Plasmatic News from february, 16th 2017

Plasmatic News from february, 16th 2017

These news are mainly compiled from the Knowledge Seekers Workshops; but also from all kinds of other sources of the Plasma World that reached us. May you enjoy the reading, find good ideas for your own research and understanding – but most of all we wish that our contributions may help the elevation of your soul!

PlasmaActivism – Global Pact for Peace, Love and Harmony

While a man in the United States tries to impose —as some see it, justifiably or not— his will on his country and on the world by decrees, millions of souls are mobilizing around the globe to begin what will soon be known as the greatest peaceful revolution this world has ever seen. A Force more powerful than all the armies of the world has been growing in everyone’s consciousness for several decades. This Force has already deeply transformed this planet by the will of Peace, Love and Harmony it has sown in every heart, and its benevolent action is on the verge of reaching the critical mass essential to its expansion to all humans.To facilitate this process, everyone reading this is invited to solemnly swear to honor the following commitments:

  1. I pledge to never again allow fear to rule my life, turning me away from the Purpose I have chosen to achieve here below. From now on, only unconditional Love will guide my thoughts, words and actions.

  2. I pledge to dedicate the rest of my life to serve the Will-to-Good in all things. I will always express, gently and firmly, the Truth my heart understands, provided it resonates with Love and Goodness.

  3. I pledge to defend till my last breath what I know, in the depths of my Being, to be just and good, so that one day soon Peace, Love and Harmony may prevail in every heart.

May it be so and so it shall be.

To access detailed explanations about this Global Pact, please follow this link.

Please, share this widely.

Magrav- Imimi speciality magrav

The special magrav has been completed. The original configuration (Config1+ 2 + 3, feedback circuit) Single Capacitor-3, Split Capacitor-3 and new manufacturing process (paper, gel, glue gun).

The power of the off off the grid is about 1.0 to 1.3 v, and immediately after the power of the outlet, it was 6 TO 7 v. In comparison with other circuits, this circuit has confirmed the advantage of obtaining from 6 TO 7 times energy. Off the grid is possible.

On the load side, there are 4 single capacitors in parallel. Then the (+) goes to 8x split capacitors; with the feedback-coil feeding back into the the pin and connected to the exist (+) of the magrav; the forward-coil is connected to the entry (-) of the magrav. The entry of the magrav is connected to 4x single capacitors in parallel to the phase of the grid. The neutral of the grid is connected to the neutral of the load.

Health- dental problems

Co2 can also be applied if you have a painful tooth. Take a little bit of cotton or tissue and make it wet with LP-Co2 (GaNS water) and place it on the tooth that hurts.
If you have infection try the same with Cuo but don’t keep it for long periods of time in your mouth.
Co2 you can keep as long as you feel comfortable and keep on putting a fresh path on. Still go to the dentist please 😉

Health- double perpendicular rings

By Lisa Macdonald

Very powerful method of working on the body with plasma tools. The double rings at 90 degrees create a very powerful flow when using reflexology points on the feet. The double rings around the hands seem to allow for a stronger connection and conduit. Rings have ZnO inner and Co2 outer with one set having some folic acid gans water added.

Health- Plasma recommendations

By Günay Apak

Application – 1

• 3 times per day, mix (2 -3 lt) CO2+ZnO Gans Water into a bath tub of hot water.
• Immerse the whole body and the head into this water.
• Stay in the tub for at least 1hour 2 to 3 times per day. Discard this water.

Application – 2

• Place bottles filled with CO2+ZnO Gans into the bathtub; let it activate the water for at least 30 min.
• Don’t discard this Gans. Use it repeatedly.

Application – 3

• It is not easy to apply. But in the absence of a health unit, in addition to application of CO2+ZnO Gans patches to the problem areas, Mr.Keshe recommends this as an effective method.
• Depending on the prognosis, continue this treatment for 15 to 30days.

This method is employed to apply the effects of CO2+ZnO plasma to clean the emotional effects together with the physical ones.

