Optimizing events through expanded thinking

The original video is here (in french only): Perceiving how to be most helpful in harmonizing the world situation


I will examine the process of thought expansion at work when events occurring in the field of perception are simultaneously transmitted into the external reality within the structure of thought.

To do this it is necessary to perceive the external control over oneself so that the thought affects both the internal structure of the soul’s action and the realized events resulting from the thought. The mass of thought develops in this way in the external reality, which it uses as a structure of expansion. In order to optimize random processes in an external control so that the action sequence, located in an external environment, manifests itself in a unified form or a combined action sequence of event elements, it is necessary to identify the main control element that influences the entire event sequence or the event sequence where the main action occurs.

Then, thanks to a mental action consisting in concentrating simultaneously on oneself, on the external reality, on the internal world, on the action of the soul, the mind and the consciousness, one distinguishes a kind of control point similar to a shining cone which develops infinitely from his pointed top downwards.

This narrowing being located at the top, the infinity seems to come from a very distant initial field at the top of the cone, but the cone is not closed for all that. What we perceive as a light beam generates a control optimization in the following way: The initial control thought located at the top expands downwards. The development is therefore taking place in reverse. Since we observe a widening of the beam from the top to the bottom there is a greater amount of events at the bottom.

When we study how matter itself is realized at the level of development, we see that its multiple connections come from a single environment where a synthesis of thought and events occurs. It is from there that reality spreads in detail on the material plane.” Grigori Grabovoï

When we are in an appropriate state of reality control, our consciousness is connected to the informational field or fundamental plane of reality. This state allows us to transform our perception into action on physical reality in order to normalize or materialize events. We know that all the elements already exist, each with an infinite number of possibilities that are realized through the interaction of all the elements. And all the links are concentrated in the CORE of EVENTS in our consciousness which gives us a privileged position to control reality.

Therefore, when we normalize an event, all the events connected to it will materialize in a more beneficial form for all – thanks to the connections. We can say that the whole produces a virtuous chain of events.

In order to optimize our steering capacity, we need to identify the main event of the virtuous chain in the information field.

How do we identify this main event?

It is emitted in the impulses that our Soul emits to our consciousness at every moment; we can perceive it through our intuition.

Intuition: 489 611 094 892

Sensory adaption: 498 016 714 213

Revelation: 50816121 0981

Then we ask our Soul for example the question: How can I contribute most efficiently to the normalization of the Worlds’ situation at this time? The Soul can give its answer immediately or in the time that follows. She will tell us what action to take that will provoke a positive chain of events. This information is the main event of our control.

We can imagine the answer like a ray of light passing through a cone that widens downwards. The tip of the cone represents the main event. The body of the cone represents both the expansion of thought and also the virtuous chain of events.

There are many advantages in working with the cone shape:

  1. It frees us from working with a large number of elements and connections, because they are included in the cone already.
  2. We only have to work on the main event that will lead to all the beneficial events as a consequence.
  3. It increases the effectiveness of our control by automatically expanding the field of our thoughts.

Often we need to materialize or normalize certain events that are the steps towards the final goal of our project. The cone represents this sequence in reverse – we control the main event which will control all the other events up to the final goal all on its own. So by working on the main event we cause all the opportunities and synchronicities to occur that will allow the smooth realization of the final project to the standard.

Direct transfer of information

The view of the Science of Eden

The expression Direct Information Transfer has been coined by the Science of Eden. Listening to or reading the works of Grigori Grabovoï information can be transferred in a direct way – from Soul to Soul.

The works of Grigori Grabovoï contain a very high volume of informational light; we could say that his words are Bio-signals, capable of influence reality and recreate it to the norm. Therefore the Direct Information Transfer is also a technology to control reality.

Generally there are 3 ways or channels to transfer information:

  1. The conventional comprehension of words with our logical mind – from mind to mind.
  2. The comprehension of implicit information bypassing the rational mind. This plays on the emotional and metaphorical level – from heart to heart.
  3. The direct information transfer of knowledge – from Soul to Soul.

Of course all 3 happen at the same time. And we can choose with our intention and attention which channel we would like to use. For the first two we still need pay attention to the words. To use the third channel we don’t need to concentrate and understand the words, we only open ourselves to the vibrations or fields, we let each part of our whole being be touched by the vibrations.

The direct information transfer does not teach us anything; it only transfers pure informational light. As our Soul knows already everything there is to know, this channel triggers our system to remember it.

The view of Anastasia

When Anastasia asked Vladimir Megré to write down and publish what she told him. He was initially very skeptic about it. He said that he was an entrepreneur and not a writer and he had neither talent nor qualification to do a good job.

Anastasia explained to him that she and him are connected on a very deep level and – even if he would write down what she told him in his own words, there would still be the original vibration of her Soul radiating from the printed books. And the readers, as soon as they were open to it, would immediately feel and respond to.

And in fact that was what happened. Reading the books, you may feel that Vladimir is not a great writer but you won’t stop reading the books. There is something around them that defies logic. And the books caught on like a wild fire even on an international level.

