KSW321 – 2020-03-26

Intro Video

The KF has released a new Corona Intro Video: https://you tu.be/zmXKIN87WPc

Corona Watch

Doing the numbers

The multiple mutations of Corona are also responsible for “wrong numbers” simply because the symptoms change or become invisible and consequently these cases are not registered as corona infections – anyway who will test a person that has any symptoms or a person who is already dead?!

New World Order

If you ever wondered why all the nations willingly jump on the curfew bandwagon: 9/11 brought us the “one world” financial control. Now corona is supposed to bring us the total political and social dictatorship, the final “Big Brother” scheme eloquently described by Aldous Huxley. The NWO will use the force of food/starving to break any resistance.

So the only efficient way to become invulnerable to this thread is to become independent of material food; the only way to resist incarceration/persecution/killing is being able to teleport; the only way to become independent of energy is to tap into the Universal energy supply for light, heat etc. All this sums up to our ultimate ascend to the next level of human evolution: to use the matter states only as a source of pleasure and adventure and to fundamentally live on the Soul level; in other words, to be a Soul that uses a body.

Which “1World” will materialize depends on us: the 1Dictatorship or the 1Race1Planet1World4Peace; the Rothchild family or the Keshe family.

We, the knowledge seekers, are the one family which is already protected from the infection by the Corona virus, and the same 1C1L will also feed us… Now we can easily imagine that the 1C1L, which M Keshe has already been likened to the UEU, will be able to do all the other jobs necessary for our life on this cherished blue planet, Mother Earth.

Through the 1Cup1Life, M. Keshe and the KF, UC, EC and all the knowledge seekers will work to make each family that is willing, self-sufficient and independent in the very near future – and that will be the end of the illuminati/cabal/NWO, because they will not have any means to pressure people into obedience and submission anymore!

Now the Illuminati have to illuminate themselves and in a very quick way. Now there is no need for vaccines or medicines or food or fuel or transportation or energy”. M. Keshe


The KF has taken over hospitals in Iran in total collaboration. One particular hospital is visited by many military personnel; they get sprayed and wait 10-15min. Then they are checked for any virus and given a kit to make 1C1L as well as a bottle of LP+GaNS and all necessary instructions to take away. When they have no fever, they are send home right away. Thus the hospitals are not getting overloaded.

At the same time the hospital is getting “sterilized” with the Liquid Plasma around the clock.

Up to today the Iranian team has already trained 25,000 people and each of them is willing to pass the knowledge on to another 10 asking them to pass it on to another 10…!

Right now in Iran everything is given for free: the cups, the kits, the zinc, the copper, the GaNS, the knowledge, the transport. They are all are pooling in to support their nation without any holding back.” Carolina Keshe

You have no idea how strong you are! You only have to be united into that one wish for All: I am giving freely from my Soul to all beings in existence – please take what you need!” Carolina Keshe

KSW320 – 2020-03-19

Pandemic watch

The KF works feverishly to save individual lives and adjusting the 1C1L protocol, racing after the various mutations. If you see how the independent and very flexible KF is struggling to follow the virus, you can easily deduce how conventional medicine is at a loss – totally. The KF is working very hard to help people in distress, no matter if is the wive of the president or a simple rural farm hand.

The death toll in China should be about 20 million – contrary to the “official” announcements; America and the so-called industrialized countries will be worse off, because China has been using draconian control measures, which the other countries will not be able to allow.

Worse than the virus pandemic will however be the phase of famine that will appear in the wake of the pandemic through the economic collapses downstream.

The official leaders ask for the 1Cup1Life privately to save their lives but they refuse to support the KF or distribute the 1Cup1Life for the people they “govern” ?!

The governments are not publishing the true numbers of infections and deaths because they “don’t want to create panic”; they also only count the corona cases that affect the lungs, not taking in account the mutations of the virus. Also rural areas have no administration, the government doesn’t reach, there are no hospitals or doctors – so anything that happens there is not entering official statistics. The same for any region where there is no census.

If we get our way with the Iranian Government in the next day or two -everything will change, because there is a plan and with that plan a lot of us will change very rapidly in the coming days.

So they have two choices: either the Iranian Government is taking the lead in the change or I will take my passport and go to the American government to save humanity.”

M. Keshe

Plasma Activism – brilliant Idea!

We know that all the people who are fabricating the 1C1L and follow the protocol are virus-free.

M. Keshe proposed that all of us who fall in this category, wear a badge in public showing the KFSSI logo and “I am Virus-free; you can be, too”. Photocopy it or just write it by hand.

Furthermore we are all asked to increase the number of 1C1L to 10/house running all the time; and to reserve 2 for CuO. Remember not a single knowledge seeker, who follows the protocol, has been lost!

Iranian KF team

The situation in Iran now, March 19, is that many religious leaders, doctors and ministers have died, many more are hospitalized and there are now the Iranian New Year holidays (3 weeks), which everybody celebrates at home…scared. Doctors and other health professionals are now the high risk group, because they are most exposed to infected people.

These are the working conditions for the KF Iran volunteers, they have actually taken over their nation, it’s them now who govern the nation.”

If you want to help, respect the official regulations so as not to confuse people, and go around them if possible. For example it was forbidden to teach (groups of people) inside a retirement home – so the knowledge seeker taught in the park outside!

Here are some photos from Iran that show how the Uninfectables are moving freely while those who don’t know about the 1C1L are in the cage of the rules…

  1. On the left you see a group of knowledge seekers in Iran; they are not wearing masks or anything because the 1C1L makes them Uninfectables.
  2. On the next image you see president Xi of China who has not accepted the gift of 1C1L.
  3. Follows a picture of an Uninfectable in Iran who’s only concern is saving lives. He’s on the right with a doctor on the left.
  4. The 4th image has the link to the video from Iran. It shows one of the heads of the biggest Corona-hospital in Iran, who has been infected by the virus; he does the whole protocol and has recovered within 4 days.

