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Today is the day of the maturity of the Soul.” MT Keshe

Why you cannot see your Soul

In the last article we have learned that we cannot see our Soul because we are the Soul. We can only perceive our Soul in interaction with other Souls or elements. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be aware of our Soul. We can – as we can be aware of our self or our ego; we can go inside ourselves and feel our Soul. All emotions are happening on the energy level, the common ground between the matter- and the fundamental level.

The phenomenon of light is also happening on the energy level; so M Keshe proposed another way to demonstrate the existence of the Soul: the Cups of Earth and their variations. He suggests that we stand in front of the cups and if we are humble enough we will see the light of our Soul shining. That is the visible confirmation of the interaction between our Soul and the Soul of the Cup of Earth; and a visible confirmation will be able to help us make the shift from confirming our identity on the matter level to find our identity on the spiritual, the fundamental or the Soul level.

Once we’ll have access to this way of confirmation, we will be able to switch from the Soul level to the matter level and vice versa. So all cooks down to the fact that we need to be so humble that our Soul takes over and we’ll have access to all the fields of the universe and the Creator. And “we” means our mind, our soul of the physicality; we have to offer our mind and body to our Soul, so the Creator can work through us. In other words, we have to reposition our mind from being an overwhelmed director to the perfect servant that he originally has been designed for. Grigori Grabovoï offers a multitude of techniques for structuring our consciousness.

In a way the process we are in right now resembles to that of a young child learning to walk: he tries to get up, shakes and falls down again – he waits, tries to get up, shakes and falls back… this will go on until, after many trials, the shaking becomes less and less and, finally, he will succeed.
When the child is very lucky, he sees the hand of the father to help him get up and be more steady. At the end of it all, we definitely will all be able to walk the universe – be it after many trials and errors or be it that we are lucky enough to see the outstretched hand of the Creator.

And of course the humbleness mentioned is intimately linked to the Universal Principle, or the Good for All. It’s very simple: when we are humble, we naturally want the Good for All; but when we are arrogant, we are only seeing our personal advantage or happiness. In these times we will feel that we have become more aware of our conduct. At the end of the process we will be like a black hole – so humble that it receives even the minutest particles and yet so beautiful that we will create new stars and galaxies out of these particles.

Each of us as individually and we all together as One Humanity are becoming so humble and dark that the light of the Creator can shine through us.

Our fingers touch the essence

There is yet another way for how to check our progress towards the Soul. There are 5 fingers and there are 5 cups in the Cup of Earth. Our fingers are energy antennas, connections from our Soul to the Universe. They show us how we connect with everything on the field level. Their shape also indicates how attached we are to the physicality.

Here’s how to check:

  1. hold your hand in front of you, very relaxed without any effort;

  2. then turn the hand down and

  3. slowly up again and look.

The fingers which are curved inwards show the attachment to the physicality; fingers turned to the outside show openness.

Humans and animals

When you do experiments with GaNS in agriculture or in your gardens, you may have observed more and more animals come to your garden. According to M. Keshe it’s the amino acids in the GaNS that are linked to us, which create this attraction.

As we understand more and more how the plasma tools are helping us understand how our Soul works, now we see that we don’t need to put out the physical GaNSes into our garden anymore. The more closer we come to our Soul, the more our relationships to the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms change as well. The increasing proximity to our Soul attracts birds and other animals will be more and more.

Anastasia relates the same phenomenon, when our “the divine Ray” or our “ray of love” is active, animals feel this and are very much attracted to us.

Grigori Grabovoï teaches us that we and the animals have the same Soul but we have a different mind, a different consciousness. We are able to become aware of ourselves and normalize or materialize events by our thoughts – right now animals cannot do that. And we can only do it with the help of the Creator. Actually animals need our help to evolve as we need the Creator to evolve.

As we evolve, we are able to transfer the eternal harmonious development to all the other elements of creation. We have learned that the creation is the physical body of the Creator. Now we understand that our evolution evolves the physical body of the Creator – the whole world.

Coming back of Mitra, Jesus and Co

The majority in all religions are the Sunday church goers who believe whatever the priests tell them because it’s convenient and they don’t have to do anything; and there are fervent knowledge seekers who want to learn the truth of who they really are. Many of the knowledge seekers are very much disappointed about the decline of their religion into an abuse-of-power-scheme; and their hunger for truth has crystallized in the hope that the beloved origin of their religion will come again. Baha’i believe in the coming back of Mitra and many christians are impatiently waiting for the second coming of Christ…

Learning about the Creator, our Soul and the Universe, these hopes seem right and wrong at the same time. First of all it is understandable that the hope for a better world may find a rallying image in the original prophet. But to make the prophet or messiah come again to save us again, seems useless, because he obviously failed the first time! If you want to be saved, you don’t want to change or make an effort.

