Plasmatic News from january, 5th 2017

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These news are mainly compiled from the Knowledge Seekers Workshops; but also from all kinds of other sources of the Plasma World that reached us. May you enjoy the reading, find good ideas for your own research and understanding – but most of all we wish that our contributions may help the elevation of your soul!

Health: LP against the parvovirus in dogs

Cutie small dog saved and recuperated trough the following treatment:

  1. Add waters LP-Cuo+Ch3+Co2+ZnO to the drinking water

  2. Rub the same mixture on the belly

  3. Wash the body fully with the same mixture

  4. When the dog is vomiting before you give him the gans mixture you give him LP-Mg also on the belly .

    Results within 2/3 days; follow the advice of your veterinary because your pet may need extra care because of dehydration.

Health: Antenna Variation

By the research collective GO TO THE FOREST

This antenna is made similar to a Magrav:

  • The extension of the gravitational coil (entrance) is made straight to be able to hold a crystal

  • The other end of the gravitational coil is connected to the beginning of the magnetical

  • The magnetical also ends in a straight coil pointing outwards

Note by aviram: if we really want to follow the magrav connections, we could turn the connections of the gravitational coil around: its entrance is straight in the centre and the extension makes the connection to the magnetical coil. Beyond that the crystal could be held by the straight end of the magnetical.

The soul – how the physicality appears

from the 153rd Knowledge Seeker Workshop

The soul releases or projects a magnetic field which through the emotions manifests as physicality according to the field strength of a given environment. After having understood how the physicality is created; now the man needs to understand how to use his physicality through his emotions to reach his soul. How he used the magnetic force to make his physicality appear; and how, vice-versa he can use the gravitational force to reach his soul. The human will is the connection between the physicality and the emotions. The term “will” is used in the sense of “wish”; or in the sense of the “ideal that you hold in front of your inner eye”; or in the sense of “projecting the Christ out into the world”. (The Life of the Masters).

Here is an eExample form the health teachings of how to reach the emotions and the soul. Lets assume you have a paralyzed finger. To make it move you follow through these steps:

  1. Go into your brain and send the information for your finger to move; imagine to follow the nerve-impulse from your brain, down your spine, through your shoulder and your arm, your hand and into your finger – but don’t move it, just follow the “circuit”, just test that the information gets from the brain into the finger.

  2. Do the same thing a second time, again without really wanting to move the finger.

  3. The third time you do it, you follow as before the path of information from the brain into the finger and now you tell the physicality to actually move the finger.

It needs practice and it works.

After you have managed to do it, you can start the reverse process:

  1. try to feel the heat in the physicality of the tip of one finger and then go back into the brain and try to feel the emotion there; thus establishing the path from the physicality to your emotions

  2. then try to see how your soul responds. Generally you want your physicality to change (it is too hot to be comfortable) in order to make your soul happy with the physicality. This reverse process uses the path of the gravitational to connect to the soul; which, in turn, will modify it’s magnetic output. If you ask your soul to move because it will give you pleasure – it will move.

In the plasma of any matter there sits the plasma of all the matter. This means you can instantly connect with any matter anywhere.

If you have understood this, you can take your soul anywhere; and reaching the new destiny which has its own gravitational-magnetic field, the soul through the emotions will create with this new environment a physicality, which is perfectly adapted to the new environment.

Now there are “spaces” where there is no physicality – for example in the high layers of our atmosphere; we can exist there, without creating a physicality. That means

  • we don’t need physicality to exist

  • we can instantaneously “repair” any body damage suffered in an accident or disease

  • the more you interact with your emotions, the more you have access to you soul

Feeding from the soul

By David Mulnix‎ edited a little by aviram

Based on information given out by Keshe in a past workshop long ago and based on direct observation, the positioning of the soul withing the human body is assumed to be in the head between the two hemispheres of the brain.

In order to experience the two sides of the brain, you will need to

  • hold two emotions at the same time and isolate them to one half of the brain. Use Joy for one emotion which is strong magnetically and fear for the second emotion which is strong gravitational. You will need to do this from a detached state of mind. Those who meditate, can hold a non-identified, observational state.

  • connect with the emotion of Joy and imagine that you feel it on say the right side of the brain. You need to feel the essence of the emotion without actually engaging in the emotion.

  • hold the emotion of fear and imagine that you are feeling it in the left side of your brain, again without actually engaging in the emotion.

  • Hold the state of non-thought. Non-thought is your focal point; if you do this correctly you will find that it is positioned between the two hemispheres of the brain and in the location of your soul in the diagram.

With a little practice you will be able to hold these 3 states simultaneously. You will begin to feel the two sides of the brain, the two emotional fields interacting with each other. You will feel the energy move from across the top of your head down through one side, out the bottom, and back up to the opposite side forming a rotating moving field; a dynamic plasma. You will find that your non-thought focal point resides in the centre of the field as the plasma rotates around it.

If you set your intent prior to engaging in the exercise and your intent is to feed your body, and your body is hungry, then you will find what occurs after the plasma field in your brain becomes dynamic, is that a small ball of plasma will shoot out of your soul. It will move down through the core of your body. when it reaches your stomach you will feel it expand out and disperse. You will then find that you are no longer hungry and you will not be hungry for several hours.

May these words liberate you.

Magrav – how it works on the grid

the benefit of the Magravs unit is in the rest of the house. not the load connected to the Magravs Unit. the amp meter shows what is being drawn by the load but not the plasma being sent back to the rest of the wiring. the main meter does.
even then, to say the main meter reads plasma would be wrong. all it is showing is the side effect of plasma supplying more and more of the house, i.e. less and less dependence on electron vibration aka electricity.
the main function of the Magravs Unit is to reflect plasma back into the wiring of the house and nano-coat said wires. nano-coating is a conduit for plasma. when plasma is triggered by electron vibration, it mimics that electron vibration but is not electricity, it is still plasma behaving like AC.
with plasma, things like watts and amps are meaningless. that applies only to electron vibration.

Health -Osteoporosis

Occurs when the body makes to little bone, or looses to much; then the bones become too weak. It occurs most commonly in the hip, wrist or spine. People with the highest risk are post-menopause women; this is linked to general Calcium loss and cortocosteroids (anti-inflamatory).

For hip problems: prepare a patch that wraps around the whole hip with

  • Front side: a light mixture of PL-CO2+ZnO+Ca+Mg+little CuO

  • Back side: a heavy mixture of the same

Always use breath-tube or cup of life to work on the emotional centre at the same time.

Osteoporosis will recover in 90 days; arthrose/arthritis within 60-90days.

Health: slipped disc

Apply patch of PL-CO2+CH3

Drink a mix of 9drops PL-CO2 + 1 drop CH3 three times a day

Use the breather-tube or cup of life

Additional: use 6x nano-plates; 3 on each side of the spine around the injured areal; 1-2hours 3x/day