Organization of the Iranian 1C1L group

The Iranian knowledge seekers are super organized and totally dedicated; we really do look at them as our heroes. Here’s how they organized themselves:

  1. The teaching team teaches individuals and groups about the virus, the symptoms and the protocol and also how to make the 1C1L.
  2. The reception team is treating the demands for help: dispatch kits&GaNS, answering questions, direct intervention in families, collecting and organizing the data – so they know what they are doing. They use telephone/whatsup and internet (Telegram).
  3. The supply team is sending out the kits
  4. The intervention team is giving hands-on assisting for emergencies (volunteers and doctors, ect).
  5. The consulting team is ready in the background to answer special questions and medical problems; they also will pass on the updates coming from the KF with whom they are in permanent contact.
  6. The communication team makes videos of people who helped themselves at home and share them with the media, so more people can learn and accept the technology. They approach also performing artists to spread the message of 1Cup1Life. Those are more than willing to do that because they also have to stay at home and cannot perform in public.


  1. Pack for Prevention: 1C1L assembled kit; add saltwater and go!
  2. Pack for infections: 1 bottle of Liquid Plasma for immediate use + 1C1L assembled kit.
  3. Pack for Helpers: all the materials are in a glass jar with a complete manual; to be self assembled and run; these people should teach 10 others in their neighbourhood.

You are the seeds of the 1 Nation. Everything is in your hands.” M Keshe

When people come with negative news and bla bla bla, tell them: “This is fake, we are real.” M. Keshe

Shape of the Universe

This image shows us the exact shape of the Universe. And it also represents how our GaNS particle space in reference to each other. It it through the space gaps that the energy flows.

All the egg yolks are galaxies that position themselves in respect to all the other galaxies. Even if you use a blender to mix them, the individual egg yolks resist the blending and keep on adjusting their shape and position even in the fast movement of the blender.

KSW319 – 2020-03-13

Now people don’t want to listen to you, they may even get angry and insult you. Why do you waster your time? Let them come and knock at your door, we are here, we will not send anybody away… but when they all come, be prepared so you will not be overwhelmed.” Carolina Keshe

Humanity on the Crossroads

We as a united Humanity are now on the doorstep to permanent paradise and we have naturally two choices to go there; the hard way and the easy way:

  1. The easy way:
    The KF succeeds to make Iran the first virus-free country in the world and then will be called to one nation after the other to help with the Plasma Science and Technology. Subsequently almost all spheres of our daily lives will be transformed by the use of the various Plasma Technologies. Of course every nation that is soliciting the support of the KF will have to sign the Peace Treaty officially and publicly and will have to abandon all forms of “I am higher than thou” like kings, presidents, directors and so on.
    The knowledge of the Soul will shape our live on an individual level: each living being will be able to unconditionally follow her/his own path in Peace.
  2. The hard way:
    The governments of the world refuse the Plasma Technology, according more importance to maintaining their power and vested interests than to compassion and love and care for our fellow human beings. Humans will die everywhere by the millions. Most of the surface of the planet will be depopulated. The few that remain have the chance to organize themselves as a new Humanity living in Freedom; where each individual will be able to unconditionally follow her/his own path in Peace.

And here is our glorious conclusion:

We, as a United Humanity, are giving freely from our Soul and are present in our wish:

The whole of the Keshe Family is welcomed by all beings with open arms not only to save their lives in the face of the corona virus but even more so to take all they need to elevate their souls.

San Juan la Laguna, March 14th 2020

We are present.

KSW318 – 2020-03-05

WCV progress

The KF monitors every case of corona virus treated with the 1C=1L to collect a bank of hard data to convince governments; and: there is no valid alternative!

The nations are isolating themselves; meetings are cancelled; and the economies (stock markets) are going down…

At the same time as the virus is spreading across all nations it progresses to different environments of the body as well – from the respiratory tract though the digestive system and the muscle tissue. This virus is also so resilient that it will stay for centuries claiming millions and millions of lives, mainly because of it’s amino acid link; cats, dogs, birds and fish carry it.

… et y nous sommes complètement égal!

The only way that this virus can be overcome is when all the governments of the whole world work together, then the KF will launch the global solution which involves satellites and military.

The WCV is the great equalizer as he infects anybody regardless of race, wealth, presumed superiority, leader of follower. At the same time, the remedy 1C=1L is proposed and made available to anybody as well regardless of who they are. In this way both are instruments of unconditional love.

There is a book by Steven King made into a movie, called “The Stand” which shows the progress of something similar to the WCV. The most interesting thing is, how humanity continued after there were only some ten thousand survivors on the American continent…


As the KF is heavily involved in Iran, there is no lethality when  treated with the 1C=1L. The Iran National Corona Rescue is delivering 1C=1L production kits, prewired and ready to go; liquid plasma is only shipped to people who are already infected. Transport companies have agreed to deliver the rescue packs free of charge!

Iran National Corona Rescue will become Iran International Corona Rescue to help the whole world from next week (10th of march 2020). Besides Iran may become the first virus-free nation on the planet.

WCV Emergency Kit

The KF has prepared a mass of these boxed “Emergency Kits”. They will only be available to governments who are willing to accept the help of the KF and to collaborate. The first will go to Iran of course.

The kits already produced are able to cover the major part of western Europe.

I find it really remarkable that the KF is more concerned with coming forward with hands-on help instead of just fuelling the fear hype!

Local Emergency Network Quebec

Now that the Corona Virus is spreading at an alarming rate, we see clearly that it affects everyone of us. We need to start preparing to help ourselves and our fellowmen now not to be overwhelmed when the pandemic hits Quebec big time!

At he same time this will be our contribution to ONE NATION ONE RACE, freely helping anybody in need without regarding their nationality or race: “When one part of the Human body is suffering, the rest cannot be happy and at peace!”

Plasma-Laurentides is calling volunteers to set up an emergency network after the example of Iran. We want to create an internet based platform that detects the location of a demand and can connect the demand immediately to the nearest supplier. Anybody asking for help will be connected to the nearest local group or individual who can supply the 1Cup=1Life-Productionkit and 1Cup=1Life-LiquidPlasma.

