Plasmatic News from december 29th, 2016

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These news are mainly compiled from the Knowledge Seekers Workshops; but also from all kinds of other sources of the Plasma World that reached us. May you enjoy the reading, find good ideas for your own research and understanding – but most of all we wish that our contributions may help the elevation of your soul!

Health: Soak for Chronic Arthritis

By Carolina de Roose
This afternoon I treated a couple suffering from chronic arthritis. I had them soak their hands & feet
for 7 minutes in warmed water including 1/2 cup of CO2 Plasma water. After the bath, they
reported immediate relief! The wife reported 100% relief! I then applied an oil I prepared by heating
organic coconut oil + CO2 gans + CuO2 gans.. The increased vitality turned them into grateful
believers & I left them with 2oz of the oil, 2 liters of the plasma water and a hug!

Health: Urinary Incontinence

By Dr. Gunay Apak
Urinary incontinence is the inability to hold urine in the bladder either because the voluntary
control over the urinary sphincter is either lost or weakened. My GaNS treatment healed by incontinence completely after 1 month. My hormonal balance has improved.

Method Applied:

  1. A GaNS-Patch-CO2+ZnO; one patch in front over the bladder; the other in the lower back (sacrum- not spinal column!) as a sandwich. Applied during 3 weeks over night

  2. Then for another 45 days only one Patch in front while sleeping. Used: CO2 and ZnO GANS water. Apply one patch to over the uterus and ovaries and a second patch to the back side in sandwich form. In severe cases you may use it a few hours during the day also.

  3. Drink 5 ml of LP-CO2 for a month.

Health: Eardrops

By Richard Eagle

For a variety of ear problems: hard of hearing; hard wax deposits, even tinitus…

  1. High-power GaNS-water = leave a little GaNS „powder“ in the container, shake it to mix the content and apply only a few drops. The high-power liquide Plasma is too powerful for the body; so it needs a buffer to be applied before – olive oil does a good jobApply olive oil inside each ear as a buffer.

  2. Swirled the charged water of CO2-ZnO-GaNS into a white mix

  3. Put drops of the solution into each ear – beginning with the left- , followed with a charged water rinse in each ear.

Often one application is enough.


Applying electric field in the ammonium based solution has been used for the fabrication of different forms of copper hydroxide nanostructures. The supercapacitance performance of synthesized nanostructures has been investigated and high specific capacitance of 178 F/g at scan rate of 20 mVs-1 was obtained. The fast (kürzer als 1 Minute), simple and low cost electric field enhanced synthesis method proposed here can be used for fabrication of high performance Cu(OH)2 nanostructured supercapacitance electrodes.

By applying electric field in the ammonium hydroxide based solutions dense arrays of copper based nanostructures in short duration of time in the order of below 1 min (or even in the order of just 1 second) have been achieved.In addition, electrochemical properties of the fabricated nanostructures have been investigated, showing specific and areal capacitances larger than other reports on copper hydroxide electrodes. We believe that these structures have great potential for energy devices, such as supercapacitors and lithium ion batteries.