The first versions of the Universal Enhancement Unit (UEU) are completed. They surely will be displayed at the conference in Teheran in July.


Corona Scientific Paper

The Corona Scientific paper is to be released by next Tuesday. This is a joined venture between the KF and Universities of Iran. This paper is bullet proof.

After the first publication, the UC will open channels to all governments to bring about the change to eradicate the Corona pandemic.

The technology will be fully disclosed. The technologies promoted in this paper (90 pages) work on the level of the Soul; so the application will not only touch humans but also animals and plant life as they are affected by the Corona virus as well.

Furthermore the technologies will elevate the Souls of humanity in a very rapid way across all social strata: people in the White House or the Kremlin as well as people walking on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Man will be able to choose between venturing on a new level of existence, the Soul-level or remaining within the limits of the physicality.

The change will come from the new technology; yet the effects on all earthly life forms will be entirely on the emotional level: man will fall in love with the light of the Universe. Being in love with the Universe, he will become part of the Universe. The more we are in love, the more we will give, and the more we will receive, the closer we will get to the Soul of the Creator. “The more you can rise in love and the more you can experience and express this love, the closer you will be to the Soul of the Creator” M. Keshe

Once we have reached the Soul of the Creator, all teachings are over, we have matured to the level of Co-creation. In a way this is the end of our journey as adolescent knowledge seekers and we will begin our life as adults in the Universal Community. From this moment onwards we will be joyfully co-creating splendid new worlds across the Unicos.

This can be well explained with the “Orange and the Plasma Cup” where we could transfer the taste and the qualities of the orange into the water of the cup. In the same way the human body is the cup into which the qualities of the Universe can be transferred. That means that the whole Universe is inside the Human being; we don’t need to travel outside as we find everything inside our Soul.

Referring back to the metaphor of the driving lesson: we said that the instructor is the Soul and the driver represents the mind/soul of the physicality. Now we can extend the example to the next step where the driver is the Soul and the instructor is the Soul of the Creator. In time both of them will merge into one, as the driver has acquired all the knowledge from the instructor – then the driving lessons will be over. Then we will see within ourselves the same what is inside the Soul of the Creator.

In so many ways, look within and you’ll find the Soul of the Creator.”

KSW329, 2020-05-21

Corona watch

Here is the pattern what’s happening throughout the world: all the nations had a lockdown as a measure to control a virus they did not understand. At the same time they could only test and detect the original Corona which was attacking the lungs. Now the mutations of the virus have spread throughout the body. They are no more focused on the lungs – and with the lung-test, they couldn’t be detected anymore. Additionally secondary diseases like the Corona cancers are emerging rapidly, which may not be counted as a Corona disease either.

So because of their ignorance and insufficient accuracy of their test, the governments only look at the original corona virus and are declaring that the numbers of infections and deaths are receding.

Consequently they open the factories, the banks, the beaches and a little later the borders, hoping that they all can “come back to how it was before – so the Corona pandemic was just an unpleasant episode last winter…”

Only the reality will soon show us that after the opening of the borders, suddenly 40% of world’s population will be infected and dying! Then this number will still be on the rise until the planet will be pretty much depopulated – and peaceful.

What we are doing here is not projecting a “doom and gloom” scenario – but just stating the facts that will appear if we, as an individual, as a nation and as a humanity, do not change our ways. In the sense that we adopt the 1Cup1Life technology, which protects us from the virus on the physical level and elevates our Soul on the spiritural level – making us peaceful beings. And in the wake will create permanent Peace on Earth.

During this whole “unseen” disaster, the KF continues relentlessly to show and promote the only knowledge and technology that can efficiently control the pandemic and prevent the depopulation of the planet. Already the 1Cup1Life has become Noah’s Ark.

The passengers of the ark will gradually to through a transformation, like the caterpillar morphing into a butterfly inside the crysalis. They will become peaceful beings, saying goodbye to killing for sustenance. And when they get there, everything about them will change: their physical form a little bit but much more their perception of the world, their way of thinking about the world and themselves. They will be no more prisoners of their environment neither prisoners of their own neeeds; the fate people stuck on the matter level cannot escape. They will be completely differnt people – even if they live on the same spot as the few who might have been able to survive the Corona by chance – if there will be such cases.