So if you have ever made GaNS in any shape or form, you are the perfect person to start preassembling 1Cup=1Life-Productionkit as well as starting a continuous production of 1Cup=1Life-LiquidPlasm. Please get in touch with us if you feel the call of your Soul!

If you are internet savvy and can help us mount the platform, please contact us right away!

How to contact us:

By our facebook group (send a message to the admin): Plasma-Laurentides

By email: aviram@plasma-laurentides.org

KSW317 – 2020-02-27

WCV-Progress of the Virus

This epidemic will make us One Nation in a different way: this virus is affecting us all.” M. Keshe

And a piece of good news – No fatal case of lethal infection amongst any of the knowledge seekers!

We see reports in the background which do not look like what you see in news. The situation in next two weeks will get worse across the world with the virus. Now the total estimated-death toll has surpassed the numbers which governments are scared to talk about. Soon all boarders will be closed; so there will be no more transportation and food supplies.
Please make sure you all have your
1C=1L GaNS as well as food GaNS ready to support yourself and your family.” MT Keshe

That rapid expansion of the pandemic is revealing our inhuman conditioning of the past millenniums and at the same time it points us toward unconditional love. As soon as a nation is hit by the virus and it needs help to tackle the virus or is hit by another natural disaster at the same time – we have the choice: either close our doors in fear and refuse any help out of fear to be infected. Or we leave the doors and our hearts open to help unconditionally anyone because they are us!
We, the Keshe family, try not to make any fuzz, as we are in possession of the only efficient help and we are by the same token 100% protected, so we are able to help in any situation across any border.

The KF and its allies intend to bring the perpetrators of the WCV before the Court of Human Rights with charges for Genocide: Donald Trump (government of the US), Bill Gates (Gates Foundation), Rafael Rife (MIT). True to their maxim: We don’t forget and we don’t forgive”.

Its funny that this move has already been described in the film “The Beautiful Green” as the transition point of old society to the Beautiful Green when the People dragged all major corporations before the international court who’s activities aimed only at profit neglecting completely the good of human beings and nature – even harming and killing them.

You can follow the evolution of the pandemic by visiting the Corona Tracker.


The KF Iran distributes the 1C=1L GaNS to all heads of governments.

The Iranian knowledge seekers have organized themselves and setup a national emergency network on the internet, so people can ask for help directly and the 1C=1L GaNS is delivered rapidly anywhere in the country. In the next 7days similar networks will be created by the KF; first for Italy and then for any other nation where the virus will hit.

The KF Iran has forbidden any sale of the 1C=1L-GaNS – it has to be given absolutely free!


Because the virus is genetically modified, it’s spreading following our genetical patterns. After China, Iran and now Italy, France and Germany are most touched in Europe.


From the Chinese to the Iranians and from there to the Italians. In the near future the virus will spread heavily across the US because the Italian immigrants are rooted in the East (New York) while the Iranians have settled in the West (Los Angeles).


On the image you see the change of the technology: the right image shows the conventional government lead disinfection campaign with synthetic substances; the left one shows one man disinfecting a whole road with LP-1Cup=1Life without any special equipment – apart the 1C=1L-GaNS.


The building of the UEU in China is jeopardized as the  nation is already in such a chaos that it is questionable wether they will be able to continue production. However, 10 units (6x body enhancement units and 4x environment enhancement units) will be installed in the KF Arizona facility. At this point there will be no Chinese involvement, as they are still after stealing technology; they will be allowed to participate as soon that they show commitment to change their behaviour. The Arizona exhibit is the showcase to the governments of the world. The location where these units are on display, is of course virus-free!

The KF Arizona created a wish for a “City of Hope”

We, the Humanity, give freely from our Soul and are present in the Wish:

A City of Hope has been created in all nations, a community that develops and promotes freely new technologies for the benefit of ALL.”
February, 27 2020

We are present.

KSW316 – 2020-02-20

UC wishes fo the week

If you want to support a particular nation by giving from your Soul, the best way is to direct your wish to the UC member of your language because she/he is the focal point for that nation.

This week the UC introduces the “Commandments” into this context, because when these are related to the wishes, they will get the necessary field strength to manifest in the matter state. Subsequently the enhanced commandment is added to the wish, making it stronger.

Follow the wishes directed to the UC members who are in the middle of the turmoil around the WCV giving them from our energy to make them more confident.

The first wish is for the Mandarin and Cantonese language concerning the outbreak of the Corona Virus:

We, the Core Team, Earth Council, Universal Council, Universal Council Support Members, Knowledge Seekers and Humanity, give freely from our Soul and are present in the wish: The UC Mandarin and Cantonese language members take from our Soul what they need to manifest their wish for their language community.“

We are giving freely from our souls to the Commandment XIX: ”Thou shalt not accept no path except the path of his own Soul to his Creator.” or in other words: “We deliberately choose to dwell in the place where our wishes are already fulfilled”

We are present

The next wish addresses the American part, having produced and spread the virus:
“We, the Core Team, Earth Council, Universal Council, Universal Council Support Members, Knowledge Seekers and Humanity, give freely from our Soul and are present in the wish: The UC English language members take from our Soul what they need to support their administration members, so they can serve their country with Love and Care in correct conduct and transparency.“


We are present

The next wish is to support the preparations for the Conference in Teheran in April:

We, the Core Team, Earth Council, Universal Council, Universal Council Support Members, Knowledge Seekers and Humanity give freely from our Soul and are present in the Wish: The Farsi language members take from our Soul what they need to make the Conference a changing point for the whole of Humanity.”


We are present

The next wish is concerned with the Mayan Prophecy of creating a new Human Race:

We, the Core Team, Earth Council, Universal Council, Universal Council Support Members, Knowledge Seekers and Humanity give freely from our Soul and are present in the wish: The UC Spanish language members can take from our Soul what they need to help birthing the new Humanity when the tribe of the Eagle (technological societies) and the tribe of the Condor (indigenous societies) melt into one”.