The view of Plasma Science

All multiplications, all teachings of the Universal Knowledge of the Creator, have of course their origin in the Soul of the Creator. Then they are multiplied by M Keshe and all of us downstream.

We all use human language which is build on the logical mind. But at the same time all the information is coming from the Soul and on this level it stays intact and uncorrupted, no matter what. So it is possible that one teacher downstream of M Keshe may misinterpret something, willingly or unconsciously. But still the message on the Soul level remains uncorrupted and shines through in it’s original beauty and purity.

Each bit of knowledge is transmitted simultaneously on 3 levels with each level having its own field strengths:

  1. The rational level of human language and logic, often contaminated by the nonconstructive beliefs of the collective (un-)conscious. This is the lowest field strength, containing only the bits of information that the sender wanted to communicate. On this level there many possibilities of misunderstanding.
  2. The emotional and the image level where we feel what the author wanted to say. This is of intermediary field strength and the communications are less prone to be misunderstood.
  3. The Soul level is “the home of truth” and everything in it is to the norm. Here we find the highest field strength and there can be no misunderstanding. There even is no communication but communion, where all the knowledge of the Creator is simultaneously available to us.

The View of Osho

Osho makes the comparison between a speech and a natural phenomenon like the song of a bird or the melody of a waterfall. He describes verbal communication as a transfer of meaning, whereas the song of a bird transfers significance.

Meaning is related to the rational mind and contains only the amount of information we want to communicate. Meaning, on the other hand, conveys the event of the bird in its environment including all the interactions that take place between them. We could say that the bird’s song is the expression of all the interactions of this event on the emotional and material level.

Then Osho tells us that his speeches happen on both levels simultaneously; we therefore have the choice to be content with the crumbs on the level of the rational mind or to participate with the total expression of Life in the present moment.

To capture the meaning, we need to concentrate, to make an effort. Whereas no special effort is required to be permeated by the expression of life. The channel of significance is interactive – by listening we participate. In this way we can experience the totality of the experience on all levels. Osho says, “Don’t listen to my words, but relax and listen to the silences between my words.”

And it is obvious that we need a lot of letting go and a lot of trust to be open to this magnificent possibility of assimilating knowledge.

Science and Poetry?

Part of the collective concentration in french by Hélène Laporte: The creative word and the concept of eternal life. The original video is here.

Reality is a projection of our consciousness and each element of our inner world has a corresponding reflection in the outer world – as above, so below.

Our Soul is like a musician who plays melodies in harmony with all the elements of the world. So our Soul is an inspired artist on the fundamental level of reality. And we can hear the echo of Her melodies in the physical level of reality.

Our consciousness does not yet have the talent of our Soul. It does not know how to compose music in the same way. So it listens to the echo of Her melody in the physical world and tries to reproduce the score by ear. We sometimes make mistakes but we evolve and improve every day.

Our consciousness is capable of processing the same infinite amount of information just like our Soul. And this very high state of consciousness Grigori Grabovoi calls eternal life or the state of eternity.

In fact the word eternity and the word eternal life are the vibration put into words that correspond to this state of fully structured consciousness. In this state we can rematerialize our body indefinitely to its full potential. But that is not all. It also means that our consciousness will at each moment take into account all the parameters of each element and all the links that exist between them.

Our fully structured consciousness will allow us to materialize instantly. We will be able to create instantaneously all that will be necessary for our harmonious development.

Eternity is the fundamental version of the world and the state of consciousness that allows its materialization.

To be able to materialize this new state of consciousness in us but also for all humanity, we must replace the vibration that we have associated with these terms by the fundamental vibration that corresponds to them. We have to update the information in our collective consciousness.

This is the same method as the numerical sequences. By focusing on the vibration of the numbers we create in our consciousness the informational light of the corresponding element entirely to the norm. And by repeating the numerical sequences, we create this vibratory form in our thoughts; and our consciousness learns to create this vibration and materializes it in our reality.

In the same way that we use numerical sequences, we can use the vibration of a word. The meditation of the day at the end of the 31 day practice is such a verbal technology to control our reality.

It means that the association of words chosen by the author will allow our consciousness to connect to the fundamental vibration that corresponds to this level of high consciousness. And this action will allow us not only to develop our consciousness but also to materialize our objectives more easily by harmonizing the vibration of events associated with these objectives.

In our society the fields of science, spirituality and art and all other fields of society in general are compartmentalized. One cannot imagine a scientist using poetry to increase the spiritual capacities of man, and yet this is exactly what Grigory Grabovoy and MT Keshe do. They combine science, spirituality, poetry, but also all the other areas of society, because everything is connected, everything is one.

Moreover the word poetry comes from the Greek and means creation. Here again we find the creative capacity of the word. Words are symbols that, when used consciously, can help us transform our reality to support our evolution.

I invite you to prepare yourself and do what is right and good to relax.

And you can, if you wish, think of an event that you wish to materialize or harmonize in your life.

