Our Origins, where did we come from?

The time before we arrived

Planet Earth originated on the periphery of the solar system. The interaction of the sun with other entities of the solar system and beyond slowed down her magnetic rays giving rise to the first materials that appeared. Those materials aggregated more and more together slowly forming the planet earth.

From that origin, the new planet has been constantly pulled closer to the sun, growing in size. But also each step coming closer to the sun changed the interaction of the fields from the sun with the Earth, thus giving rise to ever new environmental conditions as well as materials. And there will be a future position, where the earth is too close to the sun; then this new position will not allow life to continue to exist on planet Earth. So the appearance and extinction of amino acid based life forms is one short episode in the span of the total life of this planet Earth.

The inclination of the axis of the Earth made heavy materials appear on one side while heavier ones appeared on the other. In this movement of growth the environment and the materials appearing became more and more diverse and their interaction more and more complex. Even today this process has not stopped; even today constantly new materials and species are brought forth.

In that process the elements of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen combined to form the first living cells. That was only possible because the same change of the environmental conditions could now support living cells; their replication was possible, when the amino acids linked up with other elements like copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, etc to create stable, material living systems.

In their plasmatic form, the amino acids were just energy packs ; the same as viruses. In getting organized as a living entity, the individual souls of the different amino acid combinations created a collective soul. But the linking up with all other elements bound the living systems to the material level – and we forgot that we were first of all energy packs that had acquired the ability to connect to physical elements to build a physical body. It was actually in the forgetting of our energy pack origin that we could not feed directly on the cosmic energies anymore but had to develop the organs that would compensate on the matter level: lungs for respiration, instestines for digestion, blood for circulation, liver for storage and kidneys for filtering. All these organs have been created because we forgot to use ofthe infinite supply of cosmic energy directly.

Creation of Life on Earth

Life on this planet could only start from the moment when the Earth moved in her orbit in a certain position in respect to the sun, where the conversion from the plasma energies into matter becomes possible. As the Earth continues to move towards the sun, there will come a moment where, she will be too close to the sun and no amino acids can be converted into the matter state anymore – and the current life forms on our planet will be again impossible.

On the images of the magnetic fields of the sun and the earth, we see the field lines. In the creation zone, the inertia of the planet creates the matter we see. In the wake of this zone, on the other side of the planet, we find the exhaust zone, where the planet discharges all that he doesn’t need. If there would be no exhaust, the planet would blow up like a balloon and explode.

Between these two interactions, there is a certain ratio, which dictates what life is possible on the planet and in which form.

The comets we see appear because of the same interaction of magnetic fields. We see the creation zone in front of the comet and the exhaust, the tail behind, liberating all the elements created by the interaction on the “front end”.

Creation of Life

By Franck Palomares, France

Hello everyone, I would like to publish a parallel between a pregnant woman with her hands on her belly which represent the zinc plate and the other hand the coated nano coil knowing that the electric cables are her arms, the led her head where are soul and of course the salt water tank her belly so inside the creation…when do you think?

Earth’s axis reason for life?

The tilt of the Earth’s axis makes it that there is a variance of the magnetic fields from the sun reaching the Earth; if the axis were straight, the fields would be constant. Scientists believe that other planets in the universe which have the same distance to their sun as the Earth to our sun, will also have spawned life. That would only be so, if this planet would have the same tilt.

Our heart is not straight up in the body either, but at an angle of around 30º; and the Earth’s angle is 23.44º; furthermore the tilt of the heart is in the opposite direction than the tilt of the Earth. This is the indicator for the mutual feeding of the two systems. It is important to look at seemingly small facts that help us better understand us and the world we are living in. Let’s not forget that everything in the Universe is positioned relative to the central axis of the Universe. Each position relative to the alignment of the central axis permits a certain range of conditions for life. Of course the same applies to the creation of life on Earth: depending on our position to the Earth’s axis and the one of the sun, we will be white, black, yellow or red. In regards to the reactors we have built, a tilted angle will of course change the interaction of the reactor’s fields with the environmental (Earth) fields.

According to M.Keshe the tilt of the Universe’s axis is actually responsible that there is life in the Universe!

The Creation of Everything

Everything on this planet is created in this way: when the magnetic gravitational fields of the sun interact with the ones from the earth, all the elements that exist on this planet are created in their plasmatic form. When the plasmatic elements come into contact with the inertia of the Earth, the collapse into the matter state.

Now when we change the sun for the Collective Soul, the interaction between the fields of the Collective Soul and the Earth create the soul of physicality. The latter will become tangible when the soul of the physicality comes into contact with the inertia of the planet.

That is the reason why the holy books describe man’s creation as: “I made man in the image of myself”. In other words: i made man in the interaction between my own Soul and the soul of the planet. And this plasmatic soul of the physicality in interaction with the inertia of the planet leads to the creation of tangibility, the body.

That’s why the Soul can go anywhere and can naturally manifest itself in a tangible form in interaction with the inertia of the locality where she wishes to manifest.

GaNS-hemoglobine and the creation of life

When making GaNS-hemoglobine, you use a Cu-nc plate + a Zn plate + a rusty nail. The color of the blood is dripping down from the nail. This is the original DNA fitting the body of the man. Every cell of the blood is designated to a certain body cell/region. The hemoglobine installation corresponds to the femur, the region where the body produces most of the red blood cells and controls the immune system.

The setup additionally creates a free plasma in between the 2 plates – the free plasma is the soul. And the creation of the soul in the setup enables us to communicate from soul to soul – and healing can happen in a blink of an eye.