Moreover where do we think the messiahs come back from? From a space like heaven or nirvana? Plasma Science tells us that the Soul never dies, especially those Souls who have given themselves, who have lived as Souls on this planet and not as bodies, minds or personalities. Souls may suspend the physical appearance of the body; and they can at any time re-appear in the material realm with a fleshly body. That means essentially they are always here. And not only that, they are constantly offering us their hand, to support us when we learn to walk.

It seems a little lazy to ask them to come again and again in a physical body, only because we don’t want to evolve! No, now it’s up to us to make an “effort” to recognize them right here and now!

Grigori Grabovoï has given his SN to reach him when we need him; the Masters all have offered that we only have to call on them and they will happily come and help us.

Mitra, Jesus, Mohammed, you and me have been created by the Creator in his image, so he can be loved by his creations who are themselves creators. That’s why we are creating children in our image so they may love us and give us the joy of creating new creators.

Assurance versus Insurance

Especially concerning viruses so prevalent in the Universe, M Keshe said: “What you want to give and how you give, you can create the weaker plasma, what we call the electron or Eve; that allows you to exist in the span of the universe, and no virus or anything else be it of the soul or the physicality will ever touch the man.” M Keshe

Did you notice that he spoke of viruses that can attach themselves to the soul? He is referring to the soul of physicality because, even though she has no physical amino-acid body, she nevertheless has a particular magrav field strength with which the virus, who is an energy pack, can attach himself and interact. The attack of a virus on the soul of physicality will of course change and manipulate the physical body to suit his needs.

Star Feeder 7

Many knowledge seekers ask How can I see my soul?”

This questions is based on the misunderstanding that you are different from your Soul or that your Soul is something like an organ you “have”. Actually, we are the Soul and we have a body.

I want to ask you another question: “Did you ever see the “you”?”

in the same way you cannot see the “me” – you cannot see your Soul either; both are you; there are not objects, separated from the self, that you can see.

But here M Keshe offers us a bridge.

The body of the man is symmetric there are the two halves of the brain and the body’s limbs as well as many organs are symmetric, too. The two hemispheres of the brain are crosswise connected to the two hemispheres of the body; this connection brings balance. The body maintains the balance by a line under our foot. The brain and the Soul maintain their balance in the inner ear.

But in order to power systems, we have to look at the 1st Law of Plasmodynamics, where the stronger feed the weaker fields. The small size brain supports the bigger system of our physicality; and in the place where the two lines cross, is the seat of the Soul. This cross over point is the connection between the emotions and the movement. It is precisely this connection which enables and controls the movement of our body – our Soul decides to move the body, this is the emotion of her wish which translates immediately in a series of body movements that move the body towards the fulfillment of the wish. This is possible because all the individual elements of the body, from whole organs and limbs down to individual cells and molecules are interconnected and all these interconnections pass through the cross over point we mentioned before.

But it’s not only the elements of our body who are connected to each other trough the cross over point, but the elements of our earthly environment, all the other Souls and finally all the elements of the whole universe as well.

That is why we can read our physical features and draw conclusions on our psychology. Our physical features are in the same way the end product or the result of how we connect the Soul to the physicality; how me move through the world, how we act determines the features of our body. And then on the other hand, once our features are coagulated into our physical form, the latter determines how we act.

The crossing point is our position in the Thought Space; the centre of the informational light network that connects us to all the elements of the Universes.

Our Soul is always the one who brings us to where we found ourselves. 5 years ago it would have been quite unbelievable to me to live in Guatemala. 5 years ago it would have been unbelievable that the KF would move their headquarters to Linz. But in both the cases the Soul has moved us there. In my personal case it is much easier for me to get closer to my Soul in a place where people are much less mentally affected by the pandemic hype, a place where people still live close to the earth. In the case of the KF, they had their headquarters moved to Linz in Austria, because the collective Soul of the human race wanted amendments to be done because Adolf Hitler came from Austria and he was the main promoter of WWII and the persecution of the jews causing tremendous suffering in the world. This place needed the balance that the KF as the head of the movement for World Peace would bring to compensate for the almost incessant wars we had since WWII.

And we have a very recent example, the change of administration in the white house. Joe Biden was vice president during the Obama administration – never before had there been so many wars waged; and Biden was part of it. Some times after Biden lost his son who died of cancer. So he learned what it means to loose a child; maybe that changed the man, and he could imagine what it means to bomb countries and have so many people dead. Now he is president and in the position to put things right again.

If our Soul is not wanting us in some particular place, we can do anything we want, we’ll never get there and vice versa, we can be 100% sure that the place we find ourselves in is exactly where our Soul wanted us to be.

Here is the message of a Shaman guide from Columbia who found herself confined in Los Angeles at the outbreak of the confinement. She illustrates very well how our Soul chooses where we will be – not necessary where we want to be.

