Paralysis of the US battleship by the Russians

On 12 April a Russian Su-24 tactical bomber flew over the USS Donald Cook (guided missile destroyer) triggering an incident that, according to several media reports, impeded all communication inside and outside the vessel and completely demoralized its crew, so much so that the Pentagon issued a protest.

To take away the American control from their weaponry on the battleship,a Russian Sukhoi-24 (Su-24) fighter jet which carried neither bombs nor missiles but only an electronic warfare device. It had plasma devices on on board which interacted with the battle ship; they were, so to say, 2 of the 3 layers of the skin and the crew of the battle ship became the 3rd layer. The field force of the airplanes dictated the interaction now and the American controls were completely without effect.

Now if you use the new Plasma Disc Technology, you can transport the battleship into the south Arabian desert in an instant – lol!

Now we have the knowledge to enforce Peace!

Peace between US and Iran

The KF published and sent an open letter to President Trump (US) to finally make everlasting peace between the 2 nations. You can download, sign and send the letter to the US embassy in your country; click this link to find the letter.

The Wish and the Emotions

We are all linked with our emotions; amongst the human race but also with the whole universe. By our work on the elevation of the souls, we have contributed to the state that the human race has become like a school of fish : the collective soul has appeared which is accessible by our emotions. We have evolved our race and each one of us at the same time as our wish for Peace is not just a mental wish, it has risen into the emotional level. We have learned that peace marches have not much effect; now we know how to reach the collective human souls and emotions to change the way for the whole of the Planet.

Now if one of us sincerely – with all his or her being – wishes for Peace the same feeling, the same longing will be felt by all the others. We can see it in the faces of the presidents when they declare Peace (Trump and Kim Yong Un for example); their souls and emotions have been touched.

That’s why we have the confidence to say that the war in Syria is the last war happening on planet Earth.

That’s also how we are going to control the space ships – even the ones which are not ‘just soul driven’ – we establish a communication line between our soul and the soul of the space ship. Both souls will collaborate to satisfy our desire – ‘I wish to see and be in this space because it will make me joyful’.

We have to remember that in order to establish these lines of communication, we have to have ‘pure emotions and a pure soul’. That means that we cannot lie and steal anymore. In other words, we lie to our soul and we steal from it, whenever we are not in alignment with our soul/vortex, when we are unhappy, anxious etc. Our soul/vortex knows exactly what we want, it know also exactly how to manifest it – the only requirement from our side is not to prevent it, to get out of it’s way, so it can fulfill all our real desires. ‘Real desires’ means the desires that are in alignment with the soul, in alignment with the universal principle.

The lines of communication will show themselves as light. Light is not only energy but also carries information; they are contained in the diverse frequencies of the light waves.

The understanding of all this does not come at once, it is rather a process of evolution; an evolution fueled by our wish to be able to live from the soul and by the changes that all the knowledge we keep on learning provokes in us towards this evolution. And the evolution as the learning happens so to speak by magnetic and gravitational rays: the knowledge someone shares leaves him as a magnetic ray which reaches us as a gravitational ray. In the same way we can only really feel love (gravitational) when we really give love unconditionally (magnetic).

Once we have integrated this knowledge and we can communicate via the light of the soul, we can of course see the souls of others, we can see their intend. This is the reason why the Keshe Foundation has chosen China and President Xi Jinping, because M. Keshe has seen in him a true lover of Peace.

M.Keshe’s new book pre-release

By Carolina de Roose edité par aviram

As the scientific world has not understood the concept of conversion of magnetic fields to matters in the world of creation, in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century they have created the meaningless term of the “God Particles”. That is a similar misconception as in earlier centuries scientists told us that earth was the centre of the universe. Then according to this new fantasy of scientists, the Sun and the Earth are god particles, too, on a larger scale of course.

What a pity that man never learns from his misunderstandings’ and mistakes of the past.

If the man only knew what has been recorded of his actions in his scientific and social “progress” in the past centuries by other beings of the universe?! All this has been recorded and broadcast across the universe for centuries, and all is showing the violence on this planet.

So I wonder if man and his so called leaders with their inhumane deeds, disguising under banners like “forcing world peace” and promoting one nation or one religion and so forth, will finally be ashamed of their actions and be shun by the rest of humanity when the recordings of their true intentions are released to the human race and justice will be done.

As man intellectually and technologically advanced, he made records of his endeavours initially on the wall of caves and then on the skin of animals and then on sheets of paper and in the recent past on voice recordings and then films and more recently on microchips. Now if you know that the inhabitants of the universe are scientifically far more advanced, you will understand that they made recordings of events in the universe over the past million years of everything that these so called men of power have done to themselves and to their fellow men. These recordings have been live broadcast across the universe in the same manner as news are broadcast by man across his planet, however with more detail: even the thoughts of the perpetrators are recorded and not just their deeds.

If men of decency keep themselves away from the crawls of drunkards on a street shows that they don’t want to have anything to do with these unacceptable behaviours. The same has been done by the universal community in regards to the human race. They have shunned man, the vulgar animal. And now you may understand the other side, too: why man considers himself as the only creation in the universe and the scientific world of the man has been looking for life in the universe in vain…

I am crying of shame on being born in the skin of such a race; and my tears are also the tears of the true men present and future of this planet. How long will it take for the man to mature enough in his thoughts, words and deeds that he can not only make the earth a loving community but also be able to join the already existing peaceful universal community?

Scientists are killed, injured, silenced, imprisoned, banished, exiled from their birth place and tortured for their works and their contribution in and for the advancement of science for humanity by the order of so called leaders of the nations under banner of religion, political and financial gains. These crimes against scientists are the most heinous and are to be considered equal or worse than the killing of prophets in the past.

Then what would be the punishment for these murders under the cover of so called governments, financial or scientific organizations? As the doves fly together and vultures hunt together, the punishment of these vultures and men of greed has been and shall be the placing of their souls in the darkest parts of the universe, where these souls will never progress and never be enlightened.

M T Keshe, the Founder of the Keshe Foundation (All © right reserved, M T Keshe 2000-2012)