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From Christina von Dreien’s newsletter of December 13, 2021. You can subscribe by following this link.

Dear Ones,

Even though a lot is happening on the physical plane, in the end it is about our consciousness. About the consciousness of all human beings. Because our consciousness has an effect on what happens here on earth.

Basically, it doesn’t matter how many decades and centuries the unlight forces have been working on certain plans – if we collectively recognize this, decide against it and instead live for an ideal and free world and act accordingly, they cannot implement their plans.

Because the unlight forces are not real beings with a soul, but only entities, that need our energy, our attention to exist. This is also the reason why many media manipulate people’s consciousness. So people are put in fear and made to think that e.g. certain groups of people are dangerous. Many people no longer think for themselves, but simply take over the images they get from many TV stations and newspapers.

They then don’t even notice that their consciousness is being steered in a certain direction. They then think that it is they themselves who believe that, for example, this particular group of people is dangerous.

If many people believe this, then this view becomes established in the collective (un)consciousness. And then when many people start thinking the same thing, the alignment with it in the collective becomes greater and greater.

The unlight forces use this, for example, when they introduce measures or wars against certain groups of people – the Jews in German fascism or the unvaccinated in contemporary democracy. Most people approve of this, because they think that this group of people is dangerous and what must be done against it. These people do not know then that they have given the permission to the unlight. They do not know the connections.

But no matter how it looks in our society at the moment – we must not forget that there are many people who are waking up and who want an ideal and free world. There are many people who keep the light here on earth. And that’s why in the end everything will be alright. Because we are many. We should remember that when we doubt. I know there is a lot of pressure and a lot of heaviness. But it is important that we persevere and keep the light high. We are not here at this time by chance. Our light is needed now more than ever. Each of us is in exactly the place where we are needed, where we can and should let our power and light shine – even if we sometimes don’t feel that way. Otherwise we would not have come this far.

That is why we should never lose heart. And when we look at society and think: “There are so many who are asleep”, we should remember: “But there are also many who wake up”.

And nothing is stronger than a person who loves something and really wants what he loves. Love and will together is what will bring us to the goal.

Your Christina

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How do the enhancement units work?

The units create a condition where the fields of our Soul are in complete balance with the fields of our soul of physicality. When we enter these units, we can experience our trinity having become ONE. Thus our mind can experience how it feels when the Soul takes over, how simply and easy and blissful life is. From this experience it will be much easier for the mind to trust the Soul and the Creator enough to make the shift from a dissatisfied wannabe master to the perfect servant.

In the health sector, the units can quickly process and eliminate even severe chronic and terminal conditions. Here we can make the same experience on the level of the body. How good it feels to be rid of the physical pain. Above and beyond that we can also feel the bliss of a life where we don’t have to control the world around us – on the contrary we can marvel at the perfection of this material world as it provides exactly what we need and wish for at any moment.

Now we understand that these units are not medical treatment devices because, using them, we will never get sick – so there will be no need for any medical devices… and at the long medical science will entirely disappear.

This day will be remembered as the day when Humanity broke free from the material bondage of this planet. We do not need rules and regulations. We do not need the force of the government and those who want to enforce conditions on us.
With this unit, Man becomes free from the material conditions on this planet and at the same time member of the Universal Community.
No borders, no governments, no control!” MT Keshe

Following the suggestion of M Keshe in the KSW 401 from the week before, we can use our imagination and creativity to foresee many other wonderful effects of these units. Here are some thoughts M Keshe has shared with us – but please feel free to explore this splendid future in your own unique way:

  • On the social level. Unethical behaviour will be eliminated because the units bring the whole psychology of the man in harmony with the Soul – were only thoughts, words and actions in the direction of the Good for All are possible. Therefore these units make prisons, mental asylums and many psychiatric and psychological treatments obsolete. Not to mention the somewhat arrogant behaviour of our so called “political leaders”! And the same with all kinds of addictions.

  • The Universal Enhancement Units are not machines but living beings; they will naturally connect with each other and all beings that are open to this contact.

  • The units also interact with the fields of our environment. As they themselves are to the norm, they will exercise a definite influence on everything in our environment that isn’t to the norm. In this way they can, by their very nature, control and reverse climate change and pollution.

