Esther Hicks calls ‘Abraham’ the group conscience of the non-physical dimension: “We are who you are, you are the cutting edge of who we are. We are infinite intelligence. We are the purest form of love you have ever experienced.

What to do when you can’t pay your bills?

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A woman shared : « I started a business which became very successful; a friend of mine invested in it to expand it – and it flopped. Now, I can’t even pay my bills; I am feeling the pressure from my friend for having squandered her money, I feel guilty and my life is hell. »

Abraham’s answer : You can’t get where you want to be (feeling o.k.) as long as you keep on looking in the direction from where the bad feelings come. We say to you that you don’t have to look in that direction so that it doesn’t have to control the way that you feel.

We will give your one of our favourite analogies. When Ester first went to San Francisco and saw these steep uphill streets… they just look like a roller coaster down there… and imagine putting your vehicle at the top of the hill and taking it out of gear and taking all the breaks off and then just deciding that you’re just gonna nudge it a little bit from behind to see what happens. And you know what’s gonna happen… it’s gonna get going… gravity and inertia and momentum are going to have their way… and it’s gonna go faster and faster right down into the bay… This is how your habitual negative thinking works, this is the rollercoaster of your resistance.

You realize that this outcome is not what you really wanted – so you could have gone before the car while it’s just barely beginning to gather momentum and starting to move – it would bump you a little and it would stop!

Or you could be down there at the bottom of the hill trying to stop it before it falls into the water – but it’s harder to stop the more momentum is has.

The entirety of your vibrational attitude is based upon what you are looking at right at this moment.

Now let’s go back to your business example : You have to get out from under the influence of fear and guilt and you cannot get out of it by wishing that it hasn’t happened – because it has. This is like standing at the bottom of the street in San Francisco wishing that the car won’t plough over you – it will plough over you, such are the laws of the universe. You have to get out of the influence of guilt and blame and get into the influence of exhilaration about your business. You have to decide what will be dominant – whether it is the influence of success or the influence of worry ?

So what are you gonna do? What do you do when you’re standing right in the middle of it? Wouldn’t it be nice to start all over again because then you know better?

Well here’s the truth of it all :

You are always starting all over again in every moment!

You’re new unto the universe in every moment!

You can establish a new point of attraction in every moment!

You could meditate and clear your vibration and be new like you were in the very first place. But most humans don’t do that; they get new and get old again; they get forward looking and then they’re looking at the past again.

When you tell us that « I feel guilty ». This sounds almost as if you were making an unequivocal statement that the universe needed to adjust to… and the universe is responding to that!

So a better statement would be :

« I feel guilty but I don’t mean to »

« I feel guilty and I wanto let that go »

« I feel guilty and I know the disadvantage of feeling guilty »

« I feel guilty because of my old habit; and I produce now habits. »

« I feel guilty but guilt is not natural to me. I know what guilt is : that my opinion is different that the opinion of my inner being… my inner being is aligned with the success of my business and I am aligned with worries. So this guilt doesn’t feel good to me; I feel guidance that this spot is not helping. So I am not wanting to continue to think that thought as much anymore. So I am going to look for other things; I’m going to look for other areas of satisfaction in my life; I’m going to look for so many other successful things in my life so that the guilty feelings just don’t have enough air time within me!

You cannot get to the new place while you’re talking about what is! You can get there very fast if you get yourself feeling satisfaction about a desire within you even if it hasn’t manifested (yet)! We want your mind to accomplish an emotional respons of satisfaction and then you’ll see it.

YOU ARE THE CREATION – NOT YOUR BUSINESS; the business is just the excuse you use to create YOU. That’s why if the business is not working, it feels like YOU are failing.


There is no use to find out why you are suffering

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We really want to remind you that we are here to help you restore your conscious awareness; you have forgotten that you’re supposed to feel good. If you are not in this zone of well-being, your attitude of suffering distances yourself from your own guidance system. Too many people have indoctrinated you – and you have accepted their false premise – that suffering has virtue.