We are giving freely from our souls to the Commandment XVIII: ”Thou shalt be the river of Life and Love”.

And finally the last one to support the Dutch language members, who also serve Belgium where the KF works to abolish kingship.

We, the Core Team, Earth Council, Universal Council, Universal Council Support Members, Knowledge Seekers and Humanity give freely from our Soul and are present in the wish: The Dutch language members take from our Soul what they need to help the European Court of Justice as well as all stakeholders to clearly see the impossibility of any human being superior to another”.

We are present

We are giving freely from our Soul to the Commandment XII: “Thou shalt be equal to others and do not consider thyself higher or lower than them”. Or in other words: “We are all sisters and brothers of our Mother Earth whom we have created and care for with Love and Reverence”.



As the virus spreads, the KF is offering concrete and efficient help to more and more governments.

The virus spreads with a death rate of 90%; governments do not inform their citizens “to prevent panic”. M. Keshe’s sources say that already 5000 medical emergency teams in the Wuhan area have been infected. The Virus has even arrived in the South of Iran; two elderly people have been infected and died. The area is a major center of the mohammedan religion, the grave of Mohammed’s daughter. As more and more airports have closed their flights to and from China, Teheran and Istambul are the last open routes…

The Chinese government is internally panicking and externally showing off the “we are in control” attitude; a combination of inefficiency. The Chinese military on the other hand is working with knowledge seekers to deploy important quantities of GaNS water onto cities and quarantined areas.

The whole Wuhan area being under curfew makes it very difficult to bring the 1C=1L to the households who need them. Government agents are literally welding household doors shut. That helps on one hand to control the spreading of the virus but on the other hand it is condemning whole families to infect each other and die together. Let’s create a wish for that: We as Humanity are giving freely from our Souls and are present in our wish: “The Chinese Government agents are now acting as tru lovers of Humanity, helping to get the 1C=1L to wherever it is needed, refusing to accept any form of payment to reduce the numbers of people.”

Guatemala, 20th February, 2020

We are present.

But the Chinese have this bad habit of stealing technology and claiming afterwards that it is a Chinese technology only to glorify themselves. “Lying and stealing and killing or imprisoning scientist who share knowledge has become “legal” because the heads of the governments are criminals themselves.” M. Keshe. This habitual lying may fire back because lying and stealing are grave violations of the Universal Principle which is already “ruling” right now. “If you steal and lie, you may become rich in your pocket, but your Soul can become so poor, that she cannot find a place to live anymore!” M. Keshe. All of us, the knowledge seekers around the world are sharing since the very beginning all we know freely across the platforms that have to national, religious or race borders.

Let’s create a wish for this problem:

As a whole Humanity we give freely from our Soul and are present in the wish: “Knowledge is a tool for Peace. For the knowledge there are no borders and the free sharing of knowledge for the benefit of All is our point of pride. Scientist who endeavour to advance science, are the true messengers of the Universe, they now have the same international protection as diplomats”.

Guatemala, February 20th 2020

We are Present

It takes many generations to breed an eminent scientist; to silence or kill him looks like cannibalism – it only hurts Humanity. It is our right and responsibility to deliver the truth about knowledge in every shape and form!” M. Keshe

Unfortunately it’s not only Americans like Bill Gates who promote the reduction of the world population by genocide, but there are also representatives even in the top layers of the Chinese government who would like to see the Chinese population reduced by another 400M.

Development of the Virus

The symptoms of the WCV are more heavy on the respiratory tract than on the fever. Doctors report that in most of the patients a jellylike liquid builds-up in the lungs; which, when drained, comes back. What is making it worse is that this liquid has the tendency to solidify over time so patients typically die of suffocation.

According to scientists the virus has a “shelf life” of about 30 minutes, if it is treated within this window of time, the virus will not take foot in the body and damage it.

The 1C=1L is totally sufficient to process the WCV infection; but if ever the virus goes beyond the respiratory tract and attacks the muscle tissue, our approach will have to me adapted. The actual 1C=1L is based on the bond between C and O, which connects to the respiratory tract, that’s why we use GaNS-CO2. But a muscle tissue affecting virus has to be processed with some kind of a hemoglobin GaNS that is produced in the presence of galvanized iron (Fe-galv).


Since the event in Iraq, the paralysis of an American military base, is has become obvious that the American weapon technology has become worthless. Since this event many military orders have been cancelled. As the KF is making as many governments aware of this, it becomes more and more obvious how Science and Technology have become a tool for Peace; and we can even go beyond that statement by saying that science and technology are now enforcing Peace on the planet.

Actually the activity around the WCV is going in the same direction: the KF and we are supporting affected people without any consideration of nations, religions and race. And we definitely will not allow the people who have instigated the WCV to run free, we don’t forget, we don’t forgive – “In so many ways, they are digging their own graves.” M. Keshe


UC Wish of this week

This is a wish proposed by Carolina to promote the 1Cup=1Life as the solution for the Wuhan Corona Virus (WCV).

We, the Core Team, Earth Council, Universal Council, Universal Council Support Members, Knowledge Seekers and Humanity, give freely from our Soul and are present in the Wish: As the Souls of the world leaders and military are elevated now, they invest their energy and influence to freely educate, distribute and apply the knowledge of the 1Cup=1Life system, which is a humane, responsible and accessible way for everybody to control the WCV.

1N1P1R, 2020-02-11

We are present

Our participation in reality

During the discussions of 1N1P1R about the question to whom to address the wish above, we started with the military leaders, and the political leaders, and as we added the supplying industries, we noticed that the group of addressees was growing more and more. We had the whole military-industrial complex and then Carolina proposed to add the beneficiaries of these industries as well. At this moment the feeling slowly crept up that, if we would go on like this, we would end up counting everyone of us in.