  • In the same way, by virtue of their being to the norm, they will also prevent so called natural disasters.

  • As the enhancement units are designed for deep space travel, they will naturally take care of all our physical needs: food, health, energy and so on. They are in fact the manifestation of the Oasis System proposed some 4 years ago.

  • The use of the flight units will bring a socio-political consequence; as no passenger will ever cross a border, the latter will simply disappear – what is the use of a border when nobody ever crosses it? And when borders have disappeared we will naturally become ONE NATION.

  • The enhancement units are able to paralyze conventional military systems, including nuclear warfare; thus they will be enforcing Peace … if negotiations should fail.

So we see that these new systems are more than what their description tells us – they are the means to “liberate us from the bondage on the matter plane – without taking away any of the joys that we get living on this plane!” MT Keshe

One of the most important, if not the most important effect will be that these systems will change any person using these systems profoundly. Our spiritual existence will suddenly become as real as our material existence. We will experience that we are Soul instead of thinking that we have one.

And as we are all connected to each other, these experiences will have a huge influence on the collective consciousness. It is therefore possible for the whole of Humanity to elevate triggered by the experience of one single person, who has elevated his or her soul – if each of us is accepting the connection to the first people’s experiences. Our absolute freedom remains untouched as each of us will have to accept the connection and the transfer of the experience. The 100th monkey effect1 is not automatic, it needs our consent.

The more we succeed in influencing the collective consciousness by introducing the evolutionary technologies, the more people will be able to see the change, to acknowledge it and that will trigger the tipping point where our human reality will completely change. Most probably the evolutionary step for Humanity will be gradual.

1The 100th Monkey Effect is the scientific theory that when enough individuals think the same thought, then that thought can spread to others as if it is “in the air”. This effect reflects the change in the collective consciousness triggered by individual experiences.

Raising our consciousness – a question of life and death

The masquerade

The whole of human history is overflowing with blood, hatred, and stupidity. There was not a single significant period of Peace and Happiness. What have we done to give us and our children a more happy life?

In all of our history we have tried to change our life for the better by revolting against the current establishment or oppressors. We had the French revolution to replace the monarchy with the bourgeoisie. Then we had to fight the Russian revolution to replace the bourgeoisie with the proletariate or the mob. And now what?

In all those revolutions, we have kept governance, (ab-)use of power, inequality and bondage. We have kept the man ruling over another man as if this was natural. Each following oppressor only had to change the mask he wears. In other words: it was always the same oppressor. And now we all are wearing masks.

Here’s what’s not written in our history books: Already in the very early stages of domination of humanity there was a good news for the wannabe rulers. They found that the most efficient way to dominate man was to be intellectually superior, to think faster, to be able to treat a far greater volume of information than the ordinary man.

But with this good news came a bad news: you can only raise the efficiency of your mind if you are serving the Universal Principle – the Good for All. They understood right away that they cannot structure their mind following egoistic motives like dominating and exploiting their fellow men.

But there was another good news: they only need to create a gap of mental efficiency between themselves and the rest of humanity. And the gap can be created in two ways: you can raise your consciousness or you can lower the consciousness of the rest of humanity. They could not get higher than the average man, but they could try to keep all the others lower. This gap downwards is of course much much smaller than the gap between an enlightened and a conventional mind – but nevertheless it worked… so far. The gap is small because, if you need to keep the people in a dim state of mind, you can only talk to them in terms they can understand. You have to go to their lower level whenever you need to communicate with them.

The most proficient means to establish the gap runs on two rails: prevent anybody to think for themselves and distract everybody from what is really important to them; to a point where they believe that the distraction is what’s really important. All our institutions are built on this double principle.

The living world, the creation of the Creator is not a mechanism; it doesn’t run like a clock with the mechanic sequence:


It runs like a dialectic process:

Effect=Cause Interaction Effect=Cause Interaction
Effect=Cause Interaction

… where every cause is already an effect of an earlier interaction. All this is happening in a hypercomplex network, where every element is energetically linked to every other element. Every interaction creates a magnetic force towards the desired result and simultaneously a gravitation force in the opposite direction; and each of these magnetic and gravitational forces provokes a repositioning of all linked elements (= absolutely ALL elements).