So if you want to see your Soul, see where your Soul walks you to.” M Keshe

Our Soul always will balance the books of our actions on the matter level; this is Karma explained on a deep level. When we steal, we cannot hope to just get away with it because nobody noticed. Maybe no other person on the outside did notice – but our Soul did and she will balance our books. Stealing is taking without asking; there is a whole in the place where we took something and this whole has to be filled – and that’s what our Soul is doing, that’s balancing the books. She will walk us into a situation where we can experience what we did to others before. This is not a punishment but an opportunity for us what is right and what is wrong. It is not a God far away and high above who is a book keeper and will present us the bill at the end of our life; it is our Soul who will move to balance according to our doings the same moment.​

Star Feeder 6

​The role of the Cups

We have been given the different Cups of Earth to help us understand the creation of our earthly environment, our selves and our Soul. The Cup of Earth is composed of 5 individual cups; they cover the earthly environment.

If we want to explore the environment beyond earth, there will be Cup #6, which represents the fields of all the universes for us to travel anywhere and to create any matter whatsoever.

And the ultimate cup will be Cup #7, the Cup of the Creator; we can call it “Holy Grail” or Cup of the 7th Chakra. This cup will help us understand and establish the connection to the Creator. The cup can show us how we make contact with our Soul and open this contact further to extend it to the Soul of the Creator. There is only one single pathway that we can walk: Love. Love is giving to be able to receive and loving positions us as the weaker plasma by default so we can receive the being of the Creator.

The sole purpose of all that is to bring us consciously to the place that is destined for us: to co-create side by side with the Creator. The path leading to it is not a the cutting our way through the jungle of collective beliefs and fight our way through to the Creator; neither is it the aggressive research of orthodox science (“I will snatch nature’s secrets from her”) – it is remembering that each of us is already made in his image and he is waiting since eternities for us to come back – like the prodigal son.

And to start the journey we need to cultivate a longing for our Soul; when this longing meets the Soul, she will tell us that our longing was the reflection of her eternal longing to reach us!

Many of Mevlana Jalāl ad-Dīn Rumi (13th century Persian Mystic)  poems reflect this so eloquently:

A servant wants to be rewarded for what he does.

A lover wants only to be in love’s presence, that ocean whose depth will never be known.

Someone who does not run toward the allure of love walks a road where nothing lives.

When I was apart from you, this world did not exist, nor any other.

Whatever I was looking for was always you.

For sure I have no self any more – I am you already. The ‘I’ has gone; the ‘you’ has come instead. Even my identity is gone. ‘You and I’ has no meaning. The ‘I’ has vanished like a drop into an ocean of honey.

​The creation of materials

It may sound quite incredible to us that, with the help of our Soul, we can create any material possible on this planet. But the credibility comes when we remember that the very materials our body is consisting of, have been already created by the fields of our Soul in interaction with the fields of the planet and the universe! Our Soul has already created our body in all the fantastic details with the help of the structured part of our mind; and she is recreating it at a rate of 1017x/sec endlessly, with our permission. Our body contains all the elements that exist on this planet and integrates them into this perfectly working living system – but we only have not been aware of it. We don’t need machines or systems to produce materials or even living beings; we can do all we could ever wish for with the flick of a finger – when we are aligned with our Soul.

The way to ourself is the way to our Soul, is the way to the Creator.

Star Feeder 5

Disaster management

Lets say we are facing a heavy accident or other catastrophe and the integrity of your body is threatened. We don’t want our body to be touched, so we suspend or dematerialize it until the storm is over. In principle it the same that Tom Salas did to protect the garden of his mother from the hurricane Maria on the island of Dominica in 2017 – he created such a strong plasma field around the garden, that the energy differential was too great for the storm to interact with it, so it passed through without any damage.

M Keshe has already explained in earlier teachings that the suspension of our physical body is possible if we can extend the fields of our Soul beyond the soul of physicality. In this way we would, so to say, hand over the control of our physical body from the mind to the Soul; and she could then use the mind to control and suspend the body. Normally it is our mind with his “free will” who controls the physical body and collective beliefs don’t accept that we can suspend our body at will. In other words, if our mind is not subservient to our Soul, we have no access to our extrasensory capacities, like suspending our physical body.

When we can allow the rays of our Soul to go beyond the bounds of our physicality, we create an envelope that will cover whatever we put into it. Thus we allow the Soul to become more powerful than the mind, the soul of the physicality; and as the body depends on the mind, it will simply follow the directions of the Soul when the condition is reached.

This can be compared to the atomic fusion. Not in the matter sense that the electron fuses into the proton by outside force, but by allowing the field strength of the proton to cover the electron.

Activating the 3rd eye

There is a point in front of your forehead; it is often called the “third eye” which is connected to the pineal gland; both of them are in proximity to the Soul inside the brain. What we could do is to extend the field of the Soul beyond the 3rd eye as to include it. At this point the Soul will appear as a balanced light in it’s environment.

M Keshe did not give us the name of the gland. He described it as being located in the forehead and said that it isn’t really a material gland but a field gland. Maybe it could be the pituitary gland; the gland itself is also divided in two halves. It is actually very close to the seat of the Soul. Medicine isn’t yet aware of it.