Blood tests which must be made. Cancer patients are urged to get the concentrations of the following ions in their blood:
• Fe (Iron)
• Cu (Copper)
• Zn (Zinc)
Application if blood contains more of a metal than needed
Depending on the blood tests, to normalize the metal in excess, it is recommended to use an ’Infinity Loop’.

Explanation is that if the metal excesses are not eliminated, the «seed» of the cancer formation can’t
be destroyed and problem shall relapse. It is possible to eliminate it by Magnetic – Gravitational attraction method, using an infinity loop.

Preparation of Copper ‘’Infinity Loop’’

  1. Get a standard multi-strand copper cable and strip the insulation to obtain the copper (2.5 mm2/AWG 14 section area is very suitable)

  2. Cut pieces, join their ends and produce circles of the size you wish. Twist them to give
    them infinity sign (∞) shape.

  3. Nano coat your loops with cold caustic solution. Your Infinity loops are ready.

If blood has high iron content, patient must carry , an infinity loop made of iron wire. If blood has high copper content, patient must carry , an infinity loop made of copper wire. If blood has high zinc content, patient must carry , an infinity loop made of zinc wire.

According to the teaching of Mr. Keshe, to accelerate healing, all patients are recommended to use CO2+ZnO Gans water breathing tube.(Dr. Rodrigo Design).

ATTENTION! – Patients must NEVER do the followin

  • Never use CH3 Gans water on Cancer Patients.

  • Never use CuO Gans water on the lung and head area.

  • In special conditions, expert doctors may employ special applications. Don’t use all the applications that you read or hear. Search and analyze. It is hard to rectify your errors.

  • Important thing is to use the correct Gans at correct area at correct concentration; do not mix a multitude of Ganses.

  • Never use Lead, Silver and Mercury Ganses for health purposes, unless advised by an expert

For Breast and Brain Cancer, it is recommended to test the blood for Ca (Calcium ) and Mg (Magnesium ). If there is an excess of Ca (Calcium) or Mg (Magnesium) in the blood, make

  1. Ca Gans from egg shells of free grown farm chicken or beef

  2. Make Mg Gans from natural resources (such as seaweed or pumpkin seeds) preferably

  3. Prepare Gans Water patches of Ca or Mg at two different concentrations. ( 50% or

For the back side of the body or head, make Gans patches, using the Gans water as it is. (Strong
Gans Water). For the front side of the body or head , make patches with Gans Water dilluted to %50 to
30%. (Weak Gans Water). Apply it to the effected are for at least 3 to 5 hours per day by sandwiching the area between two patches.
Strong Gans Patch and Weak Gans Patch form an infinity loop and balance the body by eliminating the excess of Ca and/or Mg. Concentration difference is very important. Continue application as seen necessary by blood tests.

Plasmatic News from february, 9th 2017

Plasmatic News from february, 9th 2017

Energy- Power beads

Variation of Alekz-beads by Keshe Foundation India

  1. Cut the copper wire of about 9 cm. Remove the insulation one side 5 cm and another end 2 cm.

  2. Nanocoat the copper wire with a KOH solution. Simply dip copper wire in the solution and then put it in a plastic container (plastic bottle) and close the lid. Let it sit and coat on a warm place for 12hrs.

  3. Put 1 tbs of sugar on a plastic plate; add some different GaNSes and very little NaOH and mix it all together. Wait until the sugar is dissolved (1 hr) and you get a thick liquid.

  4. Put the copper wire on a paper tissue. Make it sure the tissue completely covers the copper wire and put 5 or 6 drops of gans mix on tissue paper to wet it. Roll the paper around the wire end. Then roll the paper tightly in a small piece of aluminium foil.

  5. that’s it!

To increase current and voltage:

  • use thick copper wire and increase the number of strands

  • parallel connection increases the current; serial connection increases voltage

  • use a Zn plate instead of the alufoil to increase physical pressure on the GaNS paper

  • increase the surface of where the GaNS paper touches the copper wire to increase current

  • use GaNSes with a good differential (by atomic mass or volume) to create the plasmatic flow.