This is way to complex to understand and act upon for the rulers. So you see that in order to understand our current situation, we already need to have a more structured consciousness than the so called ruling elite!

If you introduce distraction, the prohibition to think for yourself, the mandatory wearing of masks and social distancing into a dialectic world, you will trigger an avalanche of interactions and reactions which will most probably make the evaluation of the results quite impossible.

And the rulers know without any shadow of a doubt, that they are absolutely depend on us:

  • not thinking for ourselves about what is really important to us
  • longing for distraction
  • only trusting information originating from the matter level

The agenda of the rulers and the Creator

What we see on the matter level in the wake of the so-called Covid19 pandemic are the agendas of governments, banksters, Bill Gates, the cabal and so on. Their agenda aims at enslaving humanity in a totalitarian system. They are living just like us in a complex, living world, permanently recreated by the Creator at a rate of 1017x/s; so their agenda is inside the agenda of the Creator.

As their agenda is not directed towards the common good, it has no reality. It is only a virtual entity, that needs to be constantly confirmed by us believing in it. In other words, it needs to be fuelled by our attention so it can appear as a reality. The agenda of the Creator is the eternal and harmonious development for all beings; His agenda is real because it serves the common good.

The agenda of the Creator is the overall agenda; all other agendas are parts inside of it. The agenda of the cabal cannot contradict the agenda of the Creator; it is one of an infinite number of ways, how the Creator manifests His agenda.

The moment we understand this and trust the Creator, all manipulations, extortions and regulations appear differently: we don’t see them as directed against us by a small group of wannabe rulers – now we can see that they are stepping stones on our path of evolution; individually and collectively. In other words the cabal cannot come up with anything that does not suit the Creator – even though they can live in that illusion!

The head against the wall

On the matter level, we perceive our present situation without any exit – as a race we are hitting a wall. This situation hurts very much. But just look at the image and put yourself in the skin of the man with his head against the wall. You feel the pain, the tension and also the stupidity!

And right away you know that if the man relaxes his body and mind the pain will be gone. If the man turn around, the wall will be gone.

This is the most significant image I found. It illustrates very well that we only have to do one thing: relax and turn away from the matter plan and all that it wants from us!

We only have to continue structuring our consciousness and absolutely pay no attention to the matter level. Right away the pain will be gone and wall as well – and we will live in a loving and friendly universe that only wants to help us evolve towards total happiness!

Rick’s UAU meditation

From the testimonial program

  1. Find a place where you can be undisturbed for about 15 minutes.

  2. Think whether you would sit or lie down in the Unit if you had the chance to. According to your preference, sit or lie down and relax your body all the way from the head to the feet.

  3. See yourself lying inside the UAU and see the unit closing with you inside.

  4. Keep calm and feel how the UAU starts working on your physical, emotional and/or Soul system. Observe what is happening, be curious and calm.

  5. Stay “inside the Unit” for not more than 30 minutes. Then visualize how the unit is opening up again. Take a few deep breaths, come back in the present moment, feel how you sit or lie down and gently open your eyes.

Where have all the Prophets gone?

From Osho: I don’t believe that walking on Water is a miracle

What wikipedia has to say: In religion, a prophet is an individual who is regarded as being in contact with a divine being and is said to speak on that entity’s behalf, serving as an intermediary with humanity by delivering messages or teachings from the supernatural source to other people.

All religions use prophets and messengers because they presume an external God, so high above humanity, that nobody could understand what he wanted from us. All religions are looking for believers not for rebels, not for individuals who think for themselves. They want you to be carbon copies. All the christians are trying to be carbon copies of Jesus; all the Buddhists are trying to be carbon copies of Buddha. So why not just be yourself? Nature does not allow two persons to be the same; nature is not an assembly line.

A messenger? Is just a post man and nothing else. He has to deliver a message; he not even required to understand it.

Now we know and comprehend the totality. We know that god and us are one and the same. That means “God” is inside of us, he is not separate from us, he speaks when we speak.

We cannot be prophets or messengers for ourselves, can we? At the most we could say that each of us is the messenger of “his own Soul”.

Police and Taxes

Many of us, especially when we have been sympathizing with the free man on the land movement, consider the police to be tax collectors or even thiefs and pirates; and we don’t see them as agents of peace helping the community any more. Do we understand that it is our very attitude towards them which keeps them in the field strength of pirates?