Ella and Jamilah, the two directors of the Keshe Foundation, are stars that will shine across the Universes. But, right now they are stars in the process of being born. So let’s help them and dedicate our wish to them: “As a member of the Keshe Family, we give freely from our Souls to your Souls, please take what you need. We are present.”

Finding M. Keshe

We know already that his physiology is not entirely human. We know also that he is coming (and going back) from the Soul of the Creator. Here are some more snippets, that you may take in a poetic way, so as to feel who he is:

Nothing is hidden to us but I still play the game. When I create a condition of the environment of your soul, I’m in it. I know which President is lying and cheating, but we cannot interfere with the course of life. If I can do something, that does not give me the right to do it.

I know exactly what they think I know exactly where they feel. I can elevate in one second any of you but that’s not my thing because you have to go through the process in a correct way.

I can manifest physically inside any soul anywhere because all I need to do is to become lower than their soul and I become dimension of their physicality.”

KSW328, 2020-05-14

Corona watch: Iran

The cities that have been freed from the Corona virus in Iran have a population of 40- to 50000. The plasma technology employed to achieve this is now spread throughout Iran, starting with hospitals, then families and so on.

At the same time the KF will endeavour to export this technology worldwide of course IN EXCHANGE FOR PEACE!

“Creating the Peace Dome around the World”

New video produced by the KFSSI.

The video shows scenes from Brazil and Iran, where knowledge seekers have taken it into their own hands to care of their people and community spaces – everywhere! This creates the same plasma dome as Tom Salas in the island of Dominica – only much, much bigger!

With Iran and Brazil, we covered the two ends of the planet to crate the dome of Peace. And with the amount of ZnO we satisfy the emotional hole, humanity was carrying for such a long time and which prevented Peace. Now all the nations are asked to join into the same movement and complete the dome between the two ends.

Men will not look at the 1C1L to find a remedy against the Corona anymore; men will look at the cups to elevate the Souls in order to reach World Peace.” M. Keshe

Cup of Man

CoM is a replica of who made it

The Cup of Man is a replication of us; some cups produce a lot, that means we need a lot. In this sense not producing is not necessarily something is wrong; it can also be that there is a balance and very little interaction and consequently very little production.

The CoM is the true interpretation of the one who made it. That’s why we should not make these cups for somebody else because it doesn’t work.

A reminder: do not play with the Cup of Man, rather try to deepen your understanding of it.

News from the UC

Update on the work of the UC Mai 12, 2020.

The structure of the UC together with all the other organisms that are part of the Keshe Family, is not hierarchical. How the work is more like a potluck party, where everybody contributes according to his abilities and talents; everybody in equal measure. Ella and Jamila are chosen as “directors” because their Souls shine across the Universe. They are “directors” but they are not directing what happens, because all the decisions are made on the Soul level and by all collectively. The Keshe Foundation or the Keshe Family is not limited to the official organisms, but comprise all of us, as we participate and share the principal wish for Peace.

1Nation1Planet1Race is not only about Humanity, it is about the whole Universe; it doesn’t matter where each one comes from, we are one universal family. M. Keshe

Organizational forms are not something to be imposed, it is something that comes on it’s own, it comes from the Soul – naturally.” Ella

The vision is for each of us to become peaceful; can we stand before the Universal Community straight up and affirm: “I am a peaceful being”. Ella asks each one of us to think what we can contribute and step forward offering it.

The Corona was here to teach us the Soul and the Universal Principle; presently, during the post corona era, we are being prepared to join the Universal Community.

Here are some examples to help you understand the work of the UC via wishes on the Soul level:

Riots in Togo
The request form Paul Yatoute (UC moba) fromMarch 20, 2019, has been worked on by the UC. Here is his letter of gratitude:

“Dears, Messiah Keshe, UC members and KF supporters!
I want to celebrate the Power of the Soul and plasma technology having brought Peace to Togo. We created a wish and you have responded by supporting Togo in your Soul!