Can you quibble with us or anyone about the difference between a feeling of love within you and hate? Can anyone say, that he prefers the hate? It just feels good to be loving and to be satisfied. It just feels good to feel good. Hatred separates you from source, negative feelings put you light years away from who you really are.

It’s very simple: feeling good is your guidance system. When you dwell long enough in good feelings of appreciation, love and satisfaction, a new feeling will emerge – you will feel so appreciated, so worthy, so loved and helped by the soul. Once you get that going again, you will never return to that depletion in suffering.

Your words are important: if, in this context, you talk about ‘recovery’ or ‘getting over it’ or ‘forgiving’– what vibrations are you offering? “Oh, I’m recovering from this horrible disease, which forced me into this and that and I couldn’t do this and there was no that…”. Recovering is all about what you don’t want; you are actually amplifying what you don’t want right now… so find new word… words like : forward looking, happy-ever-after, satisfaction…

There is no use whatsoever in looking to find out how you got there in your misable situation, how you got there and it’s not your fault. We’re saying that it is your fault, because nobody is vibrating for you, nobody is thinking for you, nobody else is your point of attraction. But you have guidance that is reaching for you all the time and you must find a way to tune to it, to be receptive to it. It is not a rational journey, it is an emotional journey – you have to feel your way to it. Everyone has his unique path which will never be the same as anyone else’s. If you want to help someone, the only way is to show them how you’re on your path; and how do show that you’re on your path ?

You are satisfied.

You are not struggling.

You are not searching.

You’re not defending.

You are not paying a price.

You are joyful.

You’re tuned in, tapped in and turned on.

You got great timing.

You are in the flow.

You are getting good ideas.

You’re living magic.

We’ve been conditioned to act

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Question: I am in the receptive mode and I’m feeling really good; is it necessary for me to take action to make things happen?

The answer to that is: no.

It is not necessary to take action because Universal forces are lining things up. However, you will be inspired to act – but it won’t be your action that makes it happen. Let your action be the way you enjoy what you are doing; the key is to act when I feel inspired not because I need to. Don’t act out of need but only out of want. We really don’t want you to act, we want you to be in the receptive mode and find thoughts that get so big that you can’t refuse the insipriation of them anymore.

For things to happen, you just follow and enjoy ‘momentum’. Momentum is a thought, an idea without contradiction. For example you want to do something and you just dream about it, in other words you enjoy the momentum – zero worry, zero effort about the momentum. The momentum is the path of least resistance between where you are right now and the manifestation of what you want.

7 Questions that matter

For your entertainment/elevation, here are the answers that Abraham has given :

What question would provide a significant and new contribution for living to our fullest and how would you answer that question?

Is it possible to be happy all of the time?
And the answer is YES.

If animals could talk what would they say to us that would make a difference in our lives?

Lighten up and leave me alone.

Why do people laugh?

People laugh because of the element of surpise and the reason that they are surprised is because they think they already know everything and so they don’t allow room for a new clarification to flow into their experiment.

How did Jesus heal people?

Jesus understood the receptive mode; so when you stood before him dripping your illness – he saw it not. It is just a practice, a sustained practice of the receptive mode until there was no room for doubt in his vibration – that’s all. His knowing of well being was so dominant that disease could not abide in his vibration.

How does God perform miracles?

A miracle is the Laws of the Universe responding in their normal way. You call them miracles because you don’t believe they’ll happen instantaneously; if you would believe, you would call them normal life experience.

If you use the tag ‘miracle’ you create resistance because you make it rare, you make it unlikely, you make it doubtful to you. The reality is: you’re supposed to get everything you want and your consciousness is pointing things in the corresponding direction; it’s co-creating with source energy.

What is the ultimate equalizer amongst all of humanity?

The equalizer is love, which equals alignment. You bring it about by just being it, living it through the clarity of your example.