M Keshe describes it’s function as dictating the facial shape; it is responsible for the change of face with age. Beyond that It is responsible for the creation of our physical shape. Right now, this gland is not yet fully developed, because we are actually not using it. So maybe if will develop fully when we will be using it to change or suspend our body?

At the same time, it seems to be connected to the frontal lobe of the brain which, according to wikipedia, controls important cognitive skills in humans, such as emotional expression, problem solving, memory, language, judgment, and sexual behaviours. It is, in essence, the “control panel” of our personality and our ability to communicate. That means this is where our personality or even our ego sits.

Many other cultures in the Universal Community use the extremities of their body, like the tip of the finger or the tip of the toe, to create that condition, touching the 3rd eye. As the strength of this connection is weaker than that of the Soul, the latter will be in control. This gives you instant protection against any danger directed towards your body: the bullet of a gun, big hail particles, hurricane winds etc will simply go through you; they cannot touch you because your material part is suspended. The moment we understand this, we will know at the same time how to feed ourselves with fundamental rays of the universe without the need to kill anymore.

Using the cups as a sandbox

Using the cups you can help the process: placing the cup of the soul of the physicality in right position in respect to both the Soul and the inertia of the planet. If we manage this, we can become invisible on the matter plane.

If you can arrange the cup of inertia with the cup of the soul of physicality in respect to your Soul, you will be invisible. When you are at the strength of the Soul of the man, you become a light; if you are at the strength of the boundary of the physicality (soul of physicality) you become invisible.

This ability is necessary for space travel: we will have to be able to suspend our body to travel and when we reach the destination, we don’t know the environmental conditions. With our body suspended, our Soul will detect the conditions and subsequently create the physical shape that corresponds to the given environment.

In the context of creating materials, we will not right away create matter, but with the cups and the GaNSes we create the souls of the matters we want and then with the wish and the force of our Soul (structured consciousness) we can condense these plasmatic fields into the matter state.

For space travel we have to conceive a 6th cup; which will contain the various fields of the universe to which we want to travel. Then it will be the interaction of the Soul of man with the inertia of a chosen part of the universe, which creates the path to travel. These coordinates can be the applied to space and to time – we can travel wherever our Soul desires.

We can go to locations in space but also in locations in time. In this way we can pinpoint the position of the Souls of deceased loved ones and be with them once again. Probably even to the point that we can help them to resuscitate, if they agree to it.

Try to understand the beauty of creation and try to understand the wish of your Soul, not the desires of the mind – all is in your hands.”

M Keshe

How Plasma works

As you can see on the image, the molecules on the matter level are a conglomerate of 4 different atoms. On the plasma level we see that the 4 plasmatic elements are encapsulated into one another, sharing a common center, their collective Soul.

Whereas the molecule on the matter level stays more or less isolated without interaction with elements of the outside, any part of the plasmocule, however will interact with an entity of similar structure on the outside.v

The boundary of the plasma is made of the field strength of the amino acids of our body. This knowledge allows us to identify the origin of any Soul by looking at the field strength of their boundary (yellow ellipse).

You have to understand the totality of the interaction of the fields in respect to the matter state; you have to understand the composition of what your Soul is made of – so you can play with it.” M Keshe

Let’s take a minute to look at this; our Soul is made in the following manner:

  1. The Creator has created everything in an impulse of love as plasmas on the fundamental level; for example proton, neutron and electron. Each of them having his own Soul, the connection with the Creator. The 3 are combined into a new atom complete with a new central reference point, the collective Soul of the atom.
  2. The atoms combine to molecules, each retaining his own Souls and creating a new central unit, the collective Soul of the molecule.
  3. The molecules combine to cells, each retaining his own Souls and creating a new central unit, the collective Soul of the cell.
  4. The cells combine to organs, each retaining his own Souls and creating a new central unit, the collective Soul of the organ.
  5. The organs combine to the human body, each retaining his own Souls and creating a new central unit, the collective Soul of the man.
  6. The collective Souls combine to form humanity, each retaining his own Souls and creating a new central unit, the collective Soul of the Humanity.
  7. The collective Souls of all kingdoms combine to the world, each retaining his own Souls and creating a new central unit, the collective Soul of the universe.
  8. The collective Souls of all the universes combine together, each retaining his own Souls and creating a new central unit, the collective Soul of the Creator.
  9. And from here the circle starts again and goes on in eternity.

That means that our Soul is composed of everything that exists in all the universes. More precisely, we carry in our Soul the field strengths of everything, past, present, future in our Soul. And our Soul is thus able to play with all the fields, to create any material, any event, in any space and any time whatsoever.

To make it, we have to wish for it, like a lover wishes the best for his beloved.

Amino Acids

And all of the cups naturally create a thin layer of amino acids on top – and they are the connection to your body and the matter level. These amino acids link what we produce to us and to the place (inertia of the planet) where it has been created.

