Conversion Energy to matter

What Nuclear waste is teaching us

Today we have a big problem with the generation of electricity in nuclear power plants. The emission of radioactive materials are very detrimental to our health. Nevertheless radiation is a toxic energy on the matter level, but harmless energy on the plasma level. This makes us think of one of Grigori Grabovoï’s universal laws – that with each element of our world the Creator is trying to remind us of our true nature. In the case of nuclear waste and radioactive pollution he’s telling us: “Do you see that your nuclear physics are built out of the unstructured part of the human mind? And do you remember that you can normalize this science and technology? How should it be so that it can be beneficial for all and foster the eternal harmonious evolution of All?”

Learning more about universal knowledge will enable us to transform nuclear radiation back to its plasmatic energy form and from there re-materialize it again in a shape and form that is even beneficial not only to humanity but to All.

The creation of a new plasma

In the KF animation about the creation of plasma, we can see the different steps:

  1. Each Plasma emits magnetic rays and receives gravitational rays in return
  2. These rays can travel freely throughout the universe
  3. Two or more of these rays can meet;
  4. they start getting entangled with each other
  5. to form a new plasma, a new Soul
  6. the new plasma is a new entity which starts a new cycle, interacting and emitting rays.

Originally all rays originate from the Creator, the sun or our Soul; they retain their original connection to their source, which is unconditional love. All rays and plasmas are networked together into the Spirit Network, which is another word for the Mind of the Creator.

The blue and red circles designate different structures of informational light that will result in the creation of different matters according to the plasmatic environment they find themselves in. If the two points for example, if the blue or the red spot are paired with the informational light of our intention, the plasma can condense into the matter state.

The rays we see emanating from the centre represent the Transitions phase, the centre represents the Principal and the circles the conditions for Matter phase. On the level of our body: the Principal is the Soul, the Transition is the soul of physicality or mind with the emotions; and the Matter is the physical body.

The medium of interaction on the Principal level is Unconditional Love; on the Transition level our emotions. Our emotions decide – according to their position in the unstructured or structured part of our consciousness – on whether the materialization will be to the norm or not.

As our Soul is inseparable from the Soul of the Creator, all materializations can only be to the norm. However, if our free will sits in the unstructured part of our mind, our emotions can be inharmonious; in this situation they can only create a reality entirely to the norm.

This of course applies also to the creation of our Soul and of our body. Here the different circles designate the different body shapes we may adopt according to the inertia environment we find ourselves in. The cycle of plasma shows on a “timeless scale” our origin within the Creator, our taking shape in an incarnation and our finally remerging back into the Creator. This looks like a cycle, yet it works in both directions always, so we can use it to suspend our physical body and let it reappear subsequently.

And further down the material line, each of the circles, representing different structures of Informational light, create and constantly recreate all our organs, blood, lymph, hormones and the rest.


Hormones are manifestations of higher order fields, fields that are closer to the Soul; they control de creation and maintenance of the all our body parts, organs and functions. On this level occurs the special role of P (phosphor) and S (sulphur) as constituents of higher order amino acids.

Creating of elements

Our body knows already perfectly well how to create the elements that he needs. For example in our lymph Hydrogen in present in the plasmatic form of Deuterium. It serves as the “building material” for the body to synthesize all elements, like iron, sulphur or calcium for example. This is how the body is able to materialize any element he needs:

  • The body is part of the inertia environment of planet Earth.
  • The body uses the high energy solution and salinity of lymph just as we use the saline solution to produce GaNS. The high glucose concentration on the matter level corresponds to the high levels of plasmatic deuterium (H2 in the grey circle).
  • Then there are the fields generated by the blood circulation (red circle) and the impulses from the nervous system (blue circle); they decide which elements will be formed on the plasmatic level (green Ca for example)
  • These plasmatic elements are present in the lymph fluid that permeates the body; at each point of demand the element is transmuted or condensed from its plasmatic into the material form.

The same process is used by the body to create the cells. They are first created in a plasma condition which then will be condensed into the matter state, when and where needed. The inertia fields of the hormones, whose production is also very much dependent on the soul of physicality (mind) are also playing an important role in this process.

Knowing that the condition of the blood circulation, the nervous network and the presence of hormones are subject to the free will, we see how the state of health of our body is very much dependent on the position of the free will – the result will either be a unharmonious body, when the free will is sitting on the poorly structured side of our consciousness, or a splendidly healthy body if he lives on the divine side of our mind.

