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Plasma Bees

Shared by Jim Triplett

Plasma Water and Bees: Using the Plasma Water Feeding Station in Indiantown, Florida.
Bob and Helen are now putting “plasma feeding station water” in sugar water that the bees drink.
Before, they were using Miracle II Neutralizer; now he has added the plasma water to it and “charged” the water overnight. In the morning after the water has charged he adds a tablespoon of Miracle II neutralizer.
It’s ‘winter’ for Florida bees so they are feeding the ‘sugar’ water. Now the bees are in ‘full gear’ with the plasma water, sugar and miracle II. The sugar water is put in a
upside-down 64-ounce mason jar with a lid with holes. The bees suck the jar empty in 3½ to 4 days.
uses the miracle II neutralizer, after having lost 10 hives last year, against hive mites. They lay their larvae within the bees, when they hatch, it kills the bees. For almost 2
years he has had no mites in the beehives. So that helps.
Now since they added the plasma water to the water he uses for the bees with the neutralizer in
the same amount and he sees even more improvement and the worker bees are all busier, more active.
This link explains the plasma energy station.

A beekeeper from northern New Mexico uses an environmental mix for the hives against mites:

LP-CO2 40% + LP-ZnO 40% + LP-CuO 20% + amino acids of each and 3 drops of CH3; mixed with distilled water at the ratio of 1:10

He sprayed the boxes with the mix on the top, the sides and bottoms and around the bee yards. We found there is no mite infiltration.

He did have 4 very weak hives so he placed corked bottles of 250 ml in each end of the boxes to give extra potency and strength. In one bottle, I added more CH3 so I had the differential of the CuO in one bottle and I put the CH3 towards the entry and the CuO at the back end. I figured the application of the bottles is like the patches and it draws the energy towards the entry where they build their broods and honey stashes to the back end.
Dr. RV
placed a CO2 bottle on one side and ZnO on one side of the hives. Most beekeepers had 60 to 70% reduction. I was the only one who had 100% of production of honey was me.
I was concerned using the CuO as we don’t use it on the brain. We have to be careful it doesn’t
affect the brain of the bees. I had rings of 80%CO2 and 20% ZnO in every fruit tree that I have.

Supplements fabrication

Fabrication of GaNS from supplements

De Keshe Foundation Wiki

You can make and use the GANS of any pill, vitamin or supplement that is available to you. As a matter of fact, you can make the GANS of any substance that you can find in your environment.

To make GANS of pills or vitamins (tablets or capsules), please follow these steps:

  • Capsules: Open the pill/vitamin capsule and pour the contents into a small container.

  • Tablets: Crush a hard tablet into a powder using a pill crusher and pour it into a small container.

  • Prepare the Ingredient Proportions: There are two methods that can be used:

First method: Fill a ¼ tsp. measuring spoon with powdered vitamin and place it in a mixing cup. Measure out ¼ tsp. of dry caustic (NaOH) and add it to the mixing cup (use a mixing cup or container that can be tightly sealed). Mix the powders well. Add 5 tsp. of boiling water to the mixing cup (please do not add the boiling water until you have read all of the instructions below). Second Method: Match the quantity of the pill to that of Caustic. Mix and measure the dry ingredients. Add boiling water to the powder at a ratio of 10 parts water to 1 part mixed powder 10:1.

  • Start the Nano-coating Process: Ensure the dry powders are mixed. Add the boiled water to the dry ingredients and quickly tightly cover the container. The caustic (NaOH) will begin creating the nano material. Let stand, tightly sealed, for 3-7 days.

  • Wash the GANS Mixture: After 3-7 days have passed, open the container and wash the mixture with distilled water (see Washing GANS).

  • Add CO2 GANS: To finish the process, add some CO2 GANS (roughly 10ml) to the washed pill/vitamin GANS. (CAUTION: never touch GANS with any part of the body).