Esther Hicks calls ‘Abraham’ the group conscience of the non-physical dimension: “We are who you are, you are the cutting edge of who we are. We are infinite intelligence. We are the purest form of love you have ever experienced.

Move your attention

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Fear is a sign of opposition; a powerful desire that looks in the opposite direction. Did you hear what we said? When you look in the opposite direction of your desire – it is inevitable that you feel fear. So do not try to control fear, but take care in which direction you look.
You can do this by changing your attention: removing your attention from the subject that goes against the current of your desire. If you can’t do it, you can meditate.
As you meditate, you observe your thoughts and emotions like clouds passing before the blue sky of your consciousness. When you observe your thoughts, you can no longer identify with them, you can no longer invest your attention and energy. Then you withdraw your energy from the opposition, you stop increasing the momentum of the opposite and the momentum will fade due to your inactivity. Meditation is a form of inactivity.
Objects opposed to your desire – we call them’contrasts’ – actually do nothing but bring you back to your desires:

All injuries cause healing.
All anger causes stronger desires.
All hate causes love.

That’s how the world works, that’s vibrational reality. This is more real than the material reality that you find outside you and in which you believe like a slave. We tell you againand again:

What you think is, is not; the present moment with your desires is the only reality.

So the realignment with your desires is not done by effort, is not done by’doing’. No, realignment is done by stopping what you do to maintain resistance. It’s about not doing. You are the person who introduced the conditions that make you refuse the realignment, the answer, the solution, the benefit, the abundance, the clarity…

What memories can I go through in my past that will benefit me?
What thoughts can I have about the future that will benefit me right now?

These questions can open the way to your soul and allow realignment.