Understanding the Field forces a little deeper

The relativity of direction

In the plasma science we differentiate between magnetic field forces and gravitational ones. In reality there is only field force which may appear as gravitational when it enters the south pole and as magnetic when it exits the north pole. And there is another observation: each force deployed creates an equal and opposite force – for example a strong magnetic force moving out of a plasma will create an equally strong force pulling into the plasma. This corresponds in a way to Newton’s third law of motion.

Plasma science teaches us further that all elements in existence are interrelated to each other. These connections are dynamic, alive; they pathways of bi-directional interactions: always simultaneously giving and taking, magnetic and gravitational. The whole universe organizes itself in giving and taking.

The Universal Principle and hierarchy

We, as a humanity, have been used for such a long time to the abuse of power, that we think hierarchy is natural. Our societies are ruled by popes, kings, presidents, etc. We believe correspondingly that the human race rules on this planet, that there is a hierarchy in nature and that even our body is ruled by the brain.

Hierarchy appears also being structured by bi-directional links; in the sense that orders are met by obedience. And orders are conventionally motivated by private, particular interest, and not the Common Good. Rulers in a hierarchical system usually don’t worry about the common good. The common good is replaced by a particular good (1% versus 99%); this situation is out of balance.

In nature there are no orders and there is no hierarchy, because each element is created by the Creator equal, free and creative. Each element is connected to every other element by giving and taking. All the elements are working towards the common good, which of course includes the individual happiness!

The relativity of force

Conventional physics understands the activity of field forces without too much considering the environment and the interconnectedness of all things. Disregarding the actual complexity of the universe, it (over-)simplifies.

The example of a car makes it perhaps more clear. A car is designed to take us in the most comfortable and fast way to where we want to go. Comfort and speed for us only ; we usually don’t worry about the pollution, the noise, the danger to hit animals etc. When we come to a steeply rising slope, we just push down the accelerator, to inject more fuel into the engine, make it release more power to overcome the resistance of the slope. This is how motors work: the released power is proportional to the fuel input.

Plasma Science offers an alternative; we use field positioning instead of propulsion. And field positioning uses the universal network of the connections between all elements. When we emit, so to say, the magnetic ray of our wish to go to planet Zeus; the positioning will only work if the Soul of planet Zeus agrees and responds with a corresponding magnetic wish to get to know us.

We see now that field positioning doesn’t really use force like propulsion; it rather uses the Spirit Network for bidirectional communication.

Another aspect of the deployment of field forces can be shown in a very simple way in the health applications of GaNS. We know that we need to create a field force differential, to make the 1st Law of Plasmodynamics work. A patch with 100% Liquid Plasma will feed the other patch which has a dilution of a certain percentage. The differential shows us already that the 100% powerful plasma will not do anything on it’s own – it doesn’t work like the accelerator of a car. To become active it needs to be triggered by the weaker plasma. To treat light diseases the differential doesn’t need to be big (100% versus 30-50% is mostly sufficient); but to tackle heavy diseases like cancer the differential is much more important – it can go to 100% versus a few drops of liquid plasma diluted in water. That shows us that the weaker the force, the more powerful the effect.

Besides even very powerful patch combinations will never impose themselves – it’s always the body that will decide whether it will take the offer or not.

Play between energy and matter

In order to be able to materialize anything it is important for us to know at what point energy turns into matter and matter into energy. These two states are not fixed in the sense that once an energy has manifested into the matter state, it is possible to transmute it back into the energy or plasma state – and vice versa. The common denominator is what we could call the size, volume, structure or the Informational light of an element. Every element has it’s own personal informational light. It is personal because every element has of course a Soul and a soul of physicality; both of them can manifest a body according to the environmental conditions present.

The transition between energy and matter state happens with the changes in the field strength of the Soul in respect to the field strength of the soul of physicality:

  • when the field strength of the Soul extends beyond the field strength of the soul of physicality, then dematerialization happens
  • when the field strength of the Soul diminishes again so as not including the soul of physicality anymore, then materialization happens

The phenomenon of “atomic fusion” can be seen in the same way – the protons becomes so big that it includes the electron in itself. The proton can be compared to the Soul and the electron to the body or the soul of physicality.