It is the field strength of the inertia on the amino acid level that contains so to say the coordinates of everything created. These field strength are responsible that a stork finds back his tree when he returns after winter the following year; that is also how birds and other animals migrate. Of course they don’t know the coordinates, they feel attracted and simply follow.

Star Feeder 4


In the last teachings we have learned how to assemble the Cups of Earth in the structure of the Star formation and then in the structure of the pyramids. Many of us have been physically making these assemblies to find help in coming closer to our Soul in order to recover our birthright of unlimited powers, knowledge and presence.

In this context we need to understand that all these different systems are ways to show us how creation is happening in the universe. Creation is always and fundamentally co-creation between us and the Creator. By fabricating the new structures, we can easily overlook the role of the Creator and only see us making the system which will show us our Soul. That is to say, that “old habits” can make us simply forget about the Creator and think that we are the ones who are doing, fabricating, deciding, etc.

Habitually we think about ourselves more in terms of “doing” than of “being”, logically we think that when we achieve making something we think it’s US who has done it and who can, therefore take all the credits for it. Instead of seeing the reality of co-creation, we see the delusion of “I am the creator”. This process is largely unconscious; and this process is one of the biggest fallacies preventing our evolution in the past 000 years!

This brings to mind the death of one of the devoted helpers in the “Life of the Masters”, described in the second volume, where the Master said:

Dear friends, kindly think for a moment. To whom did Jesus speak when he said, `Father, I thank You that You have heard me.’ He was not talking to the outer self, the me. He was recognizing and praising the Inner Self, the One Infinite, the All Hearing, All Knowing Soul, the all seeing Creator.

This simple phrase explains how Jesus manifested: he humbly asked the Creator, whom he called father, to manifest what he wished – and because his wishes were always for the Common Good, and his consciousness structur ed, he was always heard and his wish fulfilled.

Can you not see to where the eyes of Jesus were turned as he stood at the tomb of Lazarus? Did he, like you, look into that tomb and see a dead and dissolving Lazarus? While your vision was upon the dead, he held his vision upon the living, the creation in the image of the Creator. His vision was fixed upon unchangeable, eternal, omnipresent Life and that Life transcends all. Now, with our vision held steadfastly toward the ever-present reality of the Creator, we can behold His finished work.

Here is a dear brother who never relied wholly on the Creator but went on partially in his own strength, until he has reached this stage and given up and made the mistake which so many are making today, the mistake you look upon as death. This dear soul has not been able to let go of all doubt and fear and thus he could only rely on his own limited strength and has not been able to finish the work set before all. Should we leave him thus, his body will dissolve and he will be again sent forth to finish his mortal task, which is all but complete. In fact, so nearly complete is it that we can help him to finish and we feel this to be a great privilege.”

This fatal trap is to forget about our humbleness, without which the 1st Law of Plasmodynamics cannot work. If we don’t reach a position of humbleness, we cannot be the weaker plasma and consequently cannot be fed by the stronger plasma of the Creator.

Now which part of us exactly needs to be humble?

The Soul is part and parcel of the Creator already; the body is already humble by nature – he is faithfully serving the soul of physicality/mind, even if this means his demise. So the only part left again is the mind. If we want to create anything we have to

  • recognize that this creation is the wish of the Soul, thus the wish of the Creator; and to
  • allow the sun of the Soul to shine. The Soul naturally shines, we cannot prevent it from shining, but we can put the mass of our ego in front of it, thus blocking her shining with the darkness of our ego.

And the is what the biggest conflict has been between the soul of the physicality and the Soul of the man since the time of creation. That’s why we have emotions – the difference between the two becomes the emotions. M Keshe

We have learned that all interactions, like the 1st Law of Plasmodynamics, are always working in two directions – the humbleness to receive must be paired with the readiness to give from our best. Our stinginess to give comes out of our fear to loose what we are giving, to have nothing anymore, to be nothing anymore – the fear of death. And even in the moment of our physical death, we can’t let go, we hold on until we loose our last strength and our hand finally opens to let go – by force.

This reluctance and fear of giving is intimately linked to the illusion that “I am the doer, the creator” as well. Because in co-creation we are never alone, we are always linked to the Creator who has created us and is sustaining us eternally.

So we can build the Star Formation or the Pyramid of Cups, but we will achieve nothing, because we have not reached the right position: splendid co-creation with the Creator. And of course our systems will not work!

We may be surprised that this law even applies to the Creator when he says: “I created my children so they may love me”. He is putting himself in a position lower than his creation in order to receive their love + he is giving the best of himself in creating.

When you manage to find the position lower than the electron, your Soul will become visible. Not to you but to those who see your existence” M Keshe

By the way the UEU and the PRK-1U are systems that help exactly in that way. They make our Soul appear in such splendour to us, that we naturally reposition into humbleness. The splendour of our Soul is so lovable that we are ready to give our best, to give all we have. In a way the UEU and the PRK-1U makes us fall in love with our Soul.

The teaching from now on will mainly focus on this new vision for our live, our actions and technologies that will be able to serve the spiritual development of the universe.

