KSW302, November 15, 2019


These systems have Soul which is connected to the Soul of the Universe.

Many people who try the unit, will never come back; because they do allow such a high level of balance that they move entirely to the level of the Soul and become travellers of the Universe.”

The UEU balances your trinity: the mind with the Soul. As an effect you feel maybe for the first time content, in absolute security, joyous and peaceful. Feeling this opens the door to the Universal Community and you can feel very much attracted to it; the unit even lets you see the fields of the Universe. So much so that you just decide to go there…

The UEU is the womb for the Humanity to understand the Universe and become free as a Universal Being”. So the next generation of UEUs will not be healing stations but units that can do the elevation of the Soul.

So Humanity has a choice – either come with us or suffer alone”.

Re: Parkinson and Alzheimers

After taking to running, he added cycling, playgrounds and chines checkers.

Re: Individual experiences

What you experience in the unit and what it can do to help you, depends very much on you. It is like what people experience in near-death experiences; what they see on the other side is pretty much determined by their individual belief system.

So it makes already a difference if you enter the unit to treat a chronical condition that you have and you are only concerned with the repair of your body; or if you enter the unit with the purpose to elevate your Soul.

In both cases, however, the unit “works” on the Soul, so there will be an effect of a great emotional well being – and of course you can hardly acknowledge it as something like a small distraction or side effect; or you can embrace it with your whole consciousness and be joyfully grateful… all depends on the speed of your thinking!

This system is so amazingly powerful once the Man gets the Soul in his mindset; and then it’s the Soul who processes the weaknesses in the physicality.”

And the elevation of the soul is not an escape route. If your soul is elevated, you will be in a place where you understand and completely act according to the Universal Principle: I elevate the souls of all humanity so they can help me get what I want. You will be in that place where you will not want to pursue your small personal interest anymore but you live for the Good of All; you’ll be here to serve for good.

Example: a father is not happy with his son and he goes into the unit because he has developed a prostrate cancer. In elevating his soul, in trying to process the cancer – only half of the job would have been done. He could also use the unit to elevate his soul to a point where he could see how the deception in regards to his son had become the cause of the cancer; or elevate the soul of his son to see his position and bring peace between the father and the son. That would be the best application of the unit. If the unit is used with the sole focus on getting rid of a disease, the unit is seen as just another chemotherapy and the patient would come out worse than before. That’s why, through the work with these units, the nations of man will become peaceful nations, because each of us will learn and understand that if we really want to be free and powerful, we have to detach from our personality, we have to shift our attention from the focus on our own belly button to the Good for All.

BRICKS meeting in Brazil

… happened at the same time than the second conference of the KF. Even when the conference was over, the Keshe family continued to be allowed to be lodging in the same floor as the presidential suites…

Look at the picture of the 5 presidents, how they display happiness and confidence to put an end on the US financial dominance of the world.

Change in the structure of the Universal Council

In response to the events in Brazil, the KF and the UC decided to open up the Universal Council to accommodate the cultural differences that may occur inside the same language. For example the US culture is very different from the British and other English speaking cultures like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and so on. So from now on there will be a member for each culture (nation) inside a given language.

This opening allowed a great expansion of the KF projects in Brazil like UEUs and manufacturs.

Testimonial of Dr. Rodriguez

Shared by Carolina on Messenger

If you allow me to make a comment . You all must understand that the work of Mr. Keshe who has been doing for many years is not easy and less so if it is only one man who is doing it. Changing the way of thinking of an entire humanity is not a year’s task . Personally I can say that this technology has opened my eyes in the understanding of how the human body works, it has been really fascinating for me, I have experimented with this technology in several cases and I have obtained wonderful results because I have managed to understand this technology and the human body more. It is easy for many of you to criticize because you have not had the results as quickly as you wish. If we obtained all the final result of this knowledge without having understood it, I assure you that in the next generations it would be forgotten. humanity is used to having everything done or as we say colloquially SPOON FEEDINGS. We have been given unparalleled knowledge now it is up to us to experience it and draw our own conclusions and conquer this knowledge. It has been judged that this technology is a fraud and I am telling you that they are completely wrong. In order to be a good surgeon, I had to go to university for 7 years and 7 more years for the specialty but this did not assure me to have total knowledge. it required many more years of practice. Just as this technology requires understanding and constant practice to achieve the desired results.

Decisions of the KF

You may have noticed that the KF does may make drastic decisions but they do not let exhaustive explanations follow. Why?

First because if we spend a lot of time justifying operational decisions, we have not time for teaching, which is the raison d’être of the various platforms. The second pertains to our relationship with the KF and M. Keshe: we are not trustees, so the KF has no obligation to give us justifications; and we are asked to trust that whatever the decision is, it is for the Good of All (=Universal Principle).