Every week when we give from our Soul and are present in the wishes of the UC, what do we learn? We know already that these our wishes are shaping the reality that is manifesting and changing all around us. So according to this understanding, we should bless them and be thankful for them – because they are also doing good, there is not only a bad side. And when we envelop them in our wishes for beauty they will not be able to not become entirely beautiful. So it’s actually our responsibility; we have to change the field strength of what we broadcast from cursing to gratitude!

So let’s make a wish for the police: We give from our Soul and are present in the wish: the police agents happily fulfill their job to establish and keep Peace amongst us in our societies.

Aviram, 12 December 2019

I am present.

Or let’s take taxes: everybody, rich or poor, is trying to get around paying them; but on the bottom line taxes are also a way of raising the money to create community services. But the latter stay in the shadow because we all are focusing on bribery, banksters, the cabal and the rest. We could remember more often that things are what we make them. And make another wish for the taxes: We give from our Souls and are present in the wish: We happily pay taxes because we know that these funds are used to create and maintain community services in our societies.

Aviram, 12 December 2019

I am present.

Elevate the Soul of Mother Earth

Seen through our fleshly eyes, the planet Earth is a blue planet; seen through the eyes of the Universal Community, it is a red planet, because there is no grain of sand that has not been tainted with the blood of living beings.

What to do?

Of course we can use the Elevation of the Soul for our beloved Earth as well. We can give to our Mother from our Soul.

And we can do also something very beautiful on the matter level by putting into practice what Anastasia (Ringing Cedar Series by Vladimir Megré) has proposed as a Kin’s Domain: each family having two acres of land in perpetuity which they slowly transform into a Space of Love. The creation of more and more Spaces of Love will give back to our Planet what she was meant to be in the beginning: an infinite garden in perpetual spring. Remember what we have learned a few weeks ago; that when we have established paradise on Earth, we will be in the position to create more splendid gardens throughout the Universe.

By the way pouring lots of GaNS waters in natural water bodies and on our lands and gardens quenches the thirst and the hunger of our planet on the Soul level because the GaNS are plasma fields of the same strength as the Soul, they feed the Soul of our Planet.

It is very difficult for us to stop eating on the matter level, because we cannot take all we need right now from the Soul of the Planet; that’s why we have to supplement. But when we elevate the Soul of our Mother, when we help the Planet to heal, the condition changes and the transition to feeding via the Soul will come to us naturally. This by the way is another pointer towards the fact that we are all ONE that we are part of a greater whole – we cannot heal ourselves without healing our environment at the same time, inner and outer ecology necessarily go together.

Our real power

Believe it or not – each of us has the power to reverse any condition we find ourselves in – be it outside conditions like natural disasters, political situations, epidemics; but also internal conditions as diseases, mental conditions, addictions…


Because we have created them in the first place. To acknowledge and take the responsibility that we have created the condition we find ourselves in ourselves is the first step to change a condition.


We maintain a condition by continually thinking thoughts that are aligned with the condition. As the Law of Attraction is always honouring what we are thinking, the Universe will give always us more of what our thoughts are aligned with.

So how can we reverse a condition?

Our inner GPS will show us the thoughts or belief patterns that are related to the condition we don’t like as negative feelings. As soon as we recognize the alarm of the GPS, we have to turn away from these thoughts and try to find thoughts that feel a little better and a little better and a little better.

So we do two things at the same time: we take away our attention from thoughts that we don’t want and direct it to the things we do want. In this way we starve the condition (the bad wolf in the Cherokee tale) and make space for ease which is the absence of disease.

How can we help others to reverse conditions?

Our preferred response to disasters is the elevation of the Soul. It seems quite possible that we can only elevate ‘other’ souls in the measure of the elevation of ours. The more we are aligned to our Soul, the better and higher we can elevate ‘others’. It’s a good idea to work on the elevation of our Soul so we help others better.

At the same time we do understand that the force of our wishes to manifest the desired reality depends on two factors:

  1. the quality of the wish
  2. our social situation

The desired manifestation can only occur, when our wish is aligned with the Universal Principle. That means our wish has to be pointing at the Good for the whole Universe and not just to the protection of our little personal island.

