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Reiki Chemtrail Buster

Truong Cong Duc

This in an idea of how we can put the Reiki design of Truong into the context of warding off chemtrails, orgonites.

The first two pictures show a Reiki configuration that can be applied to EMF-Shields. In this case each infinity loop is made of single strand copper wire. After they have been nano-coated they can be sealed into plastic and then fixed on some kind of a plate (plastic board). Instead of putting a gemstone in the center (as Truong has done), you could cut out a hole to place a chemtrail buster (3rd image) inside. Chances are that the efficiency of the buster may be greately enhanced 😉


Small Power Device

By Douglas Edwards

A small power device… Have fun

The components :

  1. 12V battery (supply)

  2. 5 pin relay 12v

  3. Air core coil, just the primary winding

  4. Bridge rectifier, 30A

  5. Capacitor 5v 100uF

  6. Power bar (load)

Cu-Quartz power

Here is the process by which you have unlimited power-plasma

  1. Into a container mix together granular copper (from ebay) and quartz crystals (size does not matter; from amazon).

  2. Place neodyn magnets on the outside. The pull of the magnet catalyzes the copper to affect the quartz. The energy within the quartz is then harnessed like a centrifuge – it disperses and returns to it’s center. The energy can be tapped and converted from DC to AC by an inverter. This is the MOSFET device. The AC is then connected to a home for applying power to the grid (and reversing your power consumption bill. They will eventually be paying you for producing power).

  3. For powering any transportation, first remove the engine from the vehicle. Replace it with an AC electric motor, properly geared to the drive train. No battery is needed in this vehicle. Everything is automatic when the magnet is place in this field. Remove the magnet and the output is 0.

  4. if you need a clock, a much smaller MOSFET can be used to power it. A single miniature quartz crystal in a bed of granular copper will suffice, as long as a magnet is nearby.

Advantages of the class E power amplifier :

  1. simple design uses only one swithing device

  2. eliminates turn-on losses due to stored energy in the devices output capacitance.

  3. Eliminates turn-on losses du to overlap of voltage and current when device turns on.

  4. Zero-voltage at turn-on eliminates Miller effect due to drain-gate capacitance.

  5. Minimizes turn-off losses by limiting rate of rise of voltage when device turns on.

  6. Circuit makes use of stray capacitance and inductance that would normally be hindrance.

  7. Very high efficiency (90-95%) so very little power to be dissipated as heat.

  8. Low EMI and harmonic output because of the smooth drain voltage and soft switching.

Plasma Goggles

Make lenses with combinations of GaNS in front of your eyes and behind your head, where your head is in the center, and you will see the totality of the creation.

par #nanovision by Mark House

Seeing the infrared spectrum with this nanotechnology is one of our goals and may be possible with a very light and thin atom-thick nano coat on glass. Vapor deposition in a controlled plastic container.
Here the experimental method:

  1. Take an old prescription pair of glasses and cover the entirety except the lenses with protective tape.
  2. Allow the vapors of your cold nano bath to vaporize the carbon atoms obtained from the plastic container on to the glass lenses.
  3. Allow only a transparent layer (atom thick or more) to form on the lenses.
  4. Remove with gloves cutting away the tape.Allow the lenses to dry.
  5. Place a patch made with the same LP in a different concentration in the back of your head.

This method while a bit on the low tech side of testing this out may provide us with a means to see other beings in our environment which go for now unseen.

Universal Meditation Space

Make yourself transparent rings of the GANSs overlapping each other and you will start seeing the work of the Universe beyond this solar system – I’ve taught you many times! Then the strength you receive from the rings because you’re in the center like a ball – this allows you to see the Universe. You wont see it with the eye of the man, you feel it with the soul of the man. You elevate the soul through the emotion and the physicality will be in the shape its happy with at the point of destination.

Do not use CuO because here you limit your destination to the physicality of this planet. Do not use Heavy metals – go to the lighter matter – the collective energy of the lightest will give you what you need at the line of need. Deuterium would be a good choice.

How to make a Psi-Ball

By Heather Briant

You make a Psych-Ball by shaping your psychological energy, through your mind in a sphere. You can feel the Psi-Ball and it’s very easy to do. It can be used in many occasions as in telepathy, for remote healing and as a confidence booster. If you’ve worked with the Psi-Ball for a long time, you can even see it. This is the first step towards the possibility of perceiving an aura.

The Psi-Ball can be a little larger than a tennis ball; but you can make it the size you feel.

How to find an energy source: Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, concentrate on your breathing, decide which source of energy to take (sun, moon, earth, nature, water, wind, fire…); any source that speaks to you will be the right one. Feel this energy around you and let a white light enter you, like a shower- any visualization that comes to you. Shape the ball; feel the way the energy from the source fills you; accumulate this energy until it feels enough. Hold your hands in front of you. Slowly, palm against palm, visualize an opening in each palm through which the energy whirls out. Now feel the energy accumulate, feel it like heat in your hands and form a ball. Compress the Psi-Ball by adding more and more energy; if the ball wants to expand, move your palms away from each other, bepatient and continue even if it is difficult for you first… you will end up feeling the Psi-Ball at some point. By practicing this exercise regularly, you will be able to make the ball faster and faster.

Once you feel it clearly, allow yourself to play with it: change the shape into a pyramid, a die, a water table, a cloud or a crystal; also change the temperature. You can also associate different emotions: calming or stimulating energy.

Once the Psi-Ball is really well felt, you can send it to someone you think about. Remember, however, that the person is always free to take it. Your energy will just surround them like a perfume…

You can also wrap a wish in it or a visualization of a goal (for example for another person to recover from a disease) and then send it into the universe. Once the ball is sent, trust that it knows exactly where to go and what to do!

Friedl battery charger

3 capacitors in series for charging batteries; see here

Triple GaNS Antenna

by Dr.Apak

Interior: CuO
Midspace: CH3
Exterior: CO2+ZnO


take the current using a Cu-np plate that is dipped into the PL-50% (coils); should give min. 1A (200W fan and 50W halogen lamp @ 220VAC); see here