Now the time has come for me to confirm you that the wish has been fulfilled 200%. You have to be proud, all of you, for your work. Special thanks to Mr. Keshe and Carolina for your work in the background. The tax law has been broken yesterday for citizens of Togo to get the new one. That was the main source of the Togo crisis. Togo government has started also a new social system for every Togolese to get a minimum living income freely! Can you see how, by wish and will we can touch the law of our country without being politicians? Your power is so big!”

Wish for Australia

“My wish as an Australian citizen, is to maintain the status quo of the current peaceful laws without need for alteration, manipulation or creation of new defensive entities as Australia is a peaceful nation. This creates the peaceful protection of all citizens of Australia and neighbouring nations.
I am present.”

The government of Australia is up to this day still struggling how to push their project for more armaments against this wish…

You can find the collection of all wishes following this link.

The presentation ended with the reports of the following languages: German, Giküyü (Kenya), Français, Bengali, Portuguese.

UC presentation I

We the UC members are presenting our progress within the different language communities. The UC principally works on the Soul level and not on the matter level: “We give freely from our Soul to all Souls in existence; take what you need. We are present.”

Our Ethos and the Conduct

We are here to serve, not to be served. Every Soul carries the ability of the knowledge between right and wrong. We the Universal Council, through our own conduct will show the path.

My Soul from the start is like a white sheet of paper. That from the very beginning receives it’s small tasks and challenges. Every talk or test, as small as it might look, confronts me with the choice between right and wrong.” M. Keshe

The Universal Council

The responsibility of the UC is to guarantee that each language on earth and those from other parts in the Universe, which reside on earth are represented by one UC member. All languages have the same right, equal responsibility, equal value and position in the Council. Each member represents the needs and wishes of the peoples and entities who speak their native language, regardless of the geographical circumstances.

Members of the UC are here to support all beings on Earth and beyond to facilitate a peaceful, prosperous future for everybody; a harmonious coexistence on earth and within the Universal Community.

On his path of service, the UC guides to elevate all Souls in order to bring peace to this planet and in the universe as a whole. The essence through servitude and peace elevates the collective Soul of the planet earth and this in turn radiates across universes.

The UC is the bridge between humanity and the Universal Community.

Mandate of the UC

UC, global policies and their execution

The Universal Council is the advisor for:

  • Creating a flexible integration on the different topics on the global platform
  • Setting up and integrating fair internal procedures and team logistic
  • Achieving fair and balanced global coordination structure
  • Advising the Earth Council to build their Constitution

Topics currently in progress:

  • UC, global policies and their execution
  • Protection of Beings and global Peace
  • Relations and communications
  • Creating Abundance
  • Establishing access to education for every individual
  • Access to reverse conditions
  • Humanitarian Services
  • Ethos and Conduct of the Universal Council Charter

Soul level communication

The purpose of the UC is to unite the entire planet and to form a bridge between the Universal Community and Humanity.

The wishes from anywhere reach the UC. He decides on the Soul level and implements the decisions into laws, which will then be given form on the material level by the UC, EC, Core team, language communities, knowledge seekers and the KF.

The UC always maintains a direct line of communication with the Universal Community.

Peace Treaty

The time and the place of the world peace is upon humanity. It is the duty of every man on earth to make sure that the application of the new plasma technology guarantees the peace on earth; that all nations become one nation and all to become part of everlasting peace on this blue planet.

My fellow men, i have done everything possible to share the knowledge of the universe and creation of peace amongst the race of the Man. Now I call on all the Souls to join the Soul of the Creator to initiate and encourage the leaders of the man to become men of peace and SIGN the humanity into everlasting peace on the Earth.” M.T. Keshe, world citizen and founder of the Keshe Foundation.

On the 2nd August 2017, the UC members and the EC members have signed the World Peace Treaty:


In the name of the Glory of God, 6th September 2012, from the beginning of time man’s desire has been to have plenty to eat and a safe place to live where he hasthe peace of mind to develop it’s culture and add to his knowledge about his environment, the universe and creation.

Now man’s intelligence has reached a new level of understanding with which he can replicate and control matters and environments in the same way as it is done in the universe. Those systems can provide him with food, shelter and everlasting energy anywhere and give him the opportunity for the first time to travel the spans of the universe in an environment like the one he is familiar with on this planet.

