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(par Vasile)

A childhood friend aged 82, who is basically like a father to me, he uses health patches with CO2-ZnO-CH3 from June 2016. His problem is wear of his hip joints. He could move only very small distances due to the pain. After about a week when we met he told me that so much could not walk for several years, and now can walk and feels just little pain, and that pain is bearable. I asked him how long use these packages, telling me that he practically never leaves them. For about two months he consume plasma water from CO2-ZnO Gans, he’s full of vigor and enjoys high mobility, walking long distances, can enjoy old age and the free time it has available!


(par Vasile)

An accident suffered by my wife, when she burnt her left hand with boiling water at her job, where her colleagues exclaimed that the 2-3 degree burn will not heal better in a month. I brought her home from work, and with tears in my eyes, I was reading the suffering that she had. I had read before how we can quickly make a plasma unit that relieves pain fast, unit that today we call health patches. I quickly grabbed gloves and some gauze from a first aid kit, I searched a bag with zipper and then I soaked the gauze in a little Gans and in water Gans of CO2-ZnO, and gave her to put them on burning. It was a shock not only for my wife but for me also, seeing red and swollen hand full of blisters formed by burning, as the pain went away in about 5-7 minutes. Later being occupied in the room, I heard the water running from the tap in the kitchen, and I went quickly to see what was happening. My wife was washing dishes with hot water. Asking her how can do this, it calmed me saying she feels no pain, and the dishes have to be washed anyway. I checked her hand and saw that all of the affected redness disappeared, basically the skin has the same color as in other parts of the body, inflammation gone, remaining only the formed blisters filled with fluid. In the days that followed I saw in less than a week, her hand was healed without having to miss from her job.

Mal de tête

(par Peter)

wo days ago i had a lecture. When i sowed the Healthpatch and asked if somebody have pain somehow, a man stud up and said that he has terriibel headache, he thought it comes from his spine. I gave him the one that i have brought with me and instructed him, that this now is his personal painrelief patch, that he should not to give it to others.
He had it for about 10 Min on his Neck, and then suddently he sprang up and said, “it is incredible, all of my pain has gone!
After that i could also observe, that the whole atmosphere with in the room did change. Very good experience.

Cancer de prostate

(par Vasile)

A person of 72 years, and I quote from the posting on the Keshe Studies Group Romania: Testimonial! With deep emotion, almost in tears I received news today. A very sick man of 72 years with prostate cancer in the last stage. He could not move alone, basically have to be helped to go to the outdoor bathroom, he living in rural area. Almost unbearable pain. I do not know if you know this phrase “Can you take him home, we no longer have what to do, administrate him morphine 3 times a day… he no longer lives more than approx. 3 months” (I do not want to comment on this part). His granddaughter received from me three health patches with CO2-ZnO Gans (one), ZnO (second), and the third had the composition of CO2-ZnO-CH3 (I did not want to use CuO2, exactly because for genital area it is not recommended). She went to her uncle and with her minimal knowledge practically explained her uncle (as she could) what these are. You realize when you are in that state, with no hope, which was the uncle reaction! He began to use the two ZnO-CH3- CO2 patches and that of CO2 (I tried to make it as pure as possible). After about 10 days I received this information: The man walk alone to the toilet, he has appetite, even cravings sometimes. The pains were reduced, practically is another man, he has joy of life, listen music, watch TV and explain everyone how much good his granddaughter did with those patches!

(par Roger)

J’ai été diagnostiqué il y a 6 mois, cancer de la prostate agressif, c’est a la suite d’une prise de sang que mon PSH a révélé un taux anormalement élevé. L’oncologue  m’ayant conseillé  chimio ect …Que je me suis empressé de refuser malgré sa prédiction d’une mort certaine si je ne suivais pas ses conseils. Je lui ai répondu que compte tenu de ce que je savais sur la question, je préférais essayer des alternatives naturelles.
J’ai donc demandé a Aviram de me faire une coupe de vie spécifique a mon cas. De plus il m’a fabriqué une bobine pour enlever l’énergie de ma testostérone. Parallèlement j’ai pris de la teinture mère d’Amygdaline qui est un extrais de noyaux d’abricots amères 3 fois par jour 1 ml.