We, the Keshe Foundation, have not come here to give you UFOs or technologies to feed your body, or systems to eradicate diseases – we have come here to teach you the process of creation, so you can take your natural position at the side the Creator in his splendid co-creations” M Keshe

Star Feeder 3


When a mother breastfeeds her child, she is holding the child close to her heart, to nourish him emotionally. And she is holding his head, the seat of his Soul, nourishing the Soul; and giving her breast finally feeds the physical body of the child.

Here we see a “ritual” that contains the “secret” that man is fed on all the levels at the same time. And we understand now better why certain children, who have been lovingly breastfed are calmer and more centred than others.


The recent developments by the KF and their technical achievements have brought a change to the teachings: most of the teaching will not be multiplied by the media but from Soul to Soul; from the Soul of the members of the core team of the KF to the Souls of the Knowledge Seekers who are ready to receive.

The transmission of knowledge may even not been recognized as such by those who receive to pass on. It may be very subtle; it can be just be that you have the feeling that you understand more. If you are acting and living in the realm of the Common Good, you may find yourself in that upward spiral of the structuring of the consciousness: with each knowledge you understand, your mind expands to be able to process even more knowledge and also to access many more sources and levels of transmission – like the transmission from Soul to Soul.

The KF knows about those knowledge seekers who are now teaching – some of them in a totally different way – but they won’t publicize them, to help prevent the highjacking by the ego. “The true man of Peace will receive the new Universal Knowledge by their Soul and not by their eyes and ears; just like all the other members of the Universal Community, who cannot come to the teachings to listen and see. So listen through your Soul and do not become arrogant.M Keshe

Cup of Earth and Pyramids

In this context the building of the Cup of Earth has been the bridge from the physicality to the fields, from the body to the Soul. We built them and they immediately started doing their work: shifting our attention from matter to Soul.

The cups showed us the path to create whatever we want as soon as we

  • can bring all the aspects of our trinity (body, mind and Soul) into the same direction than the Soul
  • and the Soul has always the same direction of the Creator

The pyramids have 5 points, so do the Cups of Earth. Now we can understand the pyramids are another metaphor for the arrangement of the 5-stack Cups of Earth. The pyramids are actually a metaphor for this: the 4 elements: the Soul, the soul of the physicality/mind, the body and the inertia of the matter state, when they are in alignment, they create the top of the pyramid, the connection line to the Creator, with the Common Good. This is the whole of conditions to be assembled for the manifestation of anything – it does not matter how many points or components we create, as long as they are all aligned to the light of the Creator, they work.

And if some or even only one human being is able to establish this connection, the whole of humanity, each one of us, can connect to the communication line with the Creator and assume his birthright – creating magnificent worlds in conjoined cocreation with the Creator.

All is in reaching the point of harmony, the point of love between all the parts we are made up, to reach the the communication line with the Creator.

It’s for you to understand and find your way to the Creator. Through the connection and the interaction of the Soul of the man. M Keshe

The technology of the pyramids has been given to humanity by Mithra to all of humanity, to understand the path to the Creator. She transmitted her knowledge via her Soul to the Souls of those who could receive. That is why there are pyramids all over the globe built by peoples who had no physical connection, like Egyptians and the Mayans for example. And you find a star on top of every Christmas tree; it is the star of man, the weaker point that gets nourished by the stronger star of the Creator to be elevated and enter a new life.

This knowledge came out now because it exactly the time we are living in; the birth of a new Humanity; which, in so many ways, includes the rebirth of each one of us. And we don’t need to be special, the more ordinary we are the better the transmission of energy works.

So now we can use Christmas as a tool to find our way back to the Creator; the original meaning of this celebration. And it is not a coincidence that finding the way back to our Creator is in a way of celebrating and not hard work.

Now we can understand as well that with Christmas, the line of communication with the Creator has been established. This event will eventually lead to the birth of the new Humanity in 3 month from now: March 21, 2021. At this point the collective human Soul and the Soul of the Universe will come together and melt into one – melting in love and not in too much heat!

This is also reflected in cosmology; our universe is on the periphery of the Unicos; so reaching to the centre of it, we cover the whole. That means all the other universes fall into the interaction field between us and the Creator.

Star Feeder 2

The components of the Star Feeder work in both directions: the souls of the physicality/mind of the horizontal, vertical and mineral people can feed back information to the Soul, as the Soul can communicate her wishes, energy etc to the minds.

In the next image the center cup is replaced by the Soul of the Earth. Now we can decide in what position we want to manifest. It’s like the minds of all spheres (horizontal, vertical and mineral people) are inside of us.

If we further change the center cup to the Soul of the horizontal people (us) and connect her to the soul of physicality of a distant planet, then we can either travel to any point or we can at least see the physical matter in that position, time and space.

What we use in each of these variations, are the different cups of the Cup of Earth. We place them in the center of the Star Feeder.