  • Powerbeads need to stay moist (sugar and NaOH do that).

Aluminium side on the red probe and copper on the black: 1.20V/0.072A

Applications: Emergency light 8x 1.2V in seres = 9.6VDC

Healing with GaNS

These news are mainly compiled from the Knowledge Seekers Workshops; but also from all kinds of other sources of the Plasma World that reached us. May you enjoy the reading, find good ideas for your own research and understanding – but most of all we wish that our contributions may help the elevation of your soul!

Gans water is serving your energy fields
You can’t take (steal)you only receive what you need
You don’t need to make a special pen for nobody because you only receive what you need
It is the intent from the 2 people
Meaning you are given
The other is receiving
So your intent is the most important because that’s creating the fields
The pain pen pain path or gans waters are just magnifying the fields of intent

You don’t even need any off that because if your wish is to give you already radiate the fields
If at the same level the receiver is open to receive from you your intent freely
You don’t need any tools as you are a creator and a complete universe yourself
But it will take time for people to accept that it is what it is that is you are so powerful and not many people are accepting this because it is so beautiful
Carolina De Roose

Health – the plasmatic view

By Red Jhonne

You may think you are your body, but in reality you are much bigger: You are a Star Formation composed of your soul, your emotional centre and your physical body. Your Emotion is the primary field which interfaces between the Physicality and the Soul.
By using other reactors (tools) we can change the fields of our Body, Emotion or Soul.


Dis –ease is a field strength in the body that should not be there. It is created where there is a breakdown of fields past the threshold needed for normal function. Pain is a blockage of field flow and therefore does not allow healing to take place.

Causes for diseases can come from stronger fields are imposing themselves on you like viruses, poison, a brick on the toe, genetic DNA, RNA predisposition triggered by emotion, etc. All chronic illness is derived from an emotional root. Patterns are then set which compensate for an unfulfilled need, therefore an understanding of our own feedback mechanism and willingness to heal are paramount.


Our emotions are the driver of most diseases. Emotion is in charge of the physical body; it is the conduit between physicality and soul; so they are really in charge of disease as well as healing.

Emotional distress can be triggered by a sick and alienated society which creates continuously a huge amount of new illnesses. Our connection to society is via our thoughts; therefore thoughts can create diseases.

Emotional field strengths are in the bandwidth of Zinc. Zinc has a field strength of 65 (between 54 and 83 Isotopes). The GaNS of Zinc (ZnO) is therefore essential for all applications.

In a way our RNA is the storehouse of all our collective emotions from all previous ancestors; while our DNA holds the physical records of our ancestry. The two give you the emotional and physical uniqueness.

The human body and field interactions

We are told that we receive all of our nutritional needs from the foods that we eat but only 20% of the field interactions – “food” – are derived from our digestive system; 80% come through our senses and extra-sensual connections (love).

The digestive system

Food becomes a plasma once entering the body. Our digestive systems first breaks the food down into nano particles, which are subsequently transformed into GaNS. The acids, alkalines and salts create the GaNSes. Field strengths of these GaNSes then pass through the nano layers of the digestive tract into the lymph system which transports them to the places in the body where they are needed.

The Lymph is the carrier of all the physicality fields, from our digestive system and the lungs. Each organ has nano layers which allow certain field strengths to pass. The lymph carries the fields to these areas and accepts other fields back to be transferred elsewhere.

The blood, on the other hand, carries all the emotional fields around the body; in this way the heart is tied into the emotional balance. Heart and lungs are the bottom 3 of your star formation, connected to your brain at the top. Emotion is the free plasma derived from these.

The lungs, the skin, the eyes, the hearing, smell and taste are other “areas” of plasmatic exchange.

Feeding our emotions

Is the obvious way to keep our whole system healthy for ever. We have to learn to consume energy without destroying other beings. We will learn that our soul and our emotions can operate in the universe without physicality. Understanding how to balance, give, block and receive fields will ultimately lead us to total health, Emotional balance and Soul elevation.

