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Health- plasmatic tips

  • Coil or tube units create an environment to help us to target an organ

  • Use the breathing device not for lungs only but also to clear emotions from the targeted organs. People are still dealing with emotions: 99% of the diseases are psychosomatic. M.Keshe: “You will heal people in seconds if you get rid of emotions”. The help you created is aimed at the mid-brain, the thalamus and hypthalamus that control the emotions. We ahve trapped the emotions in. We have to open de the door to let them flow. ZnO opens this door.

  • Patches create an infinity loop by equal sized of the same LP with different concentrations (example: diluted to 30 or 50%). The amount of GaNS per unit of treated area is important. Sandwitching the affected area between 2 patches; use them for 1-2 hrs, 2-3x/day.

  • For drinking and spraying directly on the skin, use only LP (GaNS water). In tubes and patches GaNS can be used directly.

  • Put the specific patches for the diseased organs.

  • The patches sometimes work instantly sometimes take a longer time to work.

  • For early symptoms (headaches, sore throat, etc) spray LP-CO2 round your hair line, on your forehead, front and back sides of your ears. The pain can go away within minutes. Additionaly use a bit of lemon juice in your mouth; rub a drop of lavender essential oils under your nose and 1 drop together with LP-CO2. Rube your hands with LP-CO2 to protect against frostbite

  • GaNSes are used effectively by creating cleaning and curing action in the diseased area through the infinity loop, formed by attraction-repulsion between various GaNSes.

  • For muscle tissue fibre dammage use LP-CuO spray, followed by CO2+ZnO; spray the first on one side and the other on the other side; you can add amino acids. You can also spray the GaNSes on your mattress. Heavy cut wounds can be healed similarly.

  • For muscular atrophy in the neck use a spongy support with: 3p LP-CuO + 3p LP-CO2 + 1p LP-CH3+ZnO.
    Pic: spongesuppoetry

  • For femur- and hip joint regeneration: 2x patches with heavy mixture of CO2+bone+eggshell+Mg+hémoglobine; 2 patches with a light mixture of the same

  • Pain, migrane, hematoma, spray area with PL-CO2+amino acids

  • epileptic attacks and heamatoma: with attacks accompanied by convulsions make the CO2 and ZnO with postassium (K); add MgO

  • for brain haemorrhage use PL-CO2+ZnO+CaO) patches

  • Anaemia: cover the major joints (knee caps or hips) with CH3+CO2 patches with a little amino acids and ZnO

  • Leukaemia: if the cause is emotional give PL-CO2+ZnO: 3 tblsp 3x/day; you may add Ca and Mg – never use CH3; find the damaged femur area (pendulum) and apply your patches there

  • auto-immune disorders: Put patches of CO2+ZnO,+CuO on both sides of the femur, knee and ellbow

  • autism: 4p PL-CO2 + 4p PL-ZnO + 2p CaO + a touch of amino acids; take 3-4 tbsp 3x/1day. Place a patch of it for 1-2 hrs/night under the pillow to elevate the brain and raise production of brain cells. Do NOT give CH3! Make a breathing tube and a tube helmet with 80%CO2+20%ZnO.

  • Anorexia: take 2 tbsp 3x/day of 4pLP-Mg+ 4pZnO+ 1pCO2; make a drink with 1drop of PL-P + 1drop amino acids + 2 drops LP-Mg

  • Suicide prevention: take 4pLP-ZnO + 3pCO2 + 2p CH3 at 2-3tbsp 3x/day. Use breathing tube and tube helmet with 80% CO2+20%ZnO

  • Altzheimer’s: is the result of painful memories in the past: use 50%LP-CO2+50%Zn drink it 3x/day; let person inhale plasma fields from the same mix and spray the body with the same 3x/day. Bring up sweet and happy memories; bring them in contact with persons they like and trust. Stimulate whatever is positive for them. For the head use a large patch with 80%LP-ZnO+20%CO2 inside the pillow for the night.

  • Burned skin: use the Plasma-transfer-cup over a healthy skin part as to transfer the structure of the healthy part into the water, that subsequently is put over the burned skin. Spray also LP-ZnO+CuO+CH3+amino acids on the burned area a few times a day.

  • Eczema: comes from the effort to attract attention: drink 50%LP-CO2+50%ZnO and spray the same frequently on the skin during the day.

  • Kidney recovery: high concentrations of LP-CO2+CuO with a little ZnO over the kidney and a lower concentration of the same in front of the body; wrap them tightly. Do NOT use CH3. Do it for 6-15 days.
    You can also take the infos from the healthy kidney with the Plasma-transfer-cup ; drink from the informed water or make patches. +50%ZnO 3x/day.

  • Feeding: put a large patch of LP-food+CO2 to the back of the stomach and a CO2patch in the front

  • Addiction: breathing plasma reduces urge for drug addiction. Add LP-CO2+ZnO+ammonia drops into the breathing device.

  • Hair loss: LP-CO2+CH3; spray 3x/day