Our social situation matters in the way that the push towards manifestation is much stronger when we are part of a whole group of like-minded individuals than if we are alone. This could be misinterpreted as if everything counts in large amounts. No, the number matters only in the sense that an individual wish will manifest in her or his individual reality, whereas a collective wish will manifest a collective reality.

Les Conférences débutant à la fin du mois

La première conférence de la Fondation Keshe dans le cadre de la nouvelle série d’enseignements de l’Âme aura lieu le week-end prochain à Vienne, en Autriche. L’événement est toujours ouvert à la réservation.

Les participants de cette conférence et des autres conférences dans le monde entier deviendront les ambassadeurs du savoir et de la paix auprès de leurs gouvernements respectifs. Ils apprendront et comprendront l’Ethos et les fondements des nouvelles sciences et technologies et ils agiront ensuite comme des liens de communication entre leur gouvernement et la Fondation Keshe. Le véritable but pour chaque participant n’est pas de voir une technologie époustouflante, mais de servir à un but. En fait, les participants n’ont pas acheté un billet parce qu’ils ont l’argent, mais ils ont sciemment ou inconsciemment suivi l’appel de leur Âme.

Tout ce qui est montré dans les conférences a une âme et, si vous voulez interagir avec elle, vous devez être capable d’élever votre vibration au niveau de celle-ci. Cela ressemble beaucoup à ce qu’Abraham Hicks ne cesse de répéter – vous pouvez créer ce que vous voulez tant que vous montez votre vibration au niveau de ce que vous voulez. Augmenter votre vibration signifie deux choses :

  1. de ne pas entretenir des pensées qui contredisent ce que vous voulez
  2. atteindre l’état émotionnel équivalent à ce que vous voulez

Prenons un exemple : vous êtes seul depuis longtemps et vous aimeriez être avec quelqu’un avec qui vous pouvez partager l’espace d’amour. Dès que ce désir naît en vous, l’Univers s’y met pour le manifester. Mais que l’Univers manifeste l’amant à côté de vous ne suffit pas – vous devez le voir.

La première condition ci-dessus vous dit que vous devez croire que l’Univers manifestera ce que vous voulez ; si vous doutez, vous ne verrez pas l’amant.

La deuxième condition vous dit que vous devez élever votre état émotionnel au même niveau que votre désir ; cela signifie que vous devez ressentir de l’amour pour voir l’amant.

Voici comment je peux comprendre le but des conférences ; elles sont destinées à mettre les participants au courant de la nouvelle technologie. Si les appareils montrés ont une âme, notre interaction avec eux doit se faire au niveau de l’âme. Alors les participants devront faire partie de l’Ethos de la KF, partager la “Technologie en échange de la paix” et vivre selon le principe universel “Nous sommes là pour servir”. Les participants n’absorberont pas seulement les connaissance pour rentrer chez eux et gagner de l’argent avec ça ; non, ils absorberont le savoir afin de le partager avec leur gouvernement dans le but de manifester la Paix Mondiale.

M. commente Keshe : “Vous quitterez la conférence pas le même homme que vous êtes entré. C’est la première fois que l’homme sentira la présence de la Communauté Universelle et du Conseil Universel. Maintenant, nous vous apportons la connaissance de l’espace ; et ceux d’entre vous qui sont présents, le sentiront et le comprendront.”

Quand je l’ai entendu dire cela, je me disais : hm; si quelqu’un d’entre nous qui ne peut pas aller à la conférence, est présent avec son esprit et son âme, il devrait aussi être capables de recevoir l’essence des conférences – même s’il n’est pas physiquement présents !

Et c’est alors que M. Keshe continue :
“Si vous comprenez que tout a une âme, pourquoi travaillez-vous avec le corps physique? Connectez-vous donc avec votre Âme aux participants des conférences ; ce sont les portes d’entrée vers l’ouverture des nouvelles connaissances. Ces rencontres sont dynamiques, chaque homme changera parce qu’il comprendra.”

We don’t forget and we don’t forgive

The time of the rule of the material dimension is over; now has come the time to allow the Soul to correct all that has been going wrong and all that has been done wrong. As the collective of the Human Race cannot, because only the direct victim of any wrong doing can forgive; we cannot forgive at their place.