That’s why we could choose your inputs wisely and block those which would create an unbalance for you. Understand when to give unconditionally.

See when your fields are being blocked and choose to redirect or keep them to yourself.

All the fields work in balance with each other. The ripples of your thoughts, words and actions are endless – understand what you send out. You are everything and everything is you.

Field interactions with our environment feed our emotion and our soul. Nature is part of our “body” because we feed on the field interactions with it via our senses and extra sensual connectors. That explains why a natural forest with a wide variety of plants will be more beneficial for the wildlife and humans than a mono culture forest we see today. So we cannot ultimately heal without healing our environment at the same time.

The Star formations of nature and our body

The Combination of Nitrogen with Rainwater (H2O) creates a Star Formation and Free Plasma. The Free Plasma creates the field strength of the Nitrogen or Carbon or Oxygen in the creation of the basic Amino Acid – the structure of life.

Each part of the amino acids has a special role: C-arbone is the communicator; O-xygen is gravitational; H-ydrogen is the giver of energy and N-itrogen is the creator.

GaNS connections

  • CO2: Carbon – connection Oxygen –gravitational
    CO2 – Reconnects body and emotion, rebalance for health, pain relief. Drains high energy state therefore works on viruses and cancer
    CO2 used in patches, drinking, all health devices. It is the most fundamental and important GaNS for health.

  • CuO – Copper Oxide GaNS
    Lymph system connection. Lymph system is in charge of the body processes, also muscle connection. Disinfection.

  • CH3: CH3 – Carbon, connector. Hydrogen, energy.
    Connected to blood and emotion, as well as energy levels.
    CH3 is the basic sugar creating hydrogen energy.

  • ZnO: ZnO – zinc oxide.
    Connected to the emotion, emotion controls the body

Short description of the plasma health tools

  • Health Pens
    works on surface layers and specific internal organs; you can also use them to work on reflexology points
    Specific pens do specific work; they can vary by their number of coils and pins or by their GaNS content.

  • Patches
    Two are better than one; you can create a field in between two patches of different strengths. It is the dilution that makes for the different strengths. Mostly you will use the patches to circle a limb.
    Layering – you can use separate GaNS patches in different layers.

  • Bangles
    Bangles encircle and feed; they create a torus field

General considerations

Play with the plasma tools – you can do no harm.

Use breathing tubes with all other external our internal applications – these tubes work a lot on your emotional centre thus on the “root” of your troubles.

You can feel which fields you need by the strength of the fields. Try different GaNS combinations.

Do not ingest the GaNS – but only the water of GaNS or Liquid Plasma (LP).

Plasma needs to breach a threshold to bring balance. Understand which plasma or plasmas you need to use. A teaspoon will encourage, a glassful and a bath will enforce. Decide which method of delivery may be best. Common sense and your intuition are your best tools. Listen to what your body tells you.

Remember that the final purpose of all plasma work is to elevate the physicality and emotions to subsequently elevate the soul; elevating the soul plasma field strength will bring us closer to the creator and is the only ultimate healing.


Plasmatic News from february, 2nd 2017

These news are mainly compiled from the Knowledge Seekers Workshops; but also from all kinds of other sources of the Plasma World that reached us. May you enjoy the reading, find good ideas for your own research and understanding – but most of all we wish that our contributions may help the elevation of your soul!


Your wish

Par M.Keshe

Your wish is your command… How can we achieve sufficient power to our wish that what we wish becomes reality?

  • Your wish needs to be sincere; you cannot live with hate and show sincerity outside because your soul will not carry it.

  • you cannot stop a conflict between to nations or within one nation (society, group, etc) directly – you have to stop the conflict inside yourself; you have to use your emotions in the right direction: the more you move away from conflict, from division, from the need to confirm your existence.

Health- plasmatic tips

  • Coil or tube units create an environment to help us to target an organ

  • Use the breathing device not for lungs only but also to clear emotions from the targeted organs. People are still dealing with emotions: 99% of the diseases are psychosomatic. M.Keshe: “You will heal people in seconds if you get rid of emotions”. The help you created is aimed at the mid-brain, the thalamus and hypthalamus that control the emotions. We ahve trapped the emotions in. We have to open de the door to let them flow. ZnO opens this door.

