How ot achieve instant manifestation

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You accomplish instant manifestation when you :

Give up the intoxication with the manifestation. And let the conjuring of the emotion be the manifestation that you are looking for.

But then you say : What about the pile of money and the car and the lover???

And we say : They almost come… they almost come… but when you make your emotion conditional upon it’s coming – it can’t come! Because your emotion is tied to the absence of it.

Then you say : How can i tie my emotion to something that isn’t yet???

And we say : Because you are smart, you have the ability to do that… sometimes you have to be more general; something along these lines : I understand how the Law of Attraction works; i saw already things coming quickly to me; I trust in the universal laws; I get it that when i am in a bad mood, things don’t go well for me and when I’m in a good mood things go better for me.
I am the first to admit that i cannot yet very well control my mood; I am willing to admit that my mood does affect what comes next. That’s a general statement and a very powerful first step, isn’t it?!

What do you respond when you meet somebody in the street who asks you : What you want?

Mostly you are thinking about STUFF and material CONDITIONS : a new car, a pile of money, a better job, nice holidays, a perfect lover, tralali tralala. You almost always think of something other than your emotions over which you have complete and immediate control!

We tell you that if you accept the reality that what you really want to be the creator of is the emotion that you can conjure no matter where you are within 10 minutes – and we are not kidding you!

When you conjure a pleasant emotion within 10 minutes when anything is out of whack for you, you will show yourself the power of your point of attraction.

We will tell you in a stronger way than we ever have :

We want to show yourself OUR point of attraction! Because you are not in this alone!

You weren’t alone when you came and you’re not alone now! We are not talking about the crowd around you – we are talking about the fullness of source energy who is present in you now and who has a powerful point of attraction.

So you have two points of attraction :

  • the source within you, in other words : who you really are, your soul – and
  • what you see as you in this situation right now

Take the following situation : source energy loves the person in front of you and loath the person in front of you. You see the vibrational difference between these two points of attraction?

Now Law of Attraction is not choosing. Law of Attraction is responding to how source feels and it is responding to how you feel. And because the two are within you, you feel tension, and that’s what negative emotion is; the indicator of discrepancies in your frequencies.

Now we want you to know that this non-physical part of you, the source energy within you, your soul WILL WIN! And you can tear yourself up pretty good in the process but eventually you’re gonna crawl and then there will only be one vibration within you.

Are you accepting the two point how Law of Attraction is responding to you? Are you accepting that when you are in alignment with who you really are, there is only one point of attraction and the tension, the negative feeling will be gone?

If source is always right here, fully present, straight forward, at the leading edge, powerful now where you are; if source is right here with you – won’t you want to release any resistance, so you can allow this one point of attraction? We put it before you this way because we want to convince you!

If you will all the alignment with source so you can allow yourself to be the receiver of all you want right here and now. If you can allow to conjure the emotional manifestation in the 10 minutes we are talking about – the details are coming to fill in for you fast in order to complete YOUR representation of what instant manifestation means to you.

Because you never meant just to feel good about the car you don’t have; you never meant to feel good about the love who is not yet in your arms… you always meant : I want my lover in my arms; I want my car in my garage; I want the money in my bank account. You didn’t come here to sit on a cloud and just OM… you came right into the details of all of this delicious beauty.

Now after all of this we ask you again : What do you want?

And now you can say : I want to be the fullness of who i am; i want to be the allower of all that I am, i want to be one with source energy within me.

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