How do we manage to let the Soul expand beyond the limits of the soul of physicality/body?

We have learned in the chapter above about the relativity of force, that we cannot expand the Soul by pumping up it’s volume – no, we have to work on the suction side. We have to diminish the field force of the soul of the physicality so that the Soul, relative to it, expands. In this way we are working out of a space of harmony. In this context the soul of physicality can be narrowed down to the mind or even more precisely the free will.

As all of our three fundamental structures are united inside the body, we should be able to use the body to do the trick. Our body should be able by varying his field force to provoke the Souls expansion for travelling without body for example; and then at the point of destination, reverse the process – the field of the soul of physicality expands, the soul goes back to it’s former position and the body reappears.

On a physical level we can provoke the expansion of the Soul by diminishing the field pressure of the blood flow in the brain and around the seat of the Soul. We know that the blood flow creates the “cage of the Soul”. We can use the technique of hyperventilation (rebirth therapy) to do this. Sometimes it happens during hyperventilation, that the person passes out. That is exactly the moment where the Soul extends beyond the body and the physicality is not perceivable any more.

On the plasma level, you can not create hyperventilation, but you can create the condition of a weaker blood circulation.

In the practical parts of the Evolutionary Technologies multiplied by Hélène Laporte offers us another approach to expand the field of the Soul: in many concentrations of the 9 months course, she makes us feel the mind and the Soul inside our body. And she helps us feel the Spirit (mind of the Creator) and the Creator as well as the Universe of Love. In time and with more and more practice we are more and more able to get a very clear and distinct feeling of our Soul, our mind, the Spirit, unconditional Love and the Creator. To feel our Soul, we only have to direct our attention to her “I want to feel my Soul clearly now”.

If you can reach that, you have reached a milestone in the knowledge” MT Keshe

A new headache

“We had a case of a very bad headache, and we applied the new technology yesterday to test it. After applying the Pen the headache was still there, and even when the Knowledge Seeker went to sleep it was still there. But when he woke up, all the memories of the past pain had completely vanished and he felt like “It is an absolutely fresh day, with so much energy.”

The whole purpose was to see if we could not only sort out the headache, but also if we could use the energy of the headache, to become part of the man’s energy. In a way, you are falling asleep with the headache and your are waking up with the energy ready to be used. What happened?

Our Soul wants to make us aware of how we hurt ourselves by following the particular interests of the mind. We know that pain is the result of blocking the free flow of energy. And of course the organism needs a lot of energy to block the flowing of the energy inside the body. If you ever had migraines, you know that after many hours of headache you are completely exhausted – that shows us how much energy is involved in creating and maintaining a headache.

When we fall asleep, it is our mind who falls asleep; he does not fight the wishes of the Soul anymore; neither does he force the body under his will. The new pain pen seems to normalize the future to a point, where there has never been any headache, because there was no reason to produce one. Of course now there is not only the normal energy inside the body free flowing but the energy formerly used to produce the headache adds to the energy available to the person!

It’s a different approach, but it’s the essence of the new plasma technology. “ MT Keshe

How to eat an apple

We always looked and said, “oh, I want to eat this apple.” But now look at it from the apple’s side, “I want you to eat me, because then I can transfer my energy inside you, and with my energy and my emotion, I also can become something else!” And then it connects a link to you, because it satisfies an emotion in you. Because then, it’s not that the apple has to transfer its seed somewhere else to become a tree, rather it can transfer its energy somewhere else, by becoming part of something else.

So is it the man who goes for the apple, or is it the apple that goes for the man ?

Because it is alive, it has informational light, it has a reason for life. And the reason for life is in the universal interaction – giving and taking. We never looked at the true essence of the creation, nor the energy transfer. Now we do.

Or another example: there is a flat piece of land on the border of a forest. Some grass is growing amongst a lot of frees. The grass wished so much to have many other grasses so he could live in his dream land: a prairie.
At some point in time, the whole area got developed into a recreation area and the landscape architecture firm made a survey and they found the flat piece of land really ideal for a golf course.

Or another example: I have this desire to be in such and such a galaxy, or I want to see that particular star I am looking at. I can instantaneously be there, because I can go through the line of emotion and the fields that have been transferred to me. That star is a living thing and it has emotion, (it says,) “I show myself for you to come and see me.” Then transportation and transmutation takes on a new meaning and new ways.