  • Patches create an infinity loop by equal sized of the same LP with different concentrations (example: diluted 30 or 50%). The amount of GaNS per unit of treated area is important. Sandwitching the affected area between 2 patches; use them for 1-2 hrs, 2-3x/day.

  • For drinking and spraying directly on the skin, use only LP (GaNS water). In tubes and patches GaNS can be used directly.

  • Put the specific patches for the diseased organs.

  • The patches sometimes work instantly sometimes take a longer time to work.

  • For early symptoms (headaches, sore throat, etc) spray LP-CO2 round your hair line, on your forehead, front and back sides of your ears. The pain can go away within minutes. Additionaly use a bit of lemon juice in your mouth; rub a drop of lavender essential oils under your nose and 1 drop together with LP-CO2. Rube your hands with LP-CO2 to protect against frostbite

  • GaNSes are used effectively by creating cleaning and curing action in the diseased area through the infinity loop, formed by attraction-repulsion between various GaNSes.

  • For muscle tissue fibre dammage use LP-CuO spray, followed by CO2+ZnO; spray the first on one side and the other on the other side; you can add amino acids. You can also spray the GaNSes on your mattress. Heavy cut wounds can be healed similarly.

  • For muscular atrophy in the neck use a spongy support with: 3p LP-CuO + 3p LP-CO2 + 1p LP-CH3+ZnO.
    Pic: spongesuppoetry

  • For femur- and hip joint regeneration: 2x patches with heavy mixture of CO2+bone+eggshell+Mg+hémoglobine; 2 patches with a light mixture of the same

  • Pain, migrane, hematoma, spray area with PL-CO2+amino acids

  • epileptic attacks and heamatoma: with attacks accompanied by convulsions make the CO2 and ZnO with postassium (K); add MgO

  • for brain haemorrhage use PL-CO2+ZnO+CaO) patches

  • Anaemia: cover the major joints (knee caps or hips) with CH3+CO2 patches with a little amino acids and ZnO

  • Leukaemia: if the cause is emotional give PL-CO2+ZnO: 3 tblsp 3x/day; you may add Ca and Mg – never use CH3; find the damaged femur area (pendulum) and apply your patches there

  • auto-immune disorders: Put patches of CO2+ZnO,+CuO on both sides of the femur, knee and ellbow

  • autism: 4p PL-CO2 + 4p PL-ZnO + 2p CaO + a touch of amino acids; take 3-4 tbsp 3x/1day. Place a patch of it for 1-2 hrs/night under the pillow to elevate the brain and raise production of brain cells. Do NOT give CH3! Make a breathing tube and a tube helmet with 80%CO2+20%ZnO.

  • Anorexia: take 2 tbsp 3x/day of 4pLP-Mg+ 4pZnO+ 1pCO2; make a drink with 1drop of PL-P + 1drop amino acids + 2 drops LP-Mg

  • Suicide prevention: take 4pLP-ZnO + 3pCO2 + 2p CH3 at 2-3tbsp 3x/day. Use breathing tube and tube helmet with 80% CO2+20%ZnO

  • Altzheimer’s: is the result of painful memories in the past: use 50%LP-CO2+50%Zn drink it 3x/day; let person inhale plasma fields from the same mix and spray the body with the same 3x/day. Bring up sweet and happy memories; bring them in contact with persons they like and trust. Stimulate whatever is positive for them. For the head use a large patch with 80%LP-ZnO+20%CO2 inside the pillow for the night.

  • Burned skin: use the Plasma-transfer-cup over a healthy skin part as to transfer the structure of the healthy part into the water, that subsequently is put over the burned skin. Spray also LP-ZnO+CuO+CH3+amino acids on the burned area a few times a day.

  • Eczema: comes from the effort to attract attention: drink 50%LP-CO2+50%ZnO and spray the same frequently on the skin during the day.

