Testimony Car Magrav

by Virko Kade

MaGrav in the car, -small update: I wrote about the incredible effects of a MaGrav in my motorhome (built 1980) a good 2 years ago (significantly quieter, more horsepower, lighter steering, less fuel consumption, etc.). After about a 3/4 year the effects became noticeably less. Unfortunately, the nanocoating did not have the quality at that time (my first series with hot-dip coating). Now shortly before our vacation I finally managed to install a MaGrav again. Immediately the engine ran quieter again with a little more horsepower. Most noticeable was the oil consumption: last year I had to top up 1 litre of oil on 1000-1500km, now after 2000km, overloaded, with a lot of gradients I did not refill anything and after oil level it was about 200ml less. Diesel consumption decreased by about 20%…




Magrav questions

By The Keshe Foundation Customer Service Center

The limit on the Magravs Power Unit says 2kW but I need more capacity. How do I do this?

Answer : The 2kW limit refers to resistive loads such as heaters, hairdryers, motors with brushes, battery chargers, etc. The non-resistive load is theoretically unlimited, but we recommend following the rating of your household circuit. Should you need more resistive capacity, a cascading unit will soon be available; stay tuned.

How would I know that the Magravs Power Unit is working correctly?

Answer : Electrically speaking, the Magravs Power Unit is an insulator. It measures very high resistance so is a barrier to electric flow. Devices attached to the unit still function despite this very high resistance in the circuit. Monitor your electric meter – you should see it slow down over time, and almost come to a stop.

Fuel economy

By Kerry Kirastar Ellis

A tubing filled with GaNS-seawater has been installed spiraling around the gas and the air intake of the motor. With an older car the fuel economy went down by 40%.

In another experience with a new Audi car that has an on-board computer which normally injects more gasoline if economy gets to high. The guy was inexperienced with GaNS making and he didn’t wash the nano-plates to make the GaNS, nor did he wash the GaNS: so his GaNS contained caustic and salt. He reached 70% improvement with his gasoline consumption.

Magrav 3phases

(par Kevin Blundell)

Home Universal Magravs Testimonial: November 2016 – Keshe Foundation Distributor (location Greece)
Our first 3 phase installation, at a retail store, is reporting a 38% savings on the actual electrical invoice on the second month.
A small supermarket, approximately 200 square feet, with 6 freezers, is reporting a 30% saving after one month of installing a single phase Magravs universal home unit. A supermarket, 900 square feet, with 8 freezers, is reporting a 38.90% savings after 45 days. We are now selling 4 Magravs per week….