that you notice. Note the changes every day and be as precise as you can. Describe the changes in a neutral fashion, without emotions – just like you do the Tracking (Annex 1)

Help on the way

Never try to do something!

Someone puts a 20$ in front of the other person and tells her: “If you do exactly as I ask you, you can keep the 20$”

“O.K.”, replies the other.

“I now ask you to try to take the 20$”.

Most people take the 20$ bill in some weird way to make it appear as if they ‘try’. If that happens, just take the 20$ back into your pocket. The core of this exercise is very simple; you can either take or not take the bill; you cannot try something…. so never try anything – do it or don’t!


There are many techniques that can help us to become more coherent, to have a calm mind and to learn to keep a focus. The two most known are Anchoring Point and Mindfulness. The first one works with an object (breathing, mantra, chanting, drumming, a candle, an image, etc.) on which you place your attention.

The second uses the flux of thoughts or emotions as an object. Each time you forget or you loose contact with the object of attention or witnessing, just notice and go back to watching.

You can exercise mindfulness throughout the day, no matter what you are doing; just keep on watching your thoughts. You can also stop what you are doing once in a while to ask yourself: “What’s going on in my mind, body, emotions right now?”

In this context it is helpful to dedicate a special attention to everyday activities like eating (truely tasting each bite of your food, feeling the textures and perfumes). You can use waiting time also for mindfulness; it’s your free time anyway! In general refrain from thinking about problems and finding solutions – stay simply accepting whatever comes to you.

Active listening is a way of communicating where you stay mindful while conversing: “Can i stay mindful event when i am feeling fear, stress or agitation?”


The Work of Byron Katie

We know that diseases are controlled by our emotional center, by pour psyche – that’s why all diseases are psychosomatic. It therefore is not enough to treat only the body, like the conventional medicine does. It is necessary to take care of the emotional part as well.

Byron Katie, an enlightened woman, has elaborated, what she calls ‘The Work’ – it is as simple as it is efficient. 4 simple questions guide us to clarify a space in our psychge which is obscure and which makes us suffer.

My wife, Barsha, is a therapist with a lot of experience with different forms of therapy has become a facilitator for the Work. People who have added the inner investigation of the Work to the use of plasmic Tools, like the Cup of Life, found that the tool is much more efficient, since they have done the Work because they succeed to create much clearer and deeper intentions.

To book a session for the Work with Barsha, click here.

Plasma and Intention

The Plasma is only a source, a supply if you want – to become active she needs to be called forth, called by our intention.

The Plasma works 90% by intention. That is very evident in the health application or tools but it is also true in the field of energy. A person who wants to ‘try’ (!) a magrav for his car ‘to see whether it works or not’ will maybe not see any fuel economy; contrary to another person who cultivates a high quality intention of the kind: “Thank you my dear car to serve me so well; with my magrav i will economize 30% fuel and make your life easier, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

When we fabricate plasma devices ourselves, our efforts and our consciousness flows into what we produce; the simple fact that we put our attention, that we get involved in what we fabricate creates a connection between us and it. Knowing that we can consciously use this connection to raise the quality of the device by putting our attention and positive thoughts.

In this context it may be that enhancing the bridge between the human being and the plasma device with PL-iode or PL-COHN can make it that the device functions very well if our intention is pure or not at all if it isn’t.

The resisting mind

Our preponderance for skepticism and its equivalent, the lack of trust corresponds to an unbalance in the emotional center. A good discipline to cope with this:

  • make a contract of honor with the person and ask her for $100.00
  • give her PL-CO2+ZnO and ask her to commit to take this potion 3x/day during 21 days – without any skipping and no excuses
  • if they keep the contract you give them the 100$ back after the 21 days – and their problem should be improving as well 😉

Psychologue Jeanne Achterberg, Institut de psychologie transpersonnelle de Menlo Parc, California