Tests for Infection

10 Seconds Test for Infection

Do this test when you have no GaNS; it gives you results with 90% accuracy.

When you wake up in the morning, have a watch ready and hold your breath for 10 seconds – if you are not out of breath or coughing, you have no infection.

The GaNS Test

Spray the LP-1C=1L all over your head down to your feet, cover the body in front and back. When you feel pressure or pain, you are infected with 100% certainty. This is a magnetic field pressure, not a conventional pain.


There is a third test: verifying the pH of the saliva or of the blood. The WCV will change the pH to acidic when he succeeds to implant himself in the body.

How does the GaNS Test work?

We have already learned that the interaction between the magnetic fields of the sun and the earth creates light and the different materials on this planet. In the same way, the interaction between the virus and the brain creates pain, which is the consequence of magnetic pressure.

If you apply the liquid plasma and you don’t have a virus, there will be no interaction, so you won’t feel anything special. If, on the other hand, you have caught the virus, its interaction with the liquid plasma will materialize as pain due to the magnetic pressure.

This is why the liquid plasma test will show you the presence of the virus in your system with an accuracy of 99%. You should perform this test in the morning and in the evening by spraying:

  1. Around the head and face
  2. Chest, back and front
  3. Front and back of the belly
  4. Your arms and legs

Doing this test twice a day allows you to know for sure whether or not you have contracted the virus (the incubation period can be longer than 12 days).

At the same time, it is not only a test but also a very effective method of protection: by spraying, you cover your body with a protective layer, which is weaker than the virus and therefore able to deplete the virus quickly.