Change in the Activists

See this video

KSW301, November 7, 2019



We are not a new religion, the KF is a scientific organization that understands the workings of the Universe”


The KF shops will sell Plasma tools for much lower prices in the new year; patches will go at $US 9.99 – almost the same price as us

New System

A new Plasma System will be presented tomorrow at the conference in Brazil; it will be offered to governments only at a cost of 100M € with up to 1B € including set-up. We can’t wait to learn more what this will be!!!


The KF is creating a new teaching plat form which is supposed to go public in the beginning of 2020. It is a whole new structure which offers classrooms or think tanks for specific projects, where anybody among us can participate to co-create new technologies. These think tanks will also cover all the practical aspect from developing, proving the concept, prototyping to production design.

Once the prototype is done and the KF sees an economic potential, it will support the production and launching it on an international level. All collaborators will then of course benefit from the revenues generated.

These think tanks will work similar to Rick’s “Plasma Reactor Group” (every Wednesday at 7 am CST) on youtube and other channels.

UESU – medical

 A young man with epilepsy could so far reduce medication from 47 pills/day to 17; the medication will be down to 9 by next week.

As Parkinson has never been cured before, now for the first time we see the damages collateral to that disease. Now we can see how disease and medication have damaged their (nervous) system to a point where the brain of the patient needs to learn all the coordination of the basic movements again –how to crawl, to walk and to eat and to write like a child.

The same applies to long-term coma patients, because parts of the brain have been shut down for an extended period of time, they all have to relearn basic functions.

Parkinsons and Alzheimer video

Promotional Text:

The very first new evolutionary spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production. Our Universal Enhancement Spaceship Unit (UESU) is constructed from high-quality materials, carefully selected by our team of experts. Embedding the essence of the new GaNS Plasma Science and Technology, it uses new collective plasma field technology for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man. This allows the body to return to its natural balanced condition as in the womb of the mother. Allowing every cell in the body of the man to find its natural original field strength balance.

The shape and the field distribution in this new space plasma technology replicates the inner structure of the universe and creates the balance fields from which the man was created at the point of inception in the womb of the mother, not only receiving the balance in the physical but also in the emotional sense, too. For the first time in the history of man, a system has been developed and delivered, which not only enhances the physical body of the man but also the emotional part of the user of the system.

Hence, reducing and eliminating many problems that could not be solved in the world of science – to bring the body of the man into near perfection as at the time of the birth.

The protocol for the use of UESUs will be tailored to the specific needs of the patient by the supervising doctor or operators. The unit as such can be used 24/7.

What really is a UESU?

Let’s look at the way M. Keshe is organizing his teachings:

  • All his teachings are under the umbrella of the achievement of World Peace.
  • All his teachings are free.
  • As a nuclear ingeneer he comes very much from a scientific point of view
  • What is he proposing that the Plasma Science and Technology will bring us?
    • To embrace Peace and Love as prime motivators.
    • To nourrish ourselves without consuming material food.
    • To travel without material devices.
    • To make materials appear on the palm of our hand.
    • To create a protection from the forces of nature.
    • To heal the sick.
    • To awaken long-term coma patients – raise the dead?
  • Who do you remember having done all of that?

Then look at the UESU unit and see what the unit can do.

Then thin about what if the unit is just a (material) excuse?

Brazil Conference

This is how the sky greets Meheran and Carolina Keshe when they arrived in Brazil for the conference: “Welcome Home”. This is the second time something like this shows up – the first time was in a conference about Peace in Italy where the Universal Community extends their welcome and joy.

KSW300, October 30, 2019

Stock market presence

The KF went to the stock market not because they are looking for funds because they have it already setup. The move has been made to get much bigger publication plate form – press releases in a two weekly rhythm. This way the KF gets automatically the attention of governments. Before the KF has been blocked to publications worldwide by the Fox corp; now they are powerless…

250M followers around the world = this makes it the biggest and most influencial organization in history.

The Markray corporation (KFGlobal) has been bought and is entirely owned by M.Keshe. Right not there are 30M shares in the public; anybody can buy: use the code RVBR if you want to buy.



In China, thanks to the numerous successful Plasma Technology applications in agriculture (on average 300% growth in yields), many farming families see already the way out of poverty without any government intervention – only with the help of the Plasma Technology.


M.Keshe’s public announcement to all the nations governments: “Collaborate and make everything easier for all of us – or play games and loose”.

The KF is here to serve all the nations and not the governments of the nations; that’s why the KF has no intention to get involved in the internal politics of a nation. Governments are instituted and tolerated by the people, therefore any change must come from the people. The sole goal of the KF is World Peace.


The KF, headed by KF Austria, will invest with the government of Italy the complete technology to clean up all the natural water bodies in Italy. Other technological investments will be made to reinforce the Italian economy.

