KSW 311, 2020-01-15

Message to the Religious Leaders

From KSW300@01:25:47

My message is very clear to the world’s religious leaders: close shop and let the Soul of the Man free. It’ very simple. You are responsible for the suffering of the Souls and enough is enough or I close it for you.” M. Keshe

 Carolina shared a good idea: we can all go to the churches and secretly pour GaNS water (CO2 and ZnO) into the holy water basins.

And of course we can also elevate the Souls of the religious leaders:

We give from our Souls and are present in the wish: All religious leaders acknowledge the fact that there isn’t any god separate from us, step down being middleman and be joyfully of true service to Humanity. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Universal Community will become visible to Humanity

 Our friends of the Universal Community will become visible to us the moment our world leaders do enter into final peace negotiations between all the nations that are still having unresolved conflicts. Then the world leaders will join with the Universal Council and the Earth Council to create the new 1 World 1 Nation 1 Rase “government”. This entity will not really be a hierarchical government but rather an administrative body to facilitate the life of all beings. At the same time starts the general and overall disarmament and the eternal World Peace will manifest on the matter plane. January 2021 is the appointed day that the Universal Community will open the communication pathways to our planet and they will finally become also visible to our eyes. Then we are in the safest hands Mankind could ever be.” adds M. Keshe. And in this context we can easily understand that the Universal Community will guide us; when we put ourselves into the position of the weaker plasma.

There are some prerequisites to this as:

 First and foremost the kingship in any shape and form must end. When we use the term “kingship” we include anybody placing himself above anybody else. That means there will be no (self-)appointed leader anymore: no kings, no popes, no mullahs, no honourable presidents and so on. However, there will be place to excel – not demeaning others – but by you becoming a reference because of your high level of understanding. And remember, having become a reference, doesn’t entitle you to absolutely nothing!
This is the end of all churches and of all governments.

This is important because we will not be able to see ourselves in the new Humanity while our eyes are still biased by old superstitions and myths. It is necessary to shed the myth about our existence in order to welcome and integrate the truth about our Soul. The Soul teachings are the most important teachings ever! The Human Soul is very precious to the Universal Community because we are “gifted Souls” that can engender other worlds and Universes by the Love of our Soul.

 And of course all social structures have an equivalent inside of us: that’s where each of us has to be able to let go of all the old forever unquestioned belief systems so we finally will be fully able to believe in our Soul – in the sense to “believe your self”. And here is what our true Self and her purpose is:

  1. Loving the Universal Soul, the Creator, Man is strong.
  2. Being loved by the Universal Soul, Man has the strength of all other universes and creations.

Both of the positions make Man the Creator and it is to Man to decide whether he will be a speck of dust or the creator of new Worlds. It is our purpose to create more splendid worlds and it is our “freedom” to ignore and to deny this pleasure and responsibility. If the religious and political leaders of the world want any job at all at this point in the evolution of Humanity, the only job available is to help prepare mankind to take it’s natural place and it’s responsibility in the Totality.


The next week the Health Enhancement Unit and the Environment Enhancement Unit will be shown in action during the Teheran conference. They will both be displayed at the same time in China and in Arizona.

Contrary to the application of GaNS and Nano-materials, the UEU can be used when you have artificial implants in your body like hip replacements, hernia meshes, pace makers. This is possible because the Unit can separate certain body parts and not affect them directly; until you decide to take out the pacemaker and let your heart regain it’s normal functioning.
There has been already one trial where a patient who was blind by an accident and had at the same time a platinum plate in the scull: the unit was used to treat his vision without affecting the metal implant. The results are very promising as the patient is regaining his vision.

For the moment the functioning of the units will not be published for a simple reason, the units cannot be copied; they only work to their optimum because they have been created by M. Keshe. He gave a hint though by saying that if you are completely in the Ethos of the KF there is a good chance that you will be able to do it as well. The ethos is the Universal Principle “We are here to serve the totality.” This ethos leaves no space for personal interest and personal gain.

He added: “The limitation of that knowledge is the imagination of the Man.” We will see everything according to what we allow ourselves to see”; how open are we right now?

Concerning the 5G technology

 The aim of this technology is how to put a maximum of energy into the highest frequency or shortest pulses. This technology doesn’t seem to present something new; it only is faster and more energy as the Gs before…

M. Keshe did not respond directly but I think we can all imagine that the Plasma technology, especially the zero-time communication has already made 5G obsolete. Anyway we have the nano-coated infinity symbols that do a fabulous job with 4G.

KSW 310, 2020-01-09

World Peace for Ever at last!

