New understanding of volcanoes

The earth is gradually diminishing the distance to the sun. it’s only some millimeters, but nevertheless this is a change in position of the earth in respect to the sun. The magnetic fields of the sun have become stronger, so the earth has to find its new position in respect to the sun. The earth has entered into a new orbit. In the case of being pulled in a little bit more towards the sun, the earth has to release more magnetic fields from it’s core to find balance. These fields are released through the softest sections of the cearth’s crust which are the the spots of volcanic activity. We could call them earth flares because the are of essentially the same nature as sun flares – magnetic field eruptions.

In the same process new materials are appearing on the planet because the interaction between the sun’s magrav field and the earth’s has changed; these new materials are called ‘rare earths’.