  • Kidney recovery: high concentrations of LP-CO2+CuO with a little ZnO over the kidney and a lower concentration of the same in front of the body; wrap them tightly. Do NOT use CH3. Do it for 6-15 days.
    You can also take the infos from the healthy kidney with the Plasma-transfer-cup ; drink from the informed water or make patches. +50%ZnO 3x/day.

  • Feeding: put a large patch of LP-food+CO2 to the back of the stomach and a CO2patch in the front

  • Addiction: breathing plasma reduces urge for drug addiction. Add LP-CO2+ZnO+ammonia drops into the breathing device.

  • Hair loss: LP-CO2+CH3; spray 3x/day

Health-GaNS tube helmet

GaNS-tube helmet (Dr.Klaus): a single continuous tube filled with LP-CO2+ZnO plus a little Ca and Mg or two separated tubes filled with the same GaNSes separately. Use them for 1hr 2-3x/day; preferably with whole body patches and breather tube.
Don’t use metal connections in the rings; the tube joints must be continuous and nano-coated inside.

GaNS- phosphorus

Use the Plasma-transfer-cup to make LP-P

Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 400 years

Mya Le Thai. After playing around in the lab she made a discovery that could lead to a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 400 years. That means longer-lasting laptops and smartphones and fewer lithium ion batteries piling up in landfills.

Thai coated a set of gold nanowires in manganese dioxide and a Plexiglas-like electrolyte gel. The nanobattery developed at UCI made it though 200,000 cycles in three months.

GaNS- huge production immediatelyConnections:

  • primary (on aluminum) of cap to the centerpin and form there to the Cu-np in CH3 container

  • the secondary (on paper) of cap is connected to the Cu-np in the CO2 container

The gift to humanity (including YOU!)

By Carolina de Roose

A lot off people have not understood the beautiful gift of the Keshefoundation and the keshe family members. HUMANITY has received the freedom to FREE HIMSELF and what you can accomplish with this GIFT. There is no faith in man what has been given freely to HUMANITY .
You have all received the gift off life.
The 4 Ganses to feed to heal to energize to reverse any illnesses /agriculture to increase your crops providing more food healthy food . Animal to be at peace and providing more food.
For the time being until man can walk away of killing any living creation on this Planet. And Respect life in all his beauty not to harm.
Balance the energy of people to be at PEACE. The magrav systems even in the most simple way as the Alex beats to create your own energy to create independence .
Balance the temperature s in the houses trough ganses and applying the nano plates to safe energy . Decontamination of any viruses and microbes in your drinking waters . Decontamination of any radiation of your land . And bodies. To reverse the problems created by vaccines. Clean the air you breathe.
TRANSMUTATION OF ELEMENTS to create on demand plenty of what you need.
And trough this process in exchange PEACE.

Santé- eagle chair II

Here is my new ‘energy chair’ layout chart showing a new TRIPLE star formation of GaNS jars on three wood tables aligned East-West, with a wood chair on the middle of all three tables, using different strength CO2-ZnO GaNS in quart mason jars, with different levels of water in the three surrounding jars, and with the jars aligned East-West & North-South.

I was using a table just for charging up my 16oz drinking water bottles when I realized I could add the table to my energy chair setup and INCREASE THE FIELD STRENGTH.

I am also finding that plastic bottles take longer to charge (36-48 hrs) vs 24 hrs for glass.

Instead of just two fields overlapping there are now three fields interacting which stimulates and increases the energy flows.

ALL three 4-jar ‘star formations’ are now the same, with the weaker strength middle jar containing “fast GaNS” that is more -magnetical- and raised up, and the 3 outer jars containing the stronger “fast GaNS” that is more +gravitational.

In the latest Knowledge Seekers Workshop #157 Mr. Keshe stated while explaining the “spaceship” Magrav layout that the 4-position star formations top position is the weaker one and the 3 lower positions are stronger, so now each of the three 4-jar star formations in my energy chair setup are the exactly the same.