Today’s workshop is for the Celebration of World Peace Achieved.

Rain is love from the Creator to Man. It doesn’t know race and no religion, lover or enemy, child or adult, man or woman, tree or animal. The Rain nourishes all equally and with the same measure. I wish man was like rain. Then all wars and pains will stop as my love for humanity showers all beings just the same.” M. Keshe

 Now that World Peace has been achieved; no nation is ready to go to war anymore because the nuclear weapon technology has been surpassed by far by the technology that Iran recently used against the US.

Now that the weapon race has come to an end, science and technology will become the most important matters for humanity (the Soul of Jacques Fresco, the initiator of the Venus Project will jubilate, because that was one of his main points: that “political reasons” should be replaced by “scientific reasons”!).

We used the power of steam to bring humanity into a new technological age; now we use the power of Plasma and the power of the Soul to completely change the ways of Humanity – an entirely new beginning!M. Keshe

This process can be greatly accelerated by each of us elevating the Soul of Humanity:

Sit comfortable and touch your heart centre with your fingers. Feel how you are grateful to be part of the Universal Community. Then speak with your inner voice: “I give from my Soul to all human beings who need it, without any condition and as much as they need; so they can elevate their Souls and see their own way to Peace and to One Humanity… Isn’t it wonderful?!… Thank you.”


The unit will be shown “as built” next week.

Here’s another aspect of the UEU that you may not even have guessed: you can create the condition of any point in the Universe within the unit – visually. In this way we can research any point in the universes and of course in our solar system and on our Mother Earth, without actually going there. We will be able to look and feel the exact condition within the unit. This surpasses the Cern or Tokamak systems (a Russian device which uses a powerful magnetic field to confine a hot plasma in the shape of a torus) many times. All the old systems created magnetic fields from the matter level and exactly that makes their limitations. Now that Plasma Science uses the magnetic fields coming from the Universal Soul – not even the sky is the limit!

This will be explained in detail in the coming workshops.

New systems

The coming month we will be witnessing the constant release of many systems for the improvement of the conditions of life on Earth.

CO2 Capturing System

A new CO2 capturing system has already been proposed by the KF to the Italian government for public release. It will be launched within the next 4 weeks; it is priced at 20,000 . This system may be shown during the Mexico Conference on the 7, 8, 9 of February 2020.

The new CO2 capture systems are placed like solar panels on the roofs of buildings around the cities. The GaNS thus produced can be fed into the world’s oceans to help them get to a healthier position. It can also be used to clean up wastewater streams.

The application of these systems will bring an important increase of GaNS in the environment of our Planet, which will greatly affect the animal world: they will become much more peaceful and may stop feeding on each other, because the GaNS will satisfy their immediate needs. It will also bring balance to their reproduction rates – stray dogs and cats may diminish and disappear.

This system will work as well in regards to animal epidemics like crickets eating whole harvests and so on.

Health System for Farms

This system will improve the health and productivity of farm animals, so their will be no need anymore to medicate animals with hormones for example to raise production levels. At the same these systems can clean up antibiotics and other invasive substances already present in farm animals. We with that this will be a decisive step towards humane animal husbandry.

This system may be shown during the Kenia conference, on march 6, 7, 8.

Teheran Conference

Please book as soon as possible because the Iranian Government wants the names of the participants at least 45 days before the event. In order to make you visa application run smoothly, book in the next weeks.

President Trump will be invited personally to this conference.

Malta Conference

This conference will mainly be around discussions between the KF and the Maltese government to streamline the movement of the KF headquarters to Malta.

Call for Projects

 M. Keshe asked anyone of us who has developed a viable plasma technology to step forward and present it on the new platform. If it is estimated to be worthwhile, the KF is committed to help the prototyping and development.

Especially for what he called a “Home System”. Not in terms of construction but in terms of emotional quality – more of a “home” than a “house”. A new leisure and enjoyment part of the plasma technology – real serious fun!

KSW 309, 2020-01-02


Now at 1/2 M€ (since new year)

New upgraded UEU hopefully before beginning of February 2020; price 1 M€… and a complete new and radically different unit hopefully by the end of 2020

GaNS Reactor Set

As you may have noticed the teachings of the KF go straight forward into the direction of dynamic fields which can be easily created with reactors (spheres filled with LP+GaNS on turning motors). In order to facilitate your experiments with fields you can now buy a Keshe GaNS Reactor set for 49.99. You’ll find it on the KF store.

Teheran Conference

Priced at 300.00 including access and lunches for the 4 days.

Project and Knowledge Platform

will be operational from January 14th; you have to be a private student to participate.

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