By using these new systems man will be able to cross his planet in minutes, and this makes the borders a thing of the past, irrelevant and obsolete. But in order to travel in space and to join the Universal Community, he needs to find peace in his own home first.

So what we need as fast as possible, is the total agreement by all the citizens, nations, creeds and religions on this planet in one move – trying to make peace in stages will never succeed. So we call upon all the leaders of the world to gather this year in one location to attend a World Peace Conference and establish a World Peace Treaty by signing a simple act of acceptance. The World Peace Treaty is only one simple sentence to be signed by the leaders of nations and religions and to be sworn to by every nation across the earth on the same day. It reads as follows:

I/We as citizens of the Earth from this moment on accept to lay down all tools of aggression and war. I/We shall never think about getting involved in or incite war or develop or use any tools or war on this planet or in space, and to this I/We all agree and swear with my/our nation, territory, council, religion, city, town – body and Soul.”

Soul Charter

A true human is a lover of life in all dimensions. In it’s peaceful relationship with the planet and all living beings, humanity becomes aware of her own essence.

All beings possess a Soul and a Soul always seeks balance.

Servitude is the essence of the Soul. Serving is unconditional love; it brings the unity of all beings. Through servitude and peace, we elevate the collective Soul of Planet Earth so she can shine across universes.

The Soul is loving and embraces all. She exists through unconditional love and gives unconditionally.

The Soul is forgiving and knows and remembers all; she is omniscient. The soul holds all treasures and wisdom within herself.

The Soul has the highest order of all strength beyond all else and is everlasting. The Soul is aware of itself as the source of all that is good for herself and for all others.

The Soul is the sovereign by her own essence.

All Souls position themselves by their unique strength in the interaction to be in harmony with all and their surroundings.

The Soul is the creator and protector of the soul of physicality. She is the co-creator of physical life, offering the chance of experiencing the creation of new cycle of life.

Minute of Silence

A minute of silence is usually asked for in the commemoration of the dead. Today plasma science teaches us a new way to use a minute of silence:

There are beings in and around our planet that cannot use language, they may not have a body or they may be handicapped or any other reason. Yet they deserve to be heard by us. So we can use the minute of silence to just give them space so they can talk with their Soul to our Soul and we get to know that they are here and what they need and want. Isn’t that wonderful?

KSW327, 2020-05-07

Corona watch

Iranian Peace offer to US navy

Donald Trump has allowed all American ships in the Straight of Hormuz to fire without warning on any Iranian ship coming “too close”. M. Keshe urged the Iranian government in response to this they should show a white flag together with the Iranian and the American flag, approach the US ships and offer them 1C1L so they can control the infections on their ships. “First you get well, and then we talk about war”. M. Keshe

This is the way we should act.

Iran volunteer movement

Sad news from the KF Iran: the head of the Iranian Kf-volunteer movem ent, Mrs Mohammadi, has usurped her power position at the head of the movement. Her plan was to work everything up and to pull the plug and dissolve the Iranian Keshe Foundation Support Team right at the moment when the emergency was at it’s peak to make the whole KF in Iran collapse. It seems she has been paid for this. The people behind the curtain always seek out people in power to bribe them for their purposes.

Fortunately her plan was felt by Ella, Carolina and M. Keshe before she could execute it. She has been removed immediately from her position and kicked out of the Keshe Foundation.

We learn that people in power positions are easily exposed to be “infiltrated”. We have to try to prevent this by designing our organizations leaving out presidents, directors and such – or we propose such positions only to the people who are incorruptible like Ella, Carolina and others.

Spread and Confinement

Due to “social pressure” = unhappy citizens, many countries see themselves forced to loosen up the confinement: the US reopened beaches, Germany allowed manifestations and in other countries gradually more and more shops open up.

The KF observes that, in the wake of these movements, the death rates goes up.

KF Store

  1. Keshe Wellness Suit
  2. Keshe CO2 Capturing Kit
  3. Keshe GaNS environmental balancer

KSW326, 2020-04-30

Jesus’ Bloodline

Jesus had a daughter and with her he created a bloodline. This bloodline has a specific name in french and spanish. Jesus was alife to see his grand children. All religions know about their lineages – all except Christianiy? All this is kept secret by the Vatican to secure their position as intermediaries and exploit the “faithful”. The Vatican also knows the burial place of his body, his second body to be precise.