The KSW workshops

M.Keshe does not follow any script for the teachings. They are entirely inspired by the moment, the Collective Soul directly – Soul to Soul and at the same time transmitted by material means.

If you compare any of the ancient (or contemporary) prophets and what they share with Humanity, they look poor in proportion to the thousands of hours of public and private teaching delivered since 2014 by the KF.


KF installs 10 units to the new Space Health Center in Arizona due to open in January another 10 units will be made available in the German-austrian region. At the same time the same unit will open in Teheran and in China.

A small unit of the size of a smoke detector to be installed into each house to supply everything that we need is the next step of the development.

Power supply

The UEUs do not have any external power supply; they function with the Universal energy which is supplied directly and proportionally with the demand. M.Keshe cited an example from Iran to make it more clear to us: there was one village who had a hot water swimming pool for all the villagers to bath and wash themselves; the whole pool was heated up all year long with only one candle. When the British came they could not understand that the candle was only some kind of “magic show” because people want to see a “material reason”. The pool was heated by Universal energy in fact.

He goes on to explain that the UEU is just the same as that candle – because we want to see some thing. As we are made of the Universal ray, if we can reach the strength of it, in other words if we can accelerate the speed of our thinking, if we can raise our vibration to the level of the Soul, we can create the same kind of magnetic field but weaker, so the Universal ray will feed us with everything we need.

How the UEUs really work remains a secret for the time being. All the collaborators had to promise that they will never release the true essence of the units, they way how they really work. The only reason is that mankind is not ready for this yet – a question of time, that is.

A tech preview: as the KF is already in business with Huawey who produces cellphones, computers, laptops, wifis etc, they will become the world leader once the unlimited power supply is in series. What the UEU now do individually the same effects may soon come through your regular cell phone, wifi and internet networks – automatically uploaded into your Soul.

Treatment news

The KF has been authorized in China to charge patients to become part in clinical tests, something that has never been done before; on the contrary normally patients are paid to participate. The reason? Because the UEU is not invasive and most of all the evidence of it’s beneficial effects is so strong.

The long-term strategy is to charge people for the treatment who can afford it, so in the span of the next 4 years the use of the unit can be free for everyone.

Cancer success: whenever the machine is used by a patient, the KF sees whats happening, they can watch the condition and the treatment effects of the patient. In the treatment of cancer, the tumour size could be reduced within 14 days from 16 x 18 cm to 3 x 5cm. Without any side effect, no medication. The UEU does not only repair the physical body – she changes also the life condition: life which has been a burdon before, becomes la joy – not only for the person going through the treatment but also for their family. People who had no contact to their emotions, suddenly feel their emotions and and are able to share their feelings.

This is of course important for the treatment of all diseases, as the unit recognizes the psychosomatic side of the illness. This becomes very obvious or cancer treatments.The unit touches the emotions, which is the real cause of the cancer. A cancer is forms when the emotions cannot cope with the physical reality “the situation I am in is so bad that I can’t live”. The units address this emotional weakness, in feeding it, thus makin it stronger so that the powerlessness disappears. The first thing that happens when you enter the unit, you feel it you feel at home; so the “reason” for the cancer disappears.

Still the freedom remains, the unit doesn’t overpower you, it requires your receptiveness and your allowance. So there will be people who enter the system with a cancer and walk out and die, because for the first time, the unit gives them the permission to use this exit.

That reminds me of near death experiences. We only get to know the people who decide to come back to the 3Dworld. But there could be many people who choose not to come back, right? M.Keshe relates the case of a woman who wanted to die but before that she wanted to spend 2 months with her daughter to say good-bye. She did the treatment, her cancer disappeared and she spend the 2 months with her daughter. At the end of this period she told her daughter to go back to her father because she wanted to go to the hospital to die. She didn’t have any cancer any more, went into the hospital and 3 days later she had died. Once you go into the unit you cannot lie to yourself anymore; if your wish to die is stronger than your wish to live, you will naturally follow what is more important to you.

“The Plasma Technology is not about GaNS-CO2 or ZnO… the Plasma technology will give you what you want from it – provided you move inside the Universal Principle. it’s you who decides what this water does.”

The BigMac Trick – just get the feeling!

Here’s how the machine feeds: let’s say you have a craving for a Big Mac, the unit gives you the feeling that you would have if you had eaten a BigMac plate. So she doesn’t touch the matter level at all. You only sit in the machine and you feel satisfied because you had what you wanted. Now imagine that you experience that over and over again: feeling the feeling that you wanted when you thought of food without food. After learning to get the feeling without the material food, maybe slowly slowly you will get the feeling even without the unit?!

KSW299, October 23, 2019

Now there is Peace – what’s next ?