This is now a COMPLETE SYSTEM: a plasma field energy chair AND water charging station.

The different strength GaNS can be seen in the jars when making the batches: The lower voltage “slow GaNS” created at 0.5V @ 0.0A makes more ZnO GaNS at the bottom of the jar (+gravitational+); while the higher voltage “fast GaNS” created at 1.1V @ 0.1A makes more CO2 GaNS at the top of the jar (-magnetical-).

At every step of the process, from prepping the saltwater, to the rinsing of the GaNS, and then in the daily care of my GaNS in the jars, I am always stirring the jars ‘clockwise’ until a big bubble forms in the center on the top surface of the water: the way the GaNS communicates to me that it has ‘centered,’ has ‘lift’ and is ready to ‘settle down’ into positioning.

The “slow GaNS” seems to form a smaller air bubble because it is more +gravitational+ and the “fast GaNS” seems to form bigger air bubble because it is more -magnetical-.

I like this layout the best so far. But experiment for yourself, I had to create many different layouts over many weeks to zero in on this one. It FEELS the most powerful.

Having full batches of each of the different strength GaNS in the middle of each star formation was easy to realize from the basics of the +gravitational+ & -magnetical- basics always shown in the Knowledge Seekers Workshop teachings. Then most recently how to combine the different strengths of the GaNS, giving from the weaker field to the stronger, and the stronger feeding the weaker, led to the realization sitting in the chair while “in the field” the inner knowing to decrease slightly the water levels also, and then the direction of flows and rotation of the Earth and the alignment with the North & South poles..

Just like I like to place my homemade pain paid with the active -magnetical- side facing WEST so my body is heading into the field as I rotate with the Earth. This is why I like sleeping with my head to the East, so all my chakras flow through the space where my crown chakra just was. (Maybe this is why certain religious practices have you bow with your head to the EAST so your body chakras are then aligned horizontal East-West.)

I also added 1ml of copper CuO2 GaNS with 2 tsp charged water to all jars for the physical energy connection.

Fun stuff!…And you feel great.




Spirituality- your wish

Your wish is your command… How can we achieve sufficient power to our wish that what we wish becomes reality?

  • Your wish needs to be sincere; you cannot live with hate and show sincerity outside because your soul will not carry it.

  • you cannot stop a conflict between to nations or within one nation (society, group, etc) directly – you have to stop the conflict inside yourself; you have to use your emotions in the right direction: the more you move away from conflict, from division, from the need to confirm your existence.


Contemporary Quotes

Carolina de Roose

“People have to start building their spaceships. But they first need to understand the ethos not only to master the creation of building a spaceship. You need to understand that when you before you start you need to realize that you are creating a soul a new existence a new being. So people need to know how to respect this new creation and not just build something to serve them but respect what it will create. If you listen to MT Keshe teachings he explains very well whatever you create you are responsible even if you put a seed in the ground to start the life when you put it down you are responsible.”

“Les gens doivent commencer à construire leurs vaisseaux spaciales. Mais avant cela, il est nécessaire de comprendre l’éthique au delà de la simple construction. Il est indispensable que vous réalisez qu’en construisant vous créez une nouvelle existence, un nouveau être. Par conséquent vous devriez savoir comment respecter cette nouvelle création et ne pas seulement bâtir quelque chose qui va nous servir. En portant l’attention aux enseignements de M. Keshe, vous apprennez que vous êtes responsable de n’importe quoi que vous créez – même si vous posez simplement un grain dans le sol pour démarrer la vie – vous en êtes responsable.”

Magrav- accessories

Magrav- barre à booster

Par Keshe Manufacturing Arizona

  1. Prendre un tuyau de cuivre et le nano-plaquer à l’intérieur

  2. Ajouter du GaNS-CuO sur la paroi intérieure

  3. Bobiner un fil de Cu-np (nano-plaqué) à l’extérieur

  4. Appliquer du GaNS-CH3 sur cette bobine

Les barres à booster sont installé en série à la sortie du magrav. Cette composante augmente la puissance d’un moteur branché considérablement.