Plasma Feeding

You may have already understood that the Corona virus and the 1C1L have the same purpose; which is to “seduce” us to become truly human: to abandon our below animal behaviour, like eating meat, dominating others to feel secure, valuing money higher than compassion and love… the list is long. To be able to live a correct life, we cannot continue to kill other beings for the pleasure of eating. This teaching is shared in order to get us to the point that we don’t need material food anymore to sustain our physical existence.

This step will not only make us forever independent and unattainable by whom soever would want to dominate us, it will also add another dimension to our existence as a human being.

Already when you protect yourself with the 1C1L, you deplete the virus and his energy is then available to your system, it feeds you at that moment. And even when you drink the 1C1L; the protocol says to take up to a litre in small sips during the day. You take small sips because you are not able to absorb the energy in one go. And each time you take a small sip, you will notice that you even don’t want to eat.

The process is that you allow your Soul to be fed directly and in turn the Soul will feed the physicality. To do this

  • we connect the 1C1L-1 with the 1C1L-2
  • the 1C1L-1 represents our Soul (Collective Soul) and the 1C1L-2 represents our soul of the physicality
  • Both are connected on the level of the Soul (green line) and on the level of the physicality (blue line).
  • All this happens in the environment of the salinity of the body (15%)

And then with one strike we connect the two together – we feed the body of the man. With this we gave you the freedom that the Soul of the man can interact directly with the soul of the physicality of the man. And the Soul of the man stays within the safeguarding of the physicality and the connection of the two will protect the man from all to come.

That’s why we showed you the twin cups. The 1C1L-2 is the cup for the physical part which protects your body from the virus; and in the original 1C1L-1, we gave you the cup of the Soul of the Man. In the process the elevation of the soul becomes the salvation of the physicality. You need to feed both of the Souls and in their balance they will give you all that you will ever need.

In order to reach that balance, you can use as much physical cups as you like and you can use as much Soul cups as you like; they will interact and connect the Soul directly to the energies of the Universe.

Then it will be the responsibility of the man to introduce the same balance to the other beings, like animals and plants. M. Keshe

This process is giving back the control of the Nature into the hands of Mother Earth and at the same time it signifies the acceptance of our responsibility as human beings in the totality of the Universes.

You cannot kill” (“Thou shalt not kill”)

On a practical, material level, this does not mean that we will have to drag the TwinCups always with us – anyway how could we travel in space with them?! We only need to learn how to use their fields, how to feed our Soul with the energies of the Universe directly; we need to learn how to follow our Soul and unlearn to “demand” from our Soul to follow our physical whims.

In feeding the center or the Soul with the universal energy, you dictate the externality: your body, the “spaceship”. Every cell gets what it needs and the Universe supplies.

Don’t look at he GaNS at the bottom, look at the fields in the middle. And remember that the really interesting thing for us are the fields and not the physical setup: the twin cups generate a harmonious field which surrounds us – in this way the field may harmonize the field between our Soul and the soul of our physicality in the wake.

You have to become the one in the middle, the weaker plasma that gets balanced the interaction of the fields of the twin cups. And remember, if your Soul does not commit, you will find that your cup will not work. This is the World Peace Treaty signed by the Soul of the Man. The life of the Man on this Planet has become limitless as of today. ‘Corona’ means ‘crown’; the corona virus is the crown virus, man has to deal with in order to find the crown of his own freedom.M. Keshe

This teaching does not apply to feeding alone, when it is understood, we can be comfortable wherever we are, we can meditate on the bottom of the ocean; and we can have a good sleep naked on the north pole or we can read a book in a moonless night without any technical assistance.

If you understand the fields of this twin cup, you don’t need to make it! And if you still want to make it, you have to follow the rules, the Universal Principle; if you break the rule of the Universe, you are not supported by the Universe.”

1C1L – Feeding

You can already start a protocol to get your body used to eating less matter food and more plasma food:

  1. Start with dipping two fingers into the surface of the 1C1L production where the amino acids are. Then put the fingers in your mouth. This replaces one meal of the three you have in your day.
  2. In the second week try to replace two meals of the three by the finger dipping method.
  3. See whether you can replace the 3 meals in the third week.

In fact when you spray your body, you feed it at the same time.

The KF will put all the different technologies to the disposition of the knowledge seekers around the world when the Corona pandemic is followed by food shortages; when there will be only confusion, suffering and panic – than we are the only ones that can help, then we have to be able to stand as a lighthouse in the troubled sea!