As Jesus was close to his Soul, he therefore could “ressurect” himself, meaning leave the tortured body and create another one. Why could he do that, what was his path to be close to his Soul? His path is the same as ours: he enjoyed the pleasures of life on this planet.

Corona Tracker

The KF is at least 2 months ahead of all the worlds official organizations, because they understand how the Corona virus works, they are implicated actively in China and Iran and many knowledge seekers around the world share their understanding and experiences.

The governments have limited resources to assess the real development of the Corona pandemic; and in their wake, the WHO and webservices like Corona Tracker etc aren’t in a better position either: the official tests are only detecting the virus attacking the lungs; mutations are not accounted for. That’s why the statistics of infections and mortality are shown as going down. When the virus attacks the intestines, for example, his presence cannot be detected in the respiratory trackt.

If we would count all the mutations separately, we would see the curves on the right. Logically the real of all the deaths would be the sum total of all these curves together! According to the KF’s estimates, this figure will be around 500 million short and mid-term and 3-5 billion long-term.

In the coming weeks, the KF will release a new technology to control the environmental Corona. If other nations join the efforts the 1C1L technology will be deployed through a satellite system, using the, soon obsolete 5G network perhaps?

The new technologies are a gift of the KF to the nation of Iran. The latter will subsequently offer these technologies in exchange for Peace with every willing nation, completely free. The Universal Council members will be asked to create the communication between their government and the KF to facilitate the transfer of this technology into every nation. When the technology spreads at this level, we all Knowledge Seekers will be asked to become teachers for all the nation’s scientists and technologist to introduce them to the Plasma Science, so every nation can stand on their own feet.

Iran, however, will remain the center for development and teaching.

KSW325, 2020-04-23

New Products of the KF

The Cloth line

This product line is specially made with a specific combination of GaNS to enhance the Soul of Man: It’s cloths with emotion.

The Patch line

They are for pain relief and elevation of the Soul at the same time.

The Corona line

A spray set and a breathing support set.

Teheran conference

Is rescheduled to July.

Universal Justice

Elevation of the Soul

Think about it: how many times have you prayed for your enemies, for the people who wanted to harm you? Finding the right picture to elevate the Soul of someone isn’t important at all. The more you naturally think of elevating the Soul of someone you perceive as harmful – this is a sign of your own elevation, a sign for the power you have been able to accumulate. This is the key, not finding the right picture!

This is at the same time the transformation of the way we used to run into the churches, temples, mosques and synagogues to plead to an external God for help, while you mostly forgot about the same God when all seemed to run jolly good for you.

This is part of our transformation in depending more on the power of our Soul than any external power. “One Wish can change the world if it is sincere enough – it doesn’t need 8 billion people.” M. Keshe

When you elevate the Soul of a so called “leader”, you show them what they did wrong and they will see inside what they did wrong. On the outside they may continue smiling and looking confident, while on the inside they are dying… if you would have access to the private medical files of those “leaders”, you would see with what conditions they are struggling since a long time.

If you understand collectively the power of you Soul, you can change the planet by tomorrow morning.” M. Keshe elevated the Soul of Bill Gates in a teaching for the Universal Council and a few hours later, Bill resigned from the board of directors of Microsoft.

We give freely from our Souls to the Souls of Bill and Melinda Gates and their family – take what you need.”

UC, April 21, 2020

We are Present.

KSW324, 2020-04-16

Open Letter to ALL people

Medical staff, patients, and ALL people from all countries, listen to me, I pray you. I want to help you with my heart and my Soul. My only goal is to help SAVE lives. It is enough to see humanity die like this. We can wait to find a vaccine, we can wait to see less contamination, we can wait to see the end of confinement, but we cannot wait without doing anything to watch people die.

Maybe we don’t act because of laziness, greed, power, lies, or simply because of the Ego of man.