In fact it is neither us nor the star who initiates any desire or action, it is the Creator through our Soul who wishes to experience a particular event. The wish appears simultaneously in the Creator and in our Soul, because they are one. As the Creator and the Soul are the hub of the Spirit Network, which connects every element of the universes through love, the “other element” (the star) has the wish to interact with us. All these wishes are in fact one. Then the Soul transfers the wish as a pre-thought into our mind-consciousness, where we feel it appear as a desire, which we would like to pursue.

“The Creator created the whole world as soon as there is a thought. This means that there is the presence of the Creator, but we are talking about His presence through our thought, a direct presence. It is important for the Creator to make each person free and to give him the tools to act in the same way as he does. In this way everything will be constructive and there will be no possibility of destruction.” Grigori Grabovoï

Hawaiian Choir

From facebook 

This is how the new humanity will be like.



The Creation of Man

When we look at the complexity and beauty of man and whe n we consider what conventional science tells us about the time is takes for species to evolve, we must think that the appearance of man as he is today should have been taken millions of years: from the first living cell, through simple ancient life forms, reptiles and amphibians, mammals and primates, and finally “homo sapiens”. Coincidently “homo sapiens” means “wise or knowledgeable man”.

The Science of Eden as well as Anastasia tell us, however, that man did not evolve slowly and arduously out of primitive life forms – humanoids, which are father to us and the apes. It seems more plausible that we have not evolved in the material level.

When we consider the spiritual level, we know that we have been created in the image of the Creator and that simply cannot resemble the image on the right, because that’s not how the creator looks like. He is not the king of animals, but the co-creator of all.

The example of our origins tells us that, as long as we lack the knowledge of the Creator, we will misunderstand where we come from. And perceiving only the matter level, our journey to who we are now was super long and arduous. Correspondingly to be able to understand the Creator, we would need another long and hard path of evolution… to come to the point, where we KNOW our origin and at the same time KNOW that we have the same powers as the Creator to create.

But only if we insist to limit ourselves to the matter level. When we are open to other levels of existence, open to other sources to extend our knowledge like Plasma Science and the Science of Eden, we can bridge the distance in one giant quantum leap. And that is precisely where we are right now.

We are on the journey to understand that the Creator created everything in an impulse of love and he keeps on recreating everything at the very high rate of 1017x/s. Love is the basis of creation and also the only structure able to maintain this expanding creation in an eternal and harmonious way. We have to reach the same basis of Love if we want to understand where we are coming from and what our purpose in life is. “All we need is Love”.

Its a little bit like getting to know another human being. We can do that by watching him, by talking to him, by questioning him and so on – but the only way to deeply know another is by loving him. Love has the highest speed of processing information in the Universe according to the universal energy equation: E=V*S; love can process 1017x all the information contained in all the universes per second.

The Corona virus in a new light

When we talk about the evolutionary step Humanity is about to take right now, we can of course not forget the final trigger – the Corona virus. In the context of evolution, Corona can be understood in a very different way; not as a plague to humanity but as a messenger that has been sent from the Soul of the Creator to initiate and facilitate the evolutionary step we are taking right now.

Actually the Creator uses viruses since the beginning of time to trigger evolutionary processes within the various life forms He has created. Viruses are the perfect messengers, they are energy packs able to travel the universe without any hindrance. And they are carrying particular structures addressed to their specific goals. The plasmatic or magnetic-gravitational structure of Corona has for example an affinity to earthly amino acids; so they are attracted to this planet and especially to us.

Now we seem to have a choice – either we welcome the “god-sent” virus and adopt the position of a weaker plasma, so he can feed us and we can learn from him, which will elevate our Soul to the level of the Creator. Or we can ignore and refuse him and die.

But even if we are dying form the Corona, we go back to the Creator, which is a way to elevate our Soul. More precisely, our Soul is anyway united with the Creator, it is only the free will inside the soul of our physicality who is able to resist. In a way physical death would be the ultimate resistance – but in this context it is at the same time the ultimate surrender. So, all things considered, any resistance is futile.

So really there is no choice, we will become peaceful beings or we will become peaceful beings!