So let the words chosen by the author impregnate you to the depths of your being. Let their vibrations transform your inner world and then touch and transform your outer reality. Let yourself be transformed by this active poetry.

Here is the meditation of the 9th day:

See that this world is the essence of the universe and you will understand that everything that exists in nature plants, humans, animals, all molecules everything that has existed and what has not yet been created, all this takes its source in God.

He reveals to us the mechanism of creation.

By observing how everything was created, you become able to create everything in turn.

Come to this understanding based on the original depth of your self as you see it expand with the entire universe and become a world unto itself. You are the world. You are the reality.

Look at yourself from the point of view of the whole world, of each being and of yourself and you will understand that you see with your Soul. It allows you to see the world as it is. So that you can change it if necessary and bring forth the world you need to achieve eternity.

You will never stray from the path if you look at the world in this way: Starting from yourself, look inside and outside of you.

Grigori Graboboï

How to make our new year’s resolutions come true

The original video is here (in french only)

This teaching by Hélène Laporte lets us use the custom of creating good intentions or resolutions for the new year in a new and very efficient way. We are utilising the numeric sequences created by Grigori Grabovoï.

It is important in what state of mind we make the list. The best is of course the state of control of reality, because we want to connect to the Soul to get our answers – and not the mind with its unstructured consciousness, desires and fears.


Before making the list, she suggests preparing five sheets for the five important areas of our life. The suggested numerical sequences can help us tune into each area:

  1. Sheet: Family and Relationship Sphere
    This sphere concerns all our relations including the relationship to oneself, family, couple, friends etc…
    Harmonious relationships: 814 418 719
    Golden rule of behaviour: 591 718 9181419
  2. Sheet: Economic sphere
    The sphere is about the material level of our life
    Perpetual development through economic activity 289 471 314917
  3. Sheet: Psychological sphere and spiritual development
    Repression 59871798139
    Unconscious motive 4986143197
    Normalization of the fears 498 712 819 48
    Resistance of the unconscious 548491698719
    Joy 28 7 741
    Eternal love 888 912 818848
    Self-actualization 319612 719849
    Self-transcendence 9148142
  4. Sheet: Sphere of vitality and well-being in the physical body
    Human body as a whole 419 312 819 212
    Energy 918 09814
  5. Sheet: Sphere of service to the collective
    Altruism 498717319887
    Global salvation and harmonious development 319 817 318

Then each sheet contains the same four themes that follow:

  1. Theme: Gratitude
    In this area, what are the positive developments and encouraging moments that I have experienced in recent months; moments for which I feel grateful?
    Joy 287 741
    Eternal love 888 912 818848
    Inhibited love (if gratitude is not felt) 219888 412 1298018
  2. Theme: Elements or projects to implement
    In this area, what are the elements to develop or stabilize in my life?
    Realization 48916171891
    Organization 419875
  3. Theme: Recurring patterns to normalize
    Which repetitive, non-constructive patterns or behaviours or recurring emotional experiences do I observe in my life?
    Repression 59871798139
    Unconscious motive 49861431971
  4. Theme: Resistance
    What prevents me from developing myself in an unlimited way?
    Normalization of fears 489 712 819 48
    Resistance of the unconscious 548491698719

You can find and download the worksheets here.

Once we have prepared the 5 sheets, each with the 4 themes, we can start to fill them in. To do this, as we have already said, it is important to put ourselves in a state adapted to the control of reality in order to have the answers from our Soul and not from our mind.

It is good to choose the right moment and not to hesitate to repeat the process as many times as seems necessary – creating the list is the most important part of the process!

Filling in the blanks

Take your time but be careful not to procrastinate. You can choose a time frame that works for you – like 15 minutes every day. You can move on to another sheet of paper if you feel stuck in one area.

Here is a suggestion on how to structure the work of filling in:

  1. Centring yourself
    I put myself in a state of reality check; I do what is right and good to relax…
  2. Connecting
    “I resonate with my Soul, with Love and with all that is.
    Concentration 51849131914
    Life Path 59879814951
    Goals, Objectives 594817398614892
    Insight 8161210981
    Goal formation 818 91894816481
    Intention 419314 819 4
    Soul 59806129131988
  3. Filling in the sheet
    This part can be deepened because the information can come in the next days. Be careful that the objectives and answers do not come from the mind but from the Soul!
  4. Ending and getting out of the practice
    I don’t ask too much of myself at once; I can stop this concentration to continue it easily at another time.

Find the numerical sequences

Search for numerical sequences related to your objectives. You can find a search engine and other documents in the “File” section of the Science of Eden Facebook Group. Or a list (work in progress) on the Plasma-Laurentides website. Write the sequences on the appropriate sheet.


To actually work on our projects, we can follow this sequence for example:

  1. We put ourselves in the appropriate state to control the reality
  2. We take a project to work on and put our attention on it. We visualize the project as it is, just like an outside observer would see it.
  3. We recite the digital sequences while thinking about our project.
  4. We work on a project until we have results in the feeling or/and in its lived reality.