However, there is a solution to deal with this COVID-19 pandemic: The Keshe Foundation developed a protocol which is called 1Cup1Life. A Plasma energy solution produced naturally using zinc, copper and plain salt, without chemistry and without any negative impact on the body. This protocol is already deployed worldwide, in all countries and used by many people (as well as Knowledge seekers) who have been affected by the virus and who are now fully recovered. We have the proofs and the testimonies. Doctors and hospitals have successfully used the 1Cup1Life.

I ask you for the opportunity to contribute help and participation, even if I am not a doctor – it’s about saving people’s lives. Listen to me, We need ANY solution and goodwill in this dramatic moment for humanity. Give us a chance to HELP, give us a chance to save lives. I am the KESHE FOUNDATION and I love every LIFE on the planet.

Corona watch


The 1Cup1Life movement around the KF with Mrs Mohammadi and her volunteers has spawned a new company around the Corona pandemic. The operations of the company are donation based.

You can choose how much you would like to donate; the amount correlates to the number of families that will be saved from the Corona infection. Subsequent to the donation, each family will be sent the ready to go 1Cup 1Life kit (you only have to add water). Then the company will inform the donor about which families have received the gift and how they are doing. Corona is spreading so fast that many simply don’t have the time to make the 1Cup1Life GaNS – so these donations do indeed save lives.

When the family you choose lives in Iran the transport is free, outside of Iran you pay the shipping.

Farewell to/of M. Keshe

M. Keshe announced that his work is coming to a close now and he will leave on march 21, 2021. That is the day of the spring solstice and the “11” in numerology.

Universal Justice

What should we do with people like Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, Donald the president and other genociders? And what with this dirty gang of pedophiles in the Red Circle?

We? Nothing!

Understanding the Soul Teachings, we know that we can safely leave the consequences of their actions up to their Soul to re-establish balance and justice. In fact we should never go to that place where will judge anybody; that’s is not our job.

If you end a life, if you separate the Soul from the soul of the physicality – be it your own or that of another -, you committed the most hideous crime. Instead of judging we have a much more powerful tool at our hands – we can elevate the Soul of the perpetrator so he will see what he is doing and stop it. Or, if he insists of continuing doing it, elevating his Soul may make his Soul strong enough to stop him completely on the matter level. To elevate his Soul may initiate the separation between his Soul and the soul of his physicality; his Soul will not support his physical form any longer – in other words, he will die.

The process of elevating somebody’s Soul requires that we really have only this intention in mind – not any revengeful thought of feeling and no hidden agenda to “kill Bill”. Take a nice picture of him, where you can be compassionate with the poor little fella.

You can do that with any one of the people who brought suffering to mankind.

Dedicate one day on each of them to elevate their Soul. And don’t be afraid to choose someone who isn’t a bad guy – just keep your intention loving to elevate their Soul. Someone who isn’t really bad will appreciate the feeling of elevation anyway!

You can use the wish formulated by the Universal Council: I freely give from my soul to all existing souls. Take what you need. I am present.”

Start with Bill Gates, his wife and his children; then go through every member of the Rothchild family, then one royal family after the other and finally each of the rich who use their power to impose their will on other people…

This is a cleansing process which will anchor Peace firmly on this planet, and it will give a new collective Soul to Humanity who will not be able to have any intention of making others suffer.

Judgement comes by the elevation of the Soul and not by the judgement and sentencing of the physicality.” M Keshe

KSW323, 2020-04-09

Corona Watch

In China scientific security reports show the rate of survival of the corona virus infection was already in the beginning only 10%; and this percentage has not changed wherever the 1C1L technology has not been applied. Based on this information, we can deduct that, when the 1C1L is generally adopted the population of any nation will shrink by about 50%; if not Corona will reduce the population to 10% of the current number.

The Pandemic seems to be a problem on the matter level, fighting a virus that is always escaping through new mutations. But the Corona virus is about much more: changing the ways of mankind from purely materialistic misbehaviour to a correct life within the Universal Principle “We are here to serve”, the one and only Law within which everything in the Universe lives and thrives. With the exception of the human race in the past 8000 years; and now it’s the time!

Man will only be able to save it’s physicality when he will be able to merge his mind (soul of the physicality) with his Universal Soul. In order to be able to make this evolutionary step, Humanity has to get rid of everybody claiming superiority over his fellow beings – kings, political leaders and most of all religious leaders.