Neither will we forget because we do not want to allow the abusers to continue their misconduct; we do not want to allow them to continue making the same mistakes.

If we allow people to do wrong, in a certain way you become a participant of the wrong doing. For example if the M. Keshe would have allowed the child abuse of the red circle (King of Belgium) to go unnoticed, the abuse of children would go on and effect many more children. If M. Keshe would have just forgotten the injustice perpetrated by the Belgian government, the latter would just go on colluding with the justice system to repress their own people.

I understand these statements having their importance on the political and social level; that is to say on the material level.

On the Soul level, there can be no forgiveness because at this level there is nothing to forgive. On the material level, we can turn away from the Creator, Ethics and the Universal Principle. This diversion only happens in our imagination, we can only think of doing it; because, in reality, we cannot really leave the Universal Principle or the Creator because we are part of it. As an organ of our body cannot officially dissociate itself from the whole of our organism; or as we cannot decide to stop existing! This may remind us of the story of the Prodigal Son:

A father had several sons. The younger son decides at some point, finding his family life boring, to go to Las Vegas and burn his fortune in casinos and with whores – having fun. It wasn’t long before he ran completely out of money and there he remembered his family as a haven of security, peace and well-being. So he comes back and his father welcomes him with open arms with these words: You, my child, you were always with me, but you were dead, and now you have come back to life.

We cannot do away with life, we can only live in the illusion to be independent from the Universe, unconnected to the Source and the Creator – the only real consequence: we have a very miserable life!

Carl Gustav Jung said, that you cannot solve any problem on the same level as where the problem sits – you have to get to a higher level and then you can see clearly. This can be understood rationally and emotionally: On the rational level you take a higher vintage point and from up there you will see everything appearing as opposites before as complementary.
But there is also the emotional level which may even be more important: you start with ‘levitating’ yourself out of the situation, you elevate your soul, you dis-identify; but you can go even further by trying to reach an emotional state where you are happy and content – and having established this, you look down to the subject at hand and you will not even see a problem anymore.

Finally you perceive something that you don’t want, you cannot change it by manipulating the manifest reality around you. Because doing this, you remain focused on what you don’t want and the Universe will give you more of this. You can only change anything by not feeding what you don’t want and giving your energy and attention to what you do want!

The Cherokee story of the two wolves illustrates this quite well:

A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.
“It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

Paralysis of the US battleship by the Russians

On 12 April a Russian Su-24 tactical bomber flew over the USS Donald Cook (guided missile destroyer) triggering an incident that, according to several media reports, impeded all communication inside and outside the vessel and completely demoralized its crew, so much so that the Pentagon issued a protest.

To take away the American control from their weaponry on the battleship,a Russian Sukhoi-24 (Su-24) fighter jet which carried neither bombs nor missiles but only an electronic warfare device. It had plasma devices on on board which interacted with the battle ship; they were, so to say, 2 of the 3 layers of the skin and the crew of the battle ship became the 3rd layer. The field force of the airplanes dictated the interaction now and the American controls were completely without effect.

Now if you use the new Plasma Disc Technology, you can transport the battleship into the south Arabian desert in an instant – lol!

Now we have the knowledge to enforce Peace!

Peace between US and Iran

The KF published and sent an open letter to President Trump (US) to finally make everlasting peace between the 2 nations. You can download, sign and send the letter to the US embassy in your country; click this link to find the letter.

The Wish and the Emotions

We are all linked with our emotions; amongst the human race but also with the whole universe. By our work on the elevation of the souls, we have contributed to the state that the human race has become like a school of fish : the collective soul has appeared which is accessible by our emotions. We have evolved our race and each one of us at the same time as our wish for Peace is not just a mental wish, it has risen into the emotional level. We have learned that peace marches have not much effect; now we know how to reach the collective human souls and emotions to change the way for the whole of the Planet.

Now if one of us sincerely – with all his or her being – wishes for Peace the same feeling, the same longing will be felt by all the others. We can see it in the faces of the presidents when they declare Peace (Trump and Kim Yong Un for example); their souls and emotions have been touched.

That’s why we have the confidence to say that the war in Syria is the last war happening on planet Earth.