What needs to be done for the survival of all living things on our planet and to bring all people together as one community with the same goal?

Nothing has to be done – the planet is always in a state of joyous celebration of live, which is much more than survival.
To unite people under the same goal would be the gratest mistake because if you take the variety out of this fantastic constrasting experience – evolution and life would stop…

Knowing that we’re always been creating our own reality for over million years, is there any advice you have for me on reinventing banks, governments, medical and educational institutions in the service of freedom, growth, joy, love, magic and wonder?

Your personal experience of corruption, confusion and discordance has put all the components of what you want into the vortex; and you just have to be in the receptive mode to get them and to use them; you and others. If you don’t care who gets the credit then you can accomplish sooo much!

How can we read the Akashic records like Edgar Cayce?

If you believe that the Akashic records are in the vortex, don’t try to read them all at once, be in the receptive mode and let what you are ready for flow to you at the perfect timing.

The worse it gets, the better it gets?

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Haven’t you noticed that …

the worse it gets, the worse it gets for a while

until you come to your senses;

and the better it gets, the better it gets

until you fall back into your old habits?

We’ve been saying to you for a while that this is the time of awakening, the time of greater contrast, the time of launching more rockets, the time of more answering, the time of more energy flowing, the time when you can thrive in enormous ways if you line up with the energy that is creating worlds and the energy that is a vibrational match to who you are! And if you don’t, you don’t thrive. That’s why the rich are getting richer, the poor poorer, the well better and the sick sicker.

If you move against the current that you have summoned and that has been coming for all this time, it doesn’t work out very well for you. And he first signal that you are doing this, is the negative emotion that you feel.

Let your quest be every day to care about the way you feel and you begin to train yourself into better and better and better feeling thoughts and little by little you will come into vibrational alignment with who you really are.

It’s like when you go from one city to another, you don’t feel fear about getting there, you believe that you can do it. But on the other hand, when you are sick and you want to be well, often you don’t understand that this journey is first and foremost a vibrational journey – you have the choice, you can be in a body that hurts and be hopeful or you can be in a body that hurts and be fearful. The difference between the vibration of hope and that of fear is the difference between recovery and staying sick. You create an endless stream of diseases out of your resistance to wellness.

Law of attraction is responding to you who wants something and also responding to you who keeps beating the drum of not having enough; Law of attraction is responding to both parts of you and you have a tug of war going on. So negative emotion is split emotion and positive emotion is aligned emotion looking in the same direction. We want you to look at the world through the eyes of your soul, the eyes of who you really are. When you look at someone and you love them, you’re seeing through th eyes of your soul, when you look at someone and you hate them, then you’re not and there is discord.

Humans say: “How could I not hate that behavior!”;

and we say:

We’re not asking you to look at something that’s awful and feel good about it; we’re asking you to turn your eyes to something that causes you to align with who your are.”

If you are in a thought quandrum, it is the hard way to try to think your way out of negative thoughts – it is far better to meditate and raise your vibration so it can attract more suitable thoughts.

Accept Yourself and The Universe Will Make Miracles Happen!

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When we look at you, we acknowledge that you are doing extremely well, you’re living good lives – compared to other humans around you.

But comparatively speaking with what you could be doing, you are living mediocrity, you are scantly beginning to discover the excellence that this time-space reality holds for you, you have not even begun to tap in to the vibrational escrow that you have personally amassed here, you have not begun to live…

only because you do more observe what is,

instead of thinking about where you want to go. ..

As you begin to train your mind to focus on things you want rather than the things you got, you will guide yourself rather by feeling then by so-called facts, the things you hold to be true. And you may even feel virtuous expressing facts as THE TRUTH.

But there are a lot of things that are true, that you don’t want!

And we say to you that, if you keep on beating the drum of the things that are true and that you don’t want, you keep creating more things that you don’t want and that are true. The wonderful thing about the Law of Attraction is always consistent and leaves you always the freedom: you can choose to be miserably in bondage of what is already or float joyously in delicious abundance toward splendid creation.