There can be no man governing another – only our own Soul. And it is happening as we see in the image that only dead people go to churches, temples, mosques and synagogues these days. 2-3 years ago this was completely incomprehensible to anyone, but the teachings of the Keshe Foundation have at least educated a few million knowledge seekers who are the seeds of the new civilization.

With the greatest gift to Humanity, the Cup of Man, for the first time we extend the dimension of the Soul that we have never understood; we allow the Soul to take over and protect the physicality directly.



Mrs Mohammadi will set up a world-wide network of Farsi speaking peopleIranians to spread the knowledge and the way to process the virus over the planet. The Iranian KF with all the volunteers are now offering their knowledge and expertise to the whole world without being invasive or demanding – it’s an offer anybody can accept or refuse. Here are the details of our policy:

  • everyone is always free to accept or not
  • we never offer a cure; we are a scientific organization, we process conditions
  • it’s a free knowledge given to test and try, no strings attached

This is how the people of Iran work while their president sits with 15 M US$ payments from the American Foundation (Gates). The world leaders have a problem and the problem sits where their bank account is.

Mayor of Busherh

In this interview the mayor of an Iranian city confronts his government. You can see the video following this link. He is the mayor of Busherh, one of the larger cities in the south. He says: “We have two choices: there are lot of people sick – so do we help people or do we let 10-15 M people die? Mr. President, you decide and we follow. Do we let the sick people go to the hospitals and die; and do we keep everybody who is not infected home, paid while they do nothing? Or do we go out and save as much lives as we can? Mr President this situation is the same in New York, London and the rest of the world.”

The Gates foundation has bribed all the world leaders; they have taken the nations to ransom: “you get the money and the vaccines and we get the control”. In the current Iranian government are more American educated doctors than in the US cabinet; and they all carry a double – American – passport; the same is true for many politicians in the top level of the Chinese government.

Alborz University of Medical Sciences

The head of Iran’s Razi Institute announced the launch of a plasma therapy research project for patients diagnosed with a corona in Alborz province, west of Tehran.


China is constantly lying to the world population. They proclaiming that slowly everything goes back to normal, the death rates are decreasing and so on. In fact China a long howl from recovery.

The images show traffic around 3pm in one of China’s major cities at a moment around 4 month into Corona. China is totally dead. So many have already died and the economy has collapsed. And this will happen in Los Angeles, Paris and Rome.” M Keshe

That’s why the KF appeals to all nations to stop lying to their people and start acting in favour of their people.


Meanwhile in the same world: the first UEU units have been completed and will be shipped to Austria in the coming days. They arrive at the right time, because they will be very useful for the processing of the Corona Cancers.

The KF announced also a price drop to 250,000.00 per unit, so it becomes affordable for all nations.

New Communication

M. Keshe is frequently asked why he knows so much of what is privately discussed in high level government meetings? He answers that the KF doesn’t have spies, M Keshe just asks the Soul and the Soul cannot lie. So he has the informations straight from the Source. Above that he does not have to learn Chinese, Italian or Arabic, he just reaches the Soul of the Chinese, the Italian or the Arabic person to know what they have in their mind.

Universal Justice

M Keshe very often mentioned that there is no need of judges and other “superior” people because the only judge there is for us is our Soul. However the Soul does not judge in the sense of punishment but in the sense of a GPS: our Soul always tells us right away when we are going down the wrong alley. And of course she needs to escalate her means of communication in the cases we are not listening to her:

  1. it starts with bad feelings (anger, fear, sadness…),
  2. then she goes to pain,
  3. then to symptoms of disease or accidents,
  4. then to chronic symptoms
  5. and her last resort always is the physical death when she stops to support the physical body.

Then how come people like Idi Amin, Donald Trump, Genghis Khan… how come they don’t just die and leave humanity alone? It’s true, they may be seen as “wrong doers” on the surface, but they nevertheless serve a purpose, they actively collaborate in the evolution of Humanity. For example without the “wrong doings” of Donald Trump and Bill Gates, we wouldn’t have a Corona and without a Corona we wouldn’t be able to collapse the banking system, to close down dysfunctional education systems or to stop over-consumption, pollution etc.