  1. Rusty nail

  2. Plate of Cu-nc

  3. 2x plates of Zn-simple

  4. Free Plasma

  5. Position of CH3

You will see the formation of amino acids in the form of DNA, P (phosphore) will appear by itself as a magrav field. All this you have as fields and they will, in their freedom, follow the process of interaction to create the soul. This process is based on Zn, the element that, when it is sufficiently inside the body, it satisfies and pacifies the emotional center. On the other hand – when Zn is missing – aggressiveness and war result.



elements human bodyThe free neutron created is linked to Zn and it will interact with any soul – bringing balance, it satisfies the peacefulness because killing is against the nature of man.

Les acides aminés (C-O-H-N) avec la participation de Fe et Cb créent l’hémoglobine (pour les plantes le Fe est remplacé par Mg).

L’hémoglobine avec la participation de Cu et Zn créent la physicalité et l’émotionalité; le sang peut alors alimenter la physicalité ainsi que l’émotionalité.

Le tout en interaction avec le Ca;  et le K crée la structure.

Dans la table qui montre les composants du corps humain nous voyons C-O-H-N avec les oligoéléments Fe, Cb, Cu, Zn et I (iode, 126). Iode est présent quand les émotions se montrent dans la matière physique (=cerveau).

Voici la table avec les nombres de neutrons par élément :

C-6; O-8; H-0; N-7

Fe-30; Co-32; Zn-35; I-74

Voici le lien pur iode pur (25g=$7,15) on ebay; et pour le cobalt.

Chaque changement sur le niveau de l’âme va résulter dans des changements physiques correspondants. En jouant avec les isotopes on peut faire de la terre une planète heureuse; juste en choisissant le bon isotope.


Création de la vie

par Jackie Bensuoz

  1. Il fait du GaNS-CuO avec 2 vraiment petites bobines et un courant de 12VDC d’une batterie de voiture (beaucoup de courant) for 2 à 3 minutes, 4-5 fois. La concentration du sel est de 3% environs; il a utilisé de premier versement de la production du GaNS-CuO; après il ajoute du PL-CO2 et -CH3. Le fil de cuivre a au bout un petit morceau de graphite.
  2. Ça crée une soupe avec beaucoup de sédiments et écume qui flotte (image1)
  3. Il ajoute PL-CO2, -CH3, -acidesaminés, -Mg (en forme de poudre traité avec NaOH et eau chaude), -moelle d’os et -sucre
  4. Ensuite il ajoute du HCl en gouttes (image2) jusqu’il n’y a plus de réaction. Après quelques minutes le résultat est un liquide vert clair (image3). Le HCl a libéré toute l’énergie contenu dans les GaNS et les PL.
  5. On ajoute une plaque de zinc, et un courant pour 5 sec : beaucoup de mouvement commence qui dure 48 heures. Après 72 heures le zinc est complètement dissous; avant la plaque de zinc va être complètement nano-plaqué dans cet environnement acide (pendant que le cuivre reste sans changement – vice versa si on met les 2 métaux dans une solution caustique, le Cu est plaqué pendant que le Zn reste non changé).
  6. Si on place des différentes PL autour du contenant, on ajoute d’autres éléments : dans ce cas il utilise des différents GaNS-nourriture – banane, tomate, cale, egg etc.
  7. Ensuite une nouvelle matière se crée qui grandit beaucoup après 24 heures; c’est la création de la vie. Dans le dernier image on voit que la boîte est entouré de différents GaNS. L’ajout de vitamine K démarre la croissance. La masse rougeâtre a l’air de l’écorce d’un arbre.

jacky life sequence1

La présence de Mg fait que le sang peut bouger et ne coagule pas; alors on va avoir une circulation du sang. Un ajout de Fe (CH3) peut créer une forme de vie avec du sang rouge; un ajout de Mg va créer une forme de vie au sang blanc (poisson etc). Tout ajout d’autres éléments va changer le champs dans le contenant et par la suite changer la forme de vie qui se crée.

En fait faudrait faire une recherche de toutes les substances présentes/nécessaires pour une certaine forme de vie. Ensuite on ajoute ces substances dans le contenant afin de créer cette forme de vie.



Creation of life



Let’slook at the GaNS production boxes : you produced GaNS but you also produced amino acids floating on the surface. In the 4 basic GaNS production boxes you created also the 4 basic amino acids and the blood (hemoglobin) by adding a rusty nail just touching the floating amino acids. The image on the left shows the typical GaNS production setup (A=decisive metal, B=nanocoated copper,C=current limiter, D=salt water)


For our GaNS production, we copied nature. In the natural context the creation of life happens in the oceans by the interaction of all these amino acids inside the environment of the oceans (salt water) – this is the first stage of life – the creation of life.


The next stage of life, the maintenance of life, comes through the diversification of the amino acids (plasmas) into organs who can interact (exchange, giving and taking) in the 3 aggregate states of matter available on this planet (solid=liver; liquid=kidneys and gaseous=lungs).


In the evolution of humanity, the viruses play a crucial role in that they supplied the surplus energy necessary to sustain physical life once it has been created.



When we use a Transplasma Cupto transfer the energy/information of an orange, placed on top of the container into the water inside the container. Thus we created the first step of the orange. The ocean of the planet work in the same way as the Transplasma Cups because they contain all the GaNSes and amino acids. They serve to the transmission of the Soul of the Creator into the soul of man. The soul of man will only take what it needs from the Soul of the Creator. If we compare the Soul of the Creator to a plasma spiral, the soul of man sits somewhere on the outer part of the spiral.


And when we die, our soul separates from the physical body and goes back to become part again of the Soul of the Creator. But there is another way that can open to us, depending on our maturity and understanding: our soul can also mature to a point where it becomes ‘independent’ of the Soul of the Creator. So, in separating from the body, it does not go back to the Soul of the Creator but spawns new life forms.