We are “in” with the political leaders, because we voted them into office; we are “in” with the industries supplying to the military, because they generate tax money from which we profit by using community and social services. Not to speak of the mind level, where we still harbour some unquestioned beliefs like: the military is o.k. when we only have them to defend ourselves – just in case… or: the teacher in front of a class has to show his authority, otherwise the kids will…

WCV news from China

Numbers of infections is growing in the province of Wuhan; partly due to lack of hospitals. Plus the chinese as most of the world are depending a lot on american medicine. Plus many health professionals are paid to solely promote US pharmaceuticals and block everything else. There still is a general resistance and ignorance vis-a-vis the 1Cup=1Life. There is also a lot of resistance and misinformation in the internet and media against the Plasma solution; the worst being a university professor who declared Plasma Technology being fake. As it turns out he, too is paid by american sources to do that.

The conventional chinese way to deal with epidemics, we saw during the swine flu last year: Isolate and quarantine affected areas. The local governments have enact curfews, shutting traffic down, forbidding people to leave their houses, factories are not allowed to open etc.

Government acceptance and adoption is slow because nobody wants to take the responsibility to promote a new and largely unknown technology; every department tries to get rid of the “hot potato” by passing it on to another one.

At the same time, people who are using the 1Cup=1Life, are recovering quickly. The KF-China member told us that a woman who had made 8 Magrav and distributed them in her family, no one of her family – even though they were all living in the epicentre of the epidemic in Wuhan! So far one hospital in Shanghai and Beijing has accepted to use the Plasma Technology.

Double Virus

Bill Gates and consorts released this epidemic in an attempt to reduce the world population by biological warfare, genocide. But they overlooked the fact that this flue does not touch the muslims because they don’t eat pig meat. All the nations that have been affected by the pig flu before run a higher risk to be infected by the corona virus; and these are the nations that eat pig meat.

The difference between the swine flu virus and the corona virus is that the first propagates during the hot season and the second during winter. The two may merge into one during April, enabling this composite virus to propagate regardless of the season. This will of course skyrocket the mortality. The swine flu is linked to the amino acids of the pigs, while the corona virus is linked to the amino acids of the human organism. And the two viruses are brought together in the humans who eat pigs. The chance to merge the two viruses has dramatically increased in the last 48 hours as we have seen the flu spreading inside the christian communities in Indonesia without touching the muslims. The hotter the weather becomes all over the world, the more people will die.

The pig flu is a double strand virus with one strand linking up with bacteria (blue arrow) and the other with energy (pink arrow); the corona virus is single strand linking up with energy. The 1Cup=1Life will wipe out the energy strands in both the viruses thus annihilating the single WCV. The bacterial connection of the double stranded virus remains active causing a bacterial infection of the respiratory tract with high fever three days later. This phase of the disease can be likened to the “Black Plague”, an often deadly bacterial infection affecting the respiratory system.

This condition is also treated with the 1Cup=1Life or with anti-bacterial GaNS like GaNS-N or GaNS-S, both with a CuO component and within 6 days you will come out of it.

But remember that the merger between the two may create a new triple stranded virus.

Up to this date almost all lethality of infected people are chinese or chinese descendants. The virus has been genetically engineered to wipe out the chinese race. This direction has become possible by the combination of the 2 viruses (swine flue and corona virus). The combination is actually taking place in the organisms of people who are eating pig meat; especially those who have already been affected by the swine flu. What the cabal has overlooked perhaps is the fact that muslim nations don’t eat pig…. !

KSW314, 2020-02-06

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Wuhan Corona Virus

The Wuhan Corona Virus (WCV) is a genocidal weapon issued from the collaboration between the american government, the Gates foundation and MIT; the latter having tailored the virus.

The americans have also started to deploy their medication against the WCV… and created more mayhem than help: the injections make the patient’s temperature drop and he feels better but after a week the patient dies for lack of oxygen in the blood (220%). The reason being that the injections do not treat the damages of the respiration tract. Furthermore the virus and the medication generate a genetic defects in the lung which causes the death of the patient.

Recent observations have shown that the WCV seems to affect the chinese population much harder than people of other races; the latter showing only normal flue symptoms. This means that the virus has been made to affect a specific race; it has been genetically modified to become a weapon to genocide a targeted race. The decontamination system as well as a new 1C=1L should be able to deal with that because it has integrated the knowledge about “rewinding” genetic modifications in Monsanto seeds from over a year ago.

While the chinese government is shutting down airports and blocking travelling, the KF is working feverishly to bring out a large scale decontamination system for air- and other ports.

Youtube and the dark forces

By Carolina Keshe

In last 24 hours, YouTube removed OneCup-OneLife original video and German voice-over. Saving lives does not seem important to corporations. Mr. Keshe is requesting all knowledge-seekers to upload this original video EVERYWHERE on the internet in as many copies as possible. Make torrents, upload to all services like YouTube, Livestream, Vimeo, Facebook and local versions in certain countries. Upload to websites and share with everyone and in every chat, group, channel of communication that you are aware of. Help people by delivering the knowledge given by Mr. Keshe for free. Please report back the links where you uploaded the video. Thank you!

Magrav Shield

We learned in the last months, he iranian government and military dispose of plasma technology devices that can block weaponry as well as whole military bases. In this context M. Keshe shared a video from the iranian military, showing a cloud, which makes the magnetic waves visible. These ways create a shield that blocks all communication to and from weapons, missiles and vehicles. This technology had been employd successfully in the case of the capturing of an american drone and warship, as well as the paralysis of a whole american military base in Irak. You can watch the video following this link.

In the video, you see waves or lines moving up against the backdrop of the cloud; the molecules of the cloud are actually compressed by these magnetic waves. The space gap between the waves prevent anything to penetrate: no communication.

The Future of World Leaders

With the beginning of the era of eternal Peace on Earth, the Ethos and the Zeitgeist have significantly changed; making corruption, collusion and lying not impossible but attach severe consequences to them. All actions in misalignment with the Universal Principle or the intend of Peace will immediately reflect back on the perpetrators.

For example Donald Trump is the de facto political leader of the English language; as such he is part of the Universal Council of the English language. Now if he behaves in disrespect of the true (Soul-) wish of the Universal Council, which is Peace, he will be removed from office.