So you see the Soul is living in the Universal Principle always following what is the best of the whole Creation – even if that means to keep Donald and Bill alive for a little while more. And they – like any of us – can change in every moment and elevate their Souls.

You will understand very very soon, these people will come out and elevate their Souls. It’s the same that happens in the processing of Stephania’s and Jamila’s Corona infection: when they started the protocol, something happens and they find back their joy and strength in their lives.” M. Keshe

Maybe you have noticed that your food consumption is gradually diminishing, because you are continuously surrounded by GaNS and the 1Cu1Life and so on. You see we are already into the transition.


In general there is no clear correlation between the Corona and G5. However it is clear that G5 damages cells in the body and these damages could make the damages by Corona worse or make the processing of the infection more difficult.

KSW322, 2020-04-02

Corona Watch


This week the first city and hospital in Iran has been completely cleaned from the virus. None of the medical personnel has been infected. This has been officially announced by the Iranian Government.

The declining numbers of the death tolls in Iran is due to the great work of the KF volunteers headed by Mrs. Mohammadi: they not only supply self help kits to families but also wash public spaces like streets and markets with 1C1L liquid plasma.

The next step, after the Iranian Government will have completely adopted the Plasma Technology, is that the Iranian Government will offer the KF technology to other nations – of course everything under the banner of “One Nation, One Race for World Peace”. This should happen towards the end of April this year.

The Iranian Health Minister in Tehran (IP, March 30, 2020) has announced that a new achievement will soon put the country at top of the world. The Iranian Health Minister has said that the country has reached a clear point in the control of viral diseases and in the near future, the achievement will be announced by the Islamic Republic, which puts Iran in the first place in the world.

The KF Iran has also proposed the same 1C1L technology to the American Government to help disinfect war ships where the crew has been infected. If Donald Trump should reject the offer, the technology will be directly proposed to the governors of California, New York, Washington and other states which are already battling with the pandemic.

If the world’s governments accept the 1C1L technology, the whole virus pandemic could be overcome in 2 month worldwide. The only condition: the armies of the respective countries need to sign the World Peace Treaty first.

Meanwhile Teheran will become the first and only city in the world open to international travel, welcoming anyone infected with corona, “because we can heal them all.

Osho Dynamic Meditation

The dynamic meditation is an excellent way to get rid of accumulated fear, anger and other negative emotions. The meditation lasts one hour and is in five stages. It can be done alone, but the energy will be more powerful if it is done in a group.

As it is an individual experience, you keep your eyes closed, using a blindfold. It is best to do the meditation with an empty stomach and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

You can watch a video with instructions following this link.

First stage: 10 minutes

Breathe chaotically through the nose, concentrating always on the exhalation. The body will take care of the inhalation. Breath as fast and as hard as you possibly can – until you literally become the breathing. Use your natural body movements to help you to build up your energy.

Second stage: 10 minutes

Explode! Let go of everything that needs to be thrown out. go totally mad, scream, shout, cry, jump, shake, dance, sing, laugh, throw yourself around. hold nothing back, keep your whole body moving.

A little acting often helps to get you started. never allow your mind to interfere with what is happening. Be total.

Third stage: 10 minutes

With raised arms, jump up and down shouting the mantra “Hoo!”. Let the sound come from your belly, as deeply as possible. Each time you land on the flats of your feet, let the sound hammer deep into the sex centre. Give all you have, exhaust yourself totally.

Fourth stage: 15 minutes

You will hear the shout: “Stop!”

Freeze in whatever position you are. Don’t arrange the body in any way. Any movement on your part, anything that you do will dissipate the energy flow and the effort will be lost. Be absolutely still; be a witness to everything that is happening inside and outside of you.

Fifth stage: 15 minutes

Celebrate and rejoice with music and dance, expressing your gratitude towards existence. carry your happiness with you throughout the day.

Note: If your meditation space prevents you from making a noise, you can do this silent alternative: Instead of making sounds, let the catharsis in the second stage be expressed only through body movements. Also the sound “Hoo!” can be hammered silently inside.