Au bout de 3  mois  le médecin me fit faire une prise de sang , mon taux de PSH était revenu a la normal , je remercie Aviram et Monsieur Keshe de m’avoir sorti des griffes de la médecine qui préconise des traitements qui ne guérissent pas  mais qui tuent le patient a la longue  et je regrette que cette médecines ne considère pas les possibilités de la médecine alternative qui elle réussi quelque fois a guérir.

Diabetes Testimonial

By Sousanna Lachtchouk

Here is an article about using of MAGRAV energy in medicine. The below diagram description is a documented case of working with diabetes. The work began a year ago (the gray curve is the sugar in the morning on an empty stomach) and, as you can see, we are still work on this case to achieve full recovery. The lower green curve with yellow dots is the calculated value of the recovery rate, which is a moving zero-to-one moving average of the number of days with normal sugar. This indicator recently entered the permissible corridor in the range from 0.9 to 1.0, stabilized around 0.91 and so far, it does not move further.

The most interesting are the relapses of the disease, which return for a very short time, and cause the recovery rate to reset, and then quickly raise the coefficient of health to a higher level.

Such bright outbursts during the year only occurred twice in July and in October, but they show that currently in the body there is a structural reorganization that forces a seemingly incurable disease to recede. I called this restructuring a “recovery reaction.” The treatment was done by drinking water, influenced first by two dozen Pain Pens (for at least 24 hours). In July, the treatment was changed to consuming liquid plasma therapy CO2 and ZnO. An interesting observation was that the sugar at the beginning of the treatment quickly approached the norm, it seemed to me that the treatment would not take long. However, one year was not enough to cure the disease, but significant progress was achieved. I have not lost hope that in the New Year everything will fall into place with wise advice, which I hope to get from readers of your newsletter.


Je suis néophyte par rapport à ces choses là: une personne que je connais m’a simplement donné une Antenne de Santé. Je ne connais rien là-dessus, la seule chose que je sais: j’approche l’antenne vers mon coude, qui me donnait des douleurs depuis des années, et là les douleurs ont disparues! – Finies pour toujours. Je suis un professeur d’art dans une école; et j’ai essayé l’antenne sur quelques étudiants qui avaient des douleurs dans l’épaule ou dans le dos – et ils se faisaient guérir instantément. Maintenant je dois les renvoyer en disant: “Attention mes élèves, je suis ici pour enseigner; je ne suis pas un guérisseur”, mais il n’y a rien à faire… Je ne comprends rien d’autre que l’art – ni les mathématiques et moins encore la physique. Je ne veux même pas comprendre ou en discuter – la seule chose que je sais: ça marche vraiment bien avec moi et je me réjouis!

I am new about this thing, i just knew a person who gave me this pain pen. I dont know nothing and i understand nothing, i know only this singe thing: i put the pen close to my elbow wich is giving me pain for years and it is immediatly healed, forever. I teach art in an institute, i tryed this on students, some with pain on shoulder, some on the back etc. and they are all instantly healed. Now i have to hunt them away: “guys i am here to teach, not to be an healer”, but there is nothing to do, it is a procession and i repeat that all are healed immediatly. I do not understand nothing but the art and nothing else. Nor mathematics and even less about phisics, i dont want understand nothing nor dispute about anything, i know just that, at least with me, it works great and i feel very happy about it.


(par Vasile)

An another special case viewed from an particular angle, is of a woman of 62 years who use health patches for about two months, two at a time, one with CO2-ZnO-CH3 and a few drops of CuO2 (plasma water from CuO2 Gans); this is because the in the patches appear crop of mold and CuO2 not let this happen in these conditions in the patches, and the second patch containing plasma water from Gans CO2. I would like to say that in these patches I add approx. 1 ml from the other Ganses outside of the CuO2. Due to the rheumatic pain in lower limbs the woman was forced to use a cane in order to walk even short distances. The problem is that because of financial problems she was forced to work in Germany, taking care of some elderly people. After beginning to use these packages, which we have built in an interesting way, I use some towels like those which are used for dishwasher, these are approx. 8-10 mm thick and are porous, for which I imagined that they remain wet on the inside with plasma water and very little Gans, they having more power than those used before when we used absorbent material of cotton gauze. After about a month lady came back into the country, and her son was left without a word when he saw his mother came up to the 4th floor in a short time and without using the cane, although he was very skeptical when his mother said that he had received a gift from me, and that had effect from very first use.
Today at about three months after her first encounter with plasma, she helps those aged persons using plasma water, I will write in detail in another testimonial if you like.