World leaders in the future are not removed by elections but by the clarity and understanding of the totality of the collective consciousness. That’s why we created the Universal Council. You are all part of it. The UC has to work as one to create a bigger field strength, which is able to instantaneously manifest the true wish of UC.”

The fact that Donald Trump is still in office is because he has still a role to play in the achievement of world peace.

KSW313, 2020-01-29

The Political Story of the Corona Virus

Mr. Keshe educated us on how the Coronavirus was patented recently and its launch w as timed to become public just before the Chinese New Year in an attempt to totally destabilize the Chinese government. It was a well planned release in specific locations in the same manner as the African Swine Flu for pigs. This is a new strategy developed by the American government for mass killings through viruses. This is not a normal virus, it is well designed and patented and they have already made all of the vaccines for it. The plan was setup 3 to 4 years ago, they were to sell 1.4 billion doses of the vaccine to the Chinese government at $10 to $20 each, and in that way, they would control the finances of China.

M. Keshe was expecting this tailor made virus a year ago and informed the Chinese government.

In fact what we see here is a composite virus and it’s made from a double virus.Last year the americans launched the first strand, the pig flu (double strand) and this year the second, single strand, the Wuhan-Corona virus. When the two come together like act like epoxy glue: alone they don’t do much, but the two components mixed togehter, the letality reaches a much higher level. So now we see that the people who are dying of Coronavirus, are connected to the people who consumed the infected pig meat.” M. Keshe

Up to 1 million people travel out of China everyday and we see the virus has already traveled to Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia. The virus is impossible to contain, except through the Plasma Technology. You can visit a virus tracker website that shows the progress of the virus as well as the numbers of people recovered by following this link.

 We even have a photo of the tiny drone like machine they used to spread the virus. CIA agents travel as tourists around the world with these tiny drones and release the virus. This very tiny drone fits between the fingers, and there is a little hole in the front where the virus sprays out. All they need to do is to release the drone near the pig farms and the it usually lands in the pig’s sewage so nobody ever sees it.

If you look at it, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Americans call everybody else terrorists, while they themselves are terrorizing everybody.

However, the perpetrators had not counted on the Keshe Foundation (KF) responding in such a simple way to overcome it, with the “One Cup: One Life”. Everyone can easily make the GaNS at home to save their own lives and that of their neighbours. From now on any attempt to use viruses against humanity will be easily overcome through the KF Technology.

Moreover Iranian scientists are commissioned to develop a technology that should be ready sometime by the end of February or March 2020; it will detect and identify any future kind of virus for an immediate response.


  • The GaNS-1Cup:1Life can be used for any virus with the exception of HIV. You can also add a little bit of epsom salt to get the strength of Mg, which is connected to the brain.

  • If it’s good for humans – it’s good for animals, too.

  • M. Keshe encourages all of us to produce right away the GaNS-1Cup:1Life and then give them away in spray bottles toghether with explanatory paper which explains how to use it how to make it yourself.
  • The explanatory video of 1Cup:1Life is available following this link

Conference in Mexico

M. Keshe will not attend this conference as the American Government has issued the order: M. Keshe and Mrs. Keshe are absolutely forbidden to enter Mexico and attend the conference. If they go anyway, the mexican president will issue executive order to arrest them upon arrival. “My life is not worth much but it is not worth for the americans to play with”, comments M. Keshe. So he will not be physically present but with his Soul and he will share his presentations via Zoom.

He reminds us of the incident in 2010 when M. Keshe was travelling to the golf of Mexico to help with the oil spill disaster. On his transit he had been arrested by the canadian authorities, questioned/tortured from 9 am to 1 am continuously, threatened to be killed and then deported back to Belgium.

The reason? The americanos are furious because the military power of the “most powerful nation in the world” has been exposed as entirely inefficient in relation to the Plasma Technology.

The Sepah model

Sepah is the name of the Iranian army ethic that has been in effect since 3000 years and still is today: Sepah asks every soldier to defend unconditionally the freedom of his motherland. Sepah soldiers have never been asked to be loyal to any government, their loyalty was always to protect the whole nation. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Sepah labelled “terrorists” by the US.

The Universal Council will adopted this ethic: from now on every citizen of the world will be a Peace-Sepah, defend 1 Nation 1 Planet 1 Race, the whole of Humanity, assuring the transition of mankind from the actual animal state to it’s real Humanity. It has to make sure that no man is harmed anymore and the UC and EC members are fully protected aw well.

One of the first assignments of the Universal Sepah will be to make sure that no arms or other war equipment will cross any border on this planet. No sanctions will be necessary because the war planes will land in nowhere, the ships will sink and the missiles won’t hit…

Teheran Conference

If you want to apply for your visa at the iranian government, please hold on for another two weeks until the KF gives us a green light. The Kf is about to sort out all the details with the iranian government.


When the pope would follow the KF’s advice and enter the unit, he may come out feeling as Jesus Christ – after the resurrection. Many will come out of the unit as a Soul and then they will have to decide whether they want to remain free floating or take a human shape again.

But when Donald Trump enters into the unit – well…

KSW 312, 2020-01-22

UC Demilitarization Protocol

This is the protocol set up by the Universal Council to demilitarize planet Earth following the principle Thou shall not kill.

 We give from our Souls and are present in the wish: As the world leaders have signed the World Peace Treaty on behalf fo their nations, a new life and a new ethos for all citizens has been established: “We are here to serve.”
This ethos applies equally to all Souls as we are now 1 Planet, 1 Nation, 1 Race working in harmony together to build a bright future for all generations to come. We are now sharing freely knowledge across the totality of this beautiful blue planet.

All Military is converted into the Universal Soul Force.

As Humanity has evolved beyond aggression, warfare and armed conflict, everything related is now obsolete. The military assets therefore have been converted into peaceful applications, the military personnel is re-employed into civil service and all military expenditures are redirected into projects that are beneficial for humanity and all life on Earth.