If you want to go to any place you can use the inertia (cup 4) of the space, the soul of the planet (cup 5) and your Soul. These three are enough to configure the space. The Soul will, so to say, reach there and then the soul of physicality and the physical form will be configured according to this environment.

Why do we do this? We will choose the form so the other can best enjoy us; because that gives the maximum satisfaction to our Soul and us. So we can choose to be anything from an angel to a pebble, a grandmother, a dog, a bird, a flower, a pebble or a fragrance. If you read this back to the front, you never know who is “inside the flower” you enjoy so much!

The day this new Humanity will be born, march 21, 2021, has been accepted by the Universal Community – a new spring for Humanity.

This technology can also be used in a more precise manner; to replicate organs or to make them grow back if they have been amputated or lost in another way.

Now the question: How will this change happen?

In a way, it only needs the elevation of one Soul to make the change. And as we are all connected – we all will change subsequently. It’s like the group of magnets on a table, when you move one, all the others will move; when you flip one over to change it’s polarity, all the others will change polarity, too.

What’s happening on Earth right now is not a chance event in the Universe; what’s happening here is affecting everything else. Not only because every particle in the universes is connected to every other particle in this great one-ness; but also because the structure of how life is created and maintained here on Earth is the same everywhere else. It has been said that the Earth is the cradle of the Universe; that can also mean that all changes, every new development in the Universe starts in this marvellous incubator, called Earth.

It needs only one perfect Soul, the lover who really wants to give unconditionally to the beloved. And all of us, who are moving in the direction of this evolutionary step, each of us adds his part to create this perfect Soul. And the more intensity we can manage, the more we succeed in structuring our mind, the faster the perfect Soul will appear.

As soon as Humanity has reached a certain degree of elevation, the Universal Community, too, will join the adventure or the birthing process in a helping way.

We have already learned that the Magravs, the cup of man, cup of soul are representations of what we can do, once our consciousness has reached the necessary level of structuring. Therefore now we have to learn to create the field strength inside of us from what we have understood by learning about the Cup of Earth, the Star Formation and their combination the Star Cups.

You have understood that your Soul can do everything and now it’s your job to get close to her!” M Keshe


Inertia comes from the interaction of the Soul within and the fields outside; that allows the creation of matter in a given point.” M Keshe

Hand between GaNSes

M Keshe suggested to start the process of learning by putting your closed hand between two containers of GaNS. Then make a wish what you want to appear inside your hand. It’s like a sandbox, a training ground; with which you will learn that the GaNS is not important but the fields coming from them.

You can make gold appear in your hand, but remember, if your true understanding is that the gold you produce will be used for the good of all, it will appear. The Universal Principle is the condition sine qua non.

This will also help to change us, because we will be able to see and know that the one who can create gold in his outstretched hand, has the true ethics to serve the common good!

So this sandbox has also the utility that it will show you your true thoughts; if you want to create gold for any egoistic purpose, you shall see nothing but the dust of your shame.” M Keshe

Take the inertia cup of the materials you like and dictate, that you want this to be part of my physicality or part of a plant, and i want it in the matter state. Then put your hand out and see if it appears.

If you want to work on the Soul level, you have to create the field strength of inertia, that were produced by the GaNS in the exercise, in your Soul and together with her wish to have the material appear, it will appear.

The Star Feeder 1

The present situation of Humanity

We now see how the whole of humanity is about to become totally enslaved; this process is being enforced by artificially created shortages in food, medical supplies and essential services. At the same time social distancing, mandatory wearing of masks etc are established to prevent any possibility of social resistance.

Right in the beginning of the pandemic, in January 2020, the KF gave the gift of life to humanity to survive the danger of the Corona pandemic: 1Cup1LIfe. And now the Keshe family is giving is presenting us with another gift – the gift of life, the ultimate feeding technology: by feeding the Soul, the Soul feeds the Mind (Soul of the physicality) and the mind will satisfy the needs of the body – all this by nothing else than cosmic rays. The ultimate feeding technology can free mankind from the outer as well as the inner shackle:

  • when our health, energy and food are secured for ever, we cannot be forced into obedience on the matter level
  • at the same time, we are no more obliged to kill other living beings to support our physical life

Of course these are only possibilities if humanity accepts them.

The cosmic rays and fields are available to us since ever and for eternity. We actually do receive them since the beginning of our creation on the fundamental level – but we are not aware of these processes, therefore we cannot use them.

At the same time in the evolution of our planet, we see that the Earth is slowly moving towards the sun, her centre, back into her origin. In these movements the energy conditions change dramatically, as the sun’s magnetic fields become stronger and stronger. This changes the energetic conditions on the planet to which we need to adapt.

On still another level, there are a gazillions of viruses travelling the universe, sent out by the Creator to initiate evolutionary steps throughout the universes in order to keep creation alive and expanding.