We did not stop polluting the planet, we did not stop to give our children away to institutions, we did not stop killing each other in wars, we did not stop to distract ourselves from our prime task which is getting closer to the Creator to take our rightful position for what we came here for – we did not stop. So the Creator made us stop all these things by sending the Corona virus!
In a way you have been locking yourself down to become peaceful.”
MT Keshe

The same applies to people who got infected and had the go through the Corona process. M Keshe cited the example of Stephania, UC and others who have been infected severely by the Corona virus; these cases show that the processing of the Corona has changed their lives. It has put priorities in order for them. Many of them said that the processing had literally put them on the path to elevate their soul.

We remember also that Corona came as a pandemic, touching all of us not only some individuals.

Conclusively we can say that the Corona is a messenger sent by the Creator directly to us to make us peaceful beings and to bring us closer to Him. Humanity has reached a state where this step is not only possible but outright necessary. The Mayan prophecy of 2012 states, that if humanity does not fuse the two tribes of the Condor and the Eagle into ONE, there wont’ be any humanity after…

Plasma Technology sheds a new light on the virus

So how should we deal with the Corona virus?

First we have to dig into the question, why the Corona is making us sick? If he has been sent by the Creator – he must be completely to the norm, right?! So again, why is he making us sick?

This question can be answered in the same way as the more general question – why do human beings and all other life forms fall sick? We know that, if our free will would be living in the beautiful mansion of a structured consciousness, we would be eternally young and healthy. Disease is only appearing when our free will lives in the slum shag of the unstructured mind; in this situation he will follow unconsciously non constructive, collective belief systems – like the one that “It is normal to fall sick, age and die”.

So that means that the only way not to be infected by the Corona on a physical level, is to develop a structured mind; a mind that will clearly receive, understand and follow Corona’s message: We have to unite Humanity in Peace.

Maybe we understand this, but we’ve not yet gotten to a fully structured mind. So we still have to deal with the physical side of the Corona virus. And in this situation we are blessed with M Keshe’s Plasma science and technology.

The Plasma Technology doesn’t work like conventional antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides; it doesn’t destroy the virus. That is what orthodox science will suggest, that’s also what nations have been doing to resolve international conflicts – see the other as an enemy, declare war on him to finally destroy him.

Plasma Science doesn’t work that way, it does not destroy but

  • understands the condition of a patient as being out of  balance to then

  • try to bring back the balance where it had been lost.

So when we treat person who has been infected with a virus, we balance the situation in the person’s body so all can live in harmony: the body, the mind and the virus. This is what we call the Universal Principle or the Good for All. On the physical level the Liquid Plasma will weaken the virus to a point where it “loses it’s identity” (it is not a virus anymore), where it doesn’t damage the body anymore BUT he is still there; you will be able to see him under the microscope.

And the energy depleted from the virus to render him harmless, is fed back from the Liquid Plasma into the afflicted body to repair damaged cells and nourish them. So it is very important to understand that plasma technology does not wage wars but re-establishes balance wherever it has been lost. The result is “good for all”.

And it’s clear that the message of the Corona, the reason why he came to us, is preserved: to make us peaceful people.

The Mayan prophecy

One indication for this being true becomes clear when we look at the growing of knowledge in the pas0 years: the accumulation of knowledge goes parallel with the growth of understanding of the complexity of the world we are living in. The physicist Drumvalo Melchizedek has found that when we divide the time line between the year 0 and today 2021 so that each following section cuts the preceding half in two, the amount of knowledge in each following section doubles. Already in the year 2000 the American space agency NASA for example wasn’t able anymore to process and structure all the information they were continuously gathering – their computers, which are reflections of our mind, were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information.

Drumvalo Melchizedek draw the conclusion that at this point of time, we need to reach another level of processing information – not only quantitatively but qualitatively. That means we have to find radically new ways to assimilate and process information. For him this is clearly expressed in the Mayan prophecy of 2012, where the two tribes of Humanity – the Eagle tribe (peoples of the industrialized countries) and the Condor tribe (indigenous peoples) – have to fuse into one new unified Humanity.

Grigori Grabovoï has given us a multitude of techniques to rai se our speed of thinking and our speed of processing information – he calls these techniques “Evolutionary Technologies”. We learn about them together in these newsletters.

See even with blindfolds on

This little video shows us that even normal english kids can develop a structured mind displaying a lot of extrasensory capabilities.

Contrary to the film maker and the camera woman, we all will be able to do all this in the near future.