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KF SSI Education invites you to all Public Teachings available – chose the language(s) that you understand:

JOIN ID 154-373-591 for Public Teachings in Chinese – 中国公共教学 each Saturday at 9:00 AM CET

JOIN ID 203-612-984 for Public Teachings in Dutch – Openbare onderwijzing in het Nederlands each Wednesday at 8:30 PM CET

JOIN ID 939-474-503 for Public Teachings in English each Thursday at 9:00 AM CET

JOIN ID 108-875-524 for Public Teachings in French – Enseignements publics en français each Thursday at 7:00 AM CET

JOIN ID 215-259-987 for Public Teachings in German – Öffentliche Schulungen in Deutsch each Thursday at 7:00 AM CET

JOIN ID 154-135-622 for Public Teachings in Italian – Insegnamenti pubblici in italiano will start broadcasting soon

JOIN ID 383-130-481 for Public Teachings in Norwegian – Offentlige læresetninger i norsk each Wednesday at 7:00 PM CET

JOIN ID 756-427-144 for Public Teachings in Polish – Nauki publiczne w języku polskim each Sunday at 6:00 PM CET

JOIN ID 303-840-614 for Public Teachings in Spanish – Enseñanzas públicas en Español each Friday at 7:00 PM CET

JOIN ID 257-173-606 for Public Teachings in Tagalog/Bismaya – Pam-publikong Pag-aaral sa Tagalog/Visayan/Bisaya occasionally as announced

JOIN ID 799-373-809 for Public Teachings in Turkish – Türkçe Kamu Öğretileri each Friday at 7:00 PM EET

Recordings from public teachings are published on our official YouTube channel Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute at URL…/UCtQzN7XLiLvTpyUnQAa1mRw/playlists

There is more to teach and learn about Keshe plasma science and technology! For Private Teachings in these languages you are invited to apply at, become our student and get access to all LIVE teachings and recordings.

Keep in touch with us! Your language may start very soon.

One Planet One Nation One Race where language is the only little obstacle that we can overcome by unconditional serving and sharing.