When something wonderful is happening, acknowledge how it feels and acknowledge also that what was leading up to it, felt the same and take the credit for it:

I did that!

The same for the contrast: When something happens that you really don’t want, feel the manifestation of it; and then you remember other things that you’ve been thinking that felt the same and you announce to yourself and to anybody who listens:

I did this!

Now your recognize the thoughts, your thoughts that led up to everything – to what was wanted or not wanted. It is important to make the feeling connection between your thoughts and the manifestations: when anything happens that feels really good or bad – go into it and reach for recent thoughts that evoke the same feeling and say to yourself :

I saw this coming.

Expectancy is about being aware that this behavior, these habitual thoughts brings forth this experience. We want you to begin to expect the manifestations that come from the patterns of thought. Before there is any manifestation, there is strong, long, steady, consistent thought about it. We want you to direct your thoughts – there is a direction towards what you want and a direction towards what you don’t want.

You are the only person that can know what’s best for you. Anybody else can only know what’s best for him or her every single time. If you go to the car dealer and ask him, what would be the best car for you, he will tell you which car would be the best for him to sell to you. The same with counselors, doctors or the dentist; they can and will offer you only vibrational interferences because they are not you.

In most of the cases this ends up as a deception; you will resent whatever they told you; because if you are not a vibrational match to what you’ve been asking for – it can’t come! No matter how precisely you have followed the advice given. No other person can give you accurate guidance because you have a built-in guidance and it works like this:

You come from the non-physical and the larger part of you remains non-physical, your soul and your emotions. And here in your physical experience you have a constant expansion of desires. You are uniquely perfect, you are personally perfect, you are personally appreciated and Source delights in responding to your unique requests that are born out of your unique life experiences. Every of your unique desires is a unique part of the expanding universe.

So you are uniquely asking and your soul is now standing in vibrational alignment with what you have asked.

Lets take the example of global warming: When you see something that is of concern to you, immediately you ask for improvement, and immediately the rocket of desire shoots out of you and source energy is on the case. If, on the other hand, you are watching global warming, you are beating the drum of it, you are holding yourself with millions of others in resistance to the improvement that you’ve asked for. So you have the choice to perpetuate what is, what’s true but you don’t want it, or to ride the rocket of your desire and thrive.


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When you mention the word acceptance, we wanted to put the word ‘feeling worthy’ because we would like all of you to be accepting all that good wishes and positive intentions that we constantly float towards you. And we can’t figure anything more wonderful then you being in the receptive mode to allow all of this to happen.

In the beginning we have called that ‘the art of allowing’ now we call it ‘the receiving mode’. We want to be clear about what is it that you want to accept: Acceptance can be applied to self and to what is. We want you to accept the well-being that abounds and we don’t want you to spend too much time accepting conditions that are not wanted and therefore practice a vibration of something that you don’t want and therefore introducing resistance to something that you want.

There is nothing more important for you

to accept all the blessings,

non-physical assistance

and understanding

that we are flowing towards you.

The importance of meditation to get what you want

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Life on Earth is the leading edge of everything that you are about and that we are about.

If something is really important to you, you have more challenge and worries in it than you have positive expectations. If this is your case, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you believe that there is a vibrational reality that contains what you want?

  2. Do you believe that your inner being, your soul, knows what your path of least resistance is to the unfolding?

  3. Do you believe that your inner being is giving you clue after clue after clue – all is just bouncing off of you? Because you are so worried, that you don’t hear it right.

What we are really talking about here is, that you don’t have confidence in your being able to hear clearly the important messages from your inner being. Be patient, this ability to hear your soul clearly is evolving over time.

We are really wanting to offer the laws of the universe as they are to you and the ways for you to accomplish your readiness to benefit from them by your knowledge of these laws so you can consistently be in a satisfying right place at the right time.