It looks like we need to change, to adapt to ever new conditions, on all levels. If we resist, stuck on the matter level, we won’t even understand what’s going on and suffer a lot. Therefore the need to rapidly open up to the other levels of existence – beyond our so much cherished matter level. We urgently need to reach the fundamental level, where our Soul and the Soul of the Creator dwell and reunite with them.

Other understanding of the Plasma Tools

Star Formation

The new feeding technology has been introduced by M Keshe since a long time already. The first step to this understanding was the introduction of the Star Formation, which represents the key to the life in the Universe in general. The different reactors can be understood in the following way:

  1. the Father, the Creator or the Soul
  2. the Mother, the Soul of the physicality of the Environment or Inertia of planet Earth
  3. the Son, the soul of the physicality of horizontal beings (including man)
  4. Daughter, the soul of the physicality of vertical people
  5. The sun in the center of the tetrahedron is the creation a new Soul, a new element in the universe

Cup of Earth

In understanding the Cup of Earth, we have the second key to the ultimate feeding technology. The Cup of Earth represents the specific structure of man living in the environment of his planet. The purpose of these cups is not the production of GaNS, rather they are a tool to better understand life in this part of the universe. To use this key, we need to understand how the fields flow within the structure.

  1. Soul of Man
  2. Soul of the physicality of man
  3. Body of man
  4. Inertia of the planet, her soul of the physicality
  5. Soul of the planet

It’s the interaction between the Soul of man (1) and the Soul of the planet (5) within the inertia field of the planet (4) that creates and maintains the body of the man. Under the condition that the Soul of physicality/mind (2) can agree to serve the Soul.

Now let’s look at the connections of the Cup of Earth will give us some more insights into flow of the fields inside the system. We have 3 parts in each cup:

  1. a nano-coated coil in the center representing the Soul of the entity
  2. another metal element representing the soul of physicality and
  3. a third entity representing the body

That is the same trinity that we find in any element in the world. In the Cup of Earth for the horizontal people, we find the following connections:

  • all the Souls are connected together
  • in all the cups the elements of the soul of physicality and the elements of the body are connected together
  • in the cups 1, 4 and 5, these soul of physicality/body connections are connected to the respective Soul
  • in the cup of the soul of physicality of man (2) and in the cup of the body of the man (3), this is not the case. Their soul of the physicality/body connections are linked together but not to the corresponding parts of the other cups. This makes them a system apart.

In the same sequence for the vertical people, it’s again the interaction of between the Soul of the plant (3) with the Soul of the planet (5) that create the physical entity, the plant. But here, as the Soul of the plant is closer to the Soul of the planet, the energy to create the physicality can only go up; that’s how the verticality of the plants comes about.

In the horizontal people, humans, the energy has to go down, towards the gravitation of the planet.

Now to bring the two keys together, we have to transform the Cup of Earth into the Star Formation:

  1. We place the Soul of man (a) on the top
  2. We place the soul of physicality of the man (c) below in the middle
  3. We place the soul of physicality of the vertical people (d) below to the left
  4. We place the soul of physicality of man (b) below to the right

In regards to the connections we could follow the example of the Cup of Earth. We suppose that hard wired connections are “forced” connections. We could propose the following:

The small images shows the constellation in 3D, the bigger image the connection schematic.

  1. Connect the souls of the physicality (purple) to the body (green) in each cup
  2. Connect these connections in all 4 cups
  3. Connect the Souls of all cups together

It may not be necessary to actually make these physical connection because, as we said in the beginning of this article, they are schematics to help us understand how universal beings live and enjoy so we can do it the same way!

How it works

We were told to connect the Soul elements of all cups together. For the rest, we should let our intuition guide us, but also the purpose of the whole installation. Here are my ideas behind the connections that I could come up with:

  • The Souls are connected all together because, on the fundamental level, they are all ONE.
  • The souls of the physicality of each cup are connected together so the human soul of physicality/mind is in the good company of the two other souls of physicality (vertical people and planet Earth). The latter are naturally close to their Soul; only our mind has the free will to decide against the Soul. If our mind finds itself surrounded by perfect servants, maybe he will be seduced to become humble, too.
  • A humble mind will be able to ask the minds of the plants and the Earth to please feed him and the body he is in charge of.
    It may even happen that our mind may learn by assimilation from the other minds how to directly tap into the universal energy himself.

From all that we can deduct a few hints of how we could do the trick directly on the fundamental- and energy-level without having to do anything on the matter level (like building a physical Star Feeder or playing with the GaNS.

Beyond and above the matter level, everything turns around our mind being a restless monkey or a perfect servant. In other words: having an unstructured or a well structured consciousness. That’s not something new, isn’t it?!

In this sense there are two ways opening up:

On the longer run we can structure our consciousness so she can be used by our mind to get closer to the Soul, to become her perfect servant.

Meanwhile we can connect to a plant and give freely from our Soul, so she can take what she needs; then we can ask her that we would like to be fed.

By the way the Star Feeder also describes the way of how we can get to the universal knowledge as well, way beyond just how to feed ourselves in the correct way.