All military personnel as well as all employees of private firms catering to the military remain employed to prevent economic stress. Military personnel are highly trained and physically fit; they are natural leaders and teachers in many fields. They are now reoriented towards peaceful purposes without loss of career. The reorientation is greatly facilitated by the Keshe Foundation which is the largest, most advanced Plasma Science research and development organization in the world. The knowledge and technology shared by the Keshe Foundation has been quickly adopted by the personnel.

All personnel serve equally as all ranks and symbols of hierarchy are removed.

Young people are given the opportunity to be listed as a peacemakers. They can receive education, training and knowledge, housing, food in order to build themselves a purposeful career.

Communication systems

The existing communication systems are used for immediate response in emergency situations.


Assets such as air, land or sea vehicles are now used for rapid response to natural disasters: emergency shelters, mobile hospitals, teaching units, emergency transportation, rebuilding damaged infrastructure, delivering essential supplies (medicine, food, water, energy, etc) and manufactures of Plasma Technology. This gives a huge boost to the work of existing disaster aid organizations.

Through Plasma Technology, there are no harmful chemicals and radiation present on this planet anymore.

Teheran Conference

Hello knowledge seekers, if you want come to the conference to Tehran, you have to register your name following this link.

The username is: form41 and the password: plasma18#KF.

This conference will be held April 19-20-21, 2020
Please inform to all your friends who would like to attend this conference.

Incident American Military Base in Irak

Here’s what happened to an american military base in Irak two weeks ago according to official media:

The injuries surfaced after Iranian forces launched 11 missiles Jan. 8 at Ain al-Asad air base west of Baghdad and one into the northern city of Irbil in retaliation for the U.S. killing of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, who U.S. officials say was connected to the deaths of hundreds of U.S. troops over the past 20 …(source: Washington Post)

Here’s M. Keshe’s version of what happened: First the Iranians created a field force dome over the American base which blocked all communication in and out. Nothing like drones, airplanes and so on could penetrate the shield – they could not even see the base on their screens anymore. This shielding dome was maintained for 10minutes – 10 minutes of deep peace. M. Keshe suggested strongly to the Iranian government to leave the base unharmed, but… for once the iranian military did not listen and launched the missiles.

This event showed clearly that the american military could not protect what they want to sell to other nations; as a consequence many weapon deals have been stalled…

 As a next step the KF suggests to Iran to use this technology to prevent any transport of military equipment across the globe; in this way Iran could become the “enforcer” of Peace. This could cause an economic downslide which will force the US government to reposition themselves and adopt a new way of dealing with the world, especially Iran.

In the wake of this event, the american nation could be hit by an economic disaster, in which case the KF will immediately jump in to provide for the populace most affected, water, shelter, food and medicine – and this on the plasma level of their technology. (Details in the Main Course: Beyond Matter, part 2). Willing american companies, government agents and scientists are welcome to help the deployment of this human aid program by working together with Iran in the facility of the KF in Arizona.

KSW 311, 2020-01-15

Message to the Religious Leaders

From KSW300@01:25:47

My message is very clear to the world’s religious leaders: close shop and let the Soul of the Man free. It’ very simple. You are responsible for the suffering of the Souls and enough is enough or I close it for you.” M. Keshe

 Carolina shared a good idea: we can all go to the churches and secretly pour GaNS water (CO2 and ZnO) into the holy water basins.

And of course we can also elevate the Souls of the religious leaders:

We give from our Souls and are present in the wish: All religious leaders acknowledge the fact that there isn’t any god separate from us, step down being middleman and be joyfully of true service to Humanity. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Universal Community will become visible to Humanity

 Our friends of the Universal Community will become visible to us the moment our world leaders do enter into final peace negotiations between all the nations that are still having unresolved conflicts. Then the world leaders will join with the Universal Council and the Earth Council to create the new 1 World 1 Nation 1 Rase “government”. This entity will not really be a hierarchical government but rather an administrative body to facilitate the life of all beings. At the same time starts the general and overall disarmament and the eternal World Peace will manifest on the matter plane. January 2021 is the appointed day that the Universal Community will open the communication pathways to our planet and they will finally become also visible to our eyes. Then we are in the safest hands Mankind could ever be.” adds M. Keshe. And in this context we can easily understand that the Universal Community will guide us; when we put ourselves into the position of the weaker plasma.

There are some prerequisites to this as:

 First and foremost the kingship in any shape and form must end. When we use the term “kingship” we include anybody placing himself above anybody else. That means there will be no (self-)appointed leader anymore: no kings, no popes, no mullahs, no honourable presidents and so on. However, there will be place to excel – not demeaning others – but by you becoming a reference because of your high level of understanding. And remember, having become a reference, doesn’t entitle you to absolutely nothing!
This is the end of all churches and of all governments.

This is important because we will not be able to see ourselves in the new Humanity while our eyes are still biased by old superstitions and myths. It is necessary to shed the myth about our existence in order to welcome and integrate the truth about our Soul. The Soul teachings are the most important teachings ever! The Human Soul is very precious to the Universal Community because we are “gifted Souls” that can engender other worlds and Universes by the Love of our Soul.

 And of course all social structures have an equivalent inside of us: that’s where each of us has to be able to let go of all the old forever unquestioned belief systems so we finally will be fully able to believe in our Soul – in the sense to “believe your self”. And here is what our true Self and her purpose is:

  1. Loving the Universal Soul, the Creator, Man is strong.
  2. Being loved by the Universal Soul, Man has the strength of all other universes and creations.

Both of the positions make Man the Creator and it is to Man to decide whether he will be a speck of dust or the creator of new Worlds. It is our purpose to create more splendid worlds and it is our “freedom” to ignore and to deny this pleasure and responsibility. If the religious and political leaders of the world want any job at all at this point in the evolution of Humanity, the only job available is to help prepare mankind to take it’s natural place and it’s responsibility in the Totality.


The next week the Health Enhancement Unit and the Environment Enhancement Unit will be shown in action during the Teheran conference. They will both be displayed at the same time in China and in Arizona.