Here is how reality works: you get what you’re thinking about if you want it or not. By thinking thoughts you create a vibrational atmosphere that makes you conducive to the receiving of things like that resonate with your vibration or thoughts.

Here’s how the law of attraction works:

  1. Step. The biggest part of creation happens in the experience ‘ I know I don’t want that – I want this’; to know what you want is the phase of creation – creation happens here. This is all what YOU have to do.

  2. Step. The creation is born as a vibration; the vibrational reality is where your inner being is. This is what your SOUL has to do.

  3. Step. You gotta get into the receiving mode by preparing yourself vibrationally so that you are receptive to the ideas coming from your inner being This is about un-doing. You can get there by one or more of the following:

    1. make lists of positive aspects of the situation you’re in

    2. do rampages of appreciation

    3. look for reasons to feel good

    4. find the best feeling thought that you can find in any moment

    5. move up the emotional scale :

      1. if you feel despair, reach for revenge

      2. if you feel revenge, reach for anger

      3. if you feel anger, reach for frustration

      4. if you feel frustration, reach for hope

But by far the best preparation that you can offer is quieting your mind

because if your minds gets slow, resistance gets slow; when you stop thought, you stop resistance, when you stop resistance you are in the receiving mode.

Every day sit for 15 minutes and watch something that is not interesting at all like your breathing, the flickering of a flame, or any sound etc.

When you focus just a little while on something like this, your mind becomes a clean slate and all thoughts cease. In this moment the inner being is the only thought that is thinking and that’s the only thought that is thinking or creating your vibration; so your vibration is that instant aligned – instant bliss! Now you are no more competing with what your inner being know about what you want and how to manifest it because you’re in the receiving mode.

Now you can feel a rising impulse coming from your inner being.

If you have the willingness to follow that impulse even if it feels illogical because it came from your inner being, then you’ll have the wonderful experience of the payoff. Just feel now how your understanding of this vibrational reality is evolving…

The law of attraction is about timing; timing is about impulse and impulse is about responding in a timely way – this is what you have to practice. You are all doing already because you are here, you are alive and not run over by a truck. But you could tune up your ability to respond a little more. So you could begin to enjoy the satisfaction of trusting that you know when you’re tuned in.

By practicing you will gain confidence in the impulses and you ability to follow them.

By practicing you will begin to feel guided.

By practicing you will begin to feel worthy.

By practicing you will begin to feel sure-footed.

By practicing you will begin to feel invincible.

By practicing you will begin to know that anything that you can identify that you want – is yours. And that if it hasn’t come yet into manifestation, then you know that you’re not finished identifying it. If it hasn’t come yet, you want more step1 experiences in order to fill it out. Its all part of the creative process.

If you say: ‘… but I can’t see it, I can’t feel it, I can’t touch it and therefore it is not satisfying to me’, you remain stuck in the material plane, you look at the past.

But if you can manage to find excitement in the vibrational plane, in the way how the manifestation comes about, the miraculously and endlessly surprising ways, then you will learn to see it as a vibrational creation. We are telling you that nothing that is not in the vibrational realm can appear in the material one. If you are not satisfied about the creation in the vibrational realm, it will never get to the other side to be materialized.

You have to feel the satisfaction about the creative idea.

You have to feel the satisfaction about the impulse.

And then watch the the cooperative universe… and then you can notice how what you want begins to show up in your experience.

Take the bull by the horns

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How do you create your own reality? How do thoughts turn into things?

You have to be a match of what’s in your vortex; you have to set your receiver to the frequency of the transmitting vortex. Instead of being so fixated on the outcome, just enjoy the process of never ending becoming.

You have noticed as soon as you get something that you have been wanting, there’s always already something else; so there is always going to be a gap between you thinking it, you giving birth to it and it gestating and coming into full manifestation. You are never going to be standing in a whole pile of everything you wanted all around you – because that is not the nature of eternal beings – there is always going to be something new that you’ve asked for, that you’re on the way to.