That’s also how we are going to control the space ships – even the ones which are not ‘just soul driven’ – we establish a communication line between our soul and the soul of the space ship. Both souls will collaborate to satisfy our desire – ‘I wish to see and be in this space because it will make me joyful’.

We have to remember that in order to establish these lines of communication, we have to have ‘pure emotions and a pure soul’. That means that we cannot lie and steal anymore. In other words, we lie to our soul and we steal from it, whenever we are not in alignment with our soul/vortex, when we are unhappy, anxious etc. Our soul/vortex knows exactly what we want, it know also exactly how to manifest it – the only requirement from our side is not to prevent it, to get out of it’s way, so it can fulfill all our real desires. ‘Real desires’ means the desires that are in alignment with the soul, in alignment with the universal principle.

The lines of communication will show themselves as light. Light is not only energy but also carries information; they are contained in the diverse frequencies of the light waves.

The understanding of all this does not come at once, it is rather a process of evolution; an evolution fueled by our wish to be able to live from the soul and by the changes that all the knowledge we keep on learning provokes in us towards this evolution. And the evolution as the learning happens so to speak by magnetic and gravitational rays: the knowledge someone shares leaves him as a magnetic ray which reaches us as a gravitational ray. In the same way we can only really feel love (gravitational) when we really give love unconditionally (magnetic).

Once we have integrated this knowledge and we can communicate via the light of the soul, we can of course see the souls of others, we can see their intend. This is the reason why the Keshe Foundation has chosen China and President Xi Jinping, because M. Keshe has seen in him a true lover of Peace.

M.Keshe’s new book pre-release

By Carolina de Roose edité par aviram

As the scientific world has not understood the concept of conversion of magnetic fields to matters in the world of creation, in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century they have created the meaningless term of the “God Particles”. That is a similar misconception as in earlier centuries scientists told us that earth was the centre of the universe. Then according to this new fantasy of scientists, the Sun and the Earth are god particles, too, on a larger scale of course.

What a pity that man never learns from his misunderstandings’ and mistakes of the past.

If the man only knew what has been recorded of his actions in his scientific and social “progress” in the past centuries by other beings of the universe?! All this has been recorded and broadcast across the universe for centuries, and all is showing the violence on this planet.

So I wonder if man and his so called leaders with their inhumane deeds, disguising under banners like “forcing world peace” and promoting one nation or one religion and so forth, will finally be ashamed of their actions and be shun by the rest of humanity when the recordings of their true intentions are released to the human race and justice will be done.

As man intellectually and technologically advanced, he made records of his endeavours initially on the wall of caves and then on the skin of animals and then on sheets of paper and in the recent past on voice recordings and then films and more recently on microchips. Now if you know that the inhabitants of the universe are scientifically far more advanced, you will understand that they made recordings of events in the universe over the past million years of everything that these so called men of power have done to themselves and to their fellow men. These recordings have been live broadcast across the universe in the same manner as news are broadcast by man across his planet, however with more detail: even the thoughts of the perpetrators are recorded and not just their deeds.

If men of decency keep themselves away from the crawls of drunkards on a street shows that they don’t want to have anything to do with these unacceptable behaviours. The same has been done by the universal community in regards to the human race. They have shunned man, the vulgar animal. And now you may understand the other side, too: why man considers himself as the only creation in the universe and the scientific world of the man has been looking for life in the universe in vain…

I am crying of shame on being born in the skin of such a race; and my tears are also the tears of the true men present and future of this planet. How long will it take for the man to mature enough in his thoughts, words and deeds that he can not only make the earth a loving community but also be able to join the already existing peaceful universal community?

Scientists are killed, injured, silenced, imprisoned, banished, exiled from their birth place and tortured for their works and their contribution in and for the advancement of science for humanity by the order of so called leaders of the nations under banner of religion, political and financial gains. These crimes against scientists are the most heinous and are to be considered equal or worse than the killing of prophets in the past.

Then what would be the punishment for these murders under the cover of so called governments, financial or scientific organizations? As the doves fly together and vultures hunt together, the punishment of these vultures and men of greed has been and shall be the placing of their souls in the darkest parts of the universe, where these souls will never progress and never be enlightened.

M T Keshe, the Founder of the Keshe Foundation (All © right reserved, M T Keshe 2000-2012)