Contrary to the application of GaNS and Nano-materials, the UEU can be used when you have artificial implants in your body like hip replacements, hernia meshes, pace makers. This is possible because the Unit can separate certain body parts and not affect them directly; until you decide to take out the pacemaker and let your heart regain it’s normal functioning.
There has been already one trial where a patient who was blind by an accident and had at the same time a platinum plate in the scull: the unit was used to treat his vision without affecting the metal implant. The results are very promising as the patient is regaining his vision.

For the moment the functioning of the units will not be published for a simple reason, the units cannot be copied; they only work to their optimum because they have been created by M. Keshe. He gave a hint though by saying that if you are completely in the Ethos of the KF there is a good chance that you will be able to do it as well. The ethos is the Universal Principle “We are here to serve the totality.” This ethos leaves no space for personal interest and personal gain.

He added: “The limitation of that knowledge is the imagination of the Man.” We will see everything according to what we allow ourselves to see”; how open are we right now?

Concerning the 5G technology

 The aim of this technology is how to put a maximum of energy into the highest frequency or shortest pulses. This technology doesn’t seem to present something new; it only is faster and more energy as the Gs before…

M. Keshe did not respond directly but I think we can all imagine that the Plasma technology, especially the zero-time communication has already made 5G obsolete. Anyway we have the nano-coated infinity symbols that do a fabulous job with 4G.

KSW 310, 2020-01-09

World Peace for Ever at last!

Today’s workshop is for the Celebration of World Peace Achieved.

Rain is love from the Creator to Man. It doesn’t know race and no religion, lover or enemy, child or adult, man or woman, tree or animal. The Rain nourishes all equally and with the same measure. I wish man was like rain. Then all wars and pains will stop as my love for humanity showers all beings just the same.” M. Keshe

 Now that World Peace has been achieved; no nation is ready to go to war anymore because the nuclear weapon technology has been surpassed by far by the technology that Iran recently used against the US.

Now that the weapon race has come to an end, science and technology will become the most important matters for humanity (the Soul of Jacques Fresco, the initiator of the Venus Project will jubilate, because that was one of his main points: that “political reasons” should be replaced by “scientific reasons”!).

We used the power of steam to bring humanity into a new technological age; now we use the power of Plasma and the power of the Soul to completely change the ways of Humanity – an entirely new beginning!M. Keshe

This process can be greatly accelerated by each of us elevating the Soul of Humanity:

Sit comfortable and touch your heart centre with your fingers. Feel how you are grateful to be part of the Universal Community. Then speak with your inner voice: “I give from my Soul to all human beings who need it, without any condition and as much as they need; so they can elevate their Souls and see their own way to Peace and to One Humanity… Isn’t it wonderful?!… Thank you.”


The unit will be shown “as built” next week.

Here’s another aspect of the UEU that you may not even have guessed: you can create the condition of any point in the Universe within the unit – visually. In this way we can research any point in the universes and of course in our solar system and on our Mother Earth, without actually going there. We will be able to look and feel the exact condition within the unit. This surpasses the Cern or Tokamak systems (a Russian device which uses a powerful magnetic field to confine a hot plasma in the shape of a torus) many times. All the old systems created magnetic fields from the matter level and exactly that makes their limitations. Now that Plasma Science uses the magnetic fields coming from the Universal Soul – not even the sky is the limit!

This will be explained in detail in the coming workshops.

New systems

The coming month we will be witnessing the constant release of many systems for the improvement of the conditions of life on Earth.

CO2 Capturing System

A new CO2 capturing system has already been proposed by the KF to the Italian government for public release. It will be launched within the next 4 weeks; it is priced at 20,000 . This system may be shown during the Mexico Conference on the 7, 8, 9 of February 2020.

The new CO2 capture systems are placed like solar panels on the roofs of buildings around the cities. The GaNS thus produced can be fed into the world’s oceans to help them get to a healthier position. It can also be used to clean up wastewater streams.

The application of these systems will bring an important increase of GaNS in the environment of our Planet, which will greatly affect the animal world: they will become much more peaceful and may stop feeding on each other, because the GaNS will satisfy their immediate needs. It will also bring balance to their reproduction rates – stray dogs and cats may diminish and disappear.

This system will work as well in regards to animal epidemics like crickets eating whole harvests and so on.

Health System for Farms

This system will improve the health and productivity of farm animals, so their will be no need anymore to medicate animals with hormones for example to raise production levels. At the same these systems can clean up antibiotics and other invasive substances already present in farm animals. We with that this will be a decisive step towards humane animal husbandry.

This system may be shown during the Kenia conference, on march 6, 7, 8.

Teheran Conference

Please book as soon as possible because the Iranian Government wants the names of the participants at least 45 days before the event. In order to make you visa application run smoothly, book in the next weeks.

President Trump will be invited personally to this conference.

Malta Conference

This conference will mainly be around discussions between the KF and the Maltese government to streamline the movement of the KF headquarters to Malta.

Call for Projects

 M. Keshe asked anyone of us who has developed a viable plasma technology to step forward and present it on the new platform. If it is estimated to be worthwhile, the KF is committed to help the prototyping and development.

Especially for what he called a “Home System”. Not in terms of construction but in terms of emotional quality – more of a “home” than a “house”. A new leisure and enjoyment part of the plasma technology – real serious fun!

KSW 309, 2020-01-02


Now at 1/2 M€ (since new year)

New upgraded UEU hopefully before beginning of February 2020; price 1 M€… and a complete new and radically different unit hopefully by the end of 2020

GaNS Reactor Set

As you may have noticed the teachings of the KF go straight forward into the direction of dynamic fields which can be easily created with reactors (spheres filled with LP+GaNS on turning motors). In order to facilitate your experiments with fields you can now buy a Keshe GaNS Reactor set for 49.99. You’ll find it on the KF store.

Teheran Conference

Priced at 300.00 including access and lunches for the 4 days.

Project and Knowledge Platform

will be operational from January 14th; you have to be a private student to participate.

Join the Keshe Family on Telegram

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