And it’s the ‘on the way to’ that’s life; that’s the leading edge, the present moment, the happening ground of creation; and we are all focused there with you.

Now when you stop pouting about what’s not happening to you and you take your own bull by the horns and you acknowledge that you are the creator of your own experience and you let the energy that creates worlds flow through you. Now you are tuned in, tapped in and turned on! Now you are living life the you’ve been intended! Now you are in the state of eternal conscious becoming.

I saw it

I wanted it

I wasn’t aligned with it

I felt better

I focused my mind

I felt ease about it

I allowed it to happen

It happened

It happened

It happened

Things are always working out for me

This is the way you are meant to feel.

But much of the world – instead of looking for that sweet spot, finding it and reveling in the creative process most of the time – are looking at the results of what others have done. So they’re sifting manifested stuff into piles and complaining that somebody else’s pile is bigger, completely missing the point of creation and offering their attention to it in the action form instead of the thought form which would be really appropriate.

You are following?

So much action applied after the fact of a sloppy creation, trying to compensate for this sloppy creation through action and then failing – that’s what most people are doing. Instead of getting ahead of it and thinking the thought that will allow it to be!

If you are looking at what is right now, first of all you are looking at the past tense; but if you are caring about the way that you feel, now you are tending towards what’s actively going on, that’s what you wanted so much, that’s what you came here for so much!

Instead of looking at what’s already manifested from past thoughts, you got be in on the turning of the thought into the thing.

You’ve already chosen the way you want the things to turn out and now you’re in on witnessing the universal forces assisting you, agreeing with you, supporting you, mandating you, blessing you, you see? As soon as you see that you have a wish – sit back and look; look how God, Soul, Source, Existence goes about to manifest your wish – be wondering!

We are all eternal beings. Its time for you – instead of proving your worthiness – to just feel worthy; – instead of trying to explain what went wrong – just let it go right; – instead of worrying about the stuff that’s not happening – focus on the stuff that is happening. And the stuff that isn’t happening, will start to happen if you focus on the stuff that is happening.

There isn’t anything that will cause you to feel more worthy than to have wanted something you don’t have:

Do you know that there is as much movement in you moving from doubt to believing as there is from something turning from a thought to a thing? The big movement is in you moving from doubt to belief or from doubt to just not thinking about it, because if you are not thinking a thought of doubt, it will prove itself to you and you will believe it!!!

Déplacez votre attention

Move your attention

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Fear is a sign of opposition; a powerful desire that looks in the opposite direction. Did you hear what we said? When you look in the opposite direction of your desire – it is inevitable that you feel fear. So do not try to control fear, but take care in which direction you look.
You can do this by changing your attention: removing your attention from the subject that goes against the current of your desire. If you can’t do it, you can meditate.
As you meditate, you observe your thoughts and emotions like clouds passing before the blue sky of your consciousness. When you observe your thoughts, you can no longer identify with them, you can no longer invest your attention and energy. Then you withdraw your energy from the opposition, you stop increasing the momentum of the opposite and the momentum will fade due to your inactivity. Meditation is a form of inactivity.
Objects opposed to your desire – we call them’contrasts’ – actually do nothing but bring you back to your desires:

All injuries cause healing.
All anger causes stronger desires.
All hate causes love.

That’s how the world works, that’s vibrational reality. This is more real than the material reality that you find outside you and in which you believe like a slave. We tell you againand again:

What you think is, is not; the present moment with your desires is the only reality.

So the realignment with your desires is not done by effort, is not done by’doing’. No, realignment is done by stopping what you do to maintain resistance. It’s about not doing. You are the person who introduced the conditions that make you refuse the realignment, the answer, the solution, the benefit, the abundance, the clarity…

What memories can I go through in my past that will benefit me?
What thoughts can I have about the future that will benefit me right now?

These questions can open the way to your soul and allow realignment.