This new era of Peace brings a new calamity specially to the industrialized, weapon exporting nations like the US and the nations of central Europe. Now that they can no more export tools of war, they have to replace these technologies by peaceful ones. That is the point of entry of a new era for Humanity, the deployment at large of Plasma Science.

On an individual level, two things become now really important:

  • that our Soul knows it’s position – that’s already done;
  • that we know the position of our Soul – that’s the most important piece of work ahead for each of us. The colossal work of M.Keshe and the KF depends largely on us coming up to speed with them. “Coming up to speed” means of course accelerating the speed of our thinking and coming closer to our Soul. The first step in this direction is the understanding that that it is us, who are keeping ourselves on low speed by not practicing mediation and detachment and making ourselves available to the manipulations of media and governments…


Up to now we have learned the Universal Enhancement Unit works like the womb of the mother healing our physical ailments. However, the UEU does much more. It is also able to show us the path of transition between the physicality and the Soul. We need to see and understand the path between the physicality and the Soul to be able to use it. We all have experienced the natural transition between the physical existence and the vibrational existence many times during the cycle of death/rebirth. Now for the first time we may be able to live the transition without leaving the physical body behind for good.

In this sense the UEU works like a portal, through which we can suspend the physical body to move at zero time somewhere else and find another “incarnation” in the new environment. How to get there? Well that seems to be an ethical question, as M.Keshe points out:

We always only looked at how we can reduce the pain from which our body is suffering; but we never looked how much our Soul is suffering from our personal (mis-)conduct on the material plane! We make our Soul suffer all the time we keep ourselves away from her; when we allow ourselves “living” without being immersed in the joy of life.

The moment we enter in the UEU, we will be confronted with this truth. In other words we will see the alignment of our Soul with the Universe and – seeing the sheer beauty and joy of this – we will want to align ourself with our Soul. We enter the machine and the wish of our Soul will manifest on the level of the body. We don’t interfere directly with the physical body, we don’t want to rule the physicality – we share the Soul.

New comprehensive video introducing the unit and it’s effects on a patient diagnosed with Alzheimers and Parkinson. When watching the video of the healed man, look at how he moves with joy and enthusiasm in relation to the others around him!


UEU more infos


  • Deliveries of units are scheduled for UK, China, Austria, New Zealand…
  • The Austrian KF has offered a UEU to the German chancellor Mrs Merkel.
  • All the people who have unfulfilled orders with the Italian KF manufacture, can convert the amount of their order into the payment of a unit.
  • As the UEU is not intrusive in any way, there is no need of certification as a medical device – It’s functions do not interfere directly with the body but they change environmental conditions, which in turn will alter how the body works on the material level.

Sharing of Technology


All the countries of the world have free access to the KF Plasma Technologies, as long as they sign the Peace Treaty. The only country excepted is Belgium; they are excluded until the litigation between M.Keshe and the Belgian government is resolved by the European Court of Justice.

The new Plasma technologies are proposed to many big international corporations in the near future. This way of spreading knowledge will gather a speed unimaginable before. The advancement has already become unstoppable.

Self charging battery systems

The new on-board power supplies, integrated already into the UEU are being delivered by the KF to Hueiwei in China to be integrated into their cellphones. Starting next week the same technology will go out to car manufacturers. The purpose of the KF is to make the new technologies available so that the companies can test them for themselves and implement them when satisfied.

This dissemination is managed by the KF and not by KFGlobal. After acceptance by the concerned companies, the contracts will be made public.

The on-board-power-supply technology mimics the way how the Universe transfers energy. Beyond that, Plasma Technology will also be able to take care of the pollution effects produced by the electric car batteries when they reach the end of their life cycle. In 2018 there were 3.3M*320kg = 1Mt electrical car batteries in circulation.

Water decontamination

In the very near future, technologies to clean up environmental damages especially water, will also go out to major US, Italian corporations.

Material generation

A modified version of the UEU will deliver all the materials we like in theoretically unlimited quantities – in accordance with the Universal Principle of course! The unit replicates the interaction between the fields of the sun with the fields of the Earth, which, as we have learned, create any and every material on this planet.

Sociological consequences

The UEU will finally obliterate the need for prisons. We know that prisons are part of the world-wide extortion and obedience system and it’s only a very thin minority of prisoners that need to be separated from society to protect the latter; and also to protect them from themselves (addicts for example). The unit can of course be used on such inmates to elevate their Soul and speed up their thinking, so they will be able to think, speak and act correctly. The units will be offered to large prisons all over the world to help making the transition.


As it was already proposed last week, that the use of the UEU can be mandatory to cure the world leaders, bigger – maybe satellite based version of the Unit – could be used over potential war zones to elevate the souls of the soldiers of all the parties and thus terminate wars on the spot.