Love in the work for peace

Multiplication of the teaching given by Viacheslav Konev about Love in the work for Peace. If you want the original audio, I can send it to you by email:

The theme of this teaching is a collective concentration entitled: Through this collective concentration, we intend to stop all military actions and establish Peace in a conflict zone on the planet and around the world.

Love to control reality

Love is the fundamental force

Love is the source of creation and it is activated when we add our love to it. If we connect to love, we are already controlling reality. Thus love makes our control much more powerful.

All elements within the universes are connected and the links between them are love. This is why we can communicate and feel one other or any other element.

Love is the most easy and efficient means to control reality – without any words and actions on the material plane. We don’t actually have to do anything physically; we don’t have to expose ourselves; we can work with love from the cosiness of our home.
And love is the structure that is able to treat the biggest volume of information in the smallest amount of time.

Love is our omnipresence

The moment we feel love, we radiate, we radiate her in all directions. In this process love activates the links between all things created. Our love touches all the elements of the universe and is therefore omnipresent.

The links between all the elements are reciprocal. Therefore we are simultaneously with all the elements while we are connected to love – so we are omnipresent. The more our consciousness becomes structured, the more we become aware of our omnipresence. And at that point we can materialize our body everywhere, because it is already present everywhere as informational light.

Love is an always growing river

The power of our collective concentrations to help humanity and the world increases even more when we remember that our love instantly joins the love that exists and is felt by others. Each time we connect to love, we add a drop of love to the ocean of love in which we all bathe. Thus we increase the total volume of love in the world.

We are also able to feel the love of another person or animal. For example we can feel the love in a child who loves something or someone. At that moment we can not only receive this love, but direct it to our goal, if the goal is universal.

In the state of love we know that we can have no enemies, only friends who act in the same way as we do. The more we feel deep love, the more we understand this. And the more people will join you in your action – even those who are currently involved in a war.

The same happens when we send your love to a space, like a country. The love we send immediately connects and melts with the love already present in the space. It is love that binds us to this area. So we become one with this area; and we can help.

When we direct our love into an area of conflict, our love is increased by all the acts of love that other people do – even if they do not have the same motivation. If someone looks lovingly to an animal for example, his love fuses with ours. And every being or element that receives your love is able to radiate it into their surroundings, which adds another multiplier to the effectiveness of our focus.

The Creator is the centre of love

When we send our love to someone, the Creator feels it as addressed to Him. This is important because what the Creator feels becomes reality at the same time. Through love we are able to create in the same way the Creator does.

It is the love of God that creates and recreates your body in his image at every moment. We are the expression of God’s love. We are the hands, the feet, the voice, the brain and the heart of God. Our body serves and is the Creator. We are the creation of love, but at the same time we amplify that love.

This deep love is the most effective action to stop wars and bring Peace – without any words or actions on the material plane. Deep in love, we are the origin of all creation, we are the origin of our own creation. Understand that you can give the same gift to all of humanity. Because at this moment the Creator is acting through you.

Dive into the love of God and you will find yourself, you will find yourself in the action of God, by which he creates and recreates the world every moment. Because of your action, this world exists. Become aware of it now; it is not a hypothesis, it is reality.
No negative action can reach the Creator; in other words, if you work with love, you are quite protected.

Our body is love materialized

Our body is nothing but love materialized. When we connect to love, our body also connects and we can feel that. In this way we can feel that our body is love.
And when we work with love, our work has the most beneficial effect on